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Between Master and Disciples

We All Have a Duty to Protect Ourselves and Others, Part 2 of 6, Oct. 26, 2020

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If it’s too good, just to come down and help people, make peace, make vegan laws and…everyone can do it. (Understand.) But, of course, the Master Power supports good leaders. (Yes, Master.) Still, they are blinded by the influence of this world, by the things that they have to eat as a part of the game. (Yes, Master.)

Now, excuse me, you see my clothes. It’s anti-mosquitos. You know, you have them, right? (Yes, Master.) Yeah. I don’t have new clothes, so I put it on, just to attract your attention. Otherwise you might mix up this conference with the other conference with the same shirt. Like this, you know, “Oh, it’s a different one.” Just in case the editor mixes it up with a different conference somewhere, before, when I wear the same clothes. The inside one is the same one. The outside is the anti-mosquito dress that I have when I have to go out in the garden. Because the mosquitos, they don’t know anything about ahimsa. No matter how much you tell them or how much I tell them, they just do what they do. (Yes, yes.) Thank you. Next question, please.

(Master said that Good Love was the assistant to the Third Level Lord, and yet Good Love came down to protect Master against him and maya. Why did Good Love choose Master over the Third Level Lord?)

Oh, because we had affinity before. Yeah. But he was also used by the lower gods for some time and made trouble for me a lot. But I knew it wasn’t his fault, so I forgave him, and I cured him, I healed him instead. Yes. But he loves me forever. Yeah, no matter what. Even if he’s poisoned or brainwashed by other lower gods, he will still finally return to his intention of protecting me. (Yes, Master.) Because of my love for him. The love, when it’s pure and unconditional, will always win at the end. (Yes, Master.) Even might not be immediately, but it wins fast. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, did President Donald Trump help bring peace between countries in a past life? For example, perhaps as a nation’s leader in ancient times?)

These things I probably have to tell you personally someday. There are things about Heaven’s plan and the affinity and the connection between the Master and different people, I cannot always tell you. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You.) Maybe one day, OK? (Yes, Master.) When everything is better and the world is better and everything is done. When we have time to sit down for a cup of tea, I will whisper it in your ears. (Oh, nice.) (That’s good.) I wish we have time for some cup of tea, because God knows we need it, right? (Yes, Master.)

I’m sorry for you that you have to work all the time. I hope you still can cope. (Yes, we are OK, Master.) Because sometimes even I, I thought, “How can I cope with all this? I need a break, I need a vacation.” Go where? Go where nowadays? Yeah, but I just have to go out, do some exercise, a little, few minutes, if I have a few minutes. And do something else to take a break, and come back to my computer, and do my work again. Same with you, OK? (Yes, Master.) When you feel you’ve had it, you go out (garden), eat something, drink something, do something that’s good for yourself only. Just be selfish. Take a nap, take a rest, go push-up, put-down, pull up, push down. (Yes, Master.) Take a walk. (Yes, Master.) And borrow the dog from your brother to talk to, and then everything will be better. (Yes, Master.)

We have to. We have to work now, day and night. We cannot escape. We have to work. You can see the world is in such a shape. (Yes, Master.) If we don’t work, who will? (Understand.) Who will? You know I have so many, many disciples. (Yes.) At least more than a bunch of you now. (Yes.) But this is what I have – the bunch of you. I’m sorry. The bunch of goodness. The bunch of noble, idealistic people like you are. I don’t have anyone else. I mean, a couple more bunches in the other area. (Yes, Master.) And some other bunches outside in the whole world. But the rest, they are busy with their own things. (Yes, Master.) Or they don’t want to stay even, if they were with you already. Because of different reasons. Because of girlfriend, because of a better world outside, because of more comfortable houses, whatever, whatnot. (Yes, Master.)

So we have to work. We must. (Yes, Master.) We must win. (Yes, Master.) We don’t let the maya win anymore, even indirectly through brainwashing the humans or some of their leftover weakling subordinates. Got that? (Yes, Master.) We have to win. We have to do it. (Yes, Master.) We have to rescue all suffering animals so that we don’t cry anymore. (Yes, Master.)

Some days I cry and one time I recorded it by accident. And then, I thought, “Oh, it’s recorded!” And then I shut it off, but then I thought, “Oh, maybe it’s good, maybe I should do it again, later, another time.” Because I don’t know whom to talk to about this. It’s a negative emotion, but I was crying my heart out and I threatened Heavens and hell many times. You see, they are working on it. But the time in Heavens, it’s maybe just a second compared to our months here or the years here. (Yes, Master.) So, don’t ask me why it’s so slow. I ask also why it’s so slow, because I’m not patient about this matter, when it comes to the suffering of others. (Yes, Master.) Especially, the helpless animals, helplessly delivered like that. Hanging one leg in the air while your throat is cut or you’re shocked by high-voltage electricity. Imagine if it’s you – and they have feelings just like we have! (Yes, Master.) It boils my blood, it really does. Never mind, we talk about something else now, otherwise I will cry again. I will yell again, I will scream again. Next question, please.

