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The True Saint Title, Dec. 4, 2021

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Host: On Saturday, December 4, during a conference with Supreme Master Television team members, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly answered questions, asked in relation to some current news from the Vatican.

[…] (Recently the pope has declared five Catholic priests who were victims of the 1871 Paris Commune, as martyrs, so that they can be beatified in order to be named a saint. Have You heard about this, Master?)

Yeah, I kind of passed it by, the news. […] I think it’s just exercise, there’s nothing else to do, and also to do damage control, because there’s so much bad news recently about molesting, killing children, (Oh, yes.) (Yes, Master.) raping children, and all this kind of ugly, devilish stuff. So they have to try do something that looks like positive. (Oh, right.) These are like politicians, they do damage control, (Oh, yes.) (Yes.) (Right, Master.) like distracting people’s attention to something good. And also blaming people for killing the priests.

But the thing is, we don’t know how they died. If they are good and virtuous, they can be saints, I don’t care. (Yes, Master.) For me, they can. But according to something I read in the news, was that these priests, they were kind of practicing opposite to the teaching of Jesus, (Ah, right.) like doing many bad things. (Yes, Master.) And cooperated with the government to do many bad things against the normal people, like sadism, they call it. (Yes, Master.) Sexual molestation, or sadistic kind of actions against the normal, innocent people, in the sexual practice or just for pleasure. (Oh, gosh.)

And that’s why they were killed, according to those news. (OK, Master.) Otherwise, why didn’t they kill any other religious priests? (Right. Yes, Master.) Buddhist priests or whatever. Or even Muslim priests. (Yes, Master.)

These people, the Communards, they call them, and the whole France at that time, they were pretty much Catholic, and they believed in God. (Yes.) So, to kill these priests like this, is not normal. (Yes.) There must be something. (Yes, Master.) Besides, the government at that time killed about 25,000 Parisians, including women and kids, (Right.) and older people who were innocent. Kids! But the Communards, they killed about 1,300 and like 50 hostages, including priests also.

It’s not just all priests. (Yes.) They didn’t just kill priests only, there were also other people who were colluding with the government or these evil priests, according to the news, to practice sadism on normal, innocent people and maybe children. That’s why they did it.

But originally, these Commune people, they did not want to kill them, they offered to exchange these priests with their own prisoners-of-war at that time. But the government wasn’t interested. Many times they refused to exchange. Even for one of their prisoners, the old revolutionary, to exchange for all the prisoners from the Communards. The Communards offered to exchange all the prisoners at one time, just for one of their old Communards, (Right.) and the government refused. So this government was the killer of the priests. (Yes.) And then they (the government) killed 25,000 of them, including women, children. (Wow.) So that’s how they had to kill those priests as well. Not a lot compared to all these innocent people who died, (Yes. Right.) and compared to whatever they have been practicing with the government at that time in Paris, molesting, torturing, sexually harassing, or abusing, raping the faithful. That’s how it happened. (Ah, yes, Master.) […]

At that time, all the French people were Catholic, faithful Catholics, and believed in God. (Yes.) They wouldn’t have done such things. (Yes, Master.) There must be something that hardened them to this extent, (Yes, Master.) that they even made a revolution and even captured the priests. Because for them, to imprison the priests or to kill the priests is a great sin to them. They know that. (Right. Yes, Master.) They never wanted to even touch any priest or nuns. But there was a thing like this. (Yes, Master.) Maybe similar to what those priests nowadays keep doing to the children, raping them or molesting them. Torturing them and then murdering them. (Oh, my goodness!) Hundreds of thousands! […]

And nobody does anything! They will all go to hell: those who molest children, rape children, abusing their power, and those who have the power but ignore them, let them still walk around like an innocent person, like a normal law-abiding person. All of them will go to hell as well, not just those who committed the sin. Including the pope. Because he turned a blind eye. (Yes, Master.) […]

So, if they were a saint, my very much respectful salute and may they rest in God’s Benevolence. But if they were sinners, doing sadistic deeds against innocent children and women and men alike, then may they go to hell. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about beatification, or martyrdom or anything. So, it’s not just because you die as a priest, you should be a martyr. It’s not like that. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) If you are good and virtuous, then you are a saint. (Yes.) But not if you still eat meat and drink alcohol, no, like every other commoner in the pub. […] Then you are nothing! […]

