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In today’s news, Japan assists water sector development in The Gambia, Spain adopts smoking ban, Australian scientists develop affordable smart window coating, one of world’s longest electricity interconnectors to enable green energy transfer between United Kingdom and Denmark, photographer raises funds for dog rescue, research predicts plant-based food market will grow exponentially and compassionate couple provides happily-ever-after home for farm animals in United States.

Japan supports The Gambia to improve water supply in rural areas.

The Government of Japan, a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Animal Protection and Generosity laureate, has awarded a grant of US$15 million to fund the construction of 20 solar-powered boreholes, which will provide a drinking water supply to over 50,000 people in The Gambia’s rural areas. The initiative is the fourth stage of The Gambia’s Rural Drinking Water Supply Project that was introduced in 2019 with the goal of enhancing remote areas’ water systems and sanitation. It is also congruent with the nation’s National Development Plan from 2018 to 2021. Our sincere appreciation, Japan, for your kind assistance. May the everlasting light of the Divine shine upon the gracious people of The Gambia and protect them always!

Spain bans smoking to help stop COVID-19 transmission.

Following the Spanish regions of Galicia’s and the Canary Islands’ recent ban on smoking in streets and public places, Spain has announced a similar ban nationwide to help stop the spread of COVID-19 through particles or droplets released when smokers exhale. Spain’s restrictions include the prohibition of smoking in the street without social distancing, and the closure of nightclubs and late-night drinking establishments. The measures were implemented after health experts reported that smoking leads to a higher risk of a severe reaction to the virus. At the end of March of this year, South Africa also took action on the issue and prohibited the sale of tobacco products. We applaud your wise steps, Spain and South Africa. May your diligent efforts help to safeguard the health and well-being of your beloved citizens, in nurturing Celestial radiance.

Up next, Australian scientists develop affordable smart window coating. We’ll spend a moment now to thank caring probation officers, who make home visits and phone calls to individuals and guide them to become good citizens in the community. Will return with more illuminating news after these messages here on Supreme Master Television.

Hey, resourceful viewers, it’s Flo the vegan Flamingo, wherever I go, others just can’t keep their eyes off me, because I became so adorable after turning vegan. Ah, don’t envy me, just get the same tool as I did: that’s right, the vegan diet. Then you'll have the same result. Today, I would like to share a cleaning tip with you. It is important to wash your pillows every once in a while, as they can accumulate a lot of dust, skin cells, and bacteria. You can put pillows filled with polyester in the washing machine. Keep the machine balanced by washing two pillows at a time. Prior to putting them in the washer, make sure you compress as much air out as you can. Hot water should be used in addition to a mild natural detergent. Add a cup of baking soda to eliminate odors or white vinegar to remove mold and mildew. An energy-saving way to dry the pillows is to hang them outside in the sun. Fluff them every couple of hours to avoid lumps from forming. Another benefit of sun drying is that the sun helps to disinfect the pillow. Make sure the pillows are completely dry before using them again. Thank you for tuning in, and love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

Australian researchers develop new method to create energy-efficient glass coatings for smart windows.

Scientists from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia have created a more simple and cost-effective spray-on clear coating for glass that helps block harmful UV heat and light. The coatings also conduct electricity, and can be used on LED lights, solar panels, touchscreens and more. Current methods of making clear coatings for smart windows use indium, which is a rare and expensive element. However, this new procedure utilizes the abundant and more affordable tin oxide combined with other chemicals to improve transparency and conductivity. Smart windows can help save millions of dollars in electricity and prevent thousands of tons of CO2 emissions. What an achievement, RMIT University researchers! In God’s boundless wisdom, may more eco-friendly technology such as yours soon be used as we optimize every aspect of our living to protect our beautiful planet.

One of the world’s longest electricity interconnectors to bring Danish green energy to the United Kingdom.

The Viking Link, a 765-kilometer electrical cable will run under the North Sea, extending from Revsing on the Jutland peninsula in Denmark to Lincolnshire in eastern UK, and be connected to Denmark’s extensive wind power resources. The £1.8 billion joint project between Danish electricity operator Energinet and the UK’s National Grid will supply enough electricity to power approximately 1.4 million British homes, and will be completed by 2023. Amazing news, United Kingdom and Denmark, on your sustainable energy project. May your friendly cooperation help both your nations to swiftly advance into a carbon-neutral future, in Heaven’s upliftment.

