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Between Master and Disciples

Seven Questions From Alexander the Great, Part 4 of 8, Mar 3, 2021

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Everybody should worry because if, after all, if I fail to negotiate, if humans continue their barbarous ways, things could happen to the whole world, and sudden. Nobody has time to prepare. Just like the pandemic. You got that?

But this one is different. It’s COVID-19 and there are millions of people affected so when they take the vaccine at the same time, the number is very, very big. (Yes, Master.) Whether or not they are cured or whether or not they are having side effects, so that became more prominent, more huge in number. So it sounds very scary, but every medicine has side effects, that everyone knows. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes on the medicine bottle or the prescription, the doctor warns you, or the pharmacist or the medicine company, they warn you. They say it will have this and that and that effect.

And in some, are very violent effects. They have to go to the doctor again or go to the hospital. And they have to stop taking that medicine because it doesn’t agree with them (Yes, Master.) because their bodily makeup and resistance cannot tolerate that kind of medicine. (Yes, Master.) And some others, they can, especially if you already have some pre-existing symptoms. Is that what they call it? (Yes, Master.) Existing symptoms, like another disease with you or an underlying disease or you are sensitive or something, then that COVID medicine jab will also affect you more than other people, (Yes, Master.) and the outcome will be more obvious, Yes? (Yes, Master.)

There are… I am telling you. There is no end to problems. The solution sometimes became a problem by themselves. (Yes.) But what to do if people want to take the risk, then they have to. (Yes, Master.) In some cases, they say it works, then people like them. (Yes, Master.) Even some people cheated in order to get the vaccine. Yes. They went to another country so that they could have the vaccine, (Oh.) before everyone else. (Yes, Master.) Where as in their country, they probably had to wait or maybe the vaccine wasn’t there yet. (Yes, Master.) And there are two people in California or somewhere, in America anyway, they pretended to be very old so that they could get the vaccines. (Oh.)

Yeah and some old, very old persons in England or elsewhere, they took the vaccine just to show that there is no problem. They have no problems. (Yes, Master.) The first vaccinated persons in England, they were two older persons, very old, almost 100 years old. (Wow.) They took the vaccine first of all. They let them have it first and then printed it on the newspaper, like an advertisement. So as you see, this world is tragic but it’s so funny in a way. It’s like a very sad comedy, our lives. (Yes, Master.)

Whatever you do like, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. (Yeah.) So, it’s an adventure, the human life is an adventure. (Yes, Master.) Whether or not you fare well or you fare not well, you cannot do anything. It depends on your merit, whether or not your merit is thin or your merit is abundant. If it’s abundant, then probably you can avoid many sufferings and many diseases in your life. But if it’s thin and if you have done something bad in the other life or in this lifetime that reduces your merit as well as creates more bad karma for you, then you just have to take the consequences. (Yes. Understand.) That’s what we all know, but not everyone adheres to it. That is the problem.

I’m telling you, right now I’m worried about something very much more serious. Everybody should worry because if, after all, if I fail to negotiate, if humans continue their barbarous ways, things could happen to the whole world, and sudden. Nobody has time to prepare. Just like the pandemic. You got that? (Yes, Master.) I really lost sleep over that. I’m trying my best, of course.

But can you see how difficult it is even just to have a conference with you? (Yes, Master.) Suddenly, my phone did not work. And then I tried to call by mobile phone, nothing worked. (Oh.) Yes. Then I had to run to another area where I prepared another computer with the internet. So sometimes it’s like that. (Yes, Master.) But it’s your fault that you stayed there. I told you if you want, you can go sleep because I didn’t know how long it’d take. I didn’t know if it works in the other area this way because I had not tried it here yet. (Yes, Master.) Normally, I work in the other place, so I tried in another area now and it works. Thank God for that. (Yes.) (Thank You, Master.)

I was thinking maybe it doesn’t work. It seemed like a bad day, nothing worked. Suddenly, the phone just went dead, (Oh.) just two seconds ago. I was still talking to one of your brothers about the conference. I wanted to ask whether or not everything is OK and all that. And then after I hung up, it didn’t work anymore. Believe it or not? Just like that. (Wow.) It’s not like it has nothing. Just the connection, everything, I looked; everything looked OK.

The electricity was still there. When you pick up, there is a red light. That means it’s connected. It has electricity and everything. But suddenly it just went dead like that. (That’s strange.) And then I called your brother on the phone. His phone didn’t work or my phone didn’t work. It’s just like that, suddenly. And it happened before, but I could fix it quickly enough. This time, it did not. It did not let me fix. All right then. I just hope we still can continue to talk to each other. I don’t know how long but whenever we can. No? (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) All right, my love. Any other questions? (Yes, Master.) Tell me.

(Master, regarding the angry animal souls in the COVID-19, was it the same with Spanish flu?)

Oh, different. Of course, different animals. (Oh. I see.) Different animals, also different war before that. War. (Understand.) Krieg (war), war. The war, W-A-R. (Yes, Master.) It’s not just the animals. It’s the war, the oppression and the political turmoil within different countries (Yes, Master.) that broke out in war, made people suffer and many people died unjustly and agonizingly.

If our world continues the way it has been or… I cannot say anything anymore. Whatever happens will happen. (Yes, Master.) You know, even the best lawyers, sometimes they lose the case, (Yes.) because of evidence or because he cannot find evidence or because he’s too bad to rescue. Because all the evidence is probably against the defendant, and the lawyer, the best lawyer cannot do anything. (Yes, Master.) It is like that.

So, all we have to do is just be good, be compassionate, don’t kill people, don’t kill animals to eat anymore, then everything will calm down. But nobody listens to me, so I’m just talking to you. I’m only talking to you. You are all I have. No, the thing is we talk and then maybe we put on TV and other people may listen. (Yes, Master.) I’m sure some do, but I just hope that the number will be sufficient so that we can rescue our planet and rescue many people and children, innocent children. Because when the big karma comes, collective karma, that karma will not spare anyone. All right.

(Master, how about other zoonotic diseases? Do they also have animal souls inside?) What is that? (How about other zoonotic diseases?)

Oh, yeah, yeah, similar. That’s why in Heaven, they don’t have this kind of disease. Don’t you see? (Yes, Master.) If you ever go to Heaven or my disciples go to Heaven, they don’t see any pandemic over there. They never come back and report to me, “Oh, Master, You know, in such and such Heaven, they are having also a pandemic right now.” Nobody ever reported to me like that. And all of the Buddha’s stories about His disciples went to Heaven, nobody came back and ever reported that, “OK, we have a pandemic up there.” (Yes, Master.) No, because up there, they don’t kill anybody, they don’t kill animals to eat. (Yes.)

I’m not saying that humans are bad or anything. I have always been telling you that they have been poisoned too long. That they have been misled into this kind of way of life and so difficult for them to turn around. Even all the Masters came and went already for so many thousands of years, their lives did not change much. Only now, it’s the first time ever that there are more vegans than any other time in our history. (Yes, that’s true.) Yes. Because due to the communication convenience nowadays, like we have television, we have telephone, we have newspapers, (Yes, Master.) internet, (Yes.) and that’s how we are better now. Any other questions?

(Master, regarding the covenant that God made with the American President Trump, Master, since some people were determined at all costs to prevent him to fulfill that covenant, is it possible to fulfill it through another means?)

What means, you think? (Not sure, Master.) Me neither. There is no means that you can erase the karma of the big population of the world as well as of America, to be specific. They just have to leave the meat. And even President Trump doesn’t have to be there. There will be peace and good happening to them. (Yes, thank You, Master.) Of course, like, don’t say about President Trump. You look at all the Masters, They’re powerful. No? (Yes, Master.) They came from Heaven with Heaven’s mandate. Yes? (Yes, Master.) With the Heavenly Power to come down to help humans, but humans always kill Them, mostly kill Them. They did fulfil some of their mission but not completely. (Yes, Master.) It’s like President Trump, he did half way. OK? (Yes.) But never mind, we…

Whatever, whatever. What can we do? I am very sad every time I see animal suffering and all that. Oh, I cry, I stamp my feet and I was agonized for the whole night that day or that night and… Oh, my God, it’s like somebody stabbing me in my heart. So, I do my best, what I can. (Thank You, Master.) But very sad and very… not all that easy. Not easy. All right, love. We will see what will transpire in the future. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes, there are obstacles, but that doesn’t mean it’s forever. (Yes, Master.)

It’s not easy to be a good president. Like, for example, former President Clinton. (Yes, Master.) Before he became president, oh my God, so much turbulence! And after he became president, similar things happened again. After he already quit the presidency, the second term, he’s done, right? (Yes, Master.) And they still talk bad about him nowadays. Now and then, I still see it in newspapers, something. People talk things very poisonous about him, and his wife, as well. The price is high. (Yes, Master.) You can see Jesus, He didn’t do anything. They killed Him. Buddha just preached non-violence, and they wanted to assassinate Him. Mahatma Gandhi, (Yes, Master.) Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, and many Sikh Masters died tragically, for example. (Yes, Master.)

It’s not easy to rescue the people on this planet. Really, really, all the Masters have sacrificed so much, so much. And there are no words to describe all Their sacrifices, inside and outside; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically as well. All means, all times. And the humans are still like that.

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