And then eating people’s hard-earned money. Fat turkey, big chicken, or huge steak, and drinking alcohol and all that. (Yes, Master.) Ah! Just too good to be a priest! And even can molest children anytime. My God! Imagine that!? […]

At least the government should forbid them to ever be priests again, so they don’t have any more chances to harm their own little children citizens. (That’s right, Master.) But no! They continue to turn blind eyes. […]

And the biggest priest of all, the pope, does nothing. Just protects them, and sends them elsewhere, or even promotes them to higher priesthood, my God, so that they can molest more children!! All these are evil! Devils! They are devils. They’re working for the devil. They are not working for God. You can see it or not? (Yes, Master, we can.) […]

“Message from the Archbishop July 31, 2021: We have come to a point that even simple people with little knowledge of doctrinal issues, understand that we have a non-Catholic pope, at least in the strict sense of the term.”

“Media Report from Euronews Aug. 27, 2018: [Archbishop] Vigano says he has proof that as of the year 2000, the Vatican authorities had been informed by the nunciature in the United States, a former cardinal and Archbishop of Washington Theodore McCarrick’s immoral conduct. Unsanctioned, McCarrick was instead promoted to Archbishop and Cardinal. Vigano, a conservative, listed his allegations over 11 pages, including explosive phrases, such as, ‘We must tear down the conspiracy of silence with which bishops and priests have protected themselves at the expense of their faithful.’ It was Vigano himself who sent the Vatican a dossier against McCarrick. He did the same in 2008, forwarding to the highest Vatican authorities an even more damning report, but nothing was done. The church and indeed all churches are under increasing attack from governments and public institutions seeking to make them answerable to the law.”

You know, I’m so… I’m so hurt. Worse than if I am myself in that situation. (Oh, Master…) Oh, dear God, please help us. Please, I beg You again and again. Please protect the children. Please, please protect the children. Please enlighten those parents. Let them protect their children. Please let the parents watch all these priests in any church like a hawk; always check on their children, and listen to the children’s complaints. Don’t push it aside, please, because they will be telling the truth if the priests begin to lust after them, and begin to groom them for future molestation and rape, and murder, whatever not. Please, please help these children. Please, help their parents to understand that this is serious, so that they can keep an eye on their children, or better don’t send them to any church. And if they do have to send, or they do want to send, they have to keep an eye on them. They have to keep an eye on them all the time. All the time, otherwise their children will suffer, suffer… Oh, please. […]

(.....) Any other questions? (Yes. We were talking about how the pope was designating five priests to be martyrs, to be named saints.) Yes. (Do they have enough qualities to be designated as saints, Master?)

For what I know, according to the canon law, (Yes, Master.) a priest will be designated as a saint if they are virtuous, first of all. (Yes, Master.) If they live according to Jesus’ teaching. (Yes.) And moreover, if they could make miracles for some other faithful, like they pray to them, whether alive or dead, that their difficult sickness is healed. (Yes, Master.) Or if they could manifest in two places at the same time. But I don’t see any of these signs in those news that I have read sometime ago. (Right.) But of course, they can do what they want, I mean, they have nothing else better to do. No? (No, they don’t.) (No.) I told you already, just damage control. (Yes. Right, Master.) […]

Just try to cover up more and more. (Yes.) Instead of taking care of the real, living pain of the children and their parents and family, the concerned people with them, they’re just glorifying the dead. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) And don’t even know if those priests are even worthy. (Yes, Master. Understand.) If these five priests were worthy or virtuous, may they be beatified. (Yes, Master.) And they don’t just deserve sainthood, they deserve Heaven. God will judge them, God will give them all the glory they need. (Right, Master.)

We mortals cannot beatify anybody, truly, (Yes, Master.) if we ourselves don’t have any quality. How can you make somebody a saint if you yourself are a sinner? (Right. That’s true, Master. Correct.) Doing everything that’s opposite to Jesus’ teaching – just talk. (Yes, Master.) Now and then find any opportunity to send condolences to any politician. (Yes, Master.) Or shaking hands with the accomplice-murderers of unborn babies. (Oh, yes. Yes, Master.) And then, that’s it. Not much of a doing. (No, Master.) Then, you yourself are not even virtuous enough, how can you even judge anyone else − who is virtuous – and giving them a saint title, even? (Yes, Master.) […]

(Master, the pope said, because of the “hatred of the faith,” that these priests were killed. Is this true, Master?)

