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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 136 - The Return of the King

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Genghis Khan, the Supreme King of the Mongols. Why do His descendants send a white horse every five years into the sacred mountain of His birth?

“Descended from the Eternal Blue Sky, Born in the steppe, United His Blue Mongols, Made the world know His name; The courageous Mongol Chinggis (Genghis), The Lord of Lords Chinggis (Genghis).”

Previously in this series, we began exploring prophecies from Europe about the advent of an extraordinary, peace-making King in this lifetime, who had also been great monarchs in past incarnations. In Asia, there is another traditional belief in the return of a great Ruler and a Hero of the people. Gracing the Earth in the 12th century, Genghis Khan is renowned for building the great Mongol Empire. The size of Africa, it was the largest connected land empire in world history.

In recent years, historians have been revising their views after discovering more truths about the brilliance and benevolence of Genghis Khan. Born poor and illiterate in a time of strife, He overcame adversities and taught Himself through sheer discipline and determination to form a peaceful empire and thus stop the constant fighting among the smaller tribes. A great diplomat, He saw no honor in fighting and preferred instead to let rumors of His might to spread in order to encourage enemies to surrender and cooperate.

How was Genghis Khan able to gain more lands and subjects in 25 years than the Roman Empire accomplished in 400 years? He was in fact, as Supreme Master Ching Hai once revealed, no ordinary ruler but a Master, and thus handled matters, including conflicts, on a different level. “These are the forces of maya anyway, the opposite ones. So that, the Master can absorb [the karma] quickly, because it’s a Master, it’s not a normal ruler. But of course, there is some price to pay, it’s not like scot-free. But because such a ruler is the Master, They can do it. But mostly, in the conflicts, these so-called Masters, They will try their best to solve the conflicts with friendship, like King Arthur used to do. And like King Genghis Khan, He went everywhere, and people just surrendered. According to what I read, very rarely was there any resistance that resulted in bloodshed. That’s why He went from one country to another so fast. First, He sent people to talk diplomatically, and then He is helping them, instead of possessing their country. And then they let their own people govern themselves also. Not like go and invade the country and take the whole country and rule it yourself. He just kind of formed an alliance, and the military action was only when it was really, truly unavoidable with very little bloodshed, according to what I read.”

Once uniting the disparate tribes, Genghis Khan concentrated on building peace and prosperity for all His citizens while allowing local customs to continue. He created the world’s greatest trading network including roads, granted freedom of religion, abolished torture and slavery, espoused meritocracy over aristocratic privilege, and supported women’s rights, among other policies considered way ahead of His time. In addition, Genghis Khan’s rule is also credited with achieving the world’s first ever international postal service, the first wide use of paper money, and the first culture to support universal literacy. Thus advancing civilization, He once said, “[A leader] can never be happy until his people are happy.” In addition, Genghis Khan eventually practiced spiritually and was a vegetarian.

It is no wonder that centuries later, the Mongolian people still regard Genghis Khan with profound love and veneration. Attesting to this love is a national Mongolian tradition known as the State Worship of Burkhan Khaldun Mountain. This sacred mountain is both the birthplace and burial site of Genghis Khan. When He was alive, Genghis Khan Himself once declared Burkhan Khaldun Mountain as sacred after it had shielded Him from enemies. Following were His humble words of gratitude as retold and recorded in “The Secret History of the Mongols”: “‘…Fearing for my life, I climbed the Burkhan Khaldun Hiding in ravine crevices; A shelter of broken willow twigs I made my home. In the forest of Burkhan Khaldun, I found a refuge for my soul. My body like a tiny creature was sheltered from danger. Oh Burkhan Khaldun, You stood by us orphans, You saved us from enemies. May you be worshipped every morning! May you be praised by generations! The offspring of my offspring shall be mindful of this and do likewise!’ He spoke and facing the sun, hung His belt around His neck, put His hat over His hand, beat His breast with His fist, and nine times kneeling down towards the sun, He offered a libation and a prayer.”

