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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 141 - The Return of the King

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“The raft sailed on the waters of the sea towards the EASTERN HORIZON, and the old people say that it entered the sky. But it is not known how and in what way it reached the world of Light. And those who know say that Quetzalcoatl in fact lives, that He did not die. Again He will return. Over His people He will come to reign.”

Previously, we began to explore the prophecy about the return of Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl, the venerated Master and King of the Toltecs who lived a thousand years ago. According to the legend, as He bid farewell to His disciples on the Atlantic seashore, Lord Quetzalcoatl promised that He would come back one day to bring lasting peace to the world. He then threw His cloak onto the ocean water and sat upon it. Miraculously, it did not sink but carried Him like a raft. As He began to move away from the shore, Ce Acatl lovingly said: “May the inventor of man, the knower of man, look at you all with love! May you be happy and comply with everything that I gave you to eat from my lip and my mouth (teachings)! MAY THE EARTH REMAIN, may the mountains stand! May the flowers of roasted corn, the perfumed flowers of cocoa, spread throughout the world! MAY THE EARTH REMAIN!”

Already, Lord Quetzalcoatl, who was a fully enlightened Master, knew that our planet was on a course towards annihilation due to the world’s accumulated bad karma. Thus He was praying for us, He wished us well. His deep concern has never changed till our present era.

“I dream that all the world will become peaceful. I dream that everyone becomes Buddha. I dream that all the killing will stop. I dream that all the children will walk in peace and harmony. I dream that all the nations shake hands with each other, protect each other and help each other. I dream that our beautiful planet will not be destroyed. It takes a billion, billion trillions of years to produce this planet and it’s so beautiful, so wonderful. I dream that it will continue, but in peace, beauty and love.”

“Animal consumption is eating up our planet, is killing us humans, and destroying our only home that soon we might not even have a planet to live on, for our children to continue to live on. Now, we can see meat is everywhere, legally killing us and our children, legally killing our planet, killing the environment on massive scales! We must stop animal production now and at all costs if we want to keep this planet called home.

“Well, I don’t mind going, it’s just that how about the other people who like to live, who want to live on this planet, because they do not know yet there is another place that they could go. And if they die in such a situation, it’s very difficult for their spiritual upliftment. And this is still a very beautiful planet, it’s still repairable. So just one request: vegetarian (vegan) diet. Then everything else, we will have time to do and to think of.”

“It’s so easy to destroy your planet. If nothing changes, our planet will become, maybe, like that. Maybe either like Mars or like Venus or just finished – exploded or uninhabitable, everything ‘kaput.’ Right now, it’s still hanging in balance because we have more and more people joining the vegan diet. It’s still hanging in there. But I don’t know how long it can hang. Nighttime, when I’m alone, I’m meditating, I see all the catastrophic situations. I see people suffer, I see animals suffer, I just keep crying. And my heart is in so much pain. Sometimes I don’t know how to switch it off. I wanted to, but sometimes I can’t. I just have to go on working and hoping for the best. Let’s hope we can still make it.”

In early 2012, we learned that Master had saved the planet for some more years through Her extreme sacrifice.

“Well, I thought I would never see you again. And here I am. Wow. It’s nice. Maybe… Maybe our luck changed. I hope it changes forever. We have saved some more years for the planet. I don’t know if you have, I have. We have. Probably work together. Yeah. You saved.. Phew! I hope it will last longer, but I have to work harder. So much suffering. It’s worth it, it’s just sometimes I thought I cannot do anymore. Phew! I am glad to see you, though, I really am. The price was so high, I thought I couldn’t see you.”

The Master Power, Heaven Power can help to keep the planet afloat for some time, to buy time for us. But we have to take action now. All the governments in the world must take action or else we’ll be all gone. And even if the planet will not be gone, it will be like a burning inferno. And I don’t think any good parents would like to imagine their children or their grandchildren be burnt in such an inferno like that. So, if they love their children, grandchildren, great-great- great-great-grandchildren, they have to act NOW! They have to be vegan NOW!

The account of Master Quetzalcoatl continues: “The raft sailed on the waters of the sea towards the EASTERN HORIZON, and the old people say that it entered the sky. But it is not known how and in what way it reached the world of Light. And those who know say that Quetzalcoatl in fact lives, that He did not die. Again He will return. Over His people He will come to reign.”

True to the legend, when Supreme Master Ching Hai began Her mission in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, one of the very first countries She visited abroad to give lectures was Costa Rica in 1989. Thus, She returned from “the eastern horizon.”

