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When Honesty Is Lost: Signs of the Last Hour, Nov. 14, 2021

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Host: On Sunday, November 14, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, while still in an intensive meditation retreat for the world, took some of Her precious time to call Supreme Master Television team members and read from the Islamic teachings, as well as bring to light some recent happenings of concern in our society.

(Will the Republicans win the next [U.S.] midterm or presidential election?)

I never said I’m a clairvoyant. (Yes.) But lately, you know the new governor in New Jersey’s election? (Yes.) Originally, the Republican new governor contender won. (Yes.)

“Media Report from FOX 5 New York – Nov. 3, 2021: Early results showed Ciattarelli drawing large totals in Republican strongholds like Ocean County, while Murphy seems to be underperforming in parts of the state he won in 2017...”

“Coverage by NJ Spotlight News – Nov. 3, 2021: I’m here to tell you that we’re winning. We’re winning. We’ve got to have time to make sure that every legal vote is counted. And I’m confident, I’m confident that when they are, I can stand before you and not say we’re winning, I can stand before you and say we’ve won.”

And then after midnight or next morning, there were some so-called mail-in ballots. (Yes.) And then the old governor, who is a Democrat, won. (Oh!) Sounds familiar or not? (Yes.)

Last time, President Trump won. (Yes.) And then after midnight or next days… then some mail-in ballots came in, (Yes, yes.) and Biden won. (Yes. That’s very similar to that time.) Yeah, yeah.

If the Democrats prepare some extra ballots or something, standby, (Yes.) then I don’t know if the Republicans would ever win again. (Yes.)

In the other election, in Virginia, Republican Youngkin won. (Yes.) And because they were so sure of winning… (Yes.) The Democrats were sure-footed because Biden went there to support. (Yes.) So Youngkin won. (Yes.)

And the next one, immediately afterward, was the New Jersey governor race. (Yes.) First, the Republican contender won. And then after midnight, next morning, some mail-in ballots came in and the old New Jersey governor won. (Oh, my goodness.) So… (They’re going to keep redoing this over and over.) Yeah, I am not sure… It’s so boring. It’s the same game. So, I’m not sure who will win. We will have to…

(They must be able to do something about that.) Who? (I mean the…) Yeah, yeah, yeah. (The officials need to change some laws.) Yeah, of course. It depends on your luck and depends on who is controlling the ballot, who is counting it. (Yes.) If they are Democrats or Republicans, or are there really some eyes watching it or not. (Yes.) But they always find some ways to do things the way they want it. (Yes, Master.)

The American people have to pray if they want a change. Otherwise, I cannot predict anything. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to. I don’t really like all this ugly politics. (Yes, Master.) All these strategies. (It’s too dirty.) Yeah. So, the American people, they should pray if they want their country to get better. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t want to say anything anymore. Seems useless. (Yes, Master.) You can’t play dirty. You can’t play the same robber. (Yes.) You can’t play the same game. You can’t predict when or will the robber rob your house. (Yes, Master.) So, similar in politics.

Host: During the conference, Master elaborated on the unthinkable crimes within the Catholic Church against many innocent children, which continue to be largely ignored by the people in power.

Oh, my God, this is truly evil. Truly evil beyond all evils. Beyond war, even. Beyond the evil of war. When people go to war, at least they have some reason to kill. (Yes.) […] But these are just murders and molesting children with no excuse whatsoever. (Yes, shocking.) (Yes. It’s terrible, Master.) […]

These people, they’re not real. They must be Satan’s subordinates who reincarnated, just to exercise the satanic doctrine. (Yes, exactly.) The evil kind of system. They are not priests, they are not even human.

They really want to destroy the church and the doctrine of Jesus, to make people not believe in the church and the teaching of Lord Jesus anymore. (Yes, Master.) Who wouldn’t be shaken, knowing all this and reading all these reports? (That’s true.) […]

“Media Report from BBC – Oct. 5, 2021: More than 200,000 children have been victims of pedophile priests and other clergy over the last 70 years in France.”

“Media Report from DW – Sept. 25, 2018: The latest study says more than 1,600 German clergy sexually abused children under their protection, and that in the last 70 years, there have been at least 3,677 victims.”

“Media Report from CBS – Aug. 9, 2018: Grand jury report details allegations against more than 300 predator priests in six dioceses covering more than 1.7 million parishioners.”

