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The Power of Love: A Master's Sacrifice, Part 5 of 5, Dec 16, 2018

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So, those kingdoms of heaven are not forever, and he is one of the kings up there. 84,000 years long he practiced asceticism. From the king of comfort and power and ruling the whole country, he became nothing.

So now, 84,000 years more to live on, and he worried already when he saw the white hair. He held it in his hand, kept it in his pocket. And then he walked in and out of the garden, around, and then he felt like very scared, very fearful, very anxious, very much worried and troubled in his heart. And then he said, “It is time that I have to go practice, meditation practice, seclusive practice. Otherwise, I will not have any more merit to become king anymore. I will be going down on the scale of evolution. And God knows what I will be.”

So, he assembled all his retinues including his hundreds of sons and daughters, princes and princesses. They live too long, of course, they have more babies. And each one will have a corner of the kingdom to rule. And then there will be, one crown prince. So, he assembled them all, and all these officials and some important representatives in the country, all came together and he said, “I want to renounce the kingdom, renounce the throne now. I must go in the forest far away from all the things in the world, in order to practice to become a king of heaven.”

Now he wanted to make affinity with the heavens’ beings. All right. But at that time, he probably did not think like that. It’s a Buddha’s high conscious that would know, direct him to do that. But not his conscious mind, to know that that’s the thing he would do, and why he would become a king, why should he become king of heaven. So, then all the people were very astonished and said, “Why? You have been ruling wisely, comfortably. We are all very happy with you. Our kingdom lacks nothing. Why do you have to go into the forest and become a renunciate, with lack of all comfort, and royal luxuries. Why would you do that?”

And the king took out his…? (Gray hair.) Gray hair and showed it to them. “Look! My hair’s already gray!” One! “I have to go! I’m getting old!” He didn’t know what getting old meant in this world. If he was getting old, then I’m still not born yet, for another era to come. “Look! My hair, gray! I’m getting old now. I have to relinquish everything I have now, in order to go practice spiritually diligently, so that I can gain some merit to be reborn in heaven as a king.”

Well, of course, at that time, at any other time, any period in our human time, they always have some teachings. Like Buddha came out and told you what to do, if you want to become Arhat, what you do. If you want to become a rich person in the next life, what you do. If you want to be born into royalty, what would you do. If you want to be born in heaven, what would you do. Remember that? The Eightfold Path?

You can be a king in heaven or you can be just a naga, the water being, maybe a water king, but still a water being. It’s not much power, not much merit, and just live in the water. OK, you have some power, some magical power, but that’s all. Cannot be liberated or cannot hope to be liberated, if you don’t practice somehow, if you don’t meet the Buddha.

So, he said, “I want to be a king in heaven now because I have enjoyed all the worldly comforts, luxury, and happiness, and bliss. Now I want to enjoy bliss in heaven. I must go practice a certain kind of way.” So, he appointed his crown prince to rule the kingdom. And then he went into the forest for 84,000 years, practiced diligently nonstop. He went to the mango forest, and became Makhadeva. Maybe that’s why his name is Makhadeva king. Ah, probably Makhadeva was the name of the country and that forest belonged to that country.

So, he went to practice for 84,000 years and he of course was reborn after he died, his merit finished, he died, left his physical body, he went to become a king of heaven, because he practiced diligently. And you want to go higher than heaven and you practice like that and like this and like that. You want to go beyond heaven, beyond a normal heaven kingdom. Well, good luck. Why not? Quan Yin Method! Master Ching Hai! Powerful, can do anything, no problem! Well, good luck! He still had 84,000 years, that’s what the message I want to tell you. Is anything else here? He saw that he still had 84,000 years to live, to rule the kingdom in bliss and happiness, and luxury and comfort. He was still worried so much already.

