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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Courageous Work for the World, Part 3 of 12, Dec. 15, 2020

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There is no secret in my life except I need to be away to be alone to be more concentrating on the world problems and to secure more peace and a more vegan population.

Later, of course, she comes back again and again and we are more careful. We leave a long rope and we always have somebody stay around. We don’t let her free, even inside the yard because she will use the tree even. She climbs trees and jumps out of the fence, if the fence is near the trees. She did that. Even in Hong Kong also, same thing! And then, trapped outside of the fence and comes back. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” And then we have to cut the fence and let her in.

This is the dog that I love. And it is not one time, two times, 10 times, dozen times, it’s forever times! (Oh.) And even they made a very strong fence with a bending tip like this, so she cannot climb. (Yes.) She digs. Even they made cement deep underneath. I don’t know how she does it! She climbs trees, whatever she does, she went out. Because we block all the holes already, with cement, with extra fence, everything. And then she didn’t go out all this time, and everybody felt, the ones who took care of them when they came inside the big garden so they can run.

Big, big garden, and maybe even one acre, so they can run up and down, in and out, around it, and do what they want with it. Rest under the trees and the bush, and hiding, whatever, until meal time, and call them, they come out. The other group comes out, this group… difficult. Oh, when they see the girls, they turn around. U-turn! They come say hallo and they U-turn, run away. So somebody who is trusted has to come and take them out or wait until they want to come. And then, put the rope on them and take them home. Otherwise cannot, not possible with that girl. If you let her free, she runs. She runs somewhere, she will come back, but you never know. I worried about this before, I keep saying don’t let her loose. And, they feel secure already, because all the holes that we know underneath the cement, everything blocked. But I guess she’s been digging it for long time already, waiting for that day to escape, two days ago. One day ago. The day before yesterday.

You see, how I forget days and nights, because I work day and night. I work very deep in the night, and I forget what, what. If I don’t have the telephone that reminds me what day or… if I don’t have the documents that you keep sending me every day for the show, which say what day, for what show, then I would not know the day from the night. All right now, I think that the story is done, because I just want to explain to you so that you don’t think that I don’t give my dogs their house or their comfort. No, no! They just like to stay next to where I was working, the desk, they know I am working there. Sozy laying under there. And the other one also compete with each other whenever it’s empty, then the other one replaces immediately. So, the other one just has to give it. Then Good Love has to go lay on the floor, or something.

Now you know. OK? (Yes, Master.) In case you think I hide it from you, some secret or something. There is no secret in my life except I need to be away to be alone to be more concentrating on the world problems and to secure more peace and a more vegan population. Understand me? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) I would really like to be with you, be out there, go out, be free like everybody because it’s not always good to be alone, doing everything myself. I’m not that big and that strong. You know, right? (Yes.) Moving furniture is my favorite, of course, but it’s not like I can do it easily. (Yes, Master.) I do need some muscle. Such muscle. That’s why before I keep telling you a joke like I need a husband. Remember that? (Yes, Master.) But remember also it’s only a joke. OK? I don’t want any of those.

Now, it’s not only the earthquake, but normally Taiwan (Formosa) in recent months, it should be typhoon season. (Yes.) And mostly it’s big, big, big and a lot more damage, then this year, nothing. (Wow.) (Yes, Master.) Earthquake, also nothing. Of course, people were scared. Who wouldn’t be scared? (Yes, Master.) Yes.

I remember long, long years ago, I was in Taiwan (Formosa), I mean in my beginning, I was in Taiwan (Formosa) and I lived in a very high building, I mean, fourth or fifth floor, long time ago, somewhere in the middle of Taiwan (Formosa). One of your sisters and brothers have an apartment, and they use a half side of it. The other rooms were empty. And they let me stay, because at that time, I was penniless. I still am, except if I want to use money, I can. I can have access to some. And there was an earthquake also, very strong, very strong. I of course didn’t know because I had no phone, no… no television, no newspaper, nothing at that time; I was a true monk. I only eat what’s given to me. And the brother and sister prepared it for me. It’s not much I need, just a few pairs of clothes and the meal; and they prepared it. And they let me stay in that empty apartment.

