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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Courageous Work for the World, Part 5 of 12, Dec. 15, 2020

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In this physical domain, there is a physical lock, physical law, physical obstruction. And as a Master, you cannot just eat your words. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, because it’s signed, not just with maya, but all Heavens witness. There are witnesses. You have got to be fair and just.

Each of you only maybe edit one thing at a time. One show. (Yes.) Either script or video. (Yes.) I have to do both. I have to take care of your script, or even I have to write things. Some things I contribute, also. And then, I have to also edit the USB, the video. Both. (Yes, Master.) And many in one day. That’s why sometimes I ask you, “OK, such and such sentence in which show, please have to find.” Because I think I want to add something to it. Some addition or some correction. Remember that? (Yes, Master.) If you work with me, you remember.

Too many, every day and non-stop, every day. You imagine, you edit one, of course and it’s more technical for you. You have to use high-tech to edit the USB and all that to make it beautiful and colorful. But I also have to edit in a different way. (Yes, Master.) Telling you that this picture is no good, like the host is not appropriately dressed, for example like that. Yes? I need to see all in order to tell you what is good, what is not. And then I have to read also the script. (Yes, Master.) So, sometimes you’re not patient. You ask the one who helps me. Not next to me but through helping. One of the assistants, “Why this one didn’t come, that one didn’t come?” If it did not come yet, then you just air. What to do? Sometimes I cannot catch up. OK? (Yes, Master.) And that’s because I have inside things to do, inside work to do. It takes me a lot of time. And I also have to scan the news to see which one maybe you can look at, (Yes, Master.) for your information. And it takes me many hours because so many news I have to select. Many I can see just the headlines and I know, that’s enough, but many I have to see whether or not it’s worthy to send it to you. (Yes, Master.) So, it takes a lot of time. And sometimes I was so sleepy because I work deep, deep into the night, deep of the night, and I did not rest the whole day, except sometimes meditation. And then I was so, so very sleepy. I had to stand up, so that I don’t sleep. But I still sleep, believe it or not. (Oh.) But I hold on to the table so I don’t fall down. (Oh.) Yeah. And then I can wake up and continue doing it. So, you be patient with me. (Yes, Master.) More lenient. OK? (Yes, Master.)

It’s just the karma of the people. (Yes.) Karma of the world that makes it like that. Tectonic plates, they are also made because of karma of the people. (Oh.) (Wow.) You understand? Normally it wouldn’t have happened. (Yes, Master.) OK, what else what I was talking about? Remind me please.

(The question was about could Ihôs Kư deploy more protectors for Master.) Ah, yes, yes, yes. OK. So, now, after more or less one week, truly, truly because I am just too busy to remember all this. That’s why whatever I have to do, I had to note it right away, note it down. Otherwise, I forget. Or else I maybe call one of you and ask you, “Please, notify this and that department” before I could get into my computer and write it. I wrote it also. I write also very slow on the computer. I write by hand, it’s quicker. All right, so after one week they’re still there, hungry, so I fed them, manifested something for them. And then I said, “No, I cannot keep doing this.” I can feed the skunk maybe but not these hungry ghosts who are demanding different things.

So I had to create a different hell for them. (Wow!) It’s not a kind of hell, but it’s something so that they can stay. No punishing. Because they are not completely purified yet. (Yes, Master.) If they are going on the way to the Fourth Level, then, by the way, they can be purified, step by step, at each level that they are going from the Astral Level all the way to the Fourth Level. (Yes, Master.) Bit by bit, by each level they stay and are purified, and then next level, next level. But like this they cannot be. You understand me? (Yes.) There are different ways of purifying. (Right.) And only going through these levels, you can. That’s why at the time of initiation, you are taught to do what, what, what, in order to reach the higher level. Next level. (Yes, Master.)