It takes 84,000 years of whatever blum blum method to become a king in heaven, heaven is normal heaven. Maybe astral heaven, maybe Third Level heaven. Inside these destructible heavens, meaning it still can be destroyed or maybe renewed somewhere else. Just like some things in the world, some things are lasting, some things are not. Some things can be rotten with time. So, those kingdoms of heaven are not forever, and he is one of the kings up there. 84,000 years long he practiced asceticism. From the king of comfort and power and ruling the whole country, he became nothing.

Just a little ascetic renunciate in the cold, harsh jungle or forest. It was even a mango forest. He probably ate mangoes every day. How many can you eat per day? Can you eat mangoes every day? (Yes.) Then you can become a king of heaven. For 84,000 years, every day you just have to go take some leaves, pluck some mangoes if it’s the season. Yeah! Mangoes don’t bloom, don’t produce fruit all day, every day, every year, huh? (No.) All year, no! Then you have to go dig roots, buds, and some other kinds of berries and fruit. And for 84,000 years, can you do that? (No.) No, of course not because you are not the Buddha. You don’t have this kind of resolution to help beings.

I really hate this system. I told you last time. I told you somewhere already. Maybe not to you, to the staff. I hate this system. I really want to break it. Either that or that, you know. Either, or. Just keep doing like that is too much for a Buddha, too much for anyone. To have to recycle yourself here and there, one time a servant, one time a fish, one time a deer, another time a goose and people even pluck all your hair (feathers) because of greed. The goose with the golden feathers; he can pluck out one and give every day to his family to sustain his family. But then his former human wife thinking to pluck it all out and then it will grow again and they will be rich. And then plucked all his feathers in one day. Not only the suffering he had to go through and no more power. From then on, no more golden feathers came out. And then they lost everything.

We practitioners are also the same. Don’t force the Master to always have to see you or look at you, you know what I mean? Or shove it into Her face every day; go to Her place and force Her to have to bear you every day or every time you come. The Master also has to recover, because of the energy She spent for the disciples, as well as the world, the more needy people, for example. If we are greedy, maybe we will lose everything at the end also.

So, last time, they put up a big tent in front of my cave, covered everything, covered all the trees also, and some trees died. And I had to reprimand them and I had to take it off. Not because I care about that piece of land but because if I let them do that, the Taiwanese (Formosans) will not have merit or whoever comes. It’s too forced an issue, and you should not do that without asking.

If you go to somebody’s house, you ask first, “Can I come to your house? I’m going to put up a tent in front of your house. Can I do that?” Even if the owner is not there, you must wait for an answer, right? You can’t just go into any place and just because that owner is hospitable and invited you one time, two times there for some special occasion, with all love and hospitality, that doesn’t mean you can just take it by yourself. It’s different. It’s different when somebody gives to you voluntarily and when you force that person to give it to you. Is it different? (Yes.)

Of course, it is different. A very big difference, right? (Yes. It’s not nice.) It’s not natural, not nice, and you create karma. You cannot just say, “Because I’m near Master, near Her cave, and then I will have merit or blessing.” Oh no, no, no, not when you force it. Anywhere is the same. Maya will not allow that. Even if the Master is OK with that, you cannot have it because maya calculates everything. It’s not your place. Five Precepts. Don’t take what’s not yours. Don’t take what’s not given. Got that? All right.

Now, I just want to tell you, don’t wait for 84,000 years to rule your kingdom’s little house, and then wait for your hair to come out, and then shake all over, sweating. He was sweating. The king was nervous, trembling. And he felt like some energy had left his body because he was so fearful, that he was shaking and sweating. He felt like his soul had left him. That fearful, because he was wise. He was not an ignorant king or ignorant mortal. He was a wise king. He ruled his kingdom with love, with principle, and he was of course, inherently a Buddha. So, he knew that if he didn’t start now, he would have no time. 84,000 years (Wow.) and no time.

