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Between Master and Disciples / The Life of Lord Mahavira

The Maya Is Gone & The Life of Lord Mahavira: The Deliverance of Chandana, Part 4 of 7, Nov. 24, 2019

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You are a free individual, a child of God, a being from Heaven. You have to decide for yourself how enlightened you want to be, and how much you want to work for it, how much you want to remember your Great Self, instead of every day slaving, slaving for this physical world, and identifying your Greatness with this physical body.

It's funny, my dog is better now even. Last night, two small dogs were with me; they take turns. And normally, her stomach is very small and thin. Even if she eats some snacks, she eats food and then comes up, I give her snacks and water, clean water. And if it's dirty, I change. I have to clean them, and then clean the floor, etc. Last night she kept eating, eating like she had not seen food for ten years. Normally, she doesn't eat like that. She eats slow, one piece at a time. Yesterday she took the whole bunch, everything came out from here and there, the whole bunch of food, and chew, chew, chew and all the things sticking out. It was so funny. And I was laughing. I said, “Huh, what are you doing?” So funny, funny. And she still wanted to eat again. So, I looked at her tummy and said, “No, no, no, no, no! You cannot eat again.” And I laughed also. I said, “What? Your stomach like this and you still want to eat? Oh, no! Tomorrow, OK?” And then she was OK with that. But really, her stomach was already flat. It had become like there was no more line between the stomach and the ribs or the back anymore. It was all like one piece, like a cake, all together like that. And still she wanted to eat last night. I said, “What's wrong with you?” Man! I stopped giving because I gave too much already; snacks and then veggie chews for teeth, two, three times already. I said, “No more, please, no more. You can have some more rub, rub. Rub, rub, scratch, scratch. You have that, but you cannot have any more food.” So, she was happy with that. And then she was happy to put all her legs out and, “OK, You rub anywhere You want, anywhere possible, I like.” Enjoying. But I said, “I don't have a lot of time to rub you, so whatever I rub you, feel lucky already, whatever time I do.”

I don't feel like I am a very good caretaker. I don't have time to walk with them. Only the assistants walk them and feed them, and take them to doctors, thank God for that. Otherwise, I don't think you’d ever see me. Seven dogs are a lot of work. Like children. I didn't have children and now I have this. Oh, very much similar, I think. And they don't grow old even. They don't grow into teenagers or anything. They are babies forever. Always sissy sassy, want this, want that, want to stick around, want to jump on your bed, want to rub tum-tum, want scratching here, want to scratch the ears. Massaging here and there, all the time. Never have enough. I am always tired, but they're never tired. Like children. Like children, toddlers, they're never tired. Or children two, three years old, they're never tired.

Talking about my dog Good Love, I thank all of you. Because last time, when we talked together, I mentioned my dog. And one or two of you said, “We have been praying for You, Master.” I said, “But why?” And I think there was the sister from Ireland, the blond Irish, she told me that, “Because You are going through a difficult time.” And I was very touched. I was so touched that I forgot to say thank you. So, I thank her today, I thank all of you who helped me to pray for my dog and for me. I was also not well because of worry, stress. When you're stressed, you have pain here and there also, and you have gas coming up, burning your whatever here, pipe. It's much better now. And you don't know the maya is just even pounding on top of all that, using my assistant for dogs and other kinds of things to bother me, a lot, a lot. And using fear tactics, scare tactics and all kinds of things − making noises, funny noises, unusual noises at night, disturbing my meditation, all that stuff. When you are in trouble, it seems like more trouble comes. But when you are lucky, not like you have more luck coming, right? That's what we say in Âu Lạc, or Vietnam, we say, “Luck doesn't come together; only troubles, always come together.”

