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Seven Questions From Alexander the Great, Part 3 of 8, Mar 3, 2021

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I mean, if you are a woman, you should be proud to be a woman. If you are a man, you are proud to be a man. If you are gay, you should be proud to be a gay, because nowadays, gay people can marry another gay. So what’s the problem anymore? If you are a lesbian, you’re proud to be a lesbian. God made you that way. Just be proud, be yourself.

Any other questions?

(Master, there has been some news recently about gender identity and the use of gender-neutral terms. In the US, the House of Representatives unveiled new internal rules removing gender pronouns and family relationship terms. Terms such as mother, father, sister and brother have been replaced with parent, sibling, child etc… Also in the UK, some hospitals are changing regulations to move away from female gender terms in the maternity department, and now breastfeeding is to be called “chestfeeding,” and breast milk to be “chest milk,” and so on. Master, what do You think about these new policies coming into effect?)

Ah! Chests don’t have milk, breast does. We all know that! Nowadays, many things you read, many things you hear, you could not believe your eyes or your ears. It’s like people, even the government wants to pass into law to change the gender into all to become like trans, become like neutral gender. But how can you be neutral? You are just the way you are.

Only one in six people are trans, gay, lesbian, or others, or bisexual. But to please them, the government or many people suggest or pass into law, or already passed into law, to change the gender. Like, cannot call “mother” anymore or “woman” anymore. If you say mother, you have to say “birthing bodies” or “uterus holder” or “chestfeeder.” All this is really seriously so ridiculous. It’s a laughing stock that they spend so much time doing such silly things. Nowadays, people just doing something, I don’t understand it; quite, quite funny, and seriously it’s, it’s so… I don’t know.

I mean, if you are a woman, you should be proud to be a woman. If you are a man, you are proud to be a man. If you are gay, you should be proud to be a gay, because nowadays, gay people can marry another gay. So what’s the problem anymore? If you are a lesbian, you’re proud to be a lesbian. God made you that way. Just be proud, be yourself.

Even wanting to please trans, actually it’s the opposite effect. They are degrading the trans people. They make people, the trans people, feel guilty for changing the genders of everybody else on the planet. They are just one sixth and they make everybody else change and that makes them feel guilty and feel ashamed. I’m sure some of them or many of them would feel ashamed about that. This is more obvious like that. Just like if a person has black-colored skin, and you make everybody else smear their face with ash or something to make them, all of us, or everybody, look like a black person, and that is ridiculous also. God made him black, let him be black. God made us white, let us be white. This is ridiculous. The world is getting more and more crazy or something, some of the governments. My God.

Also, this kind of gender terms change is degrading, very degrading to motherhood, and to the dignity of women, of womanhood. In my opinion, it’s a no-no-no-no. A mother, a woman, is a sacred being, is not a thing like “children bearer machine” or a “uterus holder,” etc., etc. Now, how would they want to address Mary, The Mother of Lord Jesus? Or The Mother of The Buddha? As well as many Woman Saints and Sages who are revered as Holy Mothers??? This is terrible, this is really unacceptable. Any other questions?

(Master, some companies invented tiny filters to place in front of the nostrils and claim that it gives extra coronavirus protection. Other companies have invented a nasal spray to protect from the virus. Master, could those things be effective in some measure?)

I don’t know, guys. I have not tried. I haven’t seen it. It probably could help, but I don’t know how much. (Yes.) Because it’s put in your nose, it’s very difficult to feel good about it. (Yes.) The Jain people, they wear a mask in front of them all the time, most of them, the real Jains. Because when Lord Mahavira was still in the world, He advised to do that in order not to kill the insects, (Oh!) the bacteria or whatever that comes through your nose. (Yes.) So they still wear them like that. I saw some of them still wear it.

And also, when I was in Benin, I remember the King of Benin he wore something to cover his nose also, but not like a mask, just covered in front of the nose only. (Oh.) I asked what’s the custom of that and the Prince – the Prince had invited me there, the Prince of Benin – he told me that is because the King should not breathe the same air as the commoners. (Oh.) Maybe it’s the custom, but it also helps to avoid some infection. (Yes.)

