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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 139 - The Return of the King

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Last week, we began to explore a most fascinating prophecy made by Genghis Khan, the Beloved Supreme King of the Mongols, eight centuries ago about our current period. According to the text titled “The Secret of the Golden Melody,” Genghis Khan urged His future descendants to look for an enlightened Master whose name is “Ching.” She would impart the highest Method of rejoining with Heaven, thus many people would follow the path of “the Golden Melody and Light”! This, of course, is the Quan Yin Method of meditation on the inner Heavenly Sound and Light!

From the evidence we have found in previous episodes, we believe that Genghis Khan actually had foreseen His own return as our Most Loving Master: Supreme Master Ching Hai would come at this special time of unprecedented open disclosure of this secret Method, in order to lead humanity into the Golden Age!

In this book, Genghis Khan told us that the highest knowledge is knowing yourself within and from inside. The book titled “The Secret of the Golden Melody” is a documentation of Genghis Khan’s teachings, which were transmitted orally over 15-plus generations by the Blue Dogs Clan of Mongolia. Realizing that the time had come to reveal the teachings, the Clan eventually entrusted poet and author Khureltogoo Banzai to record and publish the book, which has been enthusiastically received since its first print in 2003. Some years later, Khureltogoo Banzai learned about Supreme Master Ching Hai and became Her disciple.

“(Unless humans get enlightened sooner, the likelihood that they might destroy the planet Earth is becoming very high. Therefore, this book had a purpose, what is that purpose? This book talks about the methodology to enlighten people and get them out of suffering. When the time came that people finally understood that we all have one Earth and we need to get enlightened in order to live peacefully, the enlightened Master came down proclaiming, ‘Greetings, my children.’ This Master is Supreme Master Ching Hai.)”

In “The Secret of the Golden Melody,” Genghis Khan gave instructions not only for saving our souls, but also for rescuing our world from self-destruction in the present age.


Wow!!! The Great Khan’s words then and Master’s words now are very much the same and unmistakably clear, simple, direct − and vital. They both instruct us to stop three things at this dangerous time for our world: First, to “STOP EATING FLESH LIKE MONSTERS.” Second, to “STOP DESTROYING NATURE.” And third, to “STOP TORTURING ANIMAL BEINGS.”

“All killing, torturing, humans or animals, must stop. All deforestation, harming the environment and destroying the trees – all that has to stop.”

“We must stop the killing of the sentient beings, whether directly or indirectly. Directly means like the butcher, the people who raise livestock for meat. Indirectly are the consumers, the ones who buy meat to encourage this practice to go further.”

“If we don’t eliminate meat consumption, we could never reach even a low impact on the environment, no matter what else we do. We must stop the most inefficient, unsustainable, life-destroying practice of murdering animals and stop it now. Stop it yesterday.”

“If humans do not change into a more compassionate way of life, then we have to keep hunting, catching viruses forever. (Oh.) Nowadays we have how many already? Always new. You saw that? (Yes.) We defeat one, or maybe not even defeated, and another one comes already. It’s more powerful than the last. (Yes.) So the only way is that you have to live like humans, not like beasts. Eating bleeding flesh, dripping-blood flesh just to keep yourself alive. We don’t have to do that to be alive.”

Genghis Khan also instructed that humans must “RESORT TO EATING PLANTS, WATER AND AIR” because these are the only effective means that “WILL LET YOU OVERCOME THAT TIME.”

“We have enough with problem, but we have solutions to this problem. It might not be that early, but it’s still not too late, we still can rescue our home, planet home. Number one solution is vegan, organic vegan. Veganism will save our world.

Adopting a plant-based diet can halt as much as 80% of global warming, eradicate world hunger, stop war, promote peace, and it will free up the Earth’s water as well as many other precious resources, offering a lifeline for the planet and for humanity. In short, it will very quickly halt many of the global problems facing us right now.

Elsewhere in “The Secret of the Golden Melody,” Genghis Khan said: “Food for humans is plants and vegetables, water, white food, and air.”

Plants, vegetables, water, air, and “white food,” meaning dairy products: These are the foods that Genghis Khan, who Himself was a benevolent vegetarian, recommended. While forbidding meat, He allowed dairy products because normally in Mongolia’s nomadic custom, milk has been taken in a way that does not harm the animals.

Following the global trend, the descendants of Genghis Khan, especially the youth, are increasingly choosing vegetarian and vegan diets for ethical, health and environmental reasons. Around 30 vegan cafés and restaurants across three major cities and 18 towns offer diverse, nutritious and organic vegan dishes for customers.

