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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Courageous Work for the World, Part 1 of 12, Dec. 15, 2020

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So many things he did right. (Yes.) So many things he did good for the Americans, not to talk about for the world. Think about it, look back, see what he has done. And you will know what I’m talking about. If you really want your country better, improved, please let President Trump continue his mission. Because Heaven wants that way.

(Hallo, Master!) Hallo! Can you see me? (Yes, we can see You, Master.) How much? Half-way, right? (No, full face.) Full face only? (Up to the neck.) (Up.) From the neck. Too bad. I’m still full. OK? I’m still complete. It’s just the technique, I don’t know how. I don’t know how to control all this. I’m sorry I am a little late, telling you, but things always happen last minute. Something that I need to take care or something goes wrong and I have to prepare everything. (Yes, Master.) Also, because my room is very small so I have to move the furniture around. (Oh.) (Right.) And you know how big I am, how muscular. (Yes.) So it takes some time to move things. You have questions, I know. Yes, tell me.

(Master, how come there is widespread fraud in this election? President Trump, his supporters, and Republican party members think he was robbed of his winning of the election. Could Master tell us more about that? Please?)

It’s not difficult, ah, sadly. But it’s nobody’s fault. OK? (Yes.) I don’t want anyone to blame the Democrat people. Democrat members and supporters. OK? (Yes.) They did not mean to. (Yes.) It is a fraud. No doubt. But it’s nobody’s fault. It is these demons, we call them zealous demons, still left, I told you, long ago (Yes.) that I didn’t take them all off yet. I did take thirty more lately. But it’s kind of late. They hang around these people. And they are pushed. Oh, I wrote it somewhere in my diary. Just a moment. (Yes, Master.) It goes like this, it’s from the Original Universe Protectors. Mine. I have two messages. First one, it says, “Trump won with flying colors. (Wow.) But zealous demons pushed workers to fraud.” Exactly no more, no less words. That’s what it is. So, I said, “Thanks.”

So, I hope the American people still believe in this voting system. (Yes.) Because it is still democratic. It’s just that sometimes the demons, they messed up. (Yes.) They push people to do bad things. That’s since time immemorial, it’s not just about the United States’ recent election at all. (Yes.) I can only say that the American people should not lose faith in the election. (Yes.) But I think, my advice, I say it any way for you. (Yes, Master.) You are American. The American people should let the incumbent President continue four more years at least because he’s good for you! (Yes.) He’s good for your country and good for the world. So many things he did right. (Yes.) So many things he did good for the Americans, not to talk about for the world. Think about it, look back, see what he has done. And you will know what I’m talking about. If you really want your country better, improved, please let President Trump continue his mission. Because Heaven wants that way. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

(Master, all this information about President Trump, why didn’t Master tell us sooner?)

I never wanted to tell at all. Not just sooner or later. (Oh.) Because normally, I should work all quietly. Yeah. I do thousands of things I never told anybody. And many things I could not even write down into the human language. And never will. (Yes.) Because Heaven’s mandate, it’s difficult also to explain to humans. (Yes, understand.) Because humans are so blurred and they would not understand or they would not believe, and they might even make more trouble or ridiculing and all that. (Yes.) And maybe hinder his mission and my work, you got what I’m saying, also. (Yes, Master.)

It’s just because of the election has been wronged. (Yes.) So, I just had to say something before I could even stop myself. See what I’m saying? (Yes.) Sometimes it happens and things just leak out. It would have been better if I had never said anything. (Oh.) I normally work… It’s better always to work quietly (Yes.) with Heaven’s mandate. (Yes, Master.) Heaven’s revelation should be better kept quiet. (Yes.) But sometimes, cannot help it. Alright. (Thank You, Master.) Yeah. Good.

(Master, there was an earthquake near Taiwan (Formosa) on December 10 during the prayer for vegan world time.) Yes. (Is it possible that because people were praying during that time that the spiritual power helped reduce the effects of the earthquake?)

Sure it does. Sure it did. You can imagine 6.1 (Yes.) magnitude. How much more damage would have been done. (Yes, Master.) And, the result is? What happened? (Almost nothing.) (Not much damage.) (I haven’t heard of any problems.) You didn’t hear of any problems. Not much. Maybe too minimal to mention. (Yes.) Otherwise it would be all over on the media. (Yes, Master.) So, we have to thank all the Godses and all the spiritual people in Taiwan (Formosa) to have helped to avoid the big disaster. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You.) God bless.

