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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 138 - The Return of the King

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“The All Penetrating One called CHING’s arrival on earth will coincide with the revealing of the secret of the Golden Melody, I ask you to look for Him/Her.”

Records indicate that in His later years, the Great King of the Mongols, Genghis Khan, sought the elixir of immortality (enlightenment). He even invited the Chinese Taoist Master Changchun (Qiu Chuji) to visit Him and share his spiritual guidance. Evidence that Genghis Khan was familiar with spiritual practice can be found in an extremely precious text that was published for the first time only recently in 2003. Titled “The Secret of the Golden Melody,” this special book is a collection of instructions from Genghis Khan that are addressed to the future generations of His people. Prophetic in nature and poetically expressed, these words of the Great Khan Himself were preserved and passed down for over 15 generations by the Blue Dogs clan, according to His order.

But what is “The Secret of the Golden Melody” and why was it so important to Genghis Khan that we should know about it today? The following stanza, which we have translated into the more understandable modern Mongolian language, states that the “Golden Melody” is a spiritual practice, a way “to rejoin with the Highest Power of the Eternal Blue Sky.” In Mongolia’s traditional culture, “Eternal Blue Sky” means Heaven.

“If you want to rejoin with the Highest Power of the Eternal Blue Sky, PRACTICE THE GOLDEN MELODY that has been passed from your noble lineages. Many will emerge on this path. Please be reminded, my children, THE GOLDEN MELODY AND LIGHT are the highest.”

Wow! Genghis Khan truly did know the highest Method of communion with the Divine Power: The path of “the Golden Melody and Light,” or the Inner Heavenly Sound and Light! He also knew that this Method has been secretly passed down in human history through the noble lineage of Saints – the enlightened Masters. As Supreme Master Ching Hai has explained:

“The Quan Yin Method is ancient, as old as the universe itself, and it has been PASSED DOWN FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL. It shows a direct link to our Self and Great Nature or God or Buddha Nature, which is LIGHT OR MELODIOUS VIBRATION, glory, peace, love, blissfulness. And if we practice this so-called Quan Yin Method – means the practice of contemplating on our real inner Self, which is the melodious, glorious vibration – then we can find out that we are truly from God.”

“God manifests in two ways: LIGHT; OR THE VIBRATION, THE SOUND, which we will hear SIMILAR TO MUSIC, but it will soothe our being, it will raise us to Heaven; leave this physical body for a while and contact a higher dimension. Then we can learn more wisdom, assimilate more of a higher dimension atmosphere. So when we come back to this world, we change. We become more intelligent, more loving, more understanding; we become more Heaven-like.”

“The HEAVENLY MUSIC spoken of in many holy scriptures of different religions, such as the ‘Word’ in Christianity, the ‘Shabd’ in Hinduism, the ‘Heavenly Music’ in the Taoism, the ‘Sound Stream’ in Buddhism and so on, is the only true teaching directly from the Kingdom of God, as well as the language of universal love and supreme intelligence.”

“Quan Yin means to make contact with our inner Sound. This silent music which plays without instruments and which is direct guidance from God. This Divine Light and Divine Music come immediately during initiation.”

“Please be reminded, my children, the Golden Melody and Light are the highest.”

“The Light and Sound Method is the highway of spiritual practice. It’s the top. It erases sins. It elevates criminals’ minds even. If they sincerely repent, they will be elevated, and liberated.”

“Of course, in this universe, there are many different ways to do things. There are faster methods and slower methods. Some methods are superior, and the Quan Yin Method is superior. It works very fast. Karma from so many past lives are burned instantly. Success is a sure thing. It’s impossible for us not to succeed. It’s impossible for a Quan Yin Method practitioner not to become a Buddha. That’s impossible.”

“The Immortal Light will only be obtained through meditation, not by any other means. It is not for worldly benefits but for salvation from your sins and wrongdoings.”

“Only the Light of God will cleanse us of all sins. In baptism, you’re supposed to see Light that descends from Heaven, like a white dove, for example. We have seen that in meditation. So actually, when we are initiated, at that moment, we are fully enlightened, and all our sins will be gone.”

Genghis Khan even predicted that many people would practice this secret path of the Immortal Light and Golden Melody. Today, there are countless practitioners thanks to the gift of initiation as so openly and compassionately bestowed by Supreme Master Ching Hai. We are also very happy that so many of Genghis Khan’s own people in Mongolia are also practicing the Golden Melody, as He had urged them to do.

“(We have a very big ground, but a very small population. But we now have almost 2,000 initiates.) Oh, wow!” “(Recently we had an initiation ceremony in Mongolia. So over 200 new initiates got initiation.) Wow. (Over 200.) Bravo. (Also, many initiate candidates are waiting to get initiation.) Oh beautiful, beautiful. (Still many are waiting.)”

