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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 145 - The Return of the King

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And I could see during a long retreat that the incarnations of Maitreya Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ, Lao Tzu, Quan Yin Bodhisattva, Kangxi Emperor, King Arthur, Genghis Khan, etc. were all Master. I saw all these vividly I saw all these vividly in my inner visions.

Up till now, we have come to know about some of the past great kings who were prophesied to return in the future as the world’s Savior. To put it another way, it was one Savior King all along, who had been manifesting in different parts of the world as these outstanding rulers.

“I have been in this planet, oh God, a long, long time, become kings and queens and founders of many religious monks’ and nuns’ orders…”

From High King Arthur of Britain to the French King Francis I, to Mongolia’s Genghis Khan, Lord Quetzalcoatl of the Toltecs, and King Gesar of Tibet, plus many others…


We hope that these revelations of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s past lives make you feel as delighted and inspired as we do, kind viewers. Our only regret is not yet knowing all of the benevolent lives that Master has lived before over the ages; it is certain that there were so many more around the globe. Any one of Master’s incarnations would fill many volumes with accounts of Their extraordinary lives. But even with a brief look, we can easily find notable similarities among Their deeds, as well as with those of Supreme Master Ching Hai today.

For example, often Master was born in violent times, overcoming difficulties, even attempts on Her life. It must have been Heaven’s protection, and the Divine Plan, because despite the dangers, Master would rise to power and achieve the unachievable. This was the case with King Arthur of Britain and Queen Seondeok of Korea, who both as infants had to be sent away for their safety. Similarly, Genghis Khan and King Gesar, though rightful heirs to the throne, were outcasts in their early years. Yet all four of these individuals surmounted huge odds and brought stability and unity to Their lands.

In this lifetime too, Master was born in wartime and has overcome many attacks from the negative force, both before and after becoming a Master. Master sometimes has to work in hiding still, for safety reasons, though most of it She did not mention. Even though some of us knew about those situations, Master didn't let us talk about it. But despite innumerable obstacles, She triumphs in uniting our world with Her message of peace and love.

Second, civilizations made great progress in the countries that Master graced. Consider the many ways Lord Quetzalcoatl prospered the lives of the Toltecs; the modernization of Britain during Queen Victoria’s era; or the founding of the unique democracy called America under its first President, George Washington. In the present time, we can find similar patterns: Ever since Master lived in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, and in Germany, these two countries have seen remarkable economic prosperity.

Also, as brilliant administrators, China’s First Emperor Qin Shi Huang, King Rama V of Thailand, Korea’s King Sejong the Great, and King Trần Nhân Tông, etc. abolished old systems such as slavery, and confidently embraced new reforms, be it the rule of law, science and medicine, support for farmers, a standardized written language, and/or a uniform weight system to facilitate commerce. Even when seeking talent, many of Master’s past lives, like Genghis Khan and King Trần Nhân Tông of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) began employing officials based on their merits and ability rather than family status. All these changes were to strengthen the nation and benefit the common people.

These examples also prove the visionary wisdom Master has always had, including in this lifetime. For example, while the rest of our world only recently began accepting veganism as “the food of the future,” Master has been working towards World Vegan for the past nearly four decades!

“You see, it is very clear in the Bible that we should be VEGAN. And by all scientific reasons, we should be VEGAN. And by all health reasons, we should be, again, VEGAN. And by all economical reasons, we should be VEGAN. And by all compassionate reasons, we should be VEGAN. And by “saving the world”, we should be VEGAN. It is stated in some research that if the people in America would eat VEGAN once a week, we would save 60 million people every year. So be a hero, be VEGAN! By all reasons!” “Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!”

“Before, we kept saying everywhere, ‘Please don’t kill the animals! Please don’t cut down the trees!’ Now, everybody seems to pay attention. At least, they realize the danger of climate change and the benefit of protecting the environment and animals. Soon it will come to the day when if you kill an animal, it will be classified as murder. I’m waiting. If you take a life, that’s killing, that’s murder.”

A third interesting similarity is that, just as Master encourages the arts which elevate people’s minds, so did many of Her other past incarnations as monarchs; for instance, King Francis I who was the “Renaissance King” of France, Britain’s theater-going Queen Elizabeth I, Emperor Wu of Han and Kangxi Emperor of China, etc.

As another of Her trademark actions, Master would go on arduous tours of Her kingdom in order to understand and improve the people’s welfare. She made these travels openly as King Francis I (on horseback in rain or shine), and incognito as China’s Qianlong Emperor and the Thai King Rama V!

