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We All Have a Duty to Protect Ourselves and Others, Part 5 of 6, Oct. 26, 2020

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Because people who don’t wear protective gear, they might get infected, and then cost a lot of money for the government and the society, and cause a lot of pain and suffering for their relatives and friends and family members as well. So they are no good. They can be classified as criminal! I mean it.

I think that all the governments should apply the strict law like in Ethiopia, to protect the innocents, the children, the weak women, the weak persons, the elderly who are more vulnerable than the rest. Because people who don’t wear protective gear, they might get infected, and then cost a lot of money for the government and the society, and cause a lot of pain and suffering for their relatives and friends and family members as well. So they are no good. They can be classified as criminal! I mean it.

VO, ONSCREEN TEXT: “The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases throughout the world has surpassed 40 million, but experts say that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the true impact of the pandemic.” (FOX News, Oct. 19, 2020)


Global Cases: Official - 50.5 million cases Unofficial - 780 million cases (or 10% of the world population)

Global Deaths: Official - 1.26 million deaths Unofficial - 3.9 million to 7.8 million deaths

Many doctors and nurses and personnel in the hospitals already died or suffer so much because of infection from the patients. If it continues like this, maybe we have no doctors, no nurses, no hospital personnel left and people will die even more. So, the government should enforce the mask wearing. They must. It will help to lessen the infection. And even if people are infected, it will be easier to cure because they didn’t get too many of the viruses, through the protection of the mask and or the face shield. Of course, the more you shield yourself, the better the chance that you will not get sick.

So if they are protected themselves, the way I said it… Just a transparent face shield, or even the hat that you wear to ride motorcycles, they have a transparent shield in the front, you can look and you can even talk. And you cover also other parts of your body, wear long sleeves and mask. And if you are protected, the whole face, you don’t have to wear a mask. But if there is some gap between your skin of the face and the face shield, then you do have to wear a mask. But this is already very good protection.

Of course, you can do more complete protection, like there’s no gap between your face skin and the face shield, like you wear the motorcycle hat or those personal protection like in the hospital or you invent yourself that you cover all your face, and the hat to cover your hair, cover your ears, etc. Then you could just go out and enjoy your life. Then the government doesn’t have to worry about you. Then the government will not have to implement the lockdown rules, which are very, very bad for many people.

Because people cannot be locked up forever. They feel very suffocated, frustrated, depressed. (Yes, Master.) and that will also kill some of them if they cannot cope with their depression. (Yes.) And the children also, they have to go out and interact with each other and learn more of what they have to learn (Yes.) and also interacting with their buddies. (Yes.) Otherwise they feel very suffocated. And also at home, if all the family is being together too long, there might be also the pressure in the house. Step on each other’s foot and feeling lack of space, (Yes, Master.) and they could also fight. There are many psychological effects, mental effects on the people when they are locked down too long. (Yes.) So locking down is not the best answer. It’s a temporary best answer but not the best answer in the long run. (Yes. We understand, Master.)

The governments have to order people or the companies or the manufacturers to make new kinds of clothes. (Yes, Master.) (Understand, Master.) Something so that people can go out, live their lives, walk in the park, walking their dogs, walking with their children, playing with their children in the field. Going to work, earn their living if they want to work. Or even if they work at home, but now and then, they still need to go in the office because there are many things you cannot just talk by phone. (Yes, Master.) Some confidential company issues. (Yes.)

And even I, even I’m in retreat, even I work, that you send me through computer, but I still need sometimes to call, to tell you this and that, because the words cannot always express what I want to express. (Yes, Master.) And also, I have to talk to you like this sometimes so that you feel a little change. (Yes.) (Thank You, Master.) A little upliftment, a little comfort, mentally, psychologically. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) (Thank You for calling.) You feel good when you talk to me sometimes. (Yes, Master.) (Nice to hear Your voice.) (Yes.) Yeah. I wish I can talk to you more often to encourage you, but we both have work to do. (Yes.) (Understand.) We have deadlines every day. Right? (Yes.) Even I don’t know, after I die, if I can die or not.

They have a joke about Jesus. They say Jesus must have been a woman, because even He had to manifest the 500 meals in one instant. He gave the grapes to people. And they say it’s fish. (Yes, Master.) It’s a mistranslation or something. (Yes.) Or misspelling. Even nowadays, I wrote it and you still misspell my writing. (Yes, Master.) Or you mistype. (Yes, Master.) We have that. Even if I’m still alive, not to talk about when I’m dead already, I’m not sure. And then they say Jesus must have been a woman because even after He died, He has to resurrect again, to continue working. (Oh.)