In His honor, the State Worship of Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, held every five years, consists of three ceremonial events – all centered around the expected return of the beloved Genghis Khan. The first ceremony is the Reclamation of the Black and White Spirit Banners of Genghis Khan. In the time of the Mongol Empire, these unique banners called “tug” were used by the Khans: the Nine Black Banners signified wartime, while the Nine White Banners were an emblem of peacetime. The very original “tugs” were protected by the Tibetan Gelugpa lamas in their temple for centuries as the symbol of the Spirit of the beloved Khan, whom they respected very much. Today, the Nine White Banners of peace are officially kept in the Government Palace at Ulaanbaatar. The second event of the ceremony is the sending of a white horse to the mountain. The Prime Minister or President of Mongolia places a mark on the white horse and symbolically sends him into the Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, so that when Genghis Khan returns, His horse would be ready for Him. The local people then take care of the special horse, who must be treated with respect by all. Third, an arrow is launched into the sky in hopes that Genghis Khan’s Spirit in Heaven will hear His people’s call.

Indeed, a glorious King has been missed very much by His descendants. Among them are our Mongolian Association members. “Many years back before my initiation, in our office we had a painted picture of Genghis Khan. For some reason, I always liked to look at the picture of Genghis Khan. Every time I looked at Him, I felt like He was saying something to me. I didn’t give much thought to this feeling. But every time I thought about Genghis Khan, I sensed this warm and loving feeling and energy. Several years later, I got initiation on July 22, 2009 from Master. After initiation while I was meditating, in my vision I saw Master as Genghis Khan in a glorious, magnificent white apparel. Although I was quite overwhelmed with what I saw, I was feeling a warm and loving energy. After I realized, from listening to the international retreat in France, that Master blessed the earth as Great Genghis Khan of the Mongols, the inner visions I had before and after initiation that They are the same Being became clear to me. I always pray Heavens to protect Master and for Her good health and safety, and for Master’s noble missions for our world to come true sooner.”

“After knowing that Master came as Genghis Khan, the Mongolian initiates were all relieved and our sincerity towards our Great King was regaining. Just after I learned about this through Supreme Master TV, I went to Taiwan (Formosa) to take part in an international retreat. On the way to Taiwan (Formosa), I had this assurance that I was going to visit our Great Khan. When I came to the international retreat and Master came out to bless us, I was praying to Master but at the same time I was praying to our Great Khan. And while I was praying, I was weeping inside saying, ‘Great Master, Great Khan! The great country You once created has fallen down, now it is nowhere near the great country You made, and how the ordinary people suffer now!’ And I was praying to Master asking for Her blessing to put Her country on the right path She chose for us. After I came back to Mongolia, I immediately went to Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, the birthplace of Genghis Khan where, according to legend, He sat for days meditating before going on His next long journey. After I climbed Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, I was met by spiritual guardians. They were ancient Mongolian soldiers wearing magnificent unforms. They expressed that they had been waiting for their Great Khan for hundreds of years. We met embracing each other, and I immediately felt Master-Genghis Khan’s Love and spiritual messages were flowing through me onto them, who had been waiting for hundreds of years for their Great Khan and now they realized that He is back as our Master. When I climbed up to the shrine on top of Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, I had a vision of the time I was serving Master, the Great Khan. At that time, I realized inside me that whenever Master came to Earth for Her mission, I followed Master to serve Her. At that moment, I realized the purpose of my initiation and it has all become very clear to me. Then I prayed to Master, our Great Khan, to bless Mongolia, Hiers homeland and people. I realized that Master has led to me to come to this place from where I should convey a message about Mongolia to Master-Genghis Khan. Glory to Master, Our Great Khan.”

As some of our Mongolian Association members saw in their visions, Supreme Master Ching Hai was the Great King of the Mongols, Genghis Khan. Perhaps He had heard the sincere calls of His people, carried by the winds above the Burkhan Khaldun Mountain. Also, His return is bringing a lasting peacetime to our world, as signaled by the Nine White Banners. “Every peaceful plan will be done.” And what about His white horse? In 1999, during a Moon Festival celebration in the United States with our Association members, Master made a delightful and meaningful appearance, sitting regally astride a beautiful white horse!

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