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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Message for Taiwan (Formosa), Part 2 of 2, Aug. 8, 2022

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We are standing by praying for Peace for both China and Taiwan (Formosa), and will be on your side in a peaceful fight for your cause if necessary. I just hope you will all become vegan, so perfecting yourselves and showing a more glorious, shining example to the world. It’s not difficult. Taiwan (Formosa) produces a lot of beautiful, tasty, delicious vegan food. It’s not difficult. Please consider it quickly. Please. For your own sake. For your nation’s sake, as well as for the sake of the world. It’s time.

Now, the message for Taiwan (Formosa). And we are going to air it on Supreme Master Television for all to see, and for the world to appreciate them as well. (Yes, Master.) This is not political. It’s just fairness. (Yes, Master.) Fair appreciation. This is my message to Taiwan (Formosa), and the Taiwanese (Formosan) people:

We praise Taiwan (Formosa) for all important contributions of your talent, your capabilities to the world, such as those things I have just mentioned, and more. More and more. And many things you do also quietly, without official registration. I thank you for working hard, even under the pressure of constant threat from a big power, like China – huge China, and the regime, all these decades, while the world just quietly watches on, and just lets Taiwan (Formosa) fend for themselves all this time. Only now that Taiwan (Formosa) has become stronger, more prosperous, that some of the world powers jump in to voice their support. But this doesn’t help you much. This kind of support doesn’t help, and it might even harm you because their support is done in such a way, that might have or will have done more damage to your country’s relationship with others and with China. Nevertheless, we thank you. We praise you. As the saying goes – those trees that grow in the most arid soil are the strongest. Your resilient spirit is awesome, worthy of praise and respect from all the world. May Heaven continue to protect, inspire, encourage, and love you, the Taiwanese (Formosan) people, in all your endeavors and all your dreams of peace and happiness.

Your people are almost perfect. Just tell each other to keep it that way, and go one step further into the splendid future, here and in Heaven, by adding the benevolent, vegan way in your life. That’s one step missing only. But many, numerous Taiwanese (Formosan) people are already vegan or vegetarian. And we praise you and thank you for that.

China has the right to symbolically sanction Pelosi and her entourage for her inflated ego that could bring peace into ruin. But it does not much harm to her anyway. She will still continue to enjoy her favorite ice creams in the whole fridge, and all the privilege, and big but empty talks. She has a deplorable way of trampling upon others, encourages and supports killing babies and fetuses, and could even destroy the hard-earned peace and endanger the lives of the Taiwanese (Formosan), Chinese and many others involved.

Such a hollow spirit is not worthy to exist in the world. Her astral being is already being severely punished, and this will continue more gravely once she leaves this physical world, for a long, long, long uncountable time in hell.

It’s strange how good countries are attacked. I don’t know for what reason, could it be jealousy? Could it be a desire to possess what they have? Like Ukraine (Ureign), as the food bowl of the world, the world can’t do without. And they attacked Ukraine (Ureign), just like that. Maybe they want to steal the world’s food bowl for themselves.

And Taiwan (Formosa), as the lofty, high-tech supplier of the world that we can’t do without, is also being attacked. So, evidently the negative power is getting the upper hand nowadays.

I just want to tell you all, my respected and worthy Taiwanese (Formosan) people, because no one else has said it. I want to say it myself, strongly, sincerely, that the world owes you a big debt and gratitude, though none express it. I, hereby, thank you.

I hope the world’s people find it in their hearts to also thank you. And please do not fear, beloved Taiwanese (Formosan) people. Live strongly further. Even if we might lose the body and any possessions, our soul is never lost, especially in your nation’s case. The spirit of your nation will never be lost. And no one will ever forget you.

And remember the judgment of Heaven is always accurate and fair. Absolutely fair. You’ll be rewarded with high blessings in Heaven – a place, of course, much better than here, for all of your patient endurance in humbleness to fulfill your task in this world.

My tears flow again as I tell you all my feelings and thinking. Whenever I remember your lot, I cry also. I think of your quiet strength and faith in the Divine in your daily work to bring the world to a more comfortable, modernized, fantastic world. Your island nation is small, but your spirit is great. Heaven and Earth witness your way of life and bless you daily.

We are standing by praying for Peace for both China and Taiwan (Formosa), and will be on your side in a peaceful fight for your cause if necessary. I just hope you will all become vegan, so perfecting yourselves and showing a more glorious, shining example to the world. It’s not difficult. Taiwan (Formosa) produces a lot of beautiful, tasty, delicious vegan food. It’s not difficult. Please consider it quickly. Please. For your own sake. For your nation’s sake, as well as for the sake of the world. It’s time.