“Interview by Fusion – Feb. 18, 2016: There was one time that there were like four priests at the same time. (Four priests at the same time?) Yes, and they would come in one by one. And it didn’t stop until I became pregnant by one of them.”

Interview by CBS – Oct. 18, 2018 […] My wife just constantly reassuring me, I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Oh, when I talk about this, I’m so angry. […] And I don’t understand how can this kind of system still exist? And nobody does anything! (Yes, Master.) If it is like, for example, the Americans, sometimes they go to another country to have war because the government there may be molesting people or oppressing people. (Yes.) And then the people ask the Americans to come to help. (Yes, Master.) And here, right in front of everybody, even in America as well, molesting children, murdering children, in Canada and all over the world. And nobody does anything! […] How can this be? So, this world is truly… it’s not a humane place. (No, Master.) My God.

I asked Heavens how much percentage of humans is worthy of Heaven places after they die. They told me only 10%. (Oh! Wow.) (That’s so low.) […] Imagine. And so, the rest, whom are we living with now? (Yes, Master.) That’s why everywhere is killing, cheating, molesting, all on the top. (Oh, yes.)

Starting all from the top. You see? (Yes, Master.) From the pope down to the other priests and even cardinals and all that. (Yes.) And then from the top government, from the president downward, all cheating, just to sit there. All cheating just to get power, in different ways. Cheating this way or that way. (Yes.) Or cheating in the election and all that. (Yes, Master.) So, it is not really a good world at all. (No, Master.) It’s truly terrifying when you know all about it. (Yes, Master.) […]

And then recently, they attacked the Prime Minister of Iraq. And the pope immediately condemned it.

“Media Report from Rome Reports in English – Nov. 9, 2021: The pope sent a telegram to the prime minister of Iraq to express his closeness following an assassination attempt on the politician’s life. The pope called the attack a “vile act of terrorism” and assured the prime minister of his prayers for his family and country.”

Oh! So fake and so ugly. (Yes.) Just always siding for the powerful. You see that? (Yes, Master.) So that he can have a good relationship with the Iraqi politicians, just to consolidate his position as a pope. […]

And just said, “Thank you, the journalists” recently, because they reported the sexual sins from the priests. (Yes, Master.) He said that, not because he feels sorry for the children, but he said that because he’s under pressure. (Oh, right.) Because now the whole world knows, and everybody keeps condemning it. So he had to say something. And just to thank the journalists, that’s it. (Yes.) Not even one word to protect the children for the future. Not even firing all this evil from his own church and other churches. […]

Imagine if you are those children. (Yes.) Molested, tortured, and then murdered in the dark, and just buried in n’importe où, meaning anywhere, (Yes. It’s terrible.) to cover up, and nobody even knew all these decades until now. (Yes, Master.) And it’s not one, not two. Hundreds or thousands of them. (Yes, Master.) So it’s like a system, (Wow.) like an open system, legally protected. Legally can do. […]

“Media Report from CBS – Oct. 18, 2018: In 2015, George Koharchik admitted to sexually abusing several children during a grand jury investigation. He was defrocked but never criminally charged.”

“Media Report from CBS – Aug. 13, 2021: Just my abuser alone, how many victims came forward to me, that was mind-blowing to me, also. He admitted, in the grand jury report, his abuse. The institution covered and protected him for years so he walks freely in my neighborhoods.”

Oh, my God! God forgive me, but I hate all these ugly devils. That’s what I would call them. You can’t even call them priests. They’re not! How can they be a priest? (No, Master.) Just to put on that robe and then cheating the whole world, and killing children. Not just physically but emotionally, psychologically. All their life, they will never forget, even if they are not murdered. (Yes, Master.) They’re dead already, emotionally. (That’s right.)

“Interview by CBS – Aug. 9, 2018: The word abuse gets thrown around, we’re talking rapes. They murdered something in me. Something died. Everything I believed, died.”

“Interview by CBS – Sept. 7, 2018: Every day of my life, I think about running my car into a pole or off of a bridge. It is literal torture. Soul-murdering torture. Every day. Nobody should live like this, with this pain.”

And they’ll probably never believe in God again. […] They will never be the same again. They will never grow up as a normal person. You got that? (Yes, Master.) They are broken. They are a broken person since childhood already.

And this is the utmost evil! I condemn all of these people again, again and again!!! And may they go to hell!!! As soon as possible!!! […]

Even one of the molesters is compared to Jesus. (Oh gosh.) The pope compares him to Jesus. Ah! Child molester. […] So this world is evil. (Yes.) To tolerate this, it’s evil already. Because you’re same-minded.