I originally refused because at that time I was having this, behind the temple, the room that they put the ash of the deceased? (Yes, Master.) In Buddhist tradition, people die and the Buddhist followers they put the deceased ashes… and the deceased ashes they will put in the temple. They have a special room built for those things. Because they believe that if the deceased can hear the sutra, which the monks recite every day, then their soul would be liberated or go on a higher level, if not yet. So I stayed in that room. It’s OK with me. The dead don’t bother me, it’s the living that I should worry about. And then they don’t bother me at all. And very, very simple, very small room, but it’s not so… so very tight. I have one bed and that’s enough for me; that’s all there was, and the rest are just for the dead, like you’re living in the cemetery. (Yes, Master.) But very lucky because it’s a room – you have a roof, you have walls, you have a door to close. And you have a bathroom next door. I mean just a simple squat toilet, like a wet room. You can shower on top of the toilet. I was very lucky and happy there.

But then your sister begged me to go there, she said, it’s better for me and also a blessing for their house, for their not yet used house. So after a while, they convinced me, so I moved there. And then that change of a diet as well, because when I lived in that dead people ash room, they put it in an urn. You know what I’m saying? (Yes.) They put all the ash in the urn and then put it in there with the Buddhas statues. So, we live with the Buddha and… the dead together. Or both are dead. And they don’t bother me. And then at that time when I was there, I lived only on sesame and brown rice. Sesame salt, and brown rice. But when I moved to that apartment, I changed to a normal diet because that’s what they provided. I was easy, I’m easy, you know? Whatever happens, OK. I accept it as long as it’s not harmful to my spiritual practice. And then one time another sister offered me another apartment. Oh, this is not the apartment that the earthquake happened, I just remembered now. And another apartment on the fourth level or fifth level… very high anyway, with an escalator. You go up, and went up and down or it’s a walking…

And the earthquake, so strong. It must be 6 point (magnitude) at least. Because it swayed the whole building (Oh!) back and forth, back and forth. Oh! I didn’t know where to run. So, I just sat down instead of running because it’s too late. It’s already happening. (Yes.) And I was more or less like the only one in the whole compound. The compound is comprised of many, many buildings, big, big and tall like that. It’s a new development, and nobody moved in there yet. That’s why they offered me that apartment. They also did not move in yet. Maybe that’s their second home or something. And then, wow at that time, I really understood what earthquake means.

I never experienced that before. Only one time in California, but I was already on the airplane. And then the earthquake happened under me. (Oh.) (Wow.) I can see because the airplane wasn’t very high yet. And I can see houses and things moving below. (Wow.) It was in Gilroy, in California anyway somewhere, I saw that. And I think the pilot also informed us that there is an earthquake. The airplane wasn’t high yet. You know what I’m saying? (Yes, yes, Master.) Just took off. Oh! So, it’s all right. Taiwan (Formosa) has often. Taiwan (Formosa) is on this tectonic plate area. (Yes.) It is a very long plate, and Taiwan (Formosa) is on one part of it. So it should be often like that. (Yes, Master.) I’m sure the whole island shook. Because that was a very big one. And oh, my God.

All right. Does that answer your question? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Any other questions? I was going to read you the story actually, but then your brother informed me by writing that “we have questions.” (Oh.) So, I said all right. You are more important than the book. I thought maybe in bad times, in not too very good times, I read you some stories to make you feel more relaxed, for a change. A change is as good as a rest. That’s what people say. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) And also it’s not just for you. Because after this, you will broadcast it and many people will enjoy. (Yes, Master.)

Your question is also good. People also enjoy. Because they would also want to ask. Even maybe they don’t know how to formulate or they cannot ask me because they cannot. But for you, you can. You see? (Yes.) Because I would know, and then I would ask you and I can answer you. And this is also good. I like the way we’re doing it. I like the way you arrange right now. That every time if we want to have a talk, or if I want to talk to you, you’re always ready. Because if I want to talk to the outside disciples, or even outside Supreme Master TV team, they are not always ready. They are everywhere. (Yes, Master.) Maybe one or two persons. Or maybe a group of a couple of people, but I never know where they are and I don’t have anybody’s info like their telephone, their skype, their email. These are all your jobs. You do it better. I never know how. OK. If I answer your question already… You know like this is good. Because you are always ready. (Yes, Master.)

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