“My dear friends, I felt like I came home, because of the love you have showered upon me in these days since I arrived in Costa Rica, by so-called strangers on the street, by the children in the schools, by the passengers on the bus, by the clients in the restaurants. I felt I know everyone in Costa Rica because they all know me. I felt that God has loved us so much these days. I felt God has united us in a very invisible and loving way. I’m filled with such a very rare sentiment that I am surprised also at myself. I could let my tears roll down, but I save it; because if a tear comes out, it lessens the intensity… I like to enjoy it, the blessings that I cannot speak of. I think you also feel the same way. I hope you do.”

“I felt extremely happy when I arrived here. Just alighting from the plane, I already felt happy. Probably due to affinity from past lives, I like this country a lot. I stayed here for one day and one night, and then it seemed like I was in my own country. Here I have heard many good stories, very delightful, kind, and pure stories. Our fellow practitioners told me that the people here are very pure, mostly vegetarians, or eat very little meat, hence everyone here is very calm and peaceful. No wonder I felt so comfortable when I got out of the car, as if I were among my own people.”

Master spent quite some time in Costa Rica, establishing an ashram there for the fast-growing number of disciples. She also soon gave lectures in Panama and Mexico.

“I’m surprised; I don’t even speak their language. The first time I came to Mexico, I felt their overwhelming affection immediately. And every time I go there, it’s the same; and the Costa Ricans also.”

“(I have a friend who loves me, loves me, loves me, I have a friend who loves me, and Her name is [Supreme Master] Ching Hai of Âu Lạc (Vietnam).)”

Master’s affinity with the people of that region was undeniably strong. Many must have recognized deep in their souls that their Priest-King had returned from “the eastern horizon”!

“(I met Supreme Master Ching Hai in 1991, when She had an interview with a former president, and I had a great desire to meet Her because She was my brother’s spiritual Master, of whom he spoke to me so much. And, although I had been trained within the Catholic religion, when he told me about Her teachings, I thought, yes, it makes sense, they are the same teachings of [Lord] Jesus. The day of the meeting, we were a group of people waiting for Her, and the moment She came in, I felt that I already knew Her, that I was seeing again a person very, very dear. Kind of like the real Mother that I was seeing again, in the spiritual sense.

No matter how much I tried to remember, I did not remember where I had seen Her, who She was, but She was someone very close and well loved previously. As She passed me, She took my arm and so we went up the stairs where the meeting place was to be. The former president was late in arriving, and I had the opportunity to talk for a longer time with Her. And when I told Her that I felt very good, very comfortable with Her, She said something like: ‘Maybe we met before.’ And we continued talking very happily. I had never felt so much love, so much love from someone. A different love, out of this world. And I thank Master for giving me that great opportunity. She gives that great opportunity to all the human beings whom She is fighting for and is trying to help us.)”

“(Before initiation, when I was a child, I often dreamed about a beautiful Angel that I could not see but only hear. In my dreams, every time I set foot in the dark, a huge and ferocious black cat appeared with the intention of killing me, and I could hear a sweet and reassuring female voice saying, ‘Stay in the Light with your mother and your brothers, there you will be safe.’ So I would turn around and see my siblings and my mother protected by Light and quickly return to the Light.

When I became a young adult, I had a dream of a beautiful ‘Angel’ full of Light with beautiful Asian eyes. She was wearing a beautiful floor-length ball gown decorated with precious stones in the colors of Quetzalcoatl. Years later, when I started in the Quan Yin Method, in a photograph I recognized my Angel as my beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. I have never found the right words to express how much I love Her and how grateful I am to Her for having taken care of me and my family. I’ve always felt very safe because I knew that I was very well protected by ‘my Angel.’

Currently, my husband, my children, two of my grandchildren, my mother and four of six siblings are Quan Yin initiates. My brother is vegan, his wife and eldest daughter are initiates, and his three little daughters are vegetarians. Also, my sister’s grandson is also vegan. With infinite appreciation, I thank my beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her loving care.)”

In 2010, Master came once again to Mexico and spent some time in Mexico City and the Cancun area. Like Quetzalcoatl before, She was blonde, light in complexion, and once again welcomed by the native “strangers” with copious warmth and affection.

“In Costa Rica, when I first went there, first time ever, and then when I had to leave, they’d say, ‘Master going, when You leave, it’s like somebody cut a piece of my flesh away.’ From her flesh, away.”

“(I want to see You all the day and night.) I will be too busy. (No, You have many bodies. Please give me one to see You every time.) What for to see 24 hours? Only when necessary, right? (It’s necessary all the time.) I will take your love with me. And I will keep the memory of the best time I have here. I will always remember the Mexican people. Yes, I really wanted to live here. (I would like a lot You to be here.) I don’t know why. I came and I’d like to stay.”

“(Lord, You have looked in my eyes, Smiling You said my name, In the sand, I left my boat, Next to You, I’ll seek another sea.)” “Beautiful!”

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