And you know, I read in the news that the majority of Catholics say that abortion is normal, must be allowed everywhere. (Wow.) So, the majority are evil!! (Yes.) […]

If you say abortion is OK, then they are evil altogether. The majority of the Catholics, my God, they’re worshipping Satan. They’re not worshipping Jesus or worshipping God. Do you see that? (Yes.) Clear or not? (Yes, Master.) It’s terrifying, that the big faith in the world is all evil. […]

So, Heaven told me only 10% are worthy of Heaven, and these 10% don’t include these priests ever. Including the pope. That’s what Heaven told me. […]

If he is even a human, I don’t know. Maybe possessed by zealous demons. You know, the bloodthirsty demons? (Yes, Master.) That’s why he said such things, comparing a child pedophile priest with Jesus! […] How dare he!! (Yes.) I mean, all the Christian people should be mad, but nobody does anything! […] Oh! The devil’s force in this world is so incredible. […]

Host: As Master was sharing Her thoughts and wisdom on the current state of our civilization, She also kindly expounded on some related words spoken by the venerated Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) as recorded in the Hadith.

So, this Bedouin came and asked the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, “asked Him, ‘When would the Hour take place?’” “Hour” means the 12th hour. We are in the 11th hour now. (Yes.) “When will the doomsday take place?” That’s what he means. […] “So, then the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, said, ‘When honesty is lost, then wait for the Hour.’” […]

So, “The Bedouin said, ‘How will that be lost?’ The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, said, ‘When the power or authority comes in the hands of unfit persons…’” You know, like the pope (Yes.) or Biden. “‘…then wait for the Hour.’” (Oh, dear.)

You see that we are really at the 11th hour. (Yes, Master.) Disasters everywhere. Pandemics one after another. (Yes, Master.) No matter how long they will chase after the cure, there’ll be other ones coming, other viruses. (Yes, Master.) Because the virus can even evade the vaccine nowadays already. And they develop another vaccine after another vaccine, but many leaders of the world, including President Putin, already said that the pandemic is not curable now, we just have to live with it.

And New Zealand’s Prime Minister, (Yes.) she also said the same thing. (Yes, Master.) You know, at one time they were already cured, (Yes.) like even New Zealand was almost zero for many months. And Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and other countries. (Yes.) Nothing more. Australia also. And then “boom,” they come back again. Stronger than ever, stronger than before. (Yes.)

Because in the beginning, God just warned us, you see? So, God gave us an alarm, and saw if we would change. We should change. We should turn around, go to the other direction. (Yes.) Like, be vegan, go green. Be benevolent, be good. Be the good stewards of the Earth. Be the real children of God. But no, nobody turned around. You see that? (Yes, Master.)

I kept warning at that time in several urgent talks. But they listen, they don’t listen. Even if they listen, it comes through the other ear. And many don’t care. Many think I’m maybe just an old woman, talks a lot. They just took it all for granted. (Yes, Master.) Like I’m here forever, always telling them the same stuff: “U-turn, be good.” And they took it all for granted. They don’t even want to listen. If they listen, they don’t care.

So, God made another wave again. You see that? (Yes, Master.) Stronger than before. I’m not sure what else God is going to do. Because everywhere seems very helpless now. (Yes, Master.) […] Because we are killing too much, killing animal-people, killing humans, killing babies. How can all this bad karma be erased without payment? (Yes, Master.) (It’s true.) […]

So, I won’t be surprised if I lose this battle and God would destroy the whole planet. I mean, most of the people on this planet. I just don’t know when only. […]

God is not very lenient. God is angry. Heavens and Earth, all angry. The whole universe is angry at the way we behave. (Yes, Master.)

So, we just do what we can only; we pray and we meditate. But I’m not sure anymore if I can win. I’m not sure. Whoever can listen and repent, I help. If they don’t, then I would just let it be. Otherwise, if they continue to live, they will continue to torture and murder other innocents. (Yes, Master. Understand.) These 90% of the people. And I mean, not all of them are all that bad, but […] instead of God’s bibles or God’s holy scripture, they listen to the devils talking and do what the devils do. Killing, molesting, and harassing and torturing, murdering. (Yes, Master.) So how can? How can Heaven accept these kinds of people? […]

Even the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, said that, even if you did not kill the other person because the other person, the opponent, is stronger than you and kills you first, but you intended also to kill him if you could. (Yes, Master.) So it doesn’t matter if you win or lose; you just intended to kill, you still go to hell, both the killer and the killed.

