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The United States Won in Afghanistan, August 24, 25 & 27, 2021

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(Master, why do You think they won?)

Host: After seeing the tragic news from Kabul, Afghanistan, in which many Afghans, Americans and members of the Taliban lost their lives on August 26, 2021, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared Her pain and tearful sorrow with us, plus this message for the inflictors:

Whoever carries such attacks on innocent children and women, old and young men also, are cowards, barbarous, working for evil, working for Satan. They are also the enemies of Islam because they make the world people think Islam is violent, Islam is murderous. They are not Muslim; they are the enemies of Muslims. Just going out anywhere and killing people at random, when people are not prepared, unarmed people like that. They’re not Muslim.

They don’t make any statement. They don’t make people understand anything. Just killing people doesn’t make anybody understand you. You have to tell people what you want, what is it that is wrong, with you or with anybody. I mean, in Kabul people are already getting out of Afghanistan, of the country; they are not doing anything anymore there. Peace deal is signed. They just want to get out. And anybody who just organizes an attack like that is evil! I repeat again: they are the enemy of Islam! Because the blessed Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, the Koran doesn’t tell people to kill anybody at random like that, when they’re not doing anything wrong to you.

You are the infidels. Not those innocent people at the airport. Not the US Marines or soldiers. They are just doing their job. They have to. They have to protect the people there, who are just trying to get out of the country. They’re not doing anything wrong to anybody. So the attackers are the enemies of everyone of the world, especially the enemies of the Muslims because they blacken the Muslims’ reputation. They make people think, “Muslims are bad, Muslims are the people whom you cannot trust, the people who are killers, the people who are cowards, killing the innocents.” Everywhere, not just Kabul airport. It’s not the first time. It’s not the Kabul airport alone. Just sneaking around and killing everybody like that. That’s not Muslim.

You are the enemy of Muslims. You are evil! You are the infidels! Stop doing all this stuff and trying to convince people that you are good. Nobody believes any of the things that you say. Nobody believes you. Nobody wants to follow Islam either, if you keep doing this. How do people even dare to come to the Muslim community or want to know the Muslims? What for?! So that they can become killers, murderers like you? No way.

You will all go to hell, because that’s not the teaching of Islam. Islam means peace. Continue like this, we’ll never have peace in the world ‒ because of you!! Because of people like you.

For your information, the suicide bombers went to hell, and whoever are behind these attacks or any of such similar atrocities, will go to deeper hell. They’re all waiting for you. All the possible hells are waiting for you, accordingly. I say this in the Name of God, in the Name of the Most Beloved Allah, and in the Name of the Great Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. And the innocent people you killed all went to Heavens, different Heavens, and you go to different hells.

And that is the truth. Because no one who harms the children of God the way you do, will ever go to Heaven. You’ll be staying in hell forever. The victims who died, the American soldiers who died, they went to Heaven, because they had only love and sympathy while they were on duty. Thus, they are rewarded Heavens. You and the bombers only have hatred in your heart and the false belief that you’ll go to Heaven. No way! In all my honor I tell you. No way you’ll go to Heaven, no way they went to Heaven. NO. NEVER!

In the name of the Prophet Muhammad, May Peace Be Upon Him Forever, I’m warning you to stop all these atrocities. Otherwise, you will never get out of hell. You will suffer multifold, more, much more than the pain and sorrow you inflicted upon the innocent people, the children and the women and the elderly, and all that.


Go get a normal job, like these people. They just want to be normal human beings. Repent so God will forgive you. Repent before it’s too late.

Host: On the previous day, August 25, Master also shared Her thoughts on the news that the Taliban was not allowing any more Afghans to leave the country.

I think the Taliban should let the Afghans and Americans out of Afghanistan, because if you want to rule, why should you keep your enemies around? Just to have like a ticking bomb? That’s not very wise to stop your so-called enemies from running out of the country. Just let them go. Good for them. Good for you.

Host: Earlier, in another work-related phone call with a Supreme Master Television team member on August 24, Master generously answered questions in regards to girls and women living under the Taliban regime, as well as the true outcome of the war in Afghanistan.

(Master, is forced child marriage part of the Sharia law?) […]

Ah, no, no. No, no, no. No. Forced marriage is not in the Sharia. (Oh.) Sharia doesn’t advise the Muslim to rape little girls in the so-called forced marriage, or not marriage even. (Yes.) It’s like in Bangladesh, for example, they just rape anyone they like. Big or small, child or old. That’s not Muslim. They besmear the great reputation of Muslims, make people afraid of Islam, of Muslim followers. (Yes, Master.) The true Muslim people, they don’t do that. (Yes.) It’s just a distortion of the law to suit their desire, their need, their greed. (I see.) Islam teaching has never been for forcing anything, especially a little child, like 12 years old, (Right.) or any woman, into any sexual or relationship or so-called marriage, whatever. Never. (Yes.) The Muslim teaching never included any of that. (Yes.)

