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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Heartfelt Message to U.S. President Donald Trump, Nov. 24, 2020

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You must fight to the end, Mr. President. As I am talking right now, I don’t know how many children died out there. Because you make peace, so future children will not suffer that fate anymore, you cannot give up. You have to fight for them, Mr. President!  

Host: On November 24, 2020, while our Most Beloved Master was lovingly checking in on one of the Supreme Master Television team members, She spoke of Her concern about the United States President, His Excellency Donald Trump and shared an urgent, heartfelt message for him.

Hi, hallo, can we talk? (Yes.) Are you busy? (No, I am okay.) OK. I just want to ask you whether or not you get back to normal already. Are you better? (I’m getting there, Master.) Getting there. (Yes.) Seventy-percent better? (Yes.) OK. Good. Tomorrow, 80, next day, 90. Next, next day, 100 percent. (Thank You, Master.) Got that? (Yes.) Did the girls bring you food? I asked them to bring it to your place, in case you are too tired to get out.

(I was able to go and get some food myself, but, they tried, but I said “It’s OK” and I went to get it myself.) All right then. It’s also better not to give up, on yourself, (Yes.) because the body will listen. They think, “Oh, she says I’m not well, I cannot go there.” Then the cells just do that. (Understand, Master.) Yeah, so you just tell yourself, “I’m tough, I can do it. It’s OK, it’s just temporary.” (Yes. Thank You for Your concern.) I mean I also have problems, but I don’t care. I said to myself, “You got used to it. You know it already. (Yes.) It’s nothing new.” I said to myself, “You got a headache before, you got pain in there before; shut up.” I told myself like that. I’m happy that you are getting there. (Thank You.) If you don’t feel like eating the solid food, just cook some soup. (Yes, yes, Master.) Vegetable soup and broth and fresh fruit, they are recovery foods. (Yes.) Make the body not have to work too hard so that it concentrates on healing. (Yes, Master.) And exercise, fresh air. OK? (Yes, Master.) Or go out and walk, walk around your garden, your vicinity. (Yes.)

  1. Anything new that you have read? No? Yes? (No, not really. I haven’t been reading the news too much.) Yeah, yeah, because you are not well. Fine. I’ve just read today. I haven’t read the day before, yesterday, because I had too much work. (Yes.) But I just turned on the phone because I need to do that to send something. (Yes, Master.) And then I saw like your President Trump, he’s ready for transition and I thought, what is in that. (Oh no.) Does he give up on us? I mean he should not. (No.) It’s not the end yet. Right? (Yes.) Even if he will not win, so what? He has nothing to lose now. Does he? (No.) OK. Maybe he could transition, fine, but he should not give up. I know it’s very difficult for him. (Yes.)

Because I read on the headlines on my mobile phone, (Yes.) everybody seems to be against him. Almost everybody. Except his supporters, but his supporters don’t have a big voice like those people who are against him. (Yes.) They are the media, they are the Senate, they are the GOP [Grand Old Party]. That’s the…what is that? (The Republicans.) GOP, whoever. (Yes.) I guessed it was Republicans. I thought that. I mean, my God, if they cannot help him, they should not put him down. You know what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Meaning trying to discourage him. (Right.) Try to demoralize him. My God, the man is already almost down on the floor. They should not do this. This is not nice. (No.) I don’t think these people are in the same party or maybe same party but not, I don’t know if they have good ideals about the world or about anything. I’m sorry! Well, I’m not sorry. I’m a free citizen. We have free speech. Right? (Yes, Master.) I’m not naming any names, but I don’t agree with these people who are ridiculing your president. He’s still a president. OK? (Yes. Yes, Master.) He’s still the President of the United States of America. He should never give up, yet. (Yes, Master.) Not until the last second, until there’s no more ways. (Yes, yes, Master.)

I feel so sorry for him, you know? I read that and I cried. I thought… I hope he has not given up because I am still praying for him. (Yes.) And then maybe he’ll still change, you know? I don’t want to say anything because sometimes you should not say things, OK? (Understand, Master.) Should not disclose things because we are in the enemy world, you know? We are not in Heaven. We are not in our Home. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) So that’s why many things you ask me, I say I cannot tell you. See? (I understand, yes.) Because even like if you have a spy around you, you cannot talk loud, because you are worried that the enemies will hear you. Yeah? (Yes.) But these kinds of things, you cannot even talk not loud. (Yes.) Because there are invisible spies, you see what I am saying? (Yes, understand.) And they will try to find the way to counteract and then will make trouble for you. (Wow.) Delaying your plan, ruin your idea, or ruin your program, or you know? Everything like that, so many things, but I still have very much hope and I pray for him. Do you guys still pray for him? (Yes, Master.) Please tell all your colleagues. (Yes, Master.) I cannot force anybody, I cannot recommend or anything, I just ask if you can. OK? (Yes.) Please do pray for him. (We will.)

