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Secret about COVID-19, Nov. 2, 2020

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During a phone call with Supreme Master Television team members on November 2, 2020, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, who continues to meditate intensively for the world, revealed more information about the COVID-19 virus.

I’m telling you something. Just one moment, see if I should or not. A big secret. One moment. I have to meditate a little while. (Yes, Master.) Or maybe I just tell you.

The COVID-19 virus, they have souls in them. That’s why they’re so smart, so versatile and so difficult to catch and to cure. These are the souls of the massacred and abused and tortured animals that the humans have been consuming. You understand now? (Yes, Master. Wow.) That’s including yours also. Alive or dead, or even passed down through the future generations through DNA. Your future generations, relatives and friends, even if they will be born and become vegan, they still have to partake some of it. (Yes, Master.) Because of the bloodline, the connected karma. If they’re not connected with this disease or present clan members of yours, then they cannot be born. (Yes, Master.) So, they will have to partake the burden of the karma. (Yes.)

And luckily it’s not more, because the maya is locked and the force of karma is gone. So they only take less than normal. Otherwise, it would be worse. And already Heaven helps a lot. Otherwise, the whole world would die. (Wow.) Very few people would survive this pandemic. Not just infected but die. (Yes, Master.) Not just infected but incurable. Whoever catches it just dies, like that. So, don’t keep asking me, “Master will bless, it will be OK?” Not OK. No. Already blessed a lot. (Yes.) If more blessing, I will die and everybody else will die too.

Thank You, Most Gracious Master, for revealing this important information about COVID-19. We pray it will help everyone wake up to the urgency of our situation, repent and do all possible, especially adopting the vegan diet, so we can soon end all suffering in our world, and witness a true Heaven on Earth in this lifetime. Our forever gratefulness, Master, for Your boundless Mercy, in giving humans a chance to reverse to compassionate beings who respect and cherish all life. May Master be always shielded by the Highest Heavens as our planet transforms in Her immeasurable Love and Grace.

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