No, it’s not the hate of the faith, because they were all Catholics – the French people. I mean, most of them, and they believed in God. And if it’s the faith that they hate, why don’t they kill more? It’s just these few priests in Paris. (Right, Master. Right.) There were many more churches, but they did not do much – only these that they deemed accomplices in sadism, in torturing innocent citizens. They could not bear it anymore, and the government didn’t do anything because the government was also together with the church. And the church was too influential to the government. […]

So, you cannot blame these Communard people, and you cannot say that they killed the priests because of “hatred of faith.” No! They were just anti these rotten priests maybe. But not anti-God. […]

“Book written by Dr. Myriam Deniel-Ternant, PhD: Sexually Deviant Clergy Were Common in 18th Century France - Organized prostitution existed specifically for clergy - Thousands of police reports of clergy’s sexual misconduct - 75% of arrested clergy were released right away on a mere promise not to repeat the offense.

If the clergyman is caught red-handed by the police, who draw up a report – and I have counted nearly a thousand reports – especially if religious misconduct is added to this sexual deviance, that’s too much! The whole social body is affected; the threshold of the tolerable is crossed.”

The so-called churches and priests nowadays, […] if they continue to do these evil deeds and supporting killing babies and murdering children and raping innocents, then people might have hatred for them, again. (Yes, Master. True.) […]

If they don’t turn around, if they don’t clean up their system, then people will continue to have hatred for them, for the system. Not for God. Not hatred of the faith. Because Jesus didn’t teach anything wrong; how can they have hatred for the faith? (Yes, right, Master.) […]

If the pope or any church big shot wants to really retain the church’s reputation, then they have to do the opposite of what they have been doing now. First, they have to really get enlightenment. I don’t care which Master they want to seek. (Yes, Master.) They have to meditate more. They have to eat vegan and not the flesh of other creatures from God. (Yes, Master.) In the Bible, it says already, “I made all the fruit and herbs in the field; that’s for you to eat.” (Yes, Master.) He did not say, “I made the animals for you to slaughter and eat.” (No. Did not say.) Hes even said that, “I don’t want any of these fat lambs or she-sheep because your hands are full of innocent blood.” That means God calls the animal-people innocent beings. Should not be slaughtered and eaten like that, the way they do now. […]

The priests should be having compassion for all beings. (Yes, Master. Exactly.) That’s a required quality, no? (Yes, Master.) That should be an inborn quality, even. (Yes, Master.) They have nothing! It’s just an evil system, to fleece people who are vulnerable and who believe in God. […]

And it’s just been tradition since the time of Jesus to believe in monks, His disciples. Of course, they should. But these priests are not worthy at all. They’re low-life. […] Lowest of the low-life. Woe to them the day they die. They will know where they go.

But I’m telling you one thing. Their souls have already been captured in hell. (Oh!) It’s just that they’re bodies don’t know it. […] Only when they shed this physical body, then they can see it. Then they would really be in hell altogether, in spirit and astral body. Then they will suffer, they will know what pain is, whatever they did to others. […] Any other questions?

“Media Report from PBS NewsHour – Dec. 1, 2021: The future of abortion rights took center stage at the US Supreme Court. The justices heard arguments this morning over a Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. (What I heard today was that many of the justices seemed potentially ready to overturn Roe [pro-abortion court decision] now. Amy Coney Barrett asked questions suggesting that women didn’t need access to abortion; they could simply put children up for adoption. I don’t think these are questions you ask if you’re not seriously considering reversing Roe, which is what I fully expect the Court to do, and more likely sooner than not.)

Stephen Breyer: It is particularly important to show (that) what we do in overturning a case, is grounded in principle and not social pressure, not political pressure.”

(Well, there’s some […] possible good news.) Yes? (The US Supreme Court has been deliberating a case about abortion and about the ruling, Roe vs. Wade, that was ruled many years ago.) Yeah. (And so, it’s possible that they will overturn that ruling.) Yeah, they should. (Yes.) Otherwise, they will also go to hell. (Oh, yes. And if they do that, then many states will go ahead and ban abortion.)