In addition, over the past decade, several vegan food producers have emerged in Mongolia. These companies have developed plant-based versions of traditional cuisine, plus new recipes including some inspired by favorites from other cultures.

Mongolian people are also becoming more compassionate and protective of animals. Not only do they treat their animal companions lovingly as family members, activists are also speaking out for the defenseless. For example, a group of young people are currently advocating for a ban on eating horse meat, on the grounds that horses have always been a trusted friend of the Mongolian people. One young man in particular, our Association member, set up a sanctuary for horses rescued from slaughter, which has received overwhelming support from the public.

A significant contributor to this vegan trend in Mongolia has been the loving, positive influence from Supreme Master Ching Hai in Mongolia. Over the years, Master has spoken with Mongolian government and society leaders through a number of conferences and letters. She also inspired our Mongolian Association members to establish Loving Hut vegan restaurants and spread the vegan message in their own capacities.

Among their many activities, our Association members have been forming non-profits and working with the Mongolian government as well as farmers to promote organic vegan farming. These efforts successfully led to the government passing its first law to support organic farming in 2017. Our Association members also launched the website to provide fellow Mongolians with various resources to be vegan.

From State Parliament members to religious leaders and the average citizen, many Mongolians know about Supreme Master Ching Hai and deeply respect Her and Her peace message.

“(Dear Master, I’m really joyful and grateful to be here, knowing Your compassionate and humanitarian work.)” “(On behalf of Mongolia’s population of 2,700,000, I feel very privileged and blessed that I am one of the persons who can contact You right now.)” “(From now on, we should follow what Master has suggested to us.)” “(Supreme Master Ching Hai is especially doing very noble, good activities.)” “(What shall we do to be so nice like Supreme Master Ching Hai? What do we have to do to have this kind of situation?)” “(I think it’s a great honor for me that I am living in the same era when Grand Master lives.)” “(Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!)” Etc…

Thus, it is encouraging to see an unstoppable movement under way that is helping Mongolia (and our world at large) to fulfill the instruction and prophecy of the Great Genghis Khan.

“(Dear Most Beloved Master, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to Master, Tim Qo Tu.

I had a vision that when You came to Earth as the Great Chinggis Khaan [Genghis Khan], You used the Power of Melody and the Power of Heavens, not weapons and armies, to bring much needed peace and unity among nations immersed in endless war and bloodshed.

You have left Your message in ‘The Secret Golden Melody’ to be kept secret for eight hundred years, and entrusted the clan of the Blue Dogs people to pass it down for 15 generations and disclose it when the time comes, when people reach the edge of destroying their Mother Earth. Chinggis Khaan commanded that in order to get out of darkness, we must meditate with the Golden Light and Melody, and in the Power of the Immortal Blue Sky and Heavens, eat vegetables created for us, and that this is the only gateway out of the cycle of sins.

Many thousands of people from Mongolia have gotten initiation from Supreme Master Ching Hai and are practicing the Light and Sound Method. I was fortunate to be one of those, and received initiation on April 4, 2004 with 44 others. Since I got initiated and became pure vegan, I have been blessed by Master and saved from many hardships in my life. I have been saved from mountain floods, saved from being run over by motorcycles, and cured of my illnesses. I have witnessed how the [inner] Light that Master opened for me was leading the way to Heavens and enlightenment.

I would like to ask Most Beloved Master to enlighten us and decode for us “The Secret of the Golden Melody.” I pray every day for the Most Loved and Cherished Master to be always happy and healthy, and all Her loving wishes for the planet Earth and humanity to be realized. Respectfully, Your disciple Zagar.)”

We are deeply grateful to the Extraordinary Divine Being, whom humankind has had the privilege to know as Genghis Khan in the past, and as Supreme Master Ching Hai in the present day. We pray that humanity will be awakened by Their life- and soul-saving instruction to be vegan, first, and also join the liberating spiritual path of the Golden Melody. May the Savior King always be protected as She protects and sustains our world with Her Divine Power and the Power of the Immortal Blue Sky.

“(From the Holy land of Gods You have descended, Blessing our destiny (Like this.) You have bestowed lullaby melodies upon us You are loving us With the golden teaching of Truth, You are gracing the multitude With the purest heart of Yours From the Holy land of Gods You have descended, Blessing our destiny You have bestowed lullaby melodies upon us.)”

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