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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 144 - The Return of the King

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The legendary King Gesar of Tibet had 12 powerful animal guards – famously known as the Werma. In a rare inner communication, they share their heartfelt wishes for Master and deliver a timely message to humankind!

Last week, we found out about the miraculous life of the beloved King Gesar of ancient Tibet, who also had many other great Divine reincarnations. As for His future mission, King Gesar would be reborn as another extraordinary Being named Rigden Rudrachakrin.

“In nature You are the Vajra Manjushri. In manifestation You are a Divine King of the World. In ancient times You were the Knowledge-holder Padmasambhava. In the present You are Sengchen Norbu Dradult [Gesar]. In the future You will be Rigden Rudrachakrin.”

Rigden Rudrachakrin is the last of the 32 predestined Kings of Shambhala. Sometimes referred to as Shangri La, the kingdom of Shambhala is believed to really exist, supernaturally guarded and hidden somewhere between the Gobi Desert and the Himalayas. According to the Shambhala Prophecy:

“It has been prophesied that in the future (which is actually predicted to be sometime in the twenty-first century), when this world is overcome by barbarians who hold extreme and perverted religious views, this great Vidyadhara (supernatural) hero, Gesar Norbu Dradul, will arise in the enlightened body of a sacred warrior general, the foremost Rigden King of Shambhala, Rigden Rudrachakrin, and, enveloped in the splendor of a hundred thousand suns, will once again return to defeat the hordes of maras (demons) in our world.”

Wow! We know that the Shambhala Prophecy – of the last great battle between the light and dark forces – is being fulfilled today by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Because I saw animals’ clip, the cruelty that’s measured onto them. So, ‘Ordering all Godses to hunt down all the zealous demons, lock in hell forever.’ Because of them, humans became cruel. That’s why I am anguished with the humans, but I’m angry with the zealous demons. So, I ordered all the Godses to hunt down all of the zealous demons, or harmful. Here I only say, ‘Zealous demons; locked them in hell forever.’ (Wow.) (Thank You, Master.)”

Let’s now hear a fascinating testimony from our Association member, Ling Chen, who also shared other inner visions about King Gesar in the last episode.

“(In July 2019, before I set out with two fellow brotherson a trip to the Tibetan region of Qinghai Province on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China, I suddenly realized, through inner vision and experience, that our beloved Master was the legendary King Gesar of Tibet.

On the day we set out on our trip, we were already seated on the plane when there was a sudden announcement that the departure would be delayed by 90 minutes. I found that strange, so I consulted the Inner Master. Master said, “The three of you must recall the vows that you made at the time when you were followers of King Gesar. Only then will the airplane take off.” I told the two brothers about this. We were all astounded and tried very hard to remember. Suddenly, through Master’s hint from within, I recalled the vow we made in the olden times. I told the brothers that we made this vow together: we made this vow together: “We vow to follow King Gesar to HELP SENTIENT BEINGS TO ATTAIN EQUALITY AND TO DELIVER THEM FROM SUFFERING. Should we break our vow, may Heaven destroy our souls.” “All beings are equal” was precisely the ideal of King Gesar.

When I revealed this vow, all three of us were tremendously shocked deep within. Then came the announcement that the plane was going to take off. It was just a matter of minutes and Master had eliminated the obstacle for us. When the plane landed, we were surprised to see many invisible beings there to greet us. They were King Gesar’s old subordinates and people who believed in King Gesar. They lined themselves on both sides of the path to welcome us, while exclaiming joyfully: “The messengers of King Gesar have returned! The messengers of King Gesar have returned! Loaded with King Gesar’s love, they have returned to see us. With great respect, WE WELCOME THE RETURN OF KING GESAR, bringing infinite blessings to us. KING GESAR IS GOING TO REALIZE HIS PROMISE!”

Apparently these invisible citizens had been notified that Master’s disciples would be coming. Since Master’s physical body cannot return to every country that She had once ruled, we are Her tools to convey Her love and blessing to sentient beings in these countries. However, all this was Master’s arrangement of which we had no prior knowledge. That night, many of King Gesar’s old-time subordinates and citizens, as well as believers from later times, came to our place. The merciful Master not only taught them patiently, but also took them to