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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Advice on COVID: Be Humble. Be Prayerful. Be Grateful. August 27, 2021

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Host: With loving concern for our Association members’ safety during the pandemic, on August 27, 2021, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai shared Her caring advice along with some extra remedies as precautions against COVID-19 and its even more dangerous emerging variants. Master also asked us to share this message with the world, as a help in these still uncertain times for all.

This is just a reminder for all of you, wonderful souls. There are quite a few variants of the COVID. But Delta, it seems to be the worst right now. Even though there’s another new one, but the scientists say it’s not as bad as Delta. If you read the news, everywhere people are getting it easier and quicker than before. Even people who are vaccinated, double already, still got sick and died also, very shortly afterward, including children. Before, children were more or less spared of this COVID-19, but now the Delta doesn’t spare anyone. And it spreads so fast.

Even with the mask and face shield and all that, if you stay too long in a room with many people, especially if someone is sick in there, you’ll get it. Maybe you got it, but you don’t think you got it, because you are asymptomatic.

Apart from all the precautions, you must always be humble, be grateful, that you are healthy. Pray for your safety. Pray for protection. If you have this kind of arrogant attitude like, “OK, I am vegetarian, I’m vegan, I’m raw, whatever, and I won’t get it.” No, you might, because the COVID-19, especially Delta, they have souls, I told you already. And they know everything, they hear everything. They will find you. So you might get it. Even if you’re vegan or raw or whatever.

Especially if you’re telling other people, misinforming them that, “OK, you have to be this, you have to do that, and you don’t care, you don’t need to wear a mask because it’s unhealthy because you keep thinking of sickness.” No, you don’t have to think of sickness. You don’t have to think that you might get it, you just be cautious.

Cautious is always healthy. Because if you get it, you might transmit it to other people, family members and all that. It’s not cool. Because maybe you get it but you are kind of an asymptomatic person, and you don’t know it and you keep boasting a lot, and you go everywhere without a mask or without precautions. Then you might get it.

Many people make fun of people who recognize COVID, and deny that COVID is anything important or serious. They all die. It’s all in the news. Old, young, whoever. You cannot have disrespect for this kind of virus. If you happen to be in a crowd somewhere, like an airplane, even though before, they said, “It’s very seldom you get it, the chance is very hard to get it by traveling in the airplane,” but now people get it everywhere. And the death number spiked up, and the children’s infected number also spiked up, not like before. And the children deaths also spiked up.

Many hospitals ‒ many states’ hospitals ‒ are full. Some people are not accepted to go in the hospital, even though they are very sick. So if you are sick and you are in the hospital and get taken care of, you count your blessings. Thank God, thank Heaven for that.

I’m giving you some of the extra prevention or extra cure medicines and tips, if you’d like to try. Take them between any kind of your prescribed medicine, not together, at least 30 minutes after.

Like if you have it or if you can, you can crush some fresh garlic and take about one teaspoon twice a day, 12 hours between. If you don’t have fresh, you can take dry garlic powder also. Similar amount. It will also be effective.

And you can also take like Vitamin D2 or (vegan) D3, Vitamin E, and of course the multivitamin. With meals.

Hope these things help you. If you have to travel long distance and have to mingle with other people, like in an airplane, for example, before you go, you take these. Take all of these. Of course, it won’t smell nice, but after that you drink something, you eat some mint to dilute the smell of the garlic.

Also, there is a flu concoction that I have taught you before. It’s still on the internet, in maybe our cookbook or something. So take that and all those vitamins and garlic before you go.

Ingredients: 650 ml (3 cups) water 1½ Tbsp cloves 20g (1 oz) ginger (about thumb-size) 2 star anises 10g (0.5 oz) cinnamon 1 clove garlic 50g (2 oz) crystal sugar (to taste)

Directions: Wash ingredients with water (crystal sugar not included); set aside. Combine all ingredients with water in a pot. Bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce to low heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Filter out the dregs.

* For 2 persons, double ingredients. This tea is particularly effective for treating influenza and for clearing up a runny nose.”

Better when symptoms just start. If a symptom persists after two days, you should consult with your doctor. All this is for prevention and an extra boost for recovery, not to replace your doctor’s prescription for infection. Always consult your doctor if symptoms don’t ease.

You can also take pure lemon juice, one teaspoon twice a day. All that might help you more than just nothing. Even if they won’t help, it’s no harm. At least no harm.

Important thing is, you must be humble. You cannot have a careless and arrogant attitude. You think that, like, raw food will protect you. No, no, no. It’s not that. It may be that your karma is better. You still have some good karma left. Plus God’s Blessing! But if you mingle too much with many people, you’ll get it. Not because the virus doesn’t spread as fast if you get out fast, but because you mingle with too many people, different energy, maybe very low-level spiritually. Then you’ll get it. Because your karma might not be enough to cover. Maybe you’re not humble enough.

God helps those who help themselves. So don’t just rely on God or Heaven alone. You have to take care of yourself also. God cannot eat for you. See? God cannot drive your car. See? God cannot wear the clothes for you. You have the physical body in the physical dimension. You have to take care in the physical world in a physical way.

And God helps, of course. You must pray all the time, remember the Five Holy Names, and do not think that you are a good practitioner and all that and you won’t get COVID. No. You might not be as good as you think. If your karma is heavy and you don’t practice well every day to protect yourself, then you still might get it. Not just COVID or Delta, maybe something else.