I think all of you are women too. Even when you sleep, I wake you up sometimes, say, “Hey, hey, we have some emergency work to do. Well, I don’t wake all of you up but some of you who have to work with me. (Yes, Master.) I have to call you at midnight or after two o’clock in the morning because I’m working all night. (Yes, Master.) Lucky that you could sleep sometimes already, that I don’t wake you up all night, but just sometimes, not every night. (Yes, Master.) So all of you are women, OK? Sisters! Don’t bother growing beards or nothing. Your beard will not be a validation of your gender. You work so hard. You’re happy with my answer? (Yes, Master.)

(During the Third Anniversary greetings, Master mentioned the invisible world that is in the neighborhood of our planet.) Yeah. (Could Master please explain more about this invisible world?)

Of course. You know it. The Astral world and the world a little beyond Astral in the buffer zone. (Yes.) And others not in the neighborhood, but they are in the neighborhood to me because they are never separated from my forcefield. (Yes.) But for you, you can imagine the Astral worlds will be benefiting and less fighting over there. (Yes, Master.) And the people in hell will be less suffering. (Wow.) Or lighter-sentence [people] will be rescued. And the people beyond Astral, they will be more advanced to a higher level of consciousness. (Yes, Master.)

Nothing is like black and white in this world. It’s not like in this world, you see it or you don’t see it. Not like that. There are invisible beings everywhere around you also. (Yes.) Some good ones and some not good ones. I’m eliminating the bad ones. But I cannot do it all in one go. (Yes, Master.) So even the zealous ghosts, some are still there, bugging me. But I have to have an excuse to rescue people’s souls, as well as I have to have an excuse to lock someone in hell. (Understand, Master.)

They cannot all bug me at once. So some group, or maybe three or two or five at one time, pool their power together to make trouble for me. Then, at that time, I can send that group down to hell. (Yes, Master.) If they don’t repent, they have to go because if I forgive them, they will continue to be in this world, obstructing my work, torturing other innocent beings, like animals who are helpless or some infants, or some elderly, or anyone. So forgiveness must go with wisdom and correctness, (Yes.) and practical situation. (Yes, Master.) Don’t blame me, don’t ask me why Master doesn’t forgive this and that. I cannot forgive everyone if they are harmful to others innocent. You got that? (Understand, Master.)

I wanted to forgive them; I keep telling them again and again: “Just repent. Follow me. I will bring you up to Heaven. Never suffer again.” But some of them are so stubborn. Or some of them are so bad, they like to do bad things. Just like in this world, we have also sadistic people (Yes.) who love to make suffering to others mentally, physically, or emotionally so that they feel happy. (Wow.) Yeah. Of course, you know that? (Yes.) And there are also people who like to be scolded, like to be beaten up, or called names and tortured of some kind so that they feel good. (Yes.) They are so-called masochist. It depends on the graveness of their mental status, that they do it lightly or they want to be punished severely.

People pay the brothel girls and or men to beat them up. You know that. (Yes.) You saw that on TV or you know that from reading anywhere. (Yes.) These are people who are mentally a different set than yours. (Yes, Master.) If they are just lightly, then they just love to be scolded. So, they provoke whoever they can nearby to scold them, to get angry with them, to call them names, abuse them verbally. They like that. Or mentally or physically. Or if they have money and they are ashamed to do it, if nobody does it for them at home, then they go to the brothel and ask for punishment. (Yes, Master.)

Because these people, they are guilty inside, their subconsciously guilty for what they did in a former life. But they have not done too bad enough to go to hell. So, it made them this way. Their karma made them do that, makes them to suffer, makes them to be abused and tortured or beaten up that way. And then they pay for it.

So, the same in the hell, they will benefit. (Yes.) The Supreme Master TV will benefit them. Master Power will benefit them far and wide. Of course, it’s too slow for your liking and mine. But it does benefit. Believe me. (Thank You.) (Yes, Master.) What for I tell you lies? You don’t pay me anything, do you? (No, Master.)

Yeah, yeah. OK. Of course, I can talk forever about any subject that you ask. But maybe another time. Because sometimes I forget what else to tell you. So, you ask the next question, and maybe if something more, then you ask next time. (Sure, Master.)

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