Enough of all that! Let's be business now. Let's mean business. This is not the one that reads. It’s another reading one. Life, as if it’s not complicated enough. I need to have two, three pairs of glasses: One for the sun, one to protect, and one to read. This is good. One guy, he came to buy a pair of glasses. He said, “I heard that you sell reading glasses for people, easy to read, right?” So, the salesman said, “Yes, of course. We have a lot of reading glasses here. Which one do you like?” So, he picked one, and he put it on and then he picked a book, and tried to read it. And he said, “How come I still cannot read anything?” So, the salesman said, “This side, sir, this side.” And “I still cannot read anything.” So, the man said, “Maybe you couldn't read at all?” So, the customer said, “If I could read, I wouldn't have to need to buy this stuff.” So, it's not the glasses that help you to read. It's your ability to read.

Similarly, it’s not the Buddha that makes you a Buddha. It’s you yourself. You have it inside you, and you have to know how to get that Buddha out to work for you. I am just showing you how, but I cannot meditate for you. I cannot be enlightened for you. Otherwise, it’d just me enlightened and nobody needs to do anything. You are a free individual, a child of God, a being from Heaven. You have to decide for yourself how enlightened you want to be, and how much you want to work for it, how much you want to remember your Great Self, instead of every day slaving, slaving for this physical world, and identifying your Greatness with this physical body.

You must remember that you’re from Heaven. You must remember that you’re great. You must always remember, even though you might not believe it. Because you are so used to the lowly physical self that you cannot believe that you are something more than just the physical body. But you must remember. All the Buddhas say that you have Buddha inside. All the Masters say you have Heaven, God within you. Why would They lie to you? You must not forget that you are great, that you are Buddha. Or maybe not yet realized Buddha, but you are a Buddha and you’re going to be Buddha. The way you are, you must remember. Believe it or not believe, you should remember all the time. I know it’s difficult because you’re busy and you’re so used to the physical body, but you must remember.

For me, it’s the opposite. I must remember that I am here in the world and I have to do my job. This morning was very difficult for me, very difficult for me to come here to see you. Apart from all the trouble that I had to arrange, my car broke down. The tire broke, all over on the highway. It's lucky there was no car behind that drove fast.

What is it, love? (I just wanted to ask what it is going to be like for us now when the maya is gone? What is the effect that...) I told you already. You will feel better, easier. (With our meditation and with us.) Yeah, of course! What do you think? (Oh my God, I love Your dogs and I am so sorry that something like that happened. But thanks to Your dog, now we don't have maya anymore and negative energies.) Yeah, but then we have a big responsibility. We can't blame anyone else now. (Thank You.) Now you are on your own, so you have to be careful how you talk, how you act, how you think. You are the Buddha, but you have forgotten. You're the child of God, you have forgotten. So now, you have to work hard to remember it. Maya tried to hinder you, but now you're freer, so you must remember and work hard. Maybe it's quicker for you now to realize your Self than before.

And the people outside, it’s easier for them to get on with each other, to talk about peace. And they're helping each other more and more now. You watch Supreme Master TV, you see much more positive news now. And in America, they say 49% of the population of Americans are eating no meat, or drink vegan milk now. Plant milk, like almond milk, rice milk, oat, all kinds of milk. Nut milk. Forty-nine percent of the Americans doing that. They did research and they do that. And 70% either don’t eat meat or animal products anymore or leaving it slowly now. That's a very big, big, big deal. OK. This is a new story.

You must never forget, even though it's hard, even if you cannot believe that you are the Buddha, that you're Great Saints, you should remember what I said to you. If you don’t believe me, believe in Jesus. Jesus said, “What I do, you can do better.” and “You are the children of God and the Holy Spirit dwells within you.” So, believe Jesus. And the Buddha said “I already achieved Buddhahood and you will. You are the future Buddha.” So, believe in these Great Beings. All the Masters say you are the children of God. No one said that we are the children of the devil, so you must remember that. And if we are the children of God, it means at least we are God-like. If not outside, then inside. Outside is just some character, you are born with it, or inherited from parents, or circumstances, or background, or education. Inside, you are pure. You are God. You are the godses and gods, goddesses. You are Saints and you are the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas.