I hope Mr. Trump won’t give up. I was thinking, is there any way I can contact him and tell him and comfort him, and encourage him? But I am just a nobody. I don’t know any Republicans. (Oh.) Yes, of course, You understand what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) Because I have never been involved in politics or was never interested anyway. (Yes.) But this, I want to tell Mr. Trump if he even heard it, or I hope somebody of his loyal members would maybe tell him what I want to tell him that:

Please, Mr. Trump, don’t give up. Please don’t give up. Because it’s not for you. I know if I were you, I would also give up long ago. I don’t care about this position, President or whatever… it means nothing to me. Perhaps it means also nothing to you, but it’s your people who trusted you and it’s not for you that you should fight for your rightly earned presidency. People love you. Not just Americans, but people in the world love you. And we love you. OK? We don’t know you, we have no relation to you, but we do love you, we know you are a good, good, good man. Because you did many right things which people opposed, like if you get out of NATO, I approve that. What do they do anyway? What for they have to have so much tax payers’ money just for preparing to kill people? It’s useless. And even other organizations one day they say this, one day they say that, contradicting themselves and confusing people. They’re getting paid, but they don’t do their job well. So wherever you get out, of whatever organization, I think you did the right thing! Until they change. OK?

So maybe nobody told you that you did the right thing, but I tell you now. I am risking my reputation as a spiritual practitioner, as a trusted teacher of many people in the world. I am risking my safety as well to tell you this. Not because… of you, but because of the things you do that benefit the world. You must fight to the end, Mr. President. It’s not for you, not for your families. You have children, you understand, you know how you love your children, imagine if your children are being bombed, being crippled, being killed right in front of you… how would you feel? But that’s how hundreds of thousands of children die like that. As I am talking right now, I don’t know how many children died out there. Die young, die innocently, die unjustly. Because you make peace, so future children will not suffer that fate anymore, you have to… you have to fight, you cannot give up. You have to fight for them, Mr. President!

I never ask anybody to do anything. But I ask you because I have hope that you are the only one who can do this and you have proved it. You have never said that you are going to be president and then you make peace, but you just make peace, like that. And how many hundreds or thousands or millions of people’s lives will be saved? How many countries will be stabilized, and have peace and have prosperity and get on with their lives because of you. Please fight for them. Up to now, not everybody can make peace the way you do, so please continue to fight. It doesn’t matter, you cannot predict whether you win or lose. That also depends on the karma of your country and of the world, so just fight. Just do what is right because you rightly won the election, Heavens told me that and I know that. I know many things that I cannot tell anybody. But time will tell.

You cannot just give up, because maybe the other party comes up and then they will go bombing children, bombing women, bombing innocent people again and nobody can stop them. And these countries…, they are not western countries, they are not America. Most of them cannot afford the medical care that the westerners or the Americans can afford. They are poor countries, they’re already poor and if they are wounded, injured, handicapped, crippled by bombs, by guns, by whatever in the war, they will just die or suffer, suffer, suffer. Please think about that.

Whatever you did was right. I know you don’t accept climate change, because you did not study that. You have been very busy with your business, with your other things. I don’t blame you, but I know, I have trust that if you know more, you would immediately do something. You are doing also something, but it’s not the main point of it. Like, I’m advocating for veganism, because veganism brings peace and prosperity and stabilization for the climate.

I’m not trying to preach to you about this, but I trust in you. At least you make peace and you save humans’ lives, you save Americans’ lives, these young, beautiful, handsome, intelligent boys and girls cannot just be wasted in a foreign land or any land. So you have saved their lives, you brought happiness to their family, you brought smiles to their wives, their children, and for that, I thank you very much and the world thanks you also for having some peaceful future. And that means a lot to Heaven and Earth, means a lot to the whole world. So it’s not for you that you should fight, you have to think of others like that.