Yeah, wonderful. Please do that. (Yes, let’s hope they do.) If you are really a real justice and court supreme, please do that. Please do that. Otherwise, this karma, this consequence, the retribution, you will also be shouldering them. And then you will also be dragged to hell. (Oh, yes.) Because they have the power in their hands to save lives and if they don’t, then they will also go to hell. (Yes, Master.) Instead of saving lives, they’re killing lives, then they will be going to hell. (Yes.) Even not directly, but their order, their law. (Yes, Master.) Kill animal-people, you also go to hell. Eating animal-people meat, you go to hell also, not to talk about killing innocent children. Human beings. (Yes, Master.) […]

And all the priests who maybe have not done any sin yet, maybe they should reflect and think twice, and be virtuous, be God-fearing, be God-believing, and don’t molest children and other faithful. The vulnerable ones. (That’s right.) Then maybe God might forgive them.

But they have to also be vegan. Because killing animal-people indirectly is also a great sin. Not just one or two, but during the course of their lives, how many numerous animal-people they kill, indirectly, and make their holy temple of God be like a graveyard. […]

So, they just have to U-turn. The people outside must U-turn – now! Yesterday already. U-turn, be vegan. Don’t partake anymore in bloody killing, animal-person or man. Don’t molest any innocents. Then, maybe you still have a chance. And I may be able to intervene, and pray for you and help you in your hour of need. […]

Host: Along with other topics, Master also noted some good news coming from the European Union, for which She expressed Her joy and appreciation.

And it’s maybe in our news or something, that the European Union already tried to do away with the caged animal-people farms and is encouraging vegetable farms instead. Because they say that caged animal-people raising is creating zoonotic diseases and pandemics. So they are kind of wanting to do away with animal-people raising. (That’s wonderful.) That really makes my heart jump with joy. (Yes, Master.) […]

I’m so happy to see that Europeans are so advanced. Even thinking about that is already incredible. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about doing it. (Yes, Master.) But they will, they have to, otherwise we will all die. Heaven told me, a lot more people will die. I asked Them, “How much longer do You want to punish us, the humans, with the pandemic?” They said a lot more people will die. (Wow.) […]

Oh, the European Union! Bless you. Please do it. Please fade away the animal-people farm and make it into vegetable farms, and better, organic farms, even. Then everybody wins. (Yes, Master.)

And you will save countless lives, now and generations to come. And God will reward you, in Heaven. I promise you that. And if God doesn’t, I will. I will take you to my Land, if you phase out this animal-people farm practice and make them all become vegan farms. I will take you to my Land. My beautiful, glorious, top Land, top domain of bliss, happiness forever. (Wow.)

Applause for the European Union, for even thinking about that. Please, put it into practice. Show the world that you are a newborn Union but you are wise in age. Please show it to the world. Make everybody follow your lead. Because if nobody else leads anymore, then the European Union, you must lead, lead in the right way, the righteous way, the compassionate way, the benevolent way, the way that is befitting the children of God and the followers of Jesus, or Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, or followers of the Buddhas, of Lord Mahavira, of the Hindu Masters, of Sikh Masters. Because in Europe, you have all kinds of faiths. […] So please, follow the faith, follow your heart, follow the teaching of all the enlightened Masters. That’s my message to the European Union. May God bless you, may God enlighten you, may God protect you in this time of turbulence in our world.

May you make the right choice, as soon as yesterday, or at least tomorrow, please, to save lives and to earn your place in Heaven. I promise you, even if God doesn’t reward you with a seat in Heaven, I will. I tell you with all my heart, all the truthfulness, I have enough power to do that. I have a place, far away in top Heaven, for good people, for virtuous people. Please listen to your heart, your compassionate nature, and do the right thing. Take away all the animal-people slaughterhouses and animal-people-raising places, and replace them with vegetable farms. Everybody will win. God will be pleased. God will bless your nations. God will bless all your families and friends. Please believe me. Amen. (Amen, Master.) May it be that. […]

Host: Most Loving Master, we are in heartfelt gratitude for all the awareness and Wisdom that You courageously share, shedding light on some of the most neglected and painful situations in our society. We deeply pray for all victims, be they human children and babies or animal-people, and that all governments will boldly use their power to eliminate alarming threats to all vulnerable beings. May everyone involved in wrongdoing also repent genuinely and save their souls before there is no turning back. Wishing Benevolent Master to be always well and with a peaceful heart, safeguarded by all Divine Protectors.

To learn more, including the differences between present-day priesthood and the original marks of true Christianity, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Tuesday, December 28, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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