(Master, this, I don’t know if Master can answer this one. Did President Trump come down in this lifetime specifically for his peacemaking role?)  Again, I will tell you another time. (Yes, Master.) Without asking me, you can see the fruit, then you can tell the tree. (Yes, Master.) But all the details, I cannot tell you. (Yes, understand, Master.) But I think you would guess, I don’t know how you would not guess. (Understand, Master.)

(Master, did Chairman Kim Jong Un come to Earth for a peace-making role or another role to benefit our planet?) You can see that from what he does. (Yes, Master.) Same answer with President Trump. (Yes, thank You, Master.)

(Master talked about good leaders in the last conference. Why are the leaders that are good seem to be portrayed as the very opposite of that? Is that part of maya/negative forces, or is there a purpose behind it?)

Yeah, it’s the negative forces. And they have to bear it. If it’s too good, just to come down and help people, make peace, make vegan laws and…everyone can do it. (Understand.) But, of course, the Master Power supports good leaders. (Yes, Master.) Still, they are blinded by the influence of this world, by the things that they have to eat as a part of the game. (Yes, Master.)

Don’t ask me that. You can see Jesus Christ. (Yes.) Yeah, how much He had to suffer. (Yes.) And He is the best of all, at that time. (Yes, Master.) And Buddha, people also slandered Him and even accused Him of making the woman… she just donned some pillows inside her stomach and accused the Buddha for making her pregnant, for example like that. (Yes, Master.) And many other Prophets, Masters, They are all pure good, pure holy and still being persecuted or blemished. So, of course, anyone who wants to do good things in this world has to bear the bad attack from the negative force in this domain. (Yes, Master.)

And I’m glad that, for example, President Trump is still tough enough to continue his job. And after he regained his health, (Yes.) and we prayed for him also, he came out feeling powerful. And then now he is unbeatable in his determination. Before that, probably he was kind of depressed. I remember, reading it somewhere, he said he doesn’t remember why he wanted to be a president again in the second term, in any case. You see what I mean? (Yes, Master.) For a man to say that, he must have felt pretty beaten inside, pretty down. (Yes.) Even he doesn’t say a lot like I do, like, “Oh, I’m tired, I’m exhausted, frustrated.” He doesn’t say a lot. But just one sentence, it shows you how much he’s beaten inside. (Yes, Master.) Relentlessly. And like, very, very badly, they attacked him.

Anyways, it’s very difficult to recognize the bad from the good, because there is also some catch in between, some strings attached to what they do. I mean, before they were born. They have to do this and that. Also, to disguise. (Yes, Master.) So, they cannot just do all good, all at once. For example, like that. Or it seems like they did bad, but actually, they did good. (Yes, Master.) I told you before, I cannot explain everything. But trust me when I say somebody is good. (Yes, Master. Yes.)

And Chairman Kim Jong Un is one of the good leaders. Of course, he is still young, and he must also learn his way. (Yes, Master.) In a human world, it’s difficult to grovel in the darkness and find your way out and do good things. Not that easy. (Yes, Master.) Same with President Trump. I said he is one of the good leaders and you got to believe me. (Yes, Master.) There’s another one, good president. But I don’t want to tell you. (Yes, Master.) It’s in kind of this Latin American area. Because he seems to be not doing good. I cannot tell you. (Yes, Master.) But I help him. I mean the Master Power supports him, helps him. (Yes, Master.)

There are many things in this world I cannot explain to you. (Yes, Master.) Whatever it is, the price they have to pay, (Yes, Master.) for rescuing the world, rescuing people, their souls, for example like that. They have to pay. And also, whatever it is, the negative power wants to kind of cover it, so people don’t even know that they are good leaders. (Yes, Master.) They have to be born in such circumstances, they have to be attacked or blemished by others, so that people cannot figure out if it’s good or bad, because there are fake news even. (Yes.) And fake accusations and all that stuff just to make people blurred in their judgements. The world is already making them busy and confused. And if there are more fake news, more negative feedback, then people, of course, it’s difficult to choose. (Yes, Master.) Like which president to vote for. (Yes.) That’s the purpose, of course. What do you think?

The good people, good leaders or the spiritual people, or good Masters, they came into the enemy state. It’s lucky that they’re still alive and continue working and not immediately killed almost, like Jesus Christ. (Yes, Master.) What has He done? The Lord Jesus, what has He done to anybody? (Yes, Master.) Even if He keeps preaching, even if He says He’s a child of God, so what? Nobody has to believe Him. (Right. Yes, Master.) But they don’t have to kill Him in such a way. (Yes, Master.) And for that, the world has to slump into darkness for a long time. Nobody sees it, but many people were condemned to hell and darkness for long, long, long centuries. And that influenced the development of our world, spiritually and scientifically as well. (Yes, Master.)

Not just the meat eating that adds up on to it, that makes many wars, many plagues, many disasters. Do you understand me? (Yes, Master.) People don’t know it, don’t see it. But the murder of Jesus Christ brought so much misfortune, disaster onto our world. (Yes, Master.) I cannot talk. I can never talk enough about that. But OK, next question, please, before I get too emotional about Jesus. (Master… Sorry.) Yeah. OK. You can cry if you want, and then ask me later. If somebody else can ask a question? (Yes.) And then you ask later. OK? (Yes, Master.) To save time. You can cry. It’s not forbidden, it’s just that we have other things to do, please.

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