And you have how many more years left? I don’t want to say anything. But for me, I feel like it could be tomorrow, it could be next week. I feel my time is so precious, so precious, that every day I feel sorry for myself if I don’t have enough time to meditate or don’t meditate a lot. You understand me? Or don’t rest enough or don’t recover. I feel very sorry for myself because time is so precious. It doesn’t wait for you. In a blink of an eye, ten years pass already. I don’t remember when I was 40, not to talk about earlier than that. Somebody around me, I asked, “How old are you now? Because you look so young and beautiful.” “I’m 40 already, Master.” Proudly, you know? I said, “Oh my God, I don’t remember when I was 40 anymore.”

Sometimes we chat nonsense. Never mind, it’s OK. You know that, right? I chat also just to make them happy. Just to sound friendly and democratic. Not the Master, oh, cannot have contact, cannot talk, cannot laugh in Her presence. This is the opposite. You don’t laugh. I want you to laugh, to feel happy. Don’t be so conservative. Maybe you learned with other masters before and they were very, very serious and all that. But he should be actually. Master should be. Otherwise, people just want to come and touch you.

I went to see some disciples and they wanted to take my scarf, and what if I’d choked? You understand me? (Yes.) I could choke if they do that. Always have to protect myself. I said, “OK, easy, easy. Just touch the hand, OK? Don’t grab it.” I’m old now. The bones are not like when I was young, anymore; it can hurt. Sometimes it hurts here and there. When you have a chance to touch it, you feel, oh, I do have a bone, it complains.

OK, I’m going now. You go eat. (Thank You, Master.) Yeah. (Thank You so much, Master.) If you want to come up, the Westerners only, not the other people who stay in the Western countries. Only the Westerners, looking like Westerners – black and white and red. And the yellow, no, OK? I just want to invite the Westerners. Because if I invite all the yellow, then I don’t have to invite, they are here already. Come and maybe they have something good today. Come up and eat with me, OK? (Thank You.) All of you.

The Westerners, because you’re probably not used to all these Chinese, Aulacese (Vietnamese) food, so maybe they have something like (vegan) pizza, like last time. (Yes, yes.) They cook it for me, but I eat only one piece, one mouthful and then the rest I even give it because they like it. They like leftovers from Master. My God, you’re like hungry ghosts. Only hungry ghosts like leftovers. (Yes.) Within nine minutes, of course, I can give you. OK, come, come. (Thank You, Master.)

OK, I wish you peace and happiness. (Thank You, Master.) God bless you. Buddha bless you. (Thank You, Master.) Bye. (Bye.)

Whoever’s going home can take some. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. Thank you. (Thank You, Master. I love You.) Thank you, cameraman. Thank you, hufa (guards). Thank you for your support. (Thank You, Master.) (Goodbye, Master.)

The Supreme Master TV (team) can also come, yeah? Come, come, come, come.

Thank the translators. Thank you for translating. Thank you, all the cameramen, hufa (guards), kitchen. Thank you, all of you, for working with love. Thank you. OK, can come have a look, the translators. I don’t talk anymore. Come here.

From where? (Chinese.) Ah, Chinese. (Taiwanese [Formosan].) English. Taiwanese (Formosan). Two? Two Taiwanese (Formosans)? (Chinese and Taiwanese [Formosan].) Ah, Taiwanese (Formosan). (Mongolia.) Mongolian. (English.) English. (Korean.) Korean. (Âu Lạc.) Âu Lạc, Vietnam, Âu Lạc. (Âu Lạc.)

Two Âu Lạc. (Yes.) Why? (I translate Chinese.) (English.) Helping technique, yeah? Technician, right? What? (English. Aulacese [Vietnamese], English.) Ah, Aulacese (Vietnamese), English. (Yes.) And then English, Aulacese (Vietnamese), right? (I translate from Chinese into Aulacese [Vietnamese]). From Chinese into Aulacese. Oh, wow! She is from Chinese to Aulacese (Vietnamese). He is from English to Aulacese (Vietnamese), or Aulacese (Vietnamese) to English (Yes.), or Mongolian to Chinese, Chinese-Mongolian, Korean to Russian, right? OK, thank you. OK, good, good. All right. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Appreciate your help.

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