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Seven Questions From Alexander the Great, Part 8 of 8, Mar 3, 2021

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The Muslims, they pray five times a day. (Yes, Master.) But they don’t know the tradition. Five times is for the person who works all day and night, also, and has family and all that. So, five times is to make up for two and a half hours.

Last time I told you the story, only half the story, I forgot. There was a man who met the fairy and stayed with her. Remember? (Yes, Master.) In the fairy palace and all that? And then when she left for some conference, she told him not to open that door? (Yes, Master.) I forgot to tell you the end. It’s not a happy ending. He opened that door anyway. You know men, they do what they’re told not to. Some men do that. Many men do that. It is good for the ego. “I am a man; I don’t listen to anybody. I don’t listen to women, especially.” Maybe that’s why my mission is difficult because I’m not a man. I’m a woman. Never mind. It has to be like that. It’s arranged like that.

So, he opened that door, and he saw the world, the world down there – us, our world. And then he missed his home, he’s homesick, missed his parents, the friends and whatnot, whoever not. So, he went home. Of course, he left a note, like all the men. “Sorry! I didn’t want to, but I must.” Like that. Then he left. He went home. When he went back to his hometown, nobody recognized him; nobody knew anything about him at all because hundreds of years had passed already. (Oh.) Heaven’s time compared to our time is very quick. (Yes, Master.) The story of the man who asked God for one million dollars. Hes said, “Wait a second.” (Yes.) Because a second in Heaven is some couple of hundred years (Yes.) or more.

So he went back and then he kept looking for his home. His home was no more. His friends no more, his parents no more, his siblings no more. Nobody. No one in his hometown or his village, even the neighbors, knew anything about him. He kept going around, around, then he encountered some of the very old, old, old, old men. Old, old. And he talked about his situation, dilemma. He (an old man) said, “Oh, I heard something from my great-great-great-grandfather coming down to my great-great-grandfather and then my great-grandfather and my grandfather and my father, and then they told me that long, long ago, there was such and such person, named so and so, but he disappeared some hundred years ago and it was just like a legend to us, like a story for kids. Like a legend, a story, a folklore, but we never believed it existed anyway.”

So that’s what happened to the guy who was too nosy. He was happy, happy all the time with her until he opened that door when she was not home. She should have never left. She should have known men. They cannot be alone for a second. They say they want to be alone, but… Yeah! If you put a case of non-alcoholic beer, a television and a remote control, then he can be alone for a long, long time. That was another joke. It’s not my joke, so don’t be angry with me.

Any other questions, my love? (No.) No? (No more, Master. No questions, Master.) No more? Good. Then we can go, and you think about it next time if we have a chance to talk again. And if you have any other questions, we can always discuss. (Thank You, Master!)

You’re all all right, in any way? In your situation. You’re all good? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) OK. Two o’clock, man. It’s the real time, 2:01. It’s good. Then you go try to catch up with your sleep.

Try to meditate before you sleep, always. (OK. Yes, Master.) As much as you can until you cannot anymore, and then you drop. Then during the night is a continuation of meditation. That’s how we make time because we don’t have a lot of time. (Yes, Master.) I appreciate that you work day and night, sometimes. You work day and night. And you meditate three times a day. Be happy I don’t ask you to meditate five times.

The Muslims, they pray five times a day. (Yes, Master.) But they don’t know the tradition. Five times is for the person who works all day and night, also, and has family and all that. So, five times is to make up for two and a half hours. (Yes.) (Oh!) Each time, prayer for about half an hour… or meditating. They call it prayer because nowadays they don’t remember that it’s a meditation. Five times, half an hour – that is two and half hours. No? (Yes.)

So I also told my disciples they can divide it. If they don’t have time to do it two and a half hours straight, at one straight time, then they could do it here and there half an hour, or even a few minutes here and there, 20 minutes, 10 minutes, to make up for the time lost. (Yes, Master.)

All right then. If no more questions, then I go back to the other place. Because this place is just like a storeroom, I store things. But of course, there’s a computer, (Yes.) and there is also internet. So I can talk to you if the other phone did not work. There’s even a phone, you saw? (Yes.) And if I want to talk to you by mobile, I have to go outside, a little bit further where there’s some clearance, because the forest, sometimes it doesn’t pick up the signal very well, the mountains. (Yes.) But it’s good. My God! I feel better than the king in the old times. (Yes, that’s right.)

In the old times… Even some kings nowadays in some African countries, there are some tribal kings – they call them also princes, kings, or leaders – if they want to go to contact the world, they have to walk far distances, long distances to go to some places where they can find the access for internet. (Yes, Master.) And they’re real kings and princes, but they did not have the facility in their area. They are kings. Kings. Because in the old times, kings were like that also. In some small areas, a few hundred thousand people or even just some tens of thousands of people, and their environment is a few square kilometers, and they are also kings. (Yes.)

The Vatican is 0.5 kilometer square, right? More or less. No? (More or less.) And Monaco, how wide is Monaco? Check it out right now, tell me. How big is Monaco? Also, maybe about three kilometers square or something? No? (Maybe.) How much? (It’s only two square kilometers.) Two square kilometers, more or less. Only? Really? (Yes, 1.95 square kilometers or 0.5 square mile.) Zero-point-five square mile only! Really? You mean the whole Monaco? (Monaco, yes.) Wow! Oh, yeah. I forgot. I was there.

Sometimes when I was in France, I was there. When I felt not well, I would go there – the sea, the breeze. I was coughing a lot and was having trouble. But when I went there with the sea, a small hotel, a seaside hotel, I felt better after a couple of weeks and drank a lot, a lot of juice at the bar downstairs. I became such a regular that they made a drink after my name. Really! They told me this, and this is the name of the non-alcoholic cocktail, new one. They’re very nice, all the hotel people there, very nice people, very nice staff. They’d really do anything for you, anytime. They’re very friendly, very genuine. I like them so much. We had a lot of fun. I always made jokes with them. They really loved me. Is that it, right? (Yes, Master.) What was it? Why did I talk about Monaco? Ah, yeah, yeah. Even nowadays, some kingdoms are small. (Yes.) And like Prince Albert, he is still the king there. (Yes.) Of course, they call him Prince Albert, but he’s the de facto king of that country.

And also, there’s another kingdom country… I forgot. Tell me. (Liechtenstein.) No. The one that’s in the middle of Italy. (San Marino.) San Marino. Then also there’s another one. Liechtenstein? (Yes, yes.) Is that also small? (Yes.) (Yes, very small.) How big is it? And how big is the Vatican? One search the… Another, not together the same thing. The first one search for Vatican, the other search for Liechtenstein, and the other one search for San Marino – one, two, three. Or the girls also do it. Tell me.

(The Vatican is one kilometer long and 0.85 kilometer wide.) So almost like two kilometers square, right? (0.5 kilometer square.) 0.5 kilometer square only. And it’s also like a kingdom. It’s a different kind of kingdom, but they have guards and all that. They have a government inside working all kinds of things. And how about Liechtenstein and San Marino? It’s a kingdom or just a country? (Liechtenstein says it’s 160 kilometers square.) Oh, that’s big, that’s big. (So that seems big.) That’s big. But San Marino? (San Marino is 24 square miles.) Oh, that’s big. Fine. All right. So, we don’t include them. Twenty square miles. Huh? (Twenty-four. Yes.) They’re also not too big either, but nowadays it’s like that.

In the old times, most kingdoms are small-small like that. And then later, maybe they united together, like China or Mongolia. They became united. Different tribes, different small countries became one. Like the United States nowadays. So, the governors of your country, they are truly small kings. In the old times, it’s like that. There were small countries for small kings and with one big king, they called him emperor, and the other ones are kings. The other small-small areas, (Yes, Master.) that make up that kingdom, they call them kings also. “Wáng” (the kings). And the other one... “Huángdì.” It means the emperor. Emperor and kings.

We are talking so much. All right. Thank you for your attendance. (Thank You, Master.) We made it after all. We made it. Anyway... (Yes. Thank You, Master.) So, ciao. Good night. (Good night, Master.) God bless. (Good night, Master.) Peace for you. (Thank You, Master.)

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