There was a story I read somewhere, about a man who was just walking somewhere in the forest, and he saw a big eagle egg. And he just took it home and put it together with the chicken’s eggs, and then the mother hen also hatched it, hatched them all together. And then when the time came, all the chickens came out, the eagle also came out. All of them came out together. And the eagle lived with the chickens, of course, ate what the chickens ate, walked like the chickens, talked like the chickens, and ran like the chickens. And one day, the eagle became very old already. And then one day, he looked up in the sky, he saw some eagles, real eagles flying in the sky. And he asked the chicken, older chicken who was more knowledgeable. “Who are those?” And the older chicken said, “Those are eagles. They are the kings of the birds. They are majestic. They fly in the sky. They go from one mountain to another. They eat from pure food and they drink from the purest streams. And who are we? We’re just chickens. We cannot fly. We just crawl on the floor; we eat whatever’s given to us on the floor.” So, the older eagle also accepted that. All his life he has been a chicken. So now he thinks, “Oh yeah, of course, we are the chicken.” And he continued to live his life as a chicken, like that until he died. Don’t wait until you're older, and look up in the sky and see all the invisible eagles flying everywhere, or other initiates nearby flying passed you. Don’t wait. Meditate well. Work hard to liberate yourself.

You are a free soul already, just that you have to know it. You have to know it. Just like you are born as a prince, you are a little one. Everybody tells you are a prince, but you don’t know what prince means. Still you should remember because they told you are a prince. And then later you grow up, you know what a prince is. Similarly, right now you are newly initiated, you can’t remember much. You don’t understand much, but you will grow into princely grandeur and majesty.

The Monacan should know that. When Prince Albert was little, he probably didn’t understand what it meant being a prince. And now he is a king. He knew well before he became a king that he was a prince. But when he was young, he wouldn’t know. Do you have a chance to see him sometimes? No, huh? Just from far away looking. But they’re in Monaco, they can see. (Yes, it’s possible.) Far away, right? I know. I know. I know. Far away. OK, never mind. It's OK, just inquiring. If you see him, say I said hallo. (He will know, maybe see him.) Oh yes, I forgot. I will tell him. Tell him I said hallo.

The world is small. He was working for me before, with me and he helped to take care of what I just can’t remember, driving, cleaning pots and pans, and eating, yeah eat my food. And then I wanted to learn to fly a helicopter, I did. But then I had to move away, and then I learned it in another country afterward. I did, I did fly, I could, just that I could not continue. Because you have to make a lot of effort to keep the license. The older you are, the more tests, blood test, eye test, ear test, nose test, chin test, hair test, whatever test. And you have to fly often in order to keep the hours required to continue to be a pilot. Not just physical fitness, but also need flight hours. Minimum requirement in order to keep the flying license. It’s for your own sake, because if you don’t fly, you’ll forget, forget which button is for what. And instead of wanting to go up, you bump into the tree, then it’s no good.

Flying is not like driving. Driving you can stop the car right away on the sidewalk or anywhere, take a rest, or ask for directions. Over there the birds tell you nothing. They don’t know where you want to go, they don’t know what Monaco means, which direction to tell you. It’s a different, completely different story, flying. But I enjoyed it so much, I enjoyed it so much. I wish I could’ve continued, but I was too busy. It’s fun. It’s fun when you see the pilot, he can flip the airplane over, and your stomach goes to your nose; it feels that way. And at that time, you remember God for sure. It has a good point. Has a good point. At least you earn some points, remember God in some moments. When you see in the sky sometimes, the airplane or helicopter, they maneuver to demonstrate for show, it looks very fun. But when you sit in it, especially when you are the copilot only, you don’t drive, and he does what he wants with your stomach. And you don’t know where your heart belongs anymore. At that time, it’s good to remember Master or God or angels, whoever you can.

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