And I know you… are not for vegan or anything, it’s fine, you just do what you can. OK? I don’t blame you, because many people know about veganism, that’s good for the world. And many people know for sure what can save the climate and they boast about it. They say they’ll do this, do that for the climate and are hinting that they’re going to make veganism and all that, it is all empty words. Means nothing to me, means nothing to anybody. So at least you are straightforward and you’re honest. You don’t believe, you say you don’t, and whatever you believe, even you don’t boast about it, you don’t promise anything, you just do it. And pronto, fast, as fast as you can. So, I really am grateful to your leadership, please try to continue to reclaim your rightful place… as a winner.

Are we okay, girl? (Yes.) OK, because I heard some noise, maybe you are crying. I thought maybe… I am telling you… I’m sorry, I’m so emotional but your president, he should not give up. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) I have never supported any leader in this way, you know that. (Yes, I know, Master.) You know that for sure (Yes.) and I don’t think I will ever do that again. So, really from my heart, it’s not from the teleprompter or anything like that or any ready-made script, or from a ghostwriter or whatever. (Yes, Master.)

It’s all from my heart. And I just hope somehow that my sincere, heartfelt words will reach your president. (I hope so too, Master.) And just... maybe, just give him a little bit more encouragement. So that he will not just give up. They are attacking his pride. (Yes, Master.) They’re provoking him, so that he gives up. But that’s just the trap and the trick. He should not do that. He’s a smart man, he shouldn’t do that. He should not listen to anybody except his own heart (Yes.) and except God. Listen to the angels around you; listen to God above you, because you are a righteous man. (Yes.) And that’s why I’m telling you this, Mr. President. I’m not embarrassed to show my emotions and support to you, because I know it’s right. I’m not supporting you, Mr. Trump, I support your ideals, your work, your life-saving actions, because very rarely the world can see a leader like you. So, please... I want to tell you, it’s an order. You must fight. You’re a man, don’t give up. That’s all I want to tell you.

Even if they pressure you, they embarrass you, they humiliated you, they degraded you, they try all kinds of all things just to pressure you into giving up quick, don’t do it. Because all the great men, great women, who are destined to do something great for the world, truly great, they are never 100% supported by the world – almost the opposite. That’s the price these great people have to pay. That’s the way it is.

So you continue to do what you can. Work with your lawyers, your trusted friends, your supporters. You also need to consider your supporters who are heartbroken over your unjust outcome of the election. Some risk their jobs, their safety to defend you. So, for all these people, and for the world, you must continue. You cannot give up. I also had many difficulties in my mission, all the way up to now, but I did not give up. So if you are a man, you should be better. You are a man, you cannot give up, not until the last seconds, if there is no more hope, no more way to get out of the fight. You must continue, Mr. President. I wish I could deliver this to you in person, but I’m a nobody, in the political arena. I don’t have any power. I just want to tell you my honest, sincere request. I wish you all the best, all the luck that you deserve. I wish you all the protection from Heaven and men. Amen. (Amen.) ”

Okay, girl, I think I’m out of breath, now. (Oh, Master.) Yeah. OK. (Thank You, Master.) Do you have anything to tell me? If not then I’ll go to continue my work. (OK, Master. Thank You.) This is just a sudden outburst, but I really wanted to talk about it. (Yes, Master, Understand.) Now I get it off my chest. I hope somehow my words will get to your president. (Yes, Master.) Because my sincerity counts. (Yes, I know.) My heartfelt goodwill counts. (Yes.) I do hope that some of the Republicans that know him, can pass on this message to him. I don’t know if anybody cares really about what I say, but I just hope maybe somehow they find a way to him. (Yes.) Just to remind him that he has to continue his way, and what for, you know what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) It’s not for himself, so he should not be embarrassed or feeling depressed or feeling discouraged from anybody. (Right.) He should just listen to his heart. Listen to the angels, listen to God. (Yes, Master.) And continue his mission. (Yes.)

All right. You have anything to tell me? (No, Master. Thank You.) No, ah? I think you also cannot say anything anymore, right? What do you think? What would you want to tell him as an American citizen? I know maybe we are nothing, but you can tell what you want, get it off your chest. Who knows… (I don’t want him to give up) Yeah. (because I want the world to be at peace.) Yes. (And he’s one of the rare leaders who has courage to be peaceful and not to always go to war over everything.) Yes. (And he has the courage to be different and to be peaceful, and the world needs that right now and we can’t continue the way we’re going.) Yes, yes. (So I really appreciate Master’s words to him. I hope he listens.) Yes, OK. Yes. And we continue to pray for him. (Yes.) Whether or not anybody cares. We just do it. (Yes, Master.) Cause I think he’s our only hope. (Yes.) Even for World Vegan or climate change.