Photographer uses talents to raise funds for rescued canines.

Jennifer Polito-Mount of New Jersey, United States is a professional photographer who volunteers her talents at the Home for Good Dog Rescue. The shelter rehabilitates animals, many of whom are rescued from facilities that practise euthanasia. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the non-profit had to cancel their annual spring fundraiser, causing a significant loss in much needed donations. Fortunately, Ms. Polito-Mount came up with the idea of creating digital portraits of animal companions in exchange for donations to the shelter. Photos of the adored animal friends are photoshopped into oil-style paintings. Ms. Polito-Mount’s creations have proved to be a huge success, and donations have totaled over US$7,300, far exceeding the artist’s expectation. Our warm praises, Jennifer Polito-Mount and Home for Good Dog Rescue! Together, you are giving precious canines the love and care they so much deserve. May God bless you all immensely.

Coming up, research predicts plant-based food market will grow exponentially. We are going to pause to step outside in the revitalizing sunlight for a short walk. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more outstanding news.

Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Mind-soothing News for a Calming World.

Plant-based food industry predicted to surge globally.

According to a recent report by India-based Zion Market Research firm, the global plant-based meat market will reach US$21 billion by 2025. Furthermore, the India-headquartered Meticulous Research firm predicts that worldwide plant-based food industry will escalate to US$74.2 billion by 2027 at an annual growth rate of 11.9% beginning in 2020. The report found substantial investments were made in vegan companies since the pandemic, stating that the “crisis caused people to re-evaluate their diets, because it has underlined the link between food, health, and immune responses.” In the United States, US$741 million was invested in vegan protein and dairy-alternative companies in the first quarter of 2020 – equaling the amount of plant-based protein investments in the whole of 2019. Thank you for the encouraging reports, Meticulous Research and Zion Market Research. May our world soon emerge into a safe, benevolent, vegan planet, in Heaven’s mercy.

Compassionate couple in the United States provides happily-ever-after for farm animals.

Every morning, Jenna the cow comes to the kitchen window of Ryan Phillips and Mallory Sherman’s house and moos affectionately for morning cuddles. The couple saved the three-day-old calf in November 2018 and brought her to their farmhouse in Williamsburg in the state of Virginia. Mr. Phillips and Ms. Sherman, who founded the nonprofit Life with Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary, also provides care to three pigs, two cows, as well as turkeys, chickens, dogs and a rabbit. At their outreach events, many people, after meeting the sanctuary’s sweet residents, have realized that animals should not be exploited for food and have pledged to go vegan. Our gratitude and Divine blessings, Ryan Phillips and Mallory Sherman, for your devotion to animals and Life with Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary. In eternal grace of the Providence, may we always treat all sentient beings with love and respect.

It’s okay to cry tears of laughter with the joke of the day entitled “Why Now?”

Judy started doing her makeup as soon as she woke up. Her bewildered husband asked her:

“Why do you need to do that so early?!”

“I have locked my phone with facial recognition. And it’s not recognizing me without makeup.”


And now we have a heartline from Xing-Xiu in China:

Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master TV team: Hallo! Thank You very much for Your splendid and gorgeous programs, which help and elevate billions of beings invisibly and have become a good example of uplifting the world’s civilization. It has become a habit of ours to joyfully watch the programs. Through rounds of laughter and soul-touching feelings, while watching the programs, we could get recharged with positive energy in time, and are powered to conquer and endure adversities. We truly appreciate our great Master. Thank You for nourishing our souls with love. May our beloved Master and the Supreme Master TV team be blissful, healthy, and live long. Xing-Xiu from China

Radiant Xing-Xiu, We appreciate your taking the time to write this lovely note and glad to hear that you enjoy watching our shows. Supreme Master Television could not be done without Supreme Master Ching Hai’s blessing and guidance. We pray that Her vision for a constructive and uplifted world will soon be fulfilled. Please join us in spreading this positivity to whomever you can. May you and awakening China be ever more elevated in Heaven’s luminous Light. In the gracious benevolence of the Buddhas, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Affectionate Xing-Xiu, I am glad to know Supreme Master Television has brought you upliftment. Please continue to enjoy and share the love with others, plus always remember God to uplift yourself and others. May you and ever-progressing China always be in the favor of the Divine.”

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