I am also happy to hear that is nothing much. That’s why they did not report. OK? So the newspaper did not report any damage? (No damage.) (No.) (There was no report of damage, just people were very scared. It was quite a violent shake. But, fortunately no damage or injuries.) Yes. I know. Then it’s good. Very fortunate. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You.) Very fortunate. Humans’ lives are the most precious. And then, of course, all the properties that people work hard all their life to build, and for their family refuge, for them to feel safe and good inside. (Yes, Master.) So it’s very good.

Something wrong? (Yes.) Camera fall down? (Yes, the screens. Our screens fell down.) Join the club. That’s why I took so long. At least you guys are many. You can help each other. (Yes, Master.) And you are pro. And I am only below zero pro. And my thing keeps falling down all the time, because my desk is very small.

The dogs are not here, but I prepare underneath and I cover the curtain around it so that in case the dogs come, sometimes, when we’re lucky enough to see each other, then they can lay underneath my desk. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Therefore, I cannot take up the whole desk, I just sit in one corner, so the whole desk is empty on top. I put books and all that, of course, and computer. But underneath, it’s all empty for the dogs, like a den, like their house. You see what I’m saying? (Right.) (Yes, Master.) Especially, Good Love, he likes it. But every other dog also competes with each other to get that. So I have to have two desks without me even can use it. I use only one corner, (Oh.) one-fourth of the desk. Of the two desks, I use only one desk, and only one-fourth of it, so that I don’t obstruct their use for under the desk. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

Because the desk is empty. The desk is like your desk. (Yes, Master.) Underneath is empty; and I also asked your brother a long time ago to remove whatever is under there so that the desk becomes higher. I mean under. (Yes.) The space has become more spacious and no obstruction, so they don’t bang their head on it, or something like that. So your poor Master has only one-fourth of one desk. Yeah? (Oh.) And the whole other desk and the three-fourths of the other desk belongs to the dogs.

I just add something before I forget, concerning my dogs. I already prepared many sofas for them. Each one has one sofa. And also, has dogs dens for them. Dog’s boxes for them, with a cushion and everything. But they like the desk. Whoever comes first, jumps in there first. So, first I had only one because it’s my desk, I’m working on it. But, the big one, Good Love, goes in there. And whenever there’s a chance, that it’s empty, the other one comes in. Or if the small one comes in first, he comes in there first. And Good Love is very polite, he just, “Gaa” and then he goes somewhere else.

My room is very small, only 4 meters by 6 meters, including everything. Toilet, bathroom, kitchen, if you will. And everything else. So, I only have a small sofa, smaller than some of the dogs’ sofas. And they even want that if they cannot get under the desk. So, I get another desk, I cannot have more. No room. I want a little more room for them to run around a little bit. If they are in my room, they don’t care to run around, they just go on their sofa, or fighting for the… not fighting, but compete for the desk. Because the desk I cover with my shawl. Big shawl like an Indonesian batik shawl, you can wrap around your body? (Yes.) Like a half of the dress, from the chest down. And I cover that all around, so that it’s like very cozy kind of bed with a thick cushion underneath. (Yes.) And of course changing the cover often. And so, it’s very cozy and big and colorful because of the shawl’s color. And so they like it all. They always jump in there, if they can.

So, I made one more desk, but not for me. All for them. All for them. And the other desk was already there anyway. They put a TV on it for me to watch. But, my God, they think I’m that lucky? If I even remember the TV is there. If I could even remember that there’s a TV in my house. So, anyway, it’s already there so I kept it there, because I don’t know where to bring it, it’s heavy for me. Just leave it there, I don’t use it anyway. So, underneath, I also cover the four legs, I cover it all by the batik shawl so that it’s like a den, like a very cozy bed. Covers three sides, one side is big in the front, they come in and out. And food and water are there. That’s why if the dogs are with me, I have very little time, less. Because I have to feed them. They don’t eat from the bowl; they bring it under the desk and eat there. So, I have to wipe it or change it. (Yes, Master.) Takes a lot more time.

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