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Work Together in the World’s Final Hour, August 29 & 30, 2021

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Host: During work-related phone calls with a Supreme Master Television team member on August 29 and 30, Master readily answered some questions regarding the situation in Afghanistan, with further insights and guidance for the Taliban and United States government. The topic was also raised about the current endangered state of our world.

This is the time of screening. Almost like the final hour ‒ 11th hour of humanity. The scientists keep telling us and I’ve been sounding the alarm all these years and recently. But if humans do not change, then probably many will lose their lives, and not just that, but then the economy will collapse and many things will happen before we can see the change. And at that time, I don’t know if we can start it all over again from ABC to rebuild the world. […]

With so much sickness and pandemics, and even old pandemics or old deadly diseases and infections returned, and so many disasters everywhere, I think, maybe… Heaven wants to get rid of all the humans. (Oh!) Or as many humans as possible. (Oh God.) […]

Even though some already changed into a more benevolent lifestyle, like choosing vegan to reduce karma and reduce destruction for the planet. But not enough. Everyone has to change. (Yes.) And then, the tables will turn immediately. Things will get better immediately, almost. Few weeks. (Wow.) […]

(Master, […] as President Joe Biden wasn’t meant to be the president this time, does this mean that he might not have enough merits to stay in that office?)

No, he doesn’t. That’s why I hardly call him president. (I see.) He’s not supposed to be in that post. But by some means, as the negative karma of humans and Americans are too strong, it overrides it. That’s why he cannot make any good decisions. Everything is opposite to what is good for the Americans. (Yes.) […]

Even though President Trump does not look like what people expect him to be, but he is absolutely good for the Americans. (Yes.) […] He’s supposed to look after the Americans at this time. […]

It’s not just Biden. It’s just for America that we’re talking about, but quite a few leaders don’t have enough merit to be there. That’s why our world is a mess. (Understand.) […]

He (Biden) just destroys peace. (Yes. True.) I mean not destroy, but damaging, and kind of restarting the devil’s circle, the vicious circle of vengeance. (Yes.) Terrible. (It’s really not good.) To be strong is not like, wait until the enemy attacks you and then you bomb them back. (No.) That’s not showing your strength. (No.) Strength, wisdom is to avoid that from happening, (Right.) so that peace can be more established and nourished. (Yes.) So citizens of both sides or every side can have their freedom, their peace to enjoy and to build their lives for themselves, their countries, their children, and for the next generation. They should have peace to think, to relax, in order to reorganize their lives, (Yes.) or build their lives, in peace. (Yes.) […]

(Master, should the US Congress reclaim war powers authority since Mr. Biden has proven unable to handle the Afghan crisis?) […]

They could do that if they think he’s not good enough. They should fire him anyway. (Yes.) But I’m not really supporting any war. (Yes. Understand.) But I cannot also advise them not to do anything. It’s not in my position. But war will always breed more war. (Yes, Master.) They should have taken over before. Not now, things already happened. (Yes.) Take over before, to speed up the rescue process before the withdrawing of all the equipment and personnel and soldiers and all that. (Right.) Like this, right now, billions in equipment are left behind in Afghanistan. (Yes.) (So it’s too late.) Too late, yes, yes. […]

War is never good anyway. (It’s true. Never.) Because the war destroys many things. Destroys the country, destroys people’s lives, destroys peace, destroys the economy, destroys even security for people, destroys farming, (Yes.) agriculture and all that. It breeds famines. […]

No matter what ideology or who wins, who loses, it’s devastating for people everywhere, in that country and spilling over to the next, neighboring countries, and into the world at large as well. (Yes. Right.) Very difficult. It’s better to avoid war at all costs. […] The option of war should never be a priority. […]

But that’s what I was afraid of, that the generals and the commanders of the army and all the Congress, all the Senate, will take over. If they are very angry, if they are in pain and feeling humiliated by the Taliban or by any other organization, (I see.) they might take the matter into their hands. And the European alliance could also take matters into their hands, (Right.) if they feel too frustrated, and too pained, too much grievance. Or too angry if the government, or any government, or Taliban is mistreating their female members of society and molesting little girls like that. My goodness! (Goodness!) Terrible. This is evil, beyond evil. (It is, yes.) Beyond any uncivilized concept. […]

You see, the Taliban say that the women should stay in the house because their soldiers have not been trained for respecting women. My goodness. […]

If the Taliban leaders, even though they don’t want it, but their soldiers, they’re going out house to house and harassing people like that and they don’t discipline them, then I don’t think any European country or America even wants to work with them. Unless they show goodwill first. (Yes, right.) Discipline. Because if you cannot discipline your own soldiers whom you have been fighting alongside or at least teaching all these decades, then how can you govern a nation? (Right.) What kind of a nation that has to be under such atrocities, brutality, immoral behavior of their own people like that? How do they survive? (Yes.) […] So I don’t know if any country would really cooperate with the Taliban if they don’t show their better side. And soon. (Yes, Master.) The country is already reeling in pain and suffering and losing international trust, and if they don’t turn around soon, I don’t know if they can even keep their power or country. (Yes. I agree.) Because the international governments or armies, they might not be able to hold it, even though they want peace. (Yes.) They might not be able to hold it to see the women and children being abused like that. (Yes. Of course.) […]

So if the Taliban doesn’t show a better side, doesn’t treat their citizens, especially women and children, with normal behavior, don’t even ask for anything more. (Yes, yes.)