Because many people just use that for political reasons, (Yes.) to gain votes or to gain trust or to raise money, (Yes.) whatever it is, their motive, but they don’t do much. Up to now, the climate is getting worse, and people suffer from famine and drought, and weather craziness, everything already. And they all know it. (Yes.) And they say they’ll do this, do that. They do nothing. Nothing essential. (Yes.) And so, even if the President, he… they told me he denied climate change. I didn’t know much about that because I haven’t read news or anything since years. (Yes, understand.) Just maybe now and then, something special so I just have a glance at the headlines. But only now that I am really into it, because of the pandemic that is like no other disease before. (Yes, Master.)

And I am concerned for our human fellows, so I continue to follow up with the news. Just anything I can say, I have said it. And I help with anything I can help, at least to our people, to your brother and sister initiates. (Yes.) I feel responsible as a teacher. I have to protect you guys, so I must know many things. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) Even if I know, but I have to have scientific evidence. (Yes, Understand.) Therefore, I have to follow up with all that. And then, by the way I know about Mr. Trump and all this… unfair, unjustified actions of everybody against him. That’s not fair, and not nice. (No.) I hope his supporters continue to support him, at least mentally, emotionally, stand by your man. (Yes.) And don’t let him be too lonely, and alone, and surrounded by all these brutal so-called friends, and colleagues, and party members, and media and all this… oh my God! (Yes.) Like… pounding on one person.

I think I have said enough. Do you want to say any more to him? Maybe he’ll never hear you, but you just say it. Who knows? Then you get it off your chest. Just like what I’m doing now. I don’t know if he’ll even ever know about it. (Yes. I just don’t want him to give up and I just… Mr. President, just know that we love you and… just please be strong.) He’s the only hope for the world right now. (Yes.) Other leaders, they just do their business as usual, just to get paid, just to get voted, just whatever… Just to please everybody else around, whether or not right or wrong. (Yes.) He’s the only one who just speaks his mind and does what he thinks is right. (Yes.) Even though he promised nothing. (Yes.) That’s the way it should be for a leader, it should be just straightforward. (Yes.) Just honest. (Yes. Genuine.) Genuine, yeah, that’s it. Genuine, that’s the word. He’s a genuine guy. (Yes.) And that’s why I like him. Heavens love him too. They all support him. All Heavens want him to win. And countless people in the world want him to be President again. (Yes.)

I wish even he could be President forever. (Wow.) Yeah, but there are no such amendments, right, in America? (No.) Each president can be only two terms max, right? (Yes.) But in Russia, their president can be president for a long time. (Yes.) I think maybe you should change your constitution. Ah, yeah, they should change. (Yes.) Amend it. So that a good president, like President Trump, could stay forever. Or as long as necessary. (Yes.) Or until people don’t want him anymore. (Yes.) If he did something wrong. But this president is going to do better and better. (Wow, yes.) And if I can have any power, I would change the law and let him rule, let him help the world in his powerful position. (Yes.) Because in this world, if you don’t have this kind of worldly power, then you cannot do much. So, it’s good. In Russia, President Putin can be president almost forever. (Wow.) They changed the constitution. And why not, if he doesn’t do anything wrong, if he brought safety and peace to his country. (Yes.) At least peace (Yes.) and prosperity. (Yes, Master.) He doesn’t oppress people and people are free to do what they want, go anywhere they like, and live their life. (Yes.) At least peace. Peace is the best medicine for any country. (Yes.)

I want to say something again. OK? (Yes, Master.) All right. This is more official and serious. President Trump, I was too emotional before, I want to add something in all calmness. Seriously, you have to continue fighting your legal fight, until you cannot fight anymore. You cannot give up. You have to think of all the victims of the war all the time up to now.

We don’t talk about long history of war, we talk about the almost two decades of war in Afghanistan, for example. How many people died, how many children suffered, how many widows. Think about them. You know, overnight they became widows, and then overnight, maybe, they are forced to be a slave to some village rich or being abused by them, so that she can have some survival pieces for the children’s sake. Think about the children… suddenly became orphans, homeless. Lost arms, lost legs, groveling on the street for some moldy bread, enduring bullying, harassment, or molesting, anywhere during the war, because of the war, or seduced into brothels, or join revolutionary groups, labeled “terrorists.” Then get bombed again, second time, third time… until any remnant of faith in God shattered, his life shattered also! And never have anymore future, except in the bloody battle field, in the endless blood-shedding wars. Or they have to come and work as child labor in some underpaid job somewhere.