We have to go back in time, at the time of the great Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. It was war time. (Right.) It’s not because the Prophet or His followers made war, it’s the authority at that time. You see, they had their own established rules and religious order, and of course they rejected anything that didn’t look like them. (I see.) But the Prophet was teaching the Truth, and the Truth according to also whatever Bible they had at that time. It’s just that, because He was enlightened and they were not. […]

Even if the Prophet’s followers did not want to fight, (Yes.) they would be killed. (Oh, yes.) So of course, many men sacrificed and stayed in the front line, to protect their family, protect the Prophet and other followers. (Yes.) And many men died, of course. (Of course.) So men died, left behind widows and children. (Yes.) So the Prophet had advised and requested His followers, whoever still alive, […]

“Whoever’s able, like financially, (Yes.) then take in the widows and the children, and look after them, just like they are your wife and your family.” […]

Not any sexual things! (Yes.) Just to take care like a family, like relatives. […]

So later on, they distorted it and interpreted it to suit their need, and their lowly desire. (I see.) It’s just for lust and greed. […]

So you know it’s not Sharia law. (Yes.) The Sharia law, I’m just saying some examples, it’s just to advise men and women how to conduct their lives. […] (Yes.) So that they can have more peace in the house. (Yes.) Like you don’t reveal yourself, you wear proper clothes to cover yourself when you talk to a stranger man, if they come into your house, (Yes, understand.) so as not to incite something of a misunderstanding. (Yes, understand.) And it might result in something bad for their marriage and harmony of their relationship inside the house, (Right.) something like that. And if they go out, they should also wear decently, not tight or revealing too much of your body. (Yes.) […]

But it’s not like compulsory, and cover all over the faces like that. (Right.) Maybe at that time, it’s also good to cover the faces so that the enemies don’t recognize them, (True.) for their own safety. (Yes.) […]

So this is not truly necessary anymore, and it’s not a Sharia law. (Yes. Understand.) […]

(Master, before, You mentioned arranged marriage in Âu Lạc [Vietnam]. Could You tell us more about it, how it is done?) […]

In Vietnam, in Âu Lạc, so-called arranged marriage, or consent marriage, required the groom first to work with the in-law family for three years! (Oh!) Three years to stay with the bride’s family, (Understand.) so that they can observe his character. You see? (Oh!) And whether or not he’s worthy of their trust to have their daughter’s hand in marriage. (Right.) And the girl, meanwhile, also gets to know him, to see him. (Yes.) To get used to each other, whether or not they like, are they compatible in any way. […]

And then, if they agree, if the girl agrees to that and the family’s OK with the boy, (Yes.) then, they might agree. Then, he has to bring a big dowry. A lot of gifts, for the family, (Yes.) for the girl. […]

And in these three years, he has to work very hard, (Right.) I mean, to show. (Yes.) He works hard, and he has to be careful how to behave, and how to coordinate, cooperate with the family, and pleasing them. Both the parents, the family members, and the girl. (Oh, I see.) […]

So, that’s how the family in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) in the old time protected their precious daughter. And that’s how the man showed his respect and affection to her, before he could even marry her at all. (Oh, I see.)

During these three years, the bride’s family could always cancel the proposal. (Oh, yes. OK.) Or the groom may also not like the girl, or the family, or whatever reason, he can also cancel (Oh. Yes.) and go home. (Yes.) […]

That’s how we showed respect for women. (Right.) That’s how we protected the girl in the family in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). (Yes.) Before. […]

Now, can you imagine what it’s like? Suppose the Taliban is successful in ruling the country under this rule of theirs. It’s not Sharia. […]

In the world, half is women, half is men. No? (Yes, right.) OK. So half of the country under Taliban rule would be like this: The woman is stupid, illiterate, completely dependent, no ability, except relying heavily on her man. (Yes.) She cannot even read the road signs. She cannot even sign her name or read her name. (Yes, Master.) Subdued, like a slave. (Right.) She relies completely on her man, just for any cucumber that she wants to buy for the family. (Yes.) She cannot go out alone. (Yes.) And the man is, of course, busy, earning money or doing work because she cannot. (Yes.) She’s not allowed to work, […] she cannot even read or write. (Yes.) Completely half of the citizens are stupid, illiterate, and weak, dependent. So, there’s nothing that the woman can do to help her country. […]

And the other half of the citizens, I mean men, are rapists, child molesters. (Right.) Robbers. Robbing people’s property, or girls, or children, or women. (Right.) They became rapists and child molesters. So, I wonder, what kind of society is that!? What kind of country would the Taliban want to build? (Yes, unimaginable.) Yeah!