I want to also mention something very important. Although you won the battle with China decades ago, you, the Taiwanese (Formosan) people, never sought to spill further bloodshed. You only did the necessary self-protection for your country, for your people at that time, but did not seek further aggressiveness toward anyone, least of all China.

And you willingly stand back, working under the shadow, under constant threat, just to contribute whatever you can, doing your best for the world’s advancement. And for that you deserve all the respect from Heaven and Earth. Well, from me personally. I am not Taiwanese (Formosan) by birth, but I feel very close in spirit to you because of all that: your humility, your diligence, your quiet submission to the will of Heaven so that you can do your part to uplift this world.

The reason you never intended to use your victory to cause more bloodshed is because you consider China as your big brother and big sister. You would never want to harm your bloodline family, and Heaven knows that. And you have a big, big, big bravo from me, a big, huge praise from me for that. Just for that alone. Instead of further warring, you stood back, after the war was over. You stand back and try so hard to make friends with your brother China so you can have a more peaceful relationship with them – business-wise, as well as diplomatic-wise.

All these decades you have practiced patience and humility, and for that you will have a big reward from Heaven, and so much, so much, so much love from me, personally. I want to thank you for being gentle, for being generous, helpful to the world, in many ways that people just take for granted and don’t even notice. But Heaven always notices. I want the Taiwanese (Formosan) people to know this, and be comforted, be happy that your reward will not be small in Heaven.

And we pray that China will be granted the same by making PEACE. And Heaven life is more important than this physical, fleeting life, anyway. Please, remember God. Please, remember the Buddhas. Please, remember all the noble ways that the Buddhas, the Saints have been teaching us. Practice them and be grateful in your heart for whatever blessing you have in your country, in your personal life.

You see, instead of continued bloodshed or trying to provoke or anything with China, you peacefully concentrate all your might and intelligence on producing the best things for the world. That’s one aspect of the Taiwanese (Formosan) people that the world should recognize, appreciate and be grateful to God for. After all, we all should do our duty in the world, we should concentrate on making ourselves better, consequently to improve the world. Just one moment…

I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Taiwan (Formosa), that you have been under a lot of pressure, threatened, oppressed – mentally and psychologically. Because not every person, not every country in the world learned to use their might for conducive work. Instead, they rely on brutal power to oppress others, so-called weaker, or seemingly weaker countries and weaker people. This is not something to be proud of.

So, Taiwanese (Formosan) people, you should be proud of yourselves, no matter what. Because you use your strength just for conducive things. I really love this kind of spirit. Please continue on, with further determination to keep peace, to help the world by your intelligence, by your talents, by your capabilities. And God, Heaven will see to it, that you will have everything you need, you deserve. Maybe not always on Earth, but surely you will have it hereafter, in the true Home in Heaven. We love you, Taiwan (Formosa). We pray for you. We love you.

Please be more advanced, be the first vegan nation in the world. Show the world that you are more able, more of a Heavenly race. You are almost there already. Omitohut (Amitābha)!!!

I don’t know what more to say. I just thank you a lot, a lot, and a lot. And I myself, with my team and association, will do whatever we can, peacefully, to show you support and encouragement. Please continue to keep your noble traits, so that Heaven will protect you more now and hereafter. May you all feel more blessed, more strengthened and loved by Heaven and Earth. With a high and affectionate salute to all of you, the beautiful Taiwanese (Formosan) people and country.

That’s it. This is my message to the Taiwanese (Formosan) people. I hope after this message, and the list that we put out, the Chinese government can see more clearly. Because there are many things from Taiwan (Formosa) that they cannot do without, not just the rest of the world. And because they are busy also. Every government is busy. (Yes, Master.) And maybe they don’t have time to compile anything good from any other country except their own. (Yes, Master.)

And I’m glad that at least Chinese people take care of their own folk. I praise China for that! Hopefully, everybody has all they need in their life in China. I think they do. And for that, I’m also grateful to the Chinese government. But moreover, they should keep a peaceful attitude and spirit toward all around and further in the whole world. Because we all live in this, in the energy that we create.

May God bless us so. Thank You, dear God. Thank You all the Buddhas, the Saints and Sages – past, present and future, for keeping us in a peaceful spirit. And turn this world into a vegan, peaceful paradise. Amen. (Amen.) Omitohut (Amitābha). Thank you all for listening. And please make sure it goes on air as soon as possible. I thank you first in advance. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

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