Now, so I have to make kind of a hell, it’s not a Heaven. But it’s not “hell” hell. OK? (Yes, Master.) It’s a non-punishing hell. And they can stay together without being envied by other demons who are in the true hell. (Right.) So it’s like a special space made for them. They have everything they need. Until further notice. I said, “I don’t have time to take care of that right now.” I said, “Whatever you have, be happy with it. I don’t have time for it right now. OK? I have time, but for every other thing. Because you have been demons, so even if you don’t go to Heaven now, you deserve it. Don’t complain.” So, they’re also grateful. They are not punished, they are not burned in hell, they are not punished in any way, they just stay together, they have everything they need. (Oh, wow.) But they cannot have any chance at all to harm anyone. Even if they turn their table. You got what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Meaning, if they turn against us, or against humans, they cannot. They are not free to do that. But they are not suffering in any way.

Because you asked me about the Ihôs Kư Godses, by the way, I told you this. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) Are you happy? (Yes, Master, thank You.) But there are some more, the hard-headed ones. I need excuses to take them down. But these are very, very tricky. The moment you want to catch them, they know it. They go hide inside humans’ body. (Wow!) So, even Ihôs Kư cannot differentiate what is inside that person, because they have big magical power. They are not normal demons. (Yes, Master.) All right. Good. Did I answer your question? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Any more questions?

(Master, since maya is locked up for a long, long, long time,) Yes. (is the contract Master signed before coming down to Earth still valid?) Yes. (Could it be declared void so Master could have more freedom and less suffering here?) No. (Oh.) You cannot do that. (Yes, Master.) Whatever you sign, you sign. Otherwise this world is already Heaven. All the contracts will be nullified, that is not possible. (Yes, Master.) In this physical domain, there is a physical lock, physical law, physical obstruction. And as a Master, you cannot just eat your words. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, because it’s signed, not just with maya, but all Heavens witness. There are witnesses. You have got to be fair and just. (Yes.) You cannot just go down here, hoola hoola hop, everybody become angels or saints and the world becomes a paradise. Because they have created these physical things, physical world, physical planet. (Yes, Master.) It belongs to them, physically. You cannot do that. (Yes, Master.)

The physical body that you have is owned by them. For example, even if the person has committed some sin and goes to prison, but it has nothing to do with his house, unless he is tax fraudulent or he does things that harm the country’s economy, or some other things (Yes, Master.) concerned with the property, then the government can take their property. But if he’s just doing things that has nothing to do with it, they cannot take his property, (Yes.) you see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Maybe they can, block it for a while until his sentence is done. But his children, they still can inherit it. (Yes, Master.) Your body is weighed by pounds, by kilograms. Whatever meat you take in, they are weighing it. For example like that. So the whole world is an illusion, but they use their power to create it. So we cannot just do anything we want, as a God.

I wish… But it’s already much better, don’t you see? (Yes, Master.) That I could do retreat for a long time now? (Yes, Master.) That I can be more independent now (Yes.) from the physical help or whatever. Before, I needed a lot, many people had to be around, do this, do that because of my work, and now I can do it all alone. Almost, almost. I need help from afar, of course. A remote person who helps me to set up the computer and to set up this conference, for example. It’s all set up for me. Your brother, he helps me, but he’s not next to me. He can help from afar, remote. Oh, they are geniuses nowadays. I don’t really need a next-door assistant. They can help me to do it from afar. Even arrange everything, so we can have conference like this. So, I’m still alone. You know? (Yes, Master.) Take care of everything, that’s why it takes so long sometimes for me, before the conference. That is if nothing else happens even in between. We are lucky. And I don’t even need to push a button. I could, but I worry I might mess it up, so I told the guy, “Please just do everything, just own the computer, do it.”

So we have always conference ready now and we can see each other like this. It’s a miracle already, see? (Yes, Master.) (Thank You.) Before, I could not even think of this. Could not even think, not to talk about doing it. (Yes.) And now many things I could think of what to do. It’s getting better, my life. (Good, Master. Very good.) Pray for me that it will not be ruined because I said this. (Oh.) Because many times, if I said I like something, next day that’s it, no more. (Oh.) No more have or no more possible. Did I answer you at all? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

Thank you also for asking, concerning about me. Because it’s really getting better already. I know it for sure. I’m happier now, feeling lighter, and things are OK. My personal needs are almost zero. (Yes, Master.) So, I’m very happy. (Oh, very good.) (Good, Master.) And I can do retreat, so you can see the peace is speeding up. (Yes, Master.) I’m just worried that we should have more vegan population, then the peace will last longer and not so sometimes fickle.

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