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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Courageous Work for the World, Part 7 of 12, Dec. 15, 2020

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We have to pray for whatever’s good for the people. Whatever’s good for the planet for the world, for the animals, that’s what should happen.

The question was that they are royal, and then who elected them, right? (Yes, Master.) If it’s not natural born, if that species are born in a royal household, then they will automatically inherit the royal title. (Whoa.) Yes! Because this race of people, this race of beings, like fish or other beings, they are noble. If the parents are noble, the children will be noble, will be good, and will be taught from childhood on how to govern, how to be kind to their people. And then it will automatically pass on. If the king, due to marriage or karma, has to be replaced, dies or something, then the crown prince or princess will come up and take that position and power. OK? (Right. Yes, Master.) If not, then the royal council will select somebody. It doesn’t have to be the royal bloodline. It could be an ordinary being outside of the royal household but a being known for virtues, correctness, justice, and benevolence and wisdom. Then they will appoint that being to be their leader. (Yes, Master.)

Sometimes they might kidnap a human and bring them down to make them their king. (Oh!) But the human will be happy to do it. Just now and then, he has to come back on Earth because he will miss his land, and walk around a little while and then go back. (Wow.) He will have the power to live in two worlds. And that will be the condition before he accepts the position to be the king of another race of beings. (Oh!) (Wow.) It’s nice. (Yeah!) It’s not a fairy tale, it is like that. (Wow.) It doesn’t happen every day or every four years like in America or every five years like other countries, but it happens sometimes. (Yes, Master.) If that human being has even been in their species before, or had good affinity with them, then it is possible as well. OK? (Wow.) Also affinity, so it’s not like it’s easy for them to just pick anybody like that. It has to have many factors involved. (Right.) (Yes, Master.) I am telling you like a fairy story, (Yes.) children’s story. You like that. Right? (Yes, Master.) It’s nice to be childish again, who cares! All right. If I have answered your questions enough, please tell me what else you want.

(Master, could that system be emulated by the humans?) Oh, I wish! I wish, sweetheart! I wish just like you wish. So, we don’t ever have to spend billions or trillions of dollars of hard-earned tax people’s money every three, four, five, six years, to select another president. (Yes, Master.) And, maybe a bad one. Worse than the previous one. Humans don’t have enough wisdom. I am so sorry to say that. We are the crown of the creation. We have so many faculties. We have great minds so we can invent this and that, we can even go to other planets already, Moon and all that. And we can see hundreds of millions of light years away to watch other planets, or other stars, see what they are doing. But we are not good in our own selves, within our own society. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say, “Thừa trong nhà mới ra bề ngoài.” meaning, you have to first take care of your family members, so that everyone is satisfied and has everything we need. And then, whatever’s left, you can give it out to other people. Of course, it’s logical, no? (Yes, Master.) Why would you kill your family for starvation or depriving them of any physical comfort in order to help someone else? Why? Because your family’s suffering, it’s just as well as everybody else’s suffering. (Yes.) Just the same. You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) So you have to take care of your family first, and then you can give to outsiders. (Yes.) It’s the same. You help your family, or you help outsiders. (Yes, Master.) All right. So this system will not work yet. I hope it will, I hope it will. I will be happy if it works in my lifetime. Or if a President is good, then you can keep him. (Yes.) You cannot just spend so much money.

This election of some of you Americans sitting there, your country, cost US$14 billion. (Wow!) That’s a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of money. My God, how many people could live a decent life with all this money, if not wasted like that? And the cost of violence, last years, affected the global economy by about US$14.5 trillion. And of that, armed conflict was US$ 521 billion. So, you see, by the way, we should thank President Trump again, not just saving lives by making peace, but also saving a lot of money, a lot of hard-earned tax-payers’ money.

My God, for that money, your whole country can have meals free, at least for how many years, one year at least, no? (Yes, Master.) Or how much? At least for some time, (Yes, Master.) so you don’t have homeless people, dragging their feet in the cold winter. Begging for a morsel of leftover food and being harassed by other well-off, and strong muscular beings. Same beings, same race. Do you understand what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) Not only your country wasted time in war, and wasted time now also in election and disputed election. (Yes.)

President Trump should be elected. (Yes.) That’s what I can say. OK? (Yes, Master.) But this world is an upside-down world. They don’t see what’s good that somebody is doing, they only see what they want. And they only hear what they want to hear. President Trump, for example, did so many good things for your country and for the world, but they say nothing good, not much. Only the bad things, which he didn’t even do. That’s why he survived the impeachment. You see what I am saying? So this system in our world has to change. So don’t ask me whether or not this fair and just system by other beings can be applied to humans. OK? (Yes, Master.) I wish, it could be applied.

I was just telling you, so that you know a little bit more about things that you did not know, but then we get into this political stuff but I am not afraid to say it. I said it right now, right here and everybody else can hear it. Don’t you dare delete it. OK? (Yes, Master.) Don’t you dare edit it, fearing for my safety or my reputation, nothing. I don’t care. Got that? (Yes, Master.) Keep it. OK? (Yes, Master.) Keep also my words right now. If I have answered your question, my love? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Oh. I am sorry. Why is my temperament like this today? Tell me. I am just sad and angry and frustrated. I am not angry. I am just frustrated. I am angry because many people suffer and bloodshed. (Yes, Master.) But nothing personal for me. I am safe and good. Even if I am not safe, I am not good, I don’t care. Got that? I have to do what I do. I say what I said and finished. Next one, please.

(Master talked about auras last time and the different colors and their meaning. Could Master tell us more on that topic? Can someone really learn how to read an aura?) Oh. Wow! That you have to have it or you don’t have it. Or you meditate more and then you can increase your psychic ability. You can recover your loss. Just like sickness, you have to recover in order to taste good food again. Some sicknesses make people lose taste and lose smell, just like COVID-19, right now. It doesn’t affect everyone with the same symptoms. Not always fever and headache. Some people lost taste, lost smell. It’s a very weird pandemic. Some people lost their mind and committed suicide. Even beautiful doctors, young and healthy, committed suicide because they infect the mind, (Oh.) (Yes, Master.) the brain.

So the auras, some people are gifted with that because in the past life, they have practiced that or they have practiced something that enhanced this ability and you have not. You have practiced something else. Or you have relinquished it, so you can work with me in this time of our desperate planetary crisis, to help humankind to help this planet. Therefore, you stay despite who left, despite who criticizes me or you. You understand? (Yes, Master.) We cannot have anything in this world without sacrificing something. And I thank you again.

I mostly am very sweet to you. No? (Yes, Master.) I wish I could cook for you every day, like a family. Like a big mama. I like that. I like it. This kind of family, I love. For the physical world, I like that. I cook and some of you chop the carrots, the other one washes the vegetables. Oh, that would be nice. (Yes, Master.) Yeah. It’s warm and it’s connected. (Yes.) And it’s unified. I keep wanting that all the time, but I cannot. (Yes, Master.) Never mind. Dreaming costs nothing. Right? (Yes, Master.) Who knows, who knows. It might come true yet. But don’t pray for it. OK?

We have to pray for whatever’s good for the people. Whatever’s good for the planet for the world, for the animals, that’s what should happen. Not for us. (Yes, Master.) I don’t pray for anything for myself. You should not. OK? (Yes, Master.) Only when you are desperate, of course. Then you say “Could I be healed? So that I can work continuously for Your work,” meaning God’s work. Like that and briefly. God is not deaf. You don’t have to keep pounding Hiers ears with your loud cry or repeating your sentences. OK? (Yes, Master.)

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