That is like that. So the people who support anything bad like abortion or war or anything that is harmful to others, all will go to hell. (Yes.) Whether or not they make that law themselves. If they support it, tolerate it, and encourage it or condone it in any way, subtle way or obvious way, they all will go to hell. (Yes, Master.) Don’t say I curse anybody. That’s the law of the universe. […]

“Interview by CBS – Aug. 9, 2018: How many of you believe that right now a child is being abused at the hands of a priest? How does this happen?? (It appears that there’s something in the DNA of the church that encourages this.) James Faluszczak says witnessed the church’s secrecy and sex abuse cover-ups firsthand, not only as a victim, but also during his 18 years in the priesthood. (As I made my way through ministry, it became very clear to me that this was a systemic issue, almost like a contagion, that this was an epidemic.)”

“Interview by the Wall Street Journal – Jul. 13, 2019: It was a crime that happened to us. Since when should the church be allowed to handle criminal cases? Why isn’t it in front of the judicial system, as it should be?”

And all the governments who did nothing, who also kowtowed to all that, I also condemn them all. They’re weaklings or they’re just condoning all these evil deeds. And don’t dare say anything, just because the church is powerful. They are cowards. I can say that again. They’re cowards!! (Yes, Master.) They’re wasting people’s tax money and cannot even protect little children!! You’re cowards!!! […]

Even if you say the Catholic system or the Vatican are their own sovereign unto themselves, […] the children don’t belong to the Catholic system. The children don’t belong to the Vatican, the pope or any other pope or pape, whatever. The children belong to your country. And you, their leader, is supposed to protect them, to defend for them, to make sure they are safe, now and in the future. Otherwise, you should resign!!! Their parents have nowhere to go to air their grievances and complaints, because you turn your head away from their grief, from their suffering, pain, as the parents.

“Interview by CBS-Aug. 9, 2018: My son was 15 when it started, his hell was right here on Earth. Because of the way he was – and I’m not going to say ‘abused,’ I’m going to say ‘the way he was raped,’ at age 17, his back was injured. There was nothing they could do surgically. And because of the pain medication, his death was caused by an accidental overdose.”

Suppose you are the parents, suppose your children are molested, raped by these so-called “holy priests,” you do nothing?? Why are you all quiet?? To protect whom? Protect yourselves, your positions, or what? What are you there for, sitting on top of the whole country, with all the privilege and power? What are you doing? […]

These priests, they are evil, they are devils! They are not priests. You have the right to treat them just like any other citizen, any criminal. In fact, they are worse than any normal criminals, because they know right, but they did wrong. They abused their power to molest the children and took away their childhood, their dignity, and their whole life also. […]

History will judge you if you don’t judge them. God will judge you. God will bring you to hell and then you will repent. It’s too late. You might not even have enough time or energy to repent when you are burned in hellfire. I’m not joking. I’m not trying to frighten you. It is the reality. So, wake up!!! Take your duty responsibly and seriously. […]

I pray to God, please, justice for all these innocent babies and children. (Yes, Master.) You have to do something, God. Otherwise, people won’t believe You anymore, and I can’t blame them. I cannot do anything much. […]

I cannot bring justice to these poor, oppressed families who cannot even sue them, cannot even ask for justice for their poor children who suffered in their hands all these decades or hundreds of years. Who knows when it began and when will it ever end? I pray to Heaven for justice. […]

Our world is already going, 11th hour plus. I don’t feel that Heaven’s any more lenient than before. It’s even less. Sometimes I feel very despondent also. […]

And I thought, what’s the use of talking to the deaf and dealing with the devils in this world? […] I’m talking like I’m shouting in the desert. Sometimes I don’t really know if I can continue, truly. But I just continue, regardless of what my mind is telling me. […]

Host: Most Benevolent Master, our heartfelt gratitude for Your steadfast, loving endeavor to save our world. In this exceptionally crucial time of Judgment and the final battle, we hope that more and more people will choose and uphold the good side with unshakable morals, before it is too late. May all innocent children’s lives be guarded by the Heavens and fully defended by the ones in responsible positions. Wishing Merciful Master lasting wellness and security, in the caring Protection of all Cosmic Beings.

To learn what other signs of the Hour were revealed by the Beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in the Hadith, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Saturday, December 4, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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