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Between Master and Disciples

Meditation Is Very Important (Part 1 of 4) July 17, 2013

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It’s so hot. We eat soup, it’s nicer. Can easily digest. And easy to meditate, but did you meditate well? (Yes, Master.) Yeah? I saw some… Okay. Maybe not because you’re sleeping, maybe your soul went out. Sometimes, I also have this problem. I didn’t even know, I just, sometimes I came home from somewhere or did something and then came home, and then I just opened the door and I just fell! You know, fell on the ground. I wasn’t sleepy, not tired, nothing. And sometimes I sit on the bed or something or even on the floor, also my body slumped - went on the floor. Then, okay, fine, then I just sleep, continue. But it’s not like sleeping, okay? If you meditated before that, and your body just kind of gave in, then it’s not like sleeping. It’s like your soul just came to visit and then he just left. She/he left. Oh, I’m so happy to see you! Good to see you, Master. Everything okay, yeah? (Yes.) At home, yeah? (Yes.) Okay, so is there anything special you want me to do for you? Or just lookie-lookie? Lookie-lookie. Is there anything you want to tell me? Long time no see. (Hi, Master.) Hi. (Thank you for the Loving Hut chain. I was in the COP18 (UN Climate Change Conference) in the Middle East. The whole world really knows Loving Hut.) The whole world knows? (Yes. The COP18 in Doha, and with all the Arabs, the Islamics, they (the materials) were very well-received. And many of them want to start a vegetarian diet and they are so open to the idea. And they’re very, really loving people. So I want to thank you. And “Crisis to Peace” went like that. We were worried, but just thousands of books went like that.) You gave them “Crisis to Peace”? (We brought 80,000 recipe books and 4,000 “Crisis to Peace” in Arabic and in English. And it just went like that.) Well done. (Thank you so much, Master.)
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