“Good news. Good news. (Yes.) Tell them I welcome them to our family. We welcome to our family. (Okay, we will kindly forward that message to them.) Very good, Mongolia. My God, such a good place.)”

But this is not all. Amazingly, Genghis Khan even told us exactly whom to look for in order to find the secret of the Golden Melody!

“The All Penetrating One called CHING’s arrival on earth will coincide with the revealing of the secret of the Golden Melody, I ask you to look for Him/Her.”

Wow!!! “The All Penetrating One called CHING” sounds like the name of Supreme Master CHING HAI! And yes, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s arrival on earth has really coincided “with the revealing of the secret of the Golden Melody” on a scale never before seen!

“Yes, that’s what I am going to show you. That’s the silent (inner Heavenly) Sound, the teaching of God. That’s the ‘Word’ in the Bible, ‘the music of the stars.’ They call it different names. You can hear it right away. That’s why we call this Method ‘immediate enlightenment.’ We help you to open your Heavenly ears; then you can hear the stars.”

Notably, the Westernized “Genghis Khan” is actually “Chinggis Khaan” in Mongolian, and it means “Universal Ruler.” Coincidentally, “Chinggis” in Mongolian also means “Ocean.” In the present day, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s name again means “Ocean,” as “Ching Hai” in Chinese means “Pure Ocean”! (“Ching Hai” also sounds similar to “Chinggis.”)

“That One [called Ching] will tell you the path of ultimate enlightenment; Will also reveal to you the secret of not slipping into darkness from enlightenment; Will also reveal to you dangers that you might face on the path of Truth.”

“The universe is not always benign. Look at the world around us, just a small planet and so many tricks, so many traps, so many dangers around already. If you go into the spiritual field, there will be also danger there if you don't have a Guide to protect you and to tell you how.” “So I will teach you at the time of initiation how to protect yourself.”

The stanza also mentioned that the Inner Heavenly Sound and Light is the only way that humans can get out of their lowly state of existence.

“[That One called Ching] will lead you to the Golden Melody and Light; Will tell you the knowledge behind true enlightenment; Will tell you how humans may get out of the worst state they have reached; It will only be achieved with the Golden Melody and Light.”

“The more we meditate, the more we know, through the meditation, the knowledge of the Divine and all the more exquisite, secret knowledge that’s revealed to us through the (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound meditation – the more we know about it, the more we want to meditate. Yes, we must. We must, anyhow, even without knowing all that knowledge of the Divine. We must recharge with our meditation, with the higher vibration of the (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound, because the (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound is God, and we are a part of God: we are God. Without the (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound, we are almost like we are no God, we are nobody and we will be very, very suffering of different kinds and more, more blindly suffocated in this negative atmosphere.”

“We have so much suffering in this world, and we have a lot of unsuccessful adventures, and we blame maybe God sometimes for not blessing us. But, actually, we should blame ourselves for not making use of the power that God has given us since time immemorial. Because of not using this power, we are still here. Because of not using this power, we are suffering, or we see the suffering around us. Because of not using this power, we have wars with one another. Only when we use this power, then we truly have everlasting peace.”

How compassionate was Genghis Khan, to have revealed to us the key to salvation for us future generations, having probably foreseen that our world would be in even deeper trouble without it! He said that Master “Will lead you to the Golden Melody and Light,” and indeed She most graciously has.

“(Upon meditating on the [inner Heavenly] Light, I felt that my body was so hot as though there were thousands of sun rays shining inside my body. Upon meditating on the Sound, I heard the sound of ocean waves and the sound of thunder roaring during a storm.)” “(During initiation, I seemed to see [inner Heavenly] Lights of different colors flashing by. I also heard deep [inner Heavenly] Sounds of a big chorus and bells.)” “(I hear [inner Heavenly] Sound 24/7, whether I'm doing Quan Yin [inner Heavenly Sound meditation] or Quan Quang [inner Heavenly Light meditation]. And I see beautiful Light.) That’s good. (And it improves, too.)” “(Every time I meditate, I sometimes see white [inner Heavenly] Light, bright sunlight…)” “(I went to a realm, which had the [inner Heavenly] piano Sound, and then the [inner Heavenly] Sound of a lyre, which was beautiful. I felt very peaceful, very happy. I was so happy, Master.)” “(Then I suddenly recalled: ‘This is the [inner Heavenly] Sound of the flute that Master mentioned.’ As I listened to the music, wow! My whole body was pacified My whole body was pacified and very comfortable.)” Etc…

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