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U.S. President Donald Trump’s Covenant with God, Nov. 29, 2020

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On November 29, 2020, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai took precious time from Her intensive meditation retreat for the world to speak with the Supreme Master Television team. She lovingly reminded us to take special care during the winter months, and also graciously answered several questions, including giving insights about visions other individuals have had about the United States President, His Excellency Donald Trump.

(Master we just wanted to share about an artist. His name is Ricardo Colon who said online, “I saw a huge canopy of angels over the White House.”) Yes. (And he immediately went home and began to pray again for the president. He says, “I saw these four huge angels hovering over our President Trump.”) Yes, I know, I told you already. (Yes, Master. And he also said, “About three or four weeks ago, I kept getting this vision. I’m not into politics, I’m into Jesus.) Yes. (I’m only painting what the Holy Spirit has shown me more than once.) Oh. (…The painting speaks louder than any words I can provide.) Sure.

(But I will say the man you see seated on that desk is the man that for such a time as this has been elected to fulfill the mandate of God assigned to him.”) Sure, that’s what I keep telling you guys. (Yes, Master.) He might not be aware of it, but I’m aware of it. (Yes, Master. And he shared some of those paintings online.) Oh really? (And they show images of President Trump at his desk in the White House surrounded by a Heavenly host of angels and being hugged by Jesus and angelic forms.)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I have sent some more protection. (Oh.) (Wow, Master.) And praying for him every day. As we pray, maybe things will change. OK? (Yes, Master.) The negative energy is still strong in this world because many people are not completely out of the woods. Not because of the pandemic only, but because of their daily activities and lifestyle. (Yes, Master.)

And I’m telling you one secret. President Trump has angels and Vice President Pence also has an angel. (Wow.) This is a good team, good work. President Trump’s team are clean and good, OK? (Yes, Master.) And you know what we have talked about lately or some message that we gave, it does have effect.

Today I saw a journalist wrote very defensively for President Trump. (Yes.) (Oh.) And Jon Voight voiced again. (Oh.) (Wow.) He said President Trump is the only one who can save America… (Wow.) who can save our nation now. Before he didn’t say “the only one.”

He is good. I really pray that he sits there another four years. (Yes, Master.) Because the other party might undo everything that President Trump has done. And four more years later, to begin again is hard. (Yes, Master.) If he can even win or he can begin again. (Yes, Master.) You see a lot of protection for him, otherwise he would have been doomed, (Oh.) like broken down or any other thing could happen to him, that he could not even do any state affairs well. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, on November 3rd, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj had a video on YouTube saying that President Trump is God’s chosen candidate. He also mentioned the angels around President Trump and that he needs to be re-elected to fulfill the covenant he made with God.) Yeah! Wow! Who is this sadhu? Is he famous? (I’m actually not sure, Master, I think he’s in India.) No matter what, he’s a sadhu, he won’t tell lies. (Yes, Master.) Because they keep the precept of not lying, because if they lie, they know the consequences. (Yes, Master.) And what for he’d lie about this, because it’s not his president, and it’s not his land, America is not his. (Yes, Master.)

There are hordes of journalists, reporters and… or politicians or non-politicians, they are all… pounding on President Trump all these years. (Yes, Master.) You see? So whomever sides with President Trump, must really know the risk (Yes, Master.) of being maybe treated the same way. I am aware of that, but I have to say it. I should have said it long ago, I just hesitated. I was soft-spoken all these conferences before, what I told you about Mr. Trump. (Yes, Master.) It’s just recently, because I heard that he permitted the transition, so that’s why I have to speak more clearly, (Yes, Master.) more definitely. Because the official who is responsible for the transition funds, she has been hounded or harassed, so she just had to do it, and President Trump had to relent for her safety and peace.

In the world, there are not just these two or three people. They just don’t say it but there are at least 90 people who saw angels around President Trump. (Wow.) Not just me or Mr. Voight or the monk in India. (Yes, Master.) (Oh.) Or whoever that Carlos (Colon) is. Not just them. There are 90-something more people who saw them. (Wow.)

(Could Master please tell us what is that covenant between God and President Trump?) That he has to make peace. Yes. That’s his job, his mission. (Oh.) You can see it very well. More nations are coming to peace also with Israel. That means peace with America and the world. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s mediated by the American government, by President Trump. I still pray for him every day. Whenever I’m not working.

Master also explained how Her meditation has helped in these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Master, could You tell us how Master’s meditation has helped the COVID-19 problem?)

I have written somewhere in a diary, let me read… (Yes, Master.) I have written here somewhere…. for myself. “Must meditate more intensely to support the three extra bodies. Because these three extra bodies have to shoulder some of the COVID-19 karma for the world.” (Oh. Wow!) Whew! I can’t do it alone.

Because if I shoulder too much all by myself, then it takes longer. (Understand.) (Yes.) Takes longer means more people will die. (Oh.) And also maybe I cannot withstand it (Oh.) for the long run. Because I have to do other work. (Yes, Master.) And some work you don’t even know. So I need to stay stable, at least reasonably stable. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, if I don’t meditate, it would be worse. (Yes, Master.) (Understand.) That the whole world would die. (Oh my gosh.) Since you ask, I tell you. (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

It (Master’s meditation) helps also so our planet will not be destroyed or flung into the black hole. (Oh! Wow.) Oh, you’ve seen the news that the black hole has made a noodle out of the star. (Yes, Master.) This is a real thing. (Wow.) Because this star has been doing evil deeds. So it’s a punishment. (Wow.) The star is not just a star, alone one person or one being. Just like our planet is like a star also, but many billions of beings in it. (Oh.) The same, they have discovered the six galaxies within one of the black holes. That is because of the punishment. A black hole is hell. (Oh.) It’s a physical, visible hell. (Ooh.) (Yes, Master.)

And if our planet is not careful enough, and doesn’t have enough blessing and protection, it’s going to fly or get sucked into the black hole. (Oh.) (Wow.) One of the black holes that’s nearby us. I don’t know how long. It depends. The way we are warring with each other and killing billions, trillions of animals every year like this, it doesn’t take long to have the same fate. I don’t know how else to warn humans. I can only meditate and pray. I hope one day we will return to our own benevolent nature inherent within all humans and all beings, so that we don’t ever know the world suffering, let alone suffer ourselves. May God bless us all. Amen.

Most Merciful Supreme Master Ching Hai, our forever and profound gratitude for Your unconditional Love and immense boundless efforts to save our planet and rescue all beings from suffering. Thank You for sharing more insights about President Donald Trump and our future. May the Highest Heavens always safeguard and support Master, so She may continue Her noble mission in peace and safety. May we as humankind repent and act immediately to stop the cycle of anguish and pain and adopt the compassionate vegan lifestyle now for lasting world peace and a joyful Heaven on Earth, in God’s Benevolence.

For the full broadcast of this conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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