And I wonder also, what kind of decent international, global community would want to shake hands with them, cooperate with them or do business with them, or even look at them! (Exactly.) How do you deal with the rapist and child molester men and dumb-dumb women? (Yes.) Half of the country is dummy, half of the country is violent! (Right.) Even to their own family. (Yes.) Because if a girl doesn’t marry to the chosen man, anytime, any age, or any look, she might fall in love with somebody else and refuse that man, then the father would kill the girl. Like “honor” killing, you know that. (Yes.) Many thousands of them are killed every year! (Just terrible.) […]

So how would any international community or neighboring country even want to have anything to do with them? Unless they are all lunatics or possessed by Satan. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) […]

This kind of rule will not work. It’s not practical. It’s too dictatorial. Because women, they have to go out. They must go out for their children, for their own needs, to go shopping for the family, to buy things to even clean the house, to buy things to wash their clothes. Everything. (Yes.) If they’re completely, always depending on their men, then the men will get vexed, (Yes.) and then turn violent. After all, men are also human. How long can he bear all this feeling of being nagged into doing everything, while the women can also do that? (Right.) Everything, like going to the doctor, he has to take her, and has to take her again and again and again, because you go to the doctor, don’t always just in one time finish. (Yes.) And then have to take the children to the school, and then take the children maybe to the doctor, and all kinds of things. You understand? (Yes.)

She cannot always rely on her man, all the time, 24/7. (Right.) That will breed resentment, from the man’s part, no matter how nice and gentle he is. Because he’s over-taxed his ability. (Yes.) He needs to earn a living, he needs to go out, and then he needs to see his friends and all the men’s stuff. And then he has to be nagged all the time (True.) by a helpless woman, because she is not allowed to do anything by herself, (Right.) to go out by herself. Even if she wants to rely on the men relatives, how many men relatives are ready for her all the time? (Yes.) Or in emergency? (Yes, Master.) Because these men relatives, they’re also busy for their wives, (Yes.) and their kids and their families, their mother, their sister, whatever. (Yes.) This is totally impossible. (Yes, true.) That’s why some of the Muslim Arab countries, they now allow women to drive. (Yes.) For God’s sake, they need to do something. They have to take their children to the school. They have to go shopping, (Yes.) to buy vegetables and food for the family. Cannot always make the man do everything. He has to take the kids to school in the morning early, and then work all day, and then come home, and then has to take the wife to go out shopping to buy food, and/or doctors, or whatever. (Yes.) […]

Now you know why the women rise up. And many Afghans also rise up against them. The West is also not compliant now. (Yes.) The Taliban should be more careful. They are revolted against.

There are many forces against them. (Yes.) And they better do negotiations and talk. Even the ones that rise up against Taliban, they wanted negotiations, but the Taliban refused. And then the Taliban even threatened the West, like, “Get out before this and that deadline, or else.” (Yes.) Oh, they better not. Because the Americans and the Western military force, they might have gotten out of the country, but they can always come back. (Yes, true.) And stronger, more determined, if they do come back. (Right.) They are a force to be reckoned with, it’s not to be threatened or intimidated. (Yes.) Oh, they better not intimidate the Westerners. And the Americans, especially. […]

President Trump signed the peace deal because he loves peace. He doesn’t want to harm any citizens, by chance or by accident or because of fighting. Sometimes it costs people’s lives. So he doesn’t want all that, because he loves people, he loves peace. But that doesn’t mean the Taliban can continue coercing them or oppressing them, or intimidate them. (Yes.) They are not to be intimidated, the Americans. (Yes, true, true.) And God knows what kind of power and weapons they have.

Even if Taliban seizes all their leftover weapons, that’s nothing to them. They have more. And they have even better. (Yes.) More modernized. (Wow, yes.) So, I don’t know why the Taliban is so arrogant right now. They better not be. They better be more humble, more cooperative, and treat their citizens with respect and consideration. Not to talk about love and compassion yet. (Yes.) I don’t know if they’re capable of that. The way they torture women, kill women, or kill anybody at random like that, just because they worked for Americans. […]

So, as I said, President Trump signed the peace deal because he really wanted peace; he doesn’t want any more bystanders’ innocent deaths, for the Afghans as well as for the Americans. (Yes.) But that doesn’t mean he is scared of them. He was just a nice president. Or maybe bordering naïve, believing that everyone else also plays straight and fair as he does. (Yes.) So, he believed in the Taliban’s promises. That’s why he signed the peace accord.