People have to approve it by evidence, by a trial. And then they have the proof, they can say it by the experiments, and not for me to say. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a virologist. I don’t want to say things that might influence people in not a favorable way. OK, my love? (Yes. Thank You, Master.) You could try. You want to buy it, order it? (No, Master.) (We’re OK, Master.) Whatever you order, they buy it for you anyway; they run and buy for you. So, if you want to experiment with that, then you can tell me. Otherwise, I don’t want to experience that. I don’t think it’s very comfortable.

But I am alone, so I don’t need to wear a mask for anything. And I don’t need much in retreat. I have some clothes brought to me sometimes, so I wear them. But they put them far away and I go out and get them. So I don’t see people that much. Not at all. Not at all really. I only see…

I don’t even see the skunks. I feed them, and they eat a lot. They eat more than I do! My God. Only two or three of them. I think the cat also has influence. The cat also helps to take care of the food. They like it so much, they eat it all. Most of the time, nothing left, the fruit and the rice and the noodles that I mix together with vegetables and protein for them. Not salty, not very salty, no. But they like it so much, they ate them all.

In winter, they cannot find anything to eat, I guess. So, they are my company, but we don’t see each other, even. I saw the cat only a couple of times. The skunks, I don’t see them. But they welcomed me when I first came. That’s how I know they exist in my environment. When I first came, I went up to the top of the hill, had a look to see what the surroundings are like. I always do that. Whenever I come to a new environment, I always check. I check the situation. (Yes, Master.) Like a spy, like 008. All right, my love. So, that’s the question, right? (Yes, Master.)

The spray, the nasal spray, sometimes it helps when you have a blocked nose. I used that sometimes before. When it’s winter and I had to go out to do lectures or group meditation, I often had a runny nose or common cold, and then I used a spray, and it helped. But, if it helps or not concerning COVID-19, that I don’t know. People have to do a lot of experimentation in order to come to a conclusion, also, whether or not it has any side effects, because sometimes the side effect is worse than the sickness itself. You know that, right? (Right. Yes, Master.) OK, my love. Is that enough for you? (Yes, thank You, Master.) Other questions?

(Yes, Master. One article on FOX News mentioned that the coronavirus vaccination may be the cause of a rare blood disorder in at least 36 people.) Yes. (Also, another article stated, “Studies show about a half to two-thirds of patients have symptoms like aches, chills, and headaches after the second COVID-19 vaccine.”) Yes. (And some describe swollen lymph nodes after taking the mRNA vaccines. Also, Dr. William Schaffner with Vanderbilt University Medical Center said between 20-40% of vaccine recipients may experience side effects after their second dose.) How much percent was that? (20-40% of recipients.) Wow, that’s a big number. (Yes, Master. What does Master think about it? Could this mean that vaccines are really not the answer?)

Wow. To many others, they are OK. Like all medicines, there are side effects. (Yes, Master.) And to some, the side effect is more obvious and more painful, and to some it’s very little. They report that some die immediately after the second, and even have the COVID-19 infection again! So, what to do? Because, you see… Excuse me. I ran so fast before, and I did not put on warm clothes. I have some trouble, a little bit. Don’t worry, I will take care of myself, just drink some lemon juice or something. I don’t have lemon, but I have lemon powder, maybe it’s the same. And then maybe just gargle with some salt water, warm water. Should be all right.

OK, Now, your question was? What do I think about the side effects? Of course, there will be side effects for some people and there will be some not. Because people’s body makeup and resistance are different from one to another. And normally we don’t hear. Any medicine, when you take medicine from the doctors, there is always a writing like the side effects. (Yes, Master.) Like this and that and others, yes. (Yes.) Normally we don’t hear much because that’s just individual things and not everybody takes the same medicament at the same time in order to see the big number of side-affected patients or persons. But this one is different. It’s COVID-19 and there are millions of people affected so when they take the vaccine at the same time, the number is very, very big.

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