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It Is Always Better When We Are Positive in Our Mind (Part 1 of 2) July 7, 2013

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“Wherever I go somewhere new, I try to find the connection. But it takes some time. Because if I live somewhere very long, then I know every corner already. …Because in each and every corner of the Earth, there are some different connections. Some higher, some lower, and some for peace, and some for love, and some for food reorientation, some for healing. They don’t always stick together in one place. …I have to look for it inside first. And then I know where it is, then I go there, okay? …Anytime I find something, I just sit over there.” “It’s always better when you are very positive in your mind. There were two persons, initiates, mother and son. They live in Czech Republic. They opened one Loving Hut restaurant. First, it wasn’t Loving Hut and later it became Loving Hut. Of course, it was vegetarian. And then later, they opened another one, and then another one. And another one. And another two are coming. And everywhere they go, everybody likes them and asks them to come to this mall and make another (vegan) restaurant, and go to this building, make another (vegan) restaurant. The government even asked them to come make another Loving Hut restaurant for them. Everywhere asking them. They’re too busy, they can’t even do it all. Always have to train new staff, new cooks. And they don’t have that many disciples in Czech. And only two of them and they are conquering the whole country.” “And it’s always positive, so everywhere they go, people like them and want them to open more. Just they couldn’t. Just too many jobs, too much work. But they are always very, very positive, and so they are very successful because they are always positive. Whatever she says, wherever she goes, she always tells me things, always positive attitude. No wonder she is successful and people like her, like them. I have never heard her say something negative about anything. Especially business or practice. Always believes in the Master power, always believes things are good. And it’s really good. The government over there invites them to make more! And wherever they go, people are looking at them like looking at saints coming or something. Very admiring look. So this is the power of a positive attitude, okay?”
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