But then, they cannot even be in peace to work to earn their meager survival. Because some hypocrites will come along with big suits and big cameras and big crew, exposing the boss for forced child labor, etc., etc. Then the kid even has no more of this meager existence anymore. Then you can imagine what becomes of them. They can either join the so called “terrorists,” or go in to the brothel or crawling on the streets somewhere. Or being molested with no one even caring a hair because they have nowhere to go. They cannot be anything more than just a castaway kind of garbage in the society, in our world.

Please, Mr. President, this cannot go on forever. The war will breed more war; breed more so-called “terrorists.” And more so-called “terrorists” will breed more war. It is an endless cycle. You can end it. You did some part of ending the war. The solution is in the Bible that you pray with every day “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Only the benevolent energy of PEACE and VEGAN will repel evil force. Then all will be well. Why pardon only a turkey? Just pardon everyone! Just like your Defense Secretary Mr. Miller said, “All wars must end.” There’s no good war ever. We are not born on this planet just to kill – and kill and kill. Be it humans or animals.

All these wars must stop. And we count on you. Many people count on you. Countless of people are thanking you for making peace in their country, so that they can breathe a sigh of relief and look toward their brighter future. OK, I’m not talking too long anymore. You must fight, Mr. President, your legal rightly battle. Don’t give up – for all the war victims’ sake – past, present and future. God bless you, Mr. President. God bless America. May America be Great Again. Thank you.

All right, my love. I think I better get back to my work now. (OK, Master.) Originally it’s just to ask you if you are OK and then we’re both crying like babies. Maybe we have become babies.

Every day, if I stop thinking, then I can concentrate on my work… I might stop for a while thinking. But when I’m free a little bit, I think of the suffering people in the world, due to war, (Yes.) famine because of war. And the animals who suffer so much in the brutal hands of humans. Oh, I cry all the time. (Yes.) That’s why my eyes are not as good as before. (Wow.) I wanted to ask somebody to buy me better eyeglasses. Never mind, it’s not so urgent, I still have these magnifying glasses. (Yes.) So, I wear the glasses on my eyes, but I use also the magnifying glass. (Oh, wow.) Oh yeah, so I can read the words on the computer. Before I could, now I cannot. (Oh.) I think I cry too much for my own good. I just hope my tears will wash away some of the karma of humans and animals and let us have quickly peace and vegan. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

I talked to your brothers and sisters. I said we make one more day for World Vegan prayers. (Yes, I saw.) Maybe the outside people, they won’t do it. But at least we do it. (Yes, Master.) And it will be better. Quicker. Because before, I could not ask too much like that. It has to be a little bit more gradual. (Yes.) Because if outside people, they meditate and pray with us, the power will be too much for them. (Yes.) But now maybe they can be used to it already. (Yes.) So we can increase more blessing power into that gathering and prayer. (OK. Thank You, Master.)

You please, continue to take care of yourself. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) It’s not all your fault. It’s karma of the world and it’s the influence of the negative lingering still in humans. (Yes, Master.) All right. We bear it all, we pay everything. We pay anything as long as others have peace and safety. (Yes, understand.) We try our best. Thank you. God bless you. (Thank You, Master.) God bless you. (Take care. Yes.) Yes, and God rewards you quietly. I’ll talk to you next time. OK? (OK, Master. Thank You.) Alright. But if you really cannot… don’t feel like up to it, just let the girls help you. (Yes, Master.) Because they just bring some food. It makes no big deal. You live next to each other. OK? (Yes, Master.) Maybe one day, you will have to do that for them. (Yes.) You know, everyone has some days of unfavorable luck or physical unwellness. Don’t hesitate, don’t feel embarrassed. (OK, Master. Thank You.) All right. You take good care, really, girl. (Yes.) I love you. (Thank You. I love You too, Master.) Yeah. Ciao. (Ciao.)

Host: Our deepest gratitude, Most Compassionate Supreme Master Ching Hai, for Your merciful Love for all beings and sharing this important message for President Donald Trump and the future of our world. We pray President Trump will hear and heed Master’s words and continue on in strength and Heaven’s protection with his noble presidency of peace for the well-being of all global citizens, in Divine Love.

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