Just treat them like everybody else in the Western society. With normal respect and peace, to let them get on with their lives. All the women want and all the other citizens want is just to live a normal life, (Exactly, yes.) to have peace and to go to work, and come back home with a warm welcome of a family. (Yes.) Harmonious family. And raise their children up to be good citizens, to contribute to the country and the world. That’s all they want. They don’t want anything more from the government. The government doesn’t even have to give them anything. Just leave them alone (Yes.) to survive, to live.

And now, our world looks like it’s coming to an end, with so many disasters, one after another non-stop, and the pandemic and the virus, one after another variant keeps coming. One is worse than the others. Now there are some variants that even reject the vaccination even. (Oh, yes.) That will take some more time to develop a new one. And then meanwhile, they will have new variants, even worse. (Yes.) So we can chase viruses forever.

So the whole world is in the grip of disaster and death right now. And in such a time period of the world, still think of waging war, and bombing people without arms, bombing innocent and helpless people like that, it’s beyond despicable. (Yes. It’s beyond.)

And therefore, I hope the international community, including the Taliban and many other Muslim countries, would work together, something, to let people, the ordinary, poor people, have some breathing space, at least. (Yes, right.) Just leave them alone to deal with their lives, their family, […] they go to work, they pay taxes. That’s all they need. (Yes.) […]

The governments are the employees (Yes.) of the people, because the people pay taxes in order to keep them in office. So I don’t know why any government would dare, or any army would dare to go and harass them. That is upside down. […]

(There are reports saying that the Biden administration gave away the names of Americans and US allies to the Taliban. Master, should they still cooperate with the Taliban after the deadly attacks that happened recently?) My God. This is a taboo. […]

To give your own people, a name list, away, give it away to the so-called enemy, a former enemy. (Yes.) It takes some time to work with them to know if they’re sincere and peace-loving. (Yes.) Between the United States and the Taliban, and also between the Taliban and their own people. We don’t know. The Americans don’t know yet.

So to give away a list like that, it’s endangering the lives of American servicemen there. And also their families, and relative and friend connections. It’s so easy to find them. (Yes.) And then it could become a blacklist for murdering, killing or assassinating. (Yes, Master.) Or taking into prison, whatever they would do. It’s so easy. (Right.) And then now, there was an attack on them like that. (Yes.) I’m not sure how they’re going to deal with this.

Under Biden anything could happen. Any illogical thing, dangerous thing could happen. Not to him. To his people, to the Americans who expose their lives in dangerous situations to help others. […] And now he gave the list of the Americans and Afghan allies’ names. Make it so easy. Maybe the Taliban don’t want to kill them. But maybe they leaked out the information to another (Yes.) so-called terrorist organization, that’s how the bomb happened. (Oh, right.) (Yes, Master.) […]

You see, now, America made it happen so that there is war between them and the ISIS, (Right.) and between the ISIS and the Taliban as well. (Yes.) And between America and the Taliban also, because the Taliban is now condemning the drone strike from America.

The Americans were conducting a drone strike to revenge the Kabul airport bombing. (Yes.) And then now, the Taliban also died in that attack. And before that, they said they vowed to track down and revenge the ISIS-K for this. (Yes, yes.) And then the Americans did the same. (Oh, yes.) They also vowed to revenge the evil. […]

Both of them vowed to do the same thing, but now the Americans did it and the Taliban condemned them. (Yes, I see.) This is so funny. It’s truly funny. So now, at least three groups become enemies now. The ISIS and the Taliban become America’s enemies. (It’s worse than before.) Before that, the Taliban was the enemy of the ISIS and vowed to find them and punish them. See what I’m saying? (Yes.)

First, let somebody kill, and then later make an excuse to revenge. And then they revenge you back. America revenges them, the Taliban or whoever revenges them back, and the circle never ends. (Right.) The devil’s cycle or circle never ends. (True. Yes.) The Buddha and Jesus always emphasized that: Must cut the cycle of vengeance.

Must forgive, make friends, otherwise it will never end. The cycle doesn’t just end here, but also after life, in hell, it will not end. (Yes.) People will suffer, the perpetrators will suffer more, more, more, more, more, more, forever in hells as well. Not just this lifetime that we should worry about. (Yes, understand.) So this is a really, grave, very, very serious and grave problem with venging. (Yes.) That’s why God said, “Vengeance belongs to me.” (Yes.) The Buddha emphasized peace. (Yes.) All good religions emphasized that. […]

I pray that the world will wake up, especially those so-called leaders. They will just have to wake up, really dedicate themselves for the sake of their co-citizens or subjects, and not thinking of their power and their fame and their gain, and their selfish, all bloody goals. (Yes.) What for want to conquer a world? I’m telling you, the world is ending. Ending signs are everywhere. If we don’t wake up, we will have no more world to live in, no more planet to stay on. (Yes.) Not to talk about fighting with each other for a seat in the presidential, prime minister’s palace, or parliament or senate, whatever. (Exactly.) Or a land or country. […]

OK, my love. My well wishes to all of you, in-house workers and outside workers for the Supreme Master Television and all the initiates. Keep safe, keep healthy, praying to God. Be humble, be grateful for your life and your health and your safety. May Heavens, may God, may Allah be with you. Amen. (Amen, Master. Thank You.) May our world have peace and have vegan policy.

Host: The time has now come for both leaders and citizens to apply our highest virtues, removing all obstacles that oppose mercy and endanger life on our planet. Let us pray and take the chance, while we still have it today, to unite and heroically build a peaceful vegan world, as our children’s lives depend on it.

With utmost gratefulness to Most Gracious Master, may She be always in the loving Support of all Godses, while Her courageous messages move us to demand the triumph of goodness!

To hear what more Supreme Master Ching Hai has to say about how the international community should respond to the Taliban, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples, on Wednesday, September 15.

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