We could go on and on about the wonderful highlights shared among Master’s past lives, like the fact that many of Them were vegetarian and engaged in prayer and meditation with Their people in mind. But what these all seem to reveal is an unchanging compassion and deep devotion to others.

The Austrian and Hungarian people will always remember Empress Elizabeth (Sisi), who sympathized with the commoners and often comforted the sick and wounded in hospitals, “like an angel of mercy.” The same is true in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), where Emperor Lý Thánh Tông is still praised as the merciful king, the one who always worried whether the people had enough food and on one cold night had warm bedding sent to all the prisoners.

In another example from our Association member’s inner vision, when Master was the renowned Queen Cleopatra in ancient Egypt, “in whatever She was doing, even just drinking a cup of fruit juice, She was always exhausting Her wisdom in thinking, ‘What can I do to let my people live better? How can I accomplish God’s mission that was entrusted to me?’”

“(During my retreat in 2000, During my retreat in 2000, I saw that Master was Queen Seondeok of Korea. In that vision, I saw Queen Seondeok’s whole life. Queen Seondeok’s whole life. It was predicted that Queen Seondeok was an ancient Buddha descending from the 6th star of the Big Dipper, the Great Bear ‘Gaeyang,’ and that She would be born as a twin, as this star is a binary star. Before She was born, an astrologer predicted that She would become a king. At that time, the queen mother wanted to take power, so she was afraid because it seemed like the queen consort would give birth to a boy. The first baby of the queen consort was a girl, who was the sister of Queen Seondeok. Then the queen mother left, without knowing there were actually twins. A bit later, the queen consort gave birth to the other twin girl, and sent baby Queen Seondeok out of the palace in absolute secrecy with a maid of honor to raise Her. After this, She had narrow escapes from the danger of assassinations ordered by the queen mother. Queen Seondeok disguised Herself as a male until She grew up and She ran a business in China. Later, She came back to Korea and fought with the Mongolian army. And then I saw Her being enthroned as Queen in my inner vision. In that inner vision, I saw Her going through all kinds of dangerous hardships. After Queen Seondeok ascended to the throne, She managed national affairs with great wisdom. She not only reduced taxes, but also improved the lives of the people and they were able to live a more comfortable life than ever. So, people worshipped Her as a living Deity from Heaven. as a living Deity from Heaven. I saw Queen Seondeok pass away sitting in a lotus position. In the inner vision, I could recognize that Queen Seondeok’s face was that of current Master Ching Hai’s beautiful appearance. It allowed me to know for sure that Master was Queen Seondeok. Quan Yin Bodhisattva said to me during my meditation, to me during my meditation, that Queen Seondeok came back to Korea again and became a King. ‘Queen Seondeok is the Savior, Supreme Master Ching Hai.’)” Etc…

It is no wonder that in humans’ long history, these few great Leaders became Legends who won our hearts forever.

“(In 2003, while I was in another retreat, I also could see that Master was King Sejong the Great who is admired and beloved by all Koreans. That is, Queen Seondeok reincarnated and came back. I saw in my inner vision that He had already started researching for Hangul (the Korean alphabet) since He was Crown Prince. King Sejong the Great created Hangul because He wanted to teach His people to write. However, officials at that time did not want the people to be too knowledgeable. Because that way, it was easier for them to control and rule over the people, thus they even tried to assassinate King Sejong the Great. Still, King Sejong the Great overcame all these kinds of difficulties and gave people a chance to learn Hangul, which He invented. All the people could read letters because of His effort. Also, He enforced many benevolent policies, and reduced taxes to take care of people’s livelihoods. So people worshiped King Sejong as God and respected Him. King Sejong the Great’s whole life flashed by in front of me, and here I also could notice that King Sejong’s face was the face of Master Ching Hai of today. Quan Yin Bodhisattva told me that King Sejong the Great would become a Holy True Master at the Dharma-ending Age, and He would have numerous disciples.

And I could see during a long retreat that the incarnations of Maitreya Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ, Lao Tzu, Quan Yin Bodhisattva, Kangxi Emperor, King Arthur, Genghis Khan, etc. were all Master. I saw all these vividly I saw all these vividly in my inner visions. I’m so grateful and honored to be Master’s disciple to be Master’s disciple in this lifetime! Life after life, Master has reincarnated as each region’s True Master, Emperor and Queen of many countries, relieving their suffering and giving Light and hope to this world. This disciple doesn’t know how to thank You for all this grace! to thank You for all this grace! I pray for Master’s health and comfort in Her heart, and that all Her work will go smoothly!!!)”

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