Always be humble, grateful, and pray for protection. That’s all you can do. If you still get it, then that means you cannot avoid. The meat and the eggs and the fish before, come chasing after you. The Delta is really looking for the people. It’s really chasing, tracking people ‒ tracking those low-level people to infect them. So make sure your level is high, make sure you meditate well also.

Vegan is not enough. Better than animal eaters, of course, of course. But there are many factors involved. Mostly, vegan people, if they are pure and humble also, and repentant, they will be more protected. But vegan alone is not a hundred percent protection.

It is a big protection, bigger than people who eat animal blood and flesh. But still, our attitude, our sincerity, our purity, also has a big influence, because the karma we carry around will attract different kinds of karma and mix together with them in the public, where there are so many different energies and mix-matching, low, high and middle.

You never know who is who. That will also bring you infection. The people who don’t get it yet: Don’t talk too loud, don’t be too proud. Even I don’t dare. If I happen to go out somehow, I wear a mask. I mostly wore it before the pandemic even. I have been wearing it whenever I can, if I go out and mix with people. Except with the disciples, I wear less, I care less, because I cannot wear the mask and shield and all that; they cannot see me, and I cannot talk very well. But when I go outside, like before, long ago, like go shopping or anything, I try to wear a mask. When I travel, I wear a mask.

Even when at home with other people, I also wear a mask. I say, “In case I’m sick and I might transmit it to you.” And people around me who work, from a long time up till now, or in the restaurant, I always advise them to wear masks, and also wear gloves and all that. Just to protect each other.

We do our best, and Heavens do the rest. Do not be so arrogant or so self-conceited. Then you might be in for a big surprise. A surprise is not always nice.

Take good care of yourself. We are in a big, big problem right now, I mean the whole world – one variant after another. This Delta is very strong. So, many countries already opened, thinking the pandemic is gone down, but many places had to re-close-down again. Because this Delta is really devious – very, very bad, very evil. So, don’t take everything for granted.

Most disciples are safe, except those who are low-level, or don’t take good care, or eat wrong things that they don’t even know. You know, eat things that were not pure. Or mingle with people who are not too pure, too often or too long. Then, can also get sick.

Do not try God. Do not try Heavens.

Any initiation: small number, spread out, and outdoors, not inside rooms.

Take care of yourself. Be humble. Be prayerful. Be grateful. All the time. All the time. Even if we don’t have a pandemic, always be grateful, be humble.

The flu concoction that I have made before, a long time ago, it’s for mild cases; it could help very quick. Or for the beginning of the infection. If it’s long-term already, it might also help, but probably less noticeable. You can try, it won’t hurt. It won’t hurt at all.

The garlic might smell bad, but you can eat some mint leaves or something afterward. Drink some vegan milk with mint ‒ peppermint, or tea with peppermint, to dilute the smell. Then it’s OK. It’s not quite OK, but this can help you to feel better. It won’t harm you in any way, there’s no side effect. But don’t take more than advised. Like vitamins, you take according to the dosage, or according to what the doctor tells you. Like garlic and all that, also take it moderately.

Even if you have good karma, but if you mingle too often with different people who have heavy karma, then you will share their karma and then you might get it as well. Maybe not too heavily infected. Maybe you think it’s just a headache or something.

But if you see any symptom and you are suspicious, you must go see a doctor. You have to go test. You cannot just say, “Oh, because it’s raining or because it’s a cold day.” No, no, no, no. You must go test before it’s too late. If you know it earlier, it’s easier to cure. If you know it earlier, even the garlic or the flu concoction would even cure you ‒ with isolation three weeks, of course. Minimum two weeks.

But, if it’s already been long and you don’t even know it, or you think it’s just a normal, common flu, and you let it be too long, then it’s very difficult to get well, to heal. Because your lungs may be damaged, or your heart or even your brain. It might damage one of your inner systems, inner organs, and then it will be difficult to cure. Or it might damage many organs together, depends on how bad it is. Depends on the numbers of virus that you got from others.

The numbers of virus is very important also. Because sometimes you get not too much, then you won’t feel too bad and it’s easily cured. That’s why you have mild symptoms. But if you have gotten a lot, a lot, big amount of virus, then it’s very difficult to cure. It could be deadly also. So be very careful. Don’t take everything for granted. We all have bad karma, so must remember that.

Be well. Be safe. Thank God. Love you. Love all of you. God bless. God bless you, God bless our world. God knows. God knows how hard it is for everybody at the moment. Without freedom, without jobs, without security, without guarantee about anything. Just because our planet is truly in trouble right now. It’s getting faster and faster. I’m really worried for everybody. But what can we do? I do my best, you also. OK? I do my best to help, you also. Take care. God Love. OK. That’s it for now. Best of luck to all of you.

Host: Our heartfelt appreciation for Gracious Master’s precious and helpful advice on how to protect and care for ourselves, as well as those around us. We sincerely pray for this unsettled period to end soon, and primarily for the world to turn to the preventive vegan lifestyle, as the quickest and only long-term solution for all such unfavorable circumstances on our planet. May Master be in the best of health and protection, accompanied by the Love of all Benevolent Divinities.

All of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s tips for protection during the COVID-19 (and any other) pandemic are free for viewing and download at

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