And now, even though Biden looks weak… All the governments, all the armies of the international community are leaving, and it seems like they’re very humble. But just because they wanted peace. (Right.) They want to avoid bloodshed. That’s why they humbled themselves. But that is not a sign of weakness. (Yes.) Even though they look weak. Maybe Biden is weak or looks weak, but the Americans are not weak. (Yes.) They still have their commanders, they still have the generals and the big, whole, powerful top-of-the-world army. (Right.) So they might even bypass Biden to defend the innocent, helpless Afghans, like the women and the children.

So, no one should mess with the Americans. (Yes.) No one should look down upon the Americans. No one should feel like they have victory over the Americans, even though it might seem so. (Right.) Though they might seem humble now for peace’s sake, but not forever. If pushed too long and too hard, they might just pay back. (Right.) And this time, they will not leave any stone unturned.

So, anyone who feels like they have victory over the Americans, they should think twice. (Yes.) That’s what I want to say, because no one should mess with the Americans. (Wow. Yes.) (Yes, Master.)

If they ever retreat or sign a peace accord, it’s because they don’t want any more bloodshed, for both sides. (Yes.) For peace’s sake, for humanity’s sake. That’s all. (Right.) Not because they’re weak. They have all the latest, most modern equipment for war. (Yes, Master.) So why should they be afraid of anybody? (Right.) The people who should be afraid are the Taliban. Because the Americans, they are not afraid of anything! That’s why they went from one country to another, wherever is in need of their powerful protection. (Right.) They don’t mind sacrificing their finance or their most youthful, beautiful and powerful men and women to protect others, no matter how far that country is, no matter if that country has anything to do with them or can offer them anything, in finance or fame or gain, nothing. They are very unconditional. (Yes.) They’re not afraid of anybody, if they show humility, that is because they are great, (Yes.) because they know they can crush anyone, it’s just they do things with caution, and with humanity at heart. (Yes.) So they don’t always consider themselves, or don’t use enough tricks or strategy to win, because they consider lives of others. (Yes, Master.) That seems to be weakness to others, but it’s not like that. They are just born and raised in a very straight kind of heroism. They don’t know tricks, they don’t do things behind the enemy’s back or stuff like that. (Right.) […]

And I just hope that the Taliban backs off, be more […] righteous with their citizens. Otherwise, if the West feels that citizens are oppressed under the Taliban, I don’t think they will just stand by and watch. (Yes. Right.) It’s not their nature. (Yes.) They have this hero in them. That’s their ideal. (Yes, Master.) And that ideal will not die. […]

The Western people, they will jump in, I think, sooner or later, (Yes.) just to protect peace. Even if they have to go to war to protect peace. That’s what they do, all the time. (Yes.) (That’s true. I agree.) […]

(Master, do You think that America lost the war in Afghanistan, as many people say?)

They were wrong. The Americans won. (Wow.) You see, they won everywhere, even though they backed off, just for humanitarian reasons, or just for peace reasons. (Yes.) They won because they are great, they are big; because they know they can win if they want to. (Yes.) They won because they have heart. They don’t want to continue the bloody war anywhere. (Yes.) They won, I tell you.

(Master, why do You think they won?)

Why? I’ll tell you why. Because they won ‒ they won the hearts of the Afghans. You see that? (Yes. It’s true.) Just a few hours after the Americans are pulling out, they all run to the airport to go with them! With only the clothes on their backs. They don’t have any baggage, nothing! All these men. They are men, they are not even women to be afraid of the Taliban’s torturing or controlling. (Right.) They are mostly men!

And even though the Taliban say they will have amnesty and all that, they cannot trust. (Yes.) They trust the Americans more! (Yes, it’s true.) Yeah! (Yes.) Mostly they are men, leaving their families behind, not even knowing when they will see them again. (Yes.) They run to the Americans because they trust them more than they trust their own people, the Taliban. And while other Afghans, knowing the danger and consequences, still went out on the street to protest. (Right.)

That should be a shameful mark in the history for the Taliban, no matter how they claim their win. (Yes, Master.) So, now you understand why I said the Americans win? (Yes, Master.) They won, they won everywhere! Everywhere the Americans left, people ran after them. (They win hearts.) From Âu Lạc (Vietnam) also. Hundreds of thousands from Âu Lạc (Vietnam) even, before. (Yes.) When the Americans went to Germany and won the war, people came out to greet them, not afraid of them. Everywhere, similar.

