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Ahimsa Creates Peace and Safety, October 31, 2021

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Host: Coinciding with this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, Go Dharmic, a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom, held a special online event on October 31, 2021 titled “Ahimsa and the Environment” to highlight the role of nonviolence in addressing climate change. Among the distinguished speakers from various parts of society were the President for COP26, The Right Honorable Alok Sharma, who is a vegetarian Member of the UK Parliament; UK Parliament Member The Honorable Dean Russell; Luton Borough Councillor The Honorable Summara Khurshid; Indian Parliament Member The Honorable Maneka Gandhi, who is a vegan and a Shining World Compassion Award recipient; and Dr. Sailesh Rao, the vegan Founder of Climate Healers and a Shining World Award for Earth Protection laureate.

Go Dharmic’s Chairman Mr. Hanuman Dass also extended an invitation to our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai to share Her wisdom for this occasion. Master kindly accepted with the following earnest speech.

Praise to God Almighty! Greetings, to you all lofty souls in God’s embracing Love! Thank you, Dr. Sailesh Rao, Chairman Hanuman Dass, and all esteemed organizers and volunteers for your invitation to this exceptional event for the benefit of the world, and best wishes to your success. My humble salute also to all kind, distinguished participants. Wishing you all God’s Grace! We really need more of this noble outreach to awaken our people to the extreme catastrophe that is befalling our world right now, and to inform all how to escape!

Yes, our mutual goal is clear. We want to end all unnecessary suffering and violence in the world and to rebuild Eden on Earth. Especially now, with all occurring disasters everywhere, we start to realize the urgency of our planet’s state. Because we are witnessing really something unprecedented due to our own unkind actions. Events that threaten our very own survival.

Unprecedented disasters, such as floods, droughts, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, drying lakes, disappeared rivers, gone or sinking islands, and famine; accelerating temperatures, and of course all kinds of diseases, deadly energy roaring all over our planet. And we are not doing much, are we? The measure to minimize and stop all these calamities has been so slow, crawling at a snail’s pace to the worry of all concerned citizens.

But we are still waiting for the powers that be, trusting the government leaders to do something utmost important to save our world. But still, sadly, not much has been done, it’s just talk, talk, talk – cheap talk – little action, or just some minimal actions that are too little to stop all the brutal disasters that are rolling all over our world. But we cannot blame nature’s violence because our own violence is even more overwhelming, more than any expectation, more than any humane nature could explain or understand.

We are violent toward every life on Earth, everything that moves or does not move, even toward our own selves by our own reckless, unkind lifestyle. We are violent toward the defenseless, the innocents, animals and humans, and even unborn babies. We are also killing them before they have the chance to see our world even. The babies who are helpless, harmless, utterly defenseless, so pure, so innocent, so angel-like.

We kill them without remorse, we kill them even legally. The law protects thus murderous action. These unborn babies, unborn angels, future citizens of our world, they have absolutely nothing to do with these perilous upheavals around us. These upheavals, unprecedented, powerful and destructive are the result of our own violent lifestyle, from the madness of unwise/unsustainable choices that we take.

Every day, every minute, every second of our life, we are destroying our planet with it. We are killing ourselves and killing all we can around us, including the protective environment, such as soil, forests, seas, rivers, lakes, streams, etc., which we definitely, absolutely cannot live without!!!

We don’t even follow the regulations that we ourselves laid down. You see, on one hand we sign animal protection laws, that anyone who harms, hurts, abuses animals in any way, will be fined, punished or/and do jail time. But on the other hand, we condone the maiming, torturing, abusing, molesting, murdering en masse of these defenseless animals in all slaughterhouses around the world, so that we can stuff the dead carcass into our mouth by our own hands.

The mouth that proclaimed righteous condemnation laws, and the hands that signed the animal protection laws. As if we don’t know what horror the poor, innocent animals have to suffer all the days of their lives. Just go look in the animal factories, all you people, the lawmakers, if you dare, then you’ll know exactly what it is like. It is the absolute opposite to the laws that you pretend to make. It’s the extreme mockery of humans’ intelligence and comprehension. That means you have been breaking the laws and are breaking the laws, and will be breaking the laws, if you don’t stop supporting the murdering en masse of the animals. No one can explain or even laugh at all this utter stupidity, hypocrisy and criminal behavior! Perhaps someday, you will drag yourself to the court and serve a prison term for murder and for breaking the law, like all criminals in this world.

Now, evidently, all turbulences in our society are created by the violent and oppressive way we treat the innocent and vulnerable beings. We are destroying the plant kingdom, poisoning our food and water, killing helpful insects, animals, and killing humans as well, including our own children and babies, that is. And this got us into a cycle of endless war. We are at war with nature, with animals, and with our own human neighbors even.

Everyone knows wars can never bring us prosperity and security. Any so-called victory is reaped at the expense of many innocent lives and causes us so much financial downfall.

So how can we then even call it a victory?! War is the complete opposite of peace. It is only up to us now to finally wake up, choose the opposite direction to save the world and our own selves. We have to cease all harm-doing and increase good deeds to help others and help ourselves, and help our planet. Only then can we have real, lasting peace. It will be the beginning of a new, fresh era! Which we all desperately need.

Ahimsa, or non-violence, defines a life principle, a righteous way of life, which creates peace, safety and a humane existence for all. Our planet too is a great, benevolent being, generous, kind, protective. However, at present, all nature on Earth is reacting unfavorably to our harmful actions, to the extent of making the Earth backfire.

Billions of animals are slaughtered for meat consumption every week! They are also being horrifically oppressed to produce milk and eggs… We are doing the unthinkable as of what would be expected from a true human being, whose nature is supposed to be loving, kind and protective. For that violent life choice, we sacrifice all that matters to us, such as our forests, our oceans, our soil, the food for millions of starving humans, the poor innocent animals, the climate stability and ultimately our noble self-nature, our God-self nature!

All livestock farming is haunted with that oppressive, torturous, murderous, and utter suffering energy, all that tormented energy. And we are living in it. Then of course, by consuming these dead animal products, not only our soul will recognize it as unbefitting, cruel, wicked and devilish, but also our physical body will revolt. And then, sicknesses come… Now, imagine that kind of energy is being consumed by the mass of people globally and daily. Do we still wonder why our world degrades to this extent and suffers the way it does??

Let’s pray for the quick rescuing of our planet and that our leaders and co-citizens alike will take heed of the warnings from nature, because nature is our own reflection. May God help the message of peace, mercy and benevolence to reach everyone’s hearts and open our minds to make the right choice, thus repair and sustain our only Earth home.

May God still be Merciful and bless us all, as we begin anew to live as good stewards for life on Earth. May all beings find peace and harmony with each other, in an Eden-like world. Let us embrace the glory of loving kindness and harmonious coexistence.

Thank you all, my loving co-citizens of the world, for your kind attention. Let’s pray that God still gives us a chance and all humans will change to Ahimsa, thus rebuild a benevolent world. May it so be. Amen!

Master also sent us these comments: “*** Pray God help humans to stop making demons of themselves, and U-turn to benevolence. God bless us all, sinners!! My heart just couldn’t bear, it’s worse than broken! Thank u all for the pain it takes while doing this show!! Sooo gruesome our world, wonder how anyone could live here!! **”

Host: Our gratefulness, Most Caring Master, for Your heartfelt call to rescue the planet and thus save ourselves, our loved ones, and fellow inhabitants. We thank Go Dharmic and all the respected participants for making this timely and crucial dialogue possible. May all leaders, governments and individuals alike awaken and quickly adopt the peace-bringing vegan lifestyle before it is too late!

For more details and to watch the full event that took place, please visit

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