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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Caring Message During the Pandemic, Dec. 12, 2020

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On Saturday, December 12, 2020, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously shared a loving message with our Association members at the New Land Ashram in Taiwan, also known as Formosa. Still meditating intensively for the world, Master conveyed Her continued concern about the pandemic and offered words of love, comfort and caring advice.

Hallo, everyone. (Hallo, Master.) Sorry, I don’t always stay in the same place, because of work, some other things, and spiritual practice, so I can’t always contact or talk to you directly.

I just want to tell everyone to take care. Take care of yourself and others, just like before. (OK.) Even though we have good news on vaccines, they are not sure how long the vaccines can protect us. Ninety-five percent. Ninety-five percent means that if 100 people are vaccinated, 95 of them will probably not be infected by this pandemic. But five people might get infected. It’s not completely safe, so you must still protect yourself when you go out. I mean wearing a mask and goggles. Or, you can wear a face shield. It’s better this way, OK? (OK.) You must also completely cover yourself with clothing. Wear gloves. The more your body is covered, the better. Also, wear a hat. (OK.) Take a hot shower immediately after you get home. Change your clothes and wash them with hot water. Otherwise, tumble dry later. Understand? (Yes.)

Right now, the pandemic is spreading too much worldwide. Can’t mention them all. So all of you must protect yourselves. OK? (OK.) Also, meditate as much as you can. The more, the better. For your own protection, and to protect the world. We use the good energy field to protect the world. I can only tell you this.

Also, even though vaccines are available, they are not one hundred percent guaranteed. They don’t know for how long these can offer protection. It’s not confirmed yet. Every vaccine is different. For example, one is from Pfizer, which requires two shots. The first and the second shot are three weeks apart. Take Moderna or others, for example, the second shot needs to be four weeks apart. In between the first and the second shots, it does not guarantee that you won’t get infected. Whether you are vaccinated or not, when you go out, you must still protect yourself. Wear masks and a face shield. OK? (OK.) It’s safer this way. I talk a lot just for your own good. I emphasize this because the world is not getting better. This disease has not yet disappeared. The number of infected people is still climbing. The number of people who have died from this pandemic is still increasing. You have to take care, OK? (OK.) (Thank You, Master.)

I love you very much. (I love You too, Master.) I love you. I love you. Love you. Thank you for meditating. It protects yourself and helps the world. I am with you forever. I am with you all the time. (Thank You, Master.) We are together all the time. (Yes.) Don’t forget. Don’t be afraid. (We won’t.) (OK. Thank You, Master.)

It’s not always convenient to have video conferences or to contact people from where I live.

 I can only use a mobile phone like this, a handheld phone. Sometimes it won’t work without electricity. OK? (OK.) Yes, time is also very limited, very urgent. I only have enough time to meditate more for the world, for World Vegan and World Peace. If we are not vegan, World Peace will not be permanent. Only if we are vegan, will peace last long. (Yes.) If I don’t continue to meditate, it will be too late. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) Sorry, I can’t come to see you or directly contact you at any time, but we are all together. We communicate inside. Our hearts are connected, so don’t worry that we’re physically separated. (OK.) (Understand.) Now I can’t even see my dogs. So please forgive me. OK? (OK.)

I love you very much, love you forever. (Thank You, Master.) I love You too. I take care of you all the time, but people in the world who have no one to take care of them, also matter. If the whole world is not good, the lives of your relatives, friends, and you, won’t be good either. Lives will not be easy, so let’s work hard together. OK? (OK.) I have to take care of many things, not just Supreme Master Television or you initiates. I am really too busy. Sometimes I don’t have time to think about myself. Sometimes I don’t have time to pay attention to sickness or aches. Then, it will find its way to get better through meditation. The body will find a way to recover. Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it’s fast. It depends.

I wish everyone to be safe, happy and enlightened. Be more and more enlightened. (Thank You, Master.) (Please take care, Master.) Wish the world becomes better and better, (Yes. Thank You, Master.) and everyone becomes vegan soon, so we can protect the planet and the world in order to have lasting peace in the world. (Yes.) This is it. (OK. Thank You, Master.)

See you. Talk to you next time. Love you, love you, love you. (I love You, Master.) God bless you. Buddha bless you. All the Saints and the Sages in the past, present, and future bless you. And I love you, forever love you. (Love You.) (Thank You, Master.)

Our loving gratitude, Most Benevolent Master, for sharing Your precious time to bring Light and Love to the world during this period of uncertainty. Our hearts are touched and uplifted knowing Your merciful and compassionate Radiance shines on all beings on our planet so peace and love will continue to grow and blossom until Earth becomes a heavenly vegan paradise. We pray all Master’s dreams will be fulfilled and that You are forever supported and shielded by the Highest Heavens.

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