So, that should be a shame on the Taliban. Their co-citizens trusted strangers more than their compatriots. The American troops went to the airport just to bring some Americans out, but they ended up bringing also the Afghans. (Yes, it’s true.) Six hundred plus on just one airplane! (Yes.) They’re squeezed together, and being so happy that they’re lucky to get in it! They have nothing with them! (Yes.) They don’t even know what America looks like, they don’t know where they’re taking them, they don’t know whether or not they will have food or clothes where they’re going. (Yes.) They just went! I don’t see if they have any money on them, either. They just run with just the sandals, some barefoot (Yes, yes.) because they run too fast, their sandals run away from them. They lost them all over the airport. I saw the picture that the sandals and shoes are all over.

So, you see, you can never win if you lose people’s hearts. (True. Yes.) So this is for the whole world to witness even! (Right.) This is the Taliban that “certified” the US’ trustworthy presence on their own soil. On Afghanistan’s soil. (Yes, yes.)

The Americans who came to the Kabul airport […] just to keep order, or to register and all that. […] They came with very simple weapons. (OK.) Just a few small guns, […] they expose themselves to danger also. (Oh, right.) And they’re risking their lives! (Wow.) Because the troops all left and all the equipment is stolen or sold. (Yes.) They are barely getting to know the situation. A risky and dangerous one. And they came, still stay and want to stay longer until all the vulnerable are rescued, Americans or Afghans alike. They did not discriminate. They said, “We will not leave you behind.”

Even a pregnant woman, on the day of delivery, ran to the airport! (Oh, wow!) Just to go with the Americans, they feel safer with the stranger that they never knew before even. (Yes.) And they trust the stranger soldier with their babies. One of the soldiers was picking up the baby over the barbed wires. (Yes.) […]

And the pregnant mother […] delivered the baby on the American airplane. […] Such a time like that and they ran! Not worried about where they deliver the baby. (Yes. Desperate.) […] They trust Americans. […]

Of course, they know when they go to the Kabul airport, they may encounter also problems and danger, (Yes.) with the checkpoints and with the Taliban’s guns and all that. They had nothing in their hands, they’re unarmed. (Yes.) They have only one pair of clothes that they are wearing. I can cry forever thinking about this situation.

Some people cannot get on the airplane, they wait two, three, four days in the sun, in such a sun. In such a country, it’s very hot now, summer also, there’s no shade, nothing. (Yes.) They sit under the sun, on the ground to wait, hope that they can get on the airplane and go with the Americans. (Yes, Master.) They trust their lives, the life of their baby, the life of their wife! Just a few women. Mostly are men. Women don’t even dare to go out on the street. As soon as the Taliban came, the women disappeared, hiding into their houses, so frightened they are. This should be a shame in the history of Afghanistan. (Oh, yes.) I don’t care who wins the war, who not. This is really a shame! And so sad, so sad! (It is very sad.) And I cry again, but who cares. So, that’s why I told you the Americans won, because they won the hearts of the people! (Yes. They win the hearts of the world right now also.) Yeah, they do, too.

And you see, the Taliban, even with all these terrible things happening, and deaths at the airport and all that, they still keep harassing and hunting women, and hunting whomever was working with the government before, or with the Americans before. (Yes.)

And they just went on shooting or killing, torturing, at random like that, just to show their power. (Their power. Yes.) But the heart has more power than any weapons! Believe it or not. (Right.) You see the hearts of the desperate people and even the pregnant woman, and with the mother who brought the baby there and trusted it in the arms of the American soldier. The hearts, those hearts that command ‒ even though silently ‒ command the most powerful soldiers on Earth to come to their rescue, risking their lives! Despite great danger to their own lives, to the American soldiers’ lives. (Right.) Those hearts… Those hearts… the Taliban cannot win. Cannot win them over. Any leader must win these hearts, if they call themselves a winner in the war. And then even being arrogant as winning, for that. That’s losing! Not winning. […]

Host: Most Loving and Courageous Master, may Your profound and truthful words be well considered by those accountable during this humanitarian crisis, as they realize that peaceful governance is the key to everyone’s best interest, including their own. We earnestly pray for an improved situation, and foremost for the safety of the Afghan people, the soldiers and others affected. May all Divine Protectors continue to assist Precious Master and assure Her wellness and peace.

To learn what more Supreme Master Ching Hai has to say to the Taliban, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Saturday, September 4, for the full broadcast of this phone call.

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