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Catholic Priests Should Preach the True Gospel of Lord Jesus, Nov. 19, 2021

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Host: On Friday, November 19, in another conference with Supreme Master Television team members, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously took aside some time from Her meditation retreat for the world, to answer some questions which members had addressing current events in the Catholic Church.

“Media Report from CBS – Nov. 17, 2021:

Church official(m): In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Reporter(m): At a meeting of American Catholic bishops in Baltimore, the pope’s top envoy to the United States urged them to ‘listen’ ahead of a debate on adopting a document about Holy Communion.”

“Media Report from CBS News – Nov. 18, 2021: America’s Roman Catholic bishops have approved new guidance on who should receive Holy Communion. The issue stems from a debate over whether Catholic politicians who support abortion rights, like President Biden, should be able to receive the sacrament. The new guidelines do not directly bar them from receiving Communion. However, it doesn’t stop individual bishops from denying them either.”

(Master, recently, there was a conference of the US Catholic bishops in Baltimore, and one of the matters discussed was the Communion and its policy. And although it wasn’t directly mentioned, a main reason for it is that Biden’s support of abortion was criticized by some bishops. And some of them suggested that in this case, he should not receive Communion. As a result of this conference, officials who support abortions, such as Biden, won’t be declined the right to receive Communion in general. But each bishop in his authority can still decide to give or not give Communion. Would Master like to comment on this? […]) Some are pro, some are against, yeah? (Yes.) […]

Not all of them are enlightened, that’s why there is a discussion. There should never be a discussion to begin with. (Yes, Master.) All the religious doctrines tell us, “Thou shalt not kill.” (Yes.) (Right.) (It’s basic. Yes.) And they’re killing en masse, 40, 50 million lives every year in the world. (Wow. Yes.) My God. And then many places complain that they don’t have enough babies to have a younger generation growing. (Yes, Master.)

How can you even discuss abortion? There should not be any discussion about abortion. Right? (Yes) Imagine you and I had been aborted in such a gruesome way as I have seen it on documentary films and news. It’s horrific. (It is horror.) It’s worse than hell. (Yes, it is.) It’s like an evil practice. So, they should not be discussing it, if they are so-called priests and working for God. (Yes, Master.) You can see that. (It’s very clear.)

But I’m glad some of the priests are enlightened enough to at least obey the commandment from God, and to protect lives, no matter how big, how small. (Yes.)

“Media report from AP Archive - Nov. 16, 2021:

Voris(m): We are praying predominantly for the successors of the apostles over there on the second floor. Many of them are blinded to the truth. They have their faith distorted, their catechism blurred. And now, they and we are suffering the effects of that.

Randisi(m): Here to get the message to the bishops that they should enforce Canon rule 915, which does not allow people, politicians who egregiously commit mortal sin, particularly abortion, and they should not receive Holy Communion.”

“Media Report from CBS – June 17, 2021: Cordileone says he wouldn’t give President Biden Communion, in part because the president’s publicly at odds with an issue the church considers very important. (We praise where we can, but we need to correct where we need to correct.)”

“Media Report from EWTN – Oct. 30, 2020: When they identify themselves as Catholics and then go on to say they support legalized abortion, that creates another problem, because now they’re misleading others to believe that, ‘Well, I’m a good Catholic, and I’m doing this, so you can support abortion as well.’”

“Media Report from EWTN – Jan. 29, 2021: His soul is in jeopardy, I believe. And you know, when they use euphemisms… When you’re violating fundamental human rights, you use euphemisms. And so you say this is health care for the poor. What other health care procedure does two people go in, one comes out dead and the other one’s scarred, emotionally, spiritually and sometimes even physically?”

“Media Report from EWTN – Oct. 30, 2020: There’s never a moral justification for the taking of an innocent human life. Abortion attacks life when it’s most vulnerable, when it’s least able to defend itself.”

“Media Report from Focus on the Family – Nov. 6, 2021: We’ve all seen ultrasounds, we’ve seen videos and we’ve seen still pictures of the babies at ten weeks along. They’re jumping and sliding and moving on the inside.”

Especially the small humans, they are still helpless. (Yes, defenseless.) They are just like flowers not yet even bloomed, or bloomed half-way and waiting to have the full potential. This is a very, very sorrowful affair. And to even support that is worse than evil. (Yes, Master.)

(Religious leaders are supposed to primarily protect all lives…) Yes. As I told you many times, the devils, they only punish the bad ones. The fetuses, the babies, they are just so innocent. (Yes. Absolutely. Right.)

I cannot believe it, the so-called priests who even support abortion! Because if you give the sacred Communion to any authority, or any group, or any person, or any government leader who supports it, that means you encourage it. (Right.) At least you condone it, or at least you just don’t make that person feel that it’s a sin to do that, to wake them up. Instead, they just let it be like that.

How many more babies, unborn or just born and killed in such a gruesome way before humanity wakes up and abolishes these evil atrocities even. (Right.) Even to kill animal-people, you must not already. (Exactly.) […]

We should not even eat animal-people anymore, (That’s right.) because all beings, they love life. (Right.) Not to talk about killing your own species, your own blood and flesh, like babies in the womb. This is terrible. […]

“Media Report from Focus on the Family June. 20, 2021: Sixty-two million babies since 1973 is the entire population of California plus the entire population of the state of Florida. Florida is where I live. Florida, where we have protection for baby preborn sea turtles that are still in the eggs. If you go over to Pensacola Beach and you just disturb the preborn sea turtles buried in the sand by their mother, you can spend one year in jail and be fined US$100,000. When you have 62 million babies’ lives taken legally here in the United States, that is definitely doing evil in the sight of the Lord.”

All these priests who condone or support or even ignore the greatest sin like this, they will all have to bear the consequences. (Right.) To be tortured in hell, the way the babies in the womb have to endure, but multiple times over. (Wow. Yes.) Because this is the way it is. Especially if you know already the right from wrong, being a priest, (Right, yes.) and you commit such a heinous crime, even mentally or just for any reason at all. It doesn’t have to be that you kill that baby directly, you still have to bear the burden, so that you will know what compassion means, you know what suffering is. (Yes, Master.) […]

What you do to others will be done to you. (True.) It’s just the law in this physical universe. No one can escape. (Right.) Especially the ones who already know and still commit a sin. (Yes, Master.) Or encourage others or condone the practice. (Yes. They still don’t understand the consequences.) […]

I’ve been crying a lot for all these animal-people and babies who are so helpless, helpless, helpless. And the people treat them worse than in hell. (Yes. Unbelievable.) Worse than any criminals. (They don’t deserve this in any way.) No! Even the criminals, they will have a lawyer to argue for them. (Yes.) Or reduce the sentence. Or even have to have all the evidence in order to punish their crime. But these babies, they did nothing wrong. (Right.) (Yes. It’s really heartless.) […]

“Media Report by CBS This Morning June. 17, 2021: San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy wrote last month that weaponizing the Eucharist will bring the terrible partisan divisions that have plagued our nation into the very act of worship.”

(Master, one of the arguments during the conference by some bishops who think that pro-abortion politicians should continue to be able to participate in the sacrament, was that, otherwise, it would be divisive and would politicize Communion. Is this true, Master?)

No. It’s not true. If they want to be united and undivided, then they should be one with the teaching of Jesus, (Yes.) (Understand, Master.) of God, of the Bible. You see? (Yes.) “Thou shalt not kill.” Very simple. (Right.) There’s nothing to argue about. (Yes.) And they are priests even. (Exactly.) They know all these commandments by heart. (Yes.) They lack nothing. People worship them and trust them, so they should guide people into a righteous way. (Yes.) […]

Every day, how many innocent poor babies, helpless, defenseless, die in such agony? (Yes, Master.) And because the priests and the so-called pope, the king of the Catholic empire, encourage them. (Yes.) Not like he says, “OK, go ahead and do abortions,” but he encourages by silently acknowledging it’s OK, by not saying anything against it. (Yes, Master.) By not advising the faithful, “Please don’t do that unless it’s truly, truly necessary for the life of the baby or the life of the mother, or both.” (Yes, Master.)

They are the ones who should light the torch of wisdom and righteousness and moral concepts for the people to follow. (Yes. True.) That’s what people trusted them for, (Exactly.) and built a big church for them to live in and to be a big shot. (Yes, Master.) If you just condone or support anything, then you are the same as the evildoer. (Yes. True.)

They should teach the people the commandments: “Thou shalt not kill.” Anything you don’t want to be done to yourself, don’t do it to others. That’s very simple. (Yes, it is.) Even children five years old understand that. (Right.) […]

Blessed are those priests, you true priests who are pro-life, for life and compassion. (Yes, Master.) These are what the priests are supposed to be. […]

The Bible teaches that you have to love one another, because you’re all brothers, you are children from God. How can you go ahead and kill another brother or sister of yours, even if they are your children? Unborn children. (Understand, Master.) […] Because all are created by God. God wanted them to be in the world, to do something to help others. (Yes, yes.) Imagine if we have no more babies left and we all die out at the end. (Yes. Not good.) You think God wants that? (No.) No! God created the world for us to live and to continue living. (Yes, Master.) […]

The priests are like the lighthouse for the faithful of different religions. (Yes, that’s right.) They must be first enlightened in order to guide others. (Right.) […] Most of the priests or monks and nuns, they just wear the robe. (True.) […]

Those priests that you just mentioned, they are truly the wolf in sheep’s clothing, as the Bible mentioned it. The Bible warned us that, “Beware of those wolves in sheep’s clothing.” (Yes.) These priests are. The pope also is. Of course. (Yes.) “By thy fruits so thou shalt be known.” (Yes, Master.) […] So, if these priests are not following the teaching of Jesus, then they are… And on the contrary, even saying things or doing things that are harmful to humanity. Then they are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from 60 Minutes Australia 2015: The Catholic Church has a terrible history of protecting abusers instead of protecting victims.”

“Media Report from AI Jazeera Oct. 23, 2019: For 17 years, legal scholar Marci Hamilton has fought for laws that give victims of child sex abuse more time to file claims. And in state capitals across the country, the Catholic Church has been her adversary.”

“Media Report from AI Jazeera Oct. 6, 2021: The Roman Catholic Church betrayed the trust of the young and vulnerable on a devastating scale around the world.”

“Media Report from AI Jazeera Feb. 17, 2017: It was basically a mafia. They have powerful friends. They have benefactors. They have people who want to be associated as being close to the church.”

“Interview by the Huffington post Apr. 12, 2019: And it’s been going on for over 300 years. And the Vatican has it all, and it’s documented. And they’re more powerful than our government.”

“Interview by 60 Minutes Australia 2015: These are people who should actually be facing criminal charges now. Not just sanctions at the hands of the pope or the church, or the attention of the media. These are people who have allegedly allowed the abuse of children to continue, sometimes for many years. And that is an unforgivable crime.”

Those who molest children, rape young children or teenage altar boys or girls from faithful families, they should be tried in the normal civil court, just like everyone else. (Yes, Master.) The clothes that they wear do not exempt them from their sin. […] Just because they are priests in the Catholic system, it doesn’t make them free from prosecution. (Punishment.) […]

They should not be allowed to continue their office. (Exactly.) “The clothes don’t make a monk.” That’s what we say in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), or maybe many other countries. […] And as the Bible says, the wolf in the sheep’s clothing doesn’t make that wolf a sheep. (Right.) (Yes, Master.) So, just because they work with the Vatican doesn’t mean other governments’ laws don’t apply to them ‒ if ‒ if they harm their citizens. […]

The Vatican is nothing. It’s empty if there are no morals, no Jesus’ teachings practiced there. (Yes, Master.) (Understand, Master.) It’s just empty walls, and the priests there are empty shells. (Right.) The clothes will not cover their sins, Heaven or Earth. […]

These priests from the Catholic Church, who harm the children, who molest them, who rape them, who torture them, who kill them, they are the criminals against humanity. They should even be tried in The Hague, in that international court. If no other country can try them, they could try them there. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, they’ll continue to do all these sins and harm too many more children. Now and in the future. As I am talking to you, I don’t know how many children are suffering in darkness, in obscurity, and nobody cares. And afterwards they just make them disappear. (So scary.) Like many unnamed graves just have been discovered. Even in America recently. Before, it was in Canada, in those schools.

Imagine that? (Wow.) And many, many, oh, countless children or women disappear every year, (Oh, just terrible.) everywhere. It’s not always the professional criminals who do it. It’s the priests who did all this. (They are worse than criminals.) Worse than criminals because they are protected. (Right.) (Yes.) And nobody suspects. And even if they know about it, they suspect it, they still continue to let them hold the big office even. (Exactly. Yes.) So they can continue behind the door and be more skilled in molesting children. (My God.) And nobody even knows. They will be more careful now, more skilled now. (Yes, Master.) And if they’re discovered again, the pope will just forgive them. (Oh my God. Oh, no.) (This is unbelievable.) You can see that. (Yes, Master.) Did nothing!

So, this Vatican or all the churches that are stained with blood or with mental cruelty, should be abolished. (Right. Yes, Master.) Make it into an orphanage or something to atone the sins of humans. (Agree. Yes.) […] They do nothing! (Oh, man.) […]

If we’re talking about it, I just feel my heart cannot bear. […] The pain is… sometimes it’s unbearable. (Oh, Master!) If you have physical wounds or pain, people know, but this is a mental pain, emotional pain, (Yes, Master.) spiritual pain that nobody can see. (Oh, Master…) Only I know it. And even then, I feel not as bad as those children, the victims, who are so helpless and so frightened, so horrified, so scared, and so alone, with all these big fat priests squashing on them. (Oh, God.)

“Interview by KHOU 11 Jan. 2019: Clergy sexually violating children. And lives forever changed. They took your soul…

It’s evil, is the only way that I could put it.

As a child, you never forget that face.

I would beg God to let me die. Please let me die because I don’t want him to do this to me anymore.”

“Interview by WRAL Documentaries April 2018: I never really blamed him, I blamed myself. And that self-blame over time became a kind of self-hatred.”

“Interview by The Guardian Feb. 2016: It never occurred to me to tell anybody. When the head teacher’s been abusing you, who do you tell? Put it into a cupboard in my head and I shut the cupboard door. (He’s had constant nightmares and flashbacks and has been diagnosed with PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder].)”

“Interview by WRAL Documentaries April 2018: With the beginning of my keeping that secret, it was like, there was this little poison inside of me. (That led to depression, isolation, and suicidal thoughts. It also led to alcohol and drug abuse.)”

“Media Report from HuffPost Apr. 12, 2019: Sister Judith Fisher, she was 37, I was 13 years old. That’s when my world changed.

She took my life. She took my sexuality. She took my spirituality. She ruined any boundaries that I ever had in my life. I lost my family over her. I’m in recovery now. Since 1994, I’ve been stumbling with this.

You hurt a child that deep, it’s a spiritual rape and you are like branded for life. So from now on, it colors everything. I can’t imagine something happened to me in life that would hurt me like this has. It’s the kind of wound that stays, no matter how strong you are, no matter how much therapy you get, no matter how many loves you have, or diversions or excuses, it’s a spiritual rape. It really is. It really is, it doesn’t go away. It steals your faith. I envy people who have faith.”

“Interview by The Guardian Feb. 2016: I stopped going to church. (You lost your faith?) Lost my faith. If you see how the church in Boston tried to sweep things under the carpet, and you read about cases in this country and other parts of the world, I lost my faith. Yeah.”

Please, God, do something! You cannot let this world be like this, controlled by all these evil wolves in the sheep’s skin. Please, please, they are making a bloody butcher shop of Your holy churches and Vatican as well. Please, please help us. Help the children. Help the helpless babies and children, please. They’re too powerful for the humans. Humans have b een so brainwashed and so subdued into believing anything they say. But they are not priests; they are not preaching Your teaching. They are killing the babies and children and they’re doing exactly opposite of what You are teaching and Jesus’ teachings. […]

I hope people wake up and don’t worship them, don’t respect them, don’t listen to their wrong, evil view. Please just use your own judgment, protect your own babies and your own children. Please don’t send them into their evil arms, because they will harm them. Don’t listen to them and kill your babies in the womb. You rescue your baby, as if you see some baby helpless on the street, you would take it into your arms and bring it somewhere safe. Do that to your own babies in the womb, please! They are your flesh and blood. Don’t listen to these evil priests. Please don’t! Because you will go to hell. […]

Anything else? (Yes, Master.)

(During the conference of the Catholic bishops,) Yeah. (Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, who is pro-life, “called for bishops to find common ground, where politicians agree with the church’s vision for ‘the dignity of the human person.’ But he also urged them ‘not to be afraid to fulfill their obligations, to let them know how serious’ it is to dissent from church teaching.”) Yeah!

(Master, why are there still some bishops who won’t fully agree with that? Why would a person of the faith be afraid to act on the protecting of basic human rights and teachings of the church?) […]

They’re afraid because, I read somewhere in the news, that 60% of the Catholic believers support abortion, say abortion is OK. (Yes, Master.) It comes from the top! (Yes.) The pope knows that most of the devoted Catholics are women. (Yes.) So, he’s afraid to lose them if he goes against their will. (Understand, Master.) So this is all for fame and gain. […]

The pope, I saw it on the video in the news, he even bowed his head in front of Biden. Believe that or not? (Wow.) Oh, man. (Wow.) He is officially the king of this Catholic system and the so-called representative of God on Earth, and he bowed to a secular power, (Wow.) meaning the lay power, the worldly power. (Yes.) He really kept bowing his head. […] That wasn’t humility. He knows already this guy is bad. And he bowed, kowtowed to him. You see that? (Unbelievable.) […] Just to try to keep himself on that seat, on the chair of the Vatican. […]

They may be scared also because of his (Biden’s) demon power. Even makes the pope bow down. (Yes.) The pope has less demon power than Biden. […]

So, they are afraid. They might not be all evil. Not all of them are evils, just some of them are influenced by the evil force from other priests, (Yes.) or feel very afraid of vengeance. […]

Any more questions? […]

(In 2016, Pope Francis permanently allowed the Catholic priests all over the world to forgive the sin of abortion. Master, how come it seems that priests look up to the pope as such a big authority rather than to Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible?) Yeah. How come? How come? Good question.

Very good question. I also ask that myself. But as I told you before already, they’re evil. They’re working for Satan. Just like a secret agent. (Yes, Master.) They are secret spies, secret agents for Satan. (Oh!) […]

The priests are siding with the criminal, with a crime like abortion ‒ and encouraging it by forgiving it. (Right.) It’s so easy. Even if you just kill your child and go to the church, put five dollars in there, or confess it to another priest, then your sin is clean. Ha! Even a two-year-old won’t believe that. Even the priest himself is sinful, doing bad stuff. (Yes.) How can they forgive you? How can the priest take any karma for you or clean it for you? (Understand, Master.) Even in the name of Jesus. Jesus cannot work through all these dirty garbage cans. […]

Their sins are greater than the sky. So how can? How can you just do any sinful thing and go and confess and that’s enough? This is a wrong concept. (Right, Master.) They make all those excuses so that they can have more followers, more donations, (Oh, I see.) more power, bigger churches. […] They should all be fired. […]

All of them should go, run. Run away and repent for their sins. Otherwise, the devil will be running after them, and molest them and kill them and torture them every single second in their life in hell. (Wow.) Well, that is the truth. (Yes.) They won’t escape the law of the universe. They won’t escape God’s Wrath. […]

They commit unthinkable crimes (Terrible.) against humanity, adults and children and babies alike. They’re worse than criminals. They’re worse than devils. They should be in the deep hell forever. (Yes, I agree.) And the devils will do whatever they do with them. Nobody can help them. Even if they repent, I’m not sure how much God will be lenient, except if they really turn around. Be vegan, and really repent all their life, every little second of their life. Maybe. (Yes.) Maybe the punishment will be less. […]

The women or young girls, young ladies, they have not much experience about being parents, (Yes.) or maybe it’s a first-time pregnancy. (Yes.) And in their vulnerable situation dealing with the worldly needs and material necessities, they become weaker in spirit, in their mind, (Right. Yes, Master.) and more vulnerable to any advice, even wrong. Even if they know in their heart it’s wrong to kill their own child, they still will do it if the pope is OK with it, not against it, (Understand.) not teaching them well not to do it. You see? (Yes.) And so many powerful priests, as well, all agreed to it. Then they just do it, like under pressure. Who are they to oppose them? […] They (women) still listen because they’re in a vulnerable situation, (Yes.) weakened with the material demands and the worldly, bad energy. (Yes.) Therefore, they probably do abortion against their own will and against their better judgment. […]

They need true help and moral support, not evil counsel. (Yes, Master.) (The priests should know better.) […]

How can they even forgive them? They have no power. (Understand, Master.) They go against God’s commandments. (Yes.) They oppose the teaching of Jesus. […] Instead of helping the vulnerable, weak woman and saving a life in her womb, they lead her in the opposite, sinful direction. (Yes. Really terrible.) So this karma, this sin, the consequence of it, they will not be able to escape. (Yes, Master.) Even the most powerful Master will not be able to rescue them. (Wow.) They will have to go to hell. […] Because “as you sow, so shall you reap.” The law of the universe will never fail for anyone, no matter who they are. (Yes, Master.) […]

God is looking. Heaven is seeing everything. You cannot do anything and get away with it. Never! (Yes, Master.) […]

Blessed are those who preach the true gospel of Jesus and who fear God and who worship God. (Yes.) I will help them. I will help them, spiritually. […]

OK, thank you, then, for everything that you do for the world through your own capacity. But we have to thank God for giving us that. (Yes.) For the gift. (Thank God.) We’re born with nothing, remember? (Right. Yes, Master.) So, whatever we develop, it’s all God’s Will and God’s Blessing. (Yes, Master. Right.) We thank God for everything good that we have received, and for protecting us from all the wrong concepts and evil. (Yes.) […]

All of you, inhouse and remote, I thank you again, […] for doing the right things, for listening to God’s inspiration inside, and for being able to understand and appreciate God’s Blessing through our work. (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You, God.) The world thanks you also. (Thank You, Master.) The animal-people thank you. And Heavens thank you. Ciao for now. (Ciao, Master.) (Take care, Master.) (We love You, Master.) (We love You.) (Thank You, Master.) Love you too. […]

Host: Most Compassionate Master, our utmost appreciation for sharing Your precious Wisdom and reminding us of the basic principles of life. May all concerned individuals start listening to their conscience, and thus take all the right and necessary steps to preserve Lord Jesus’ teachings in the church. We also pray for a just society where no baby or child will ever know suffering, and God’s scriptures are adhered to. May Beloved Master always be in the best of health, protected by all Great Heavens.

To hear what Supreme Master Ching Hai has to say about the meeting between the pope and Mr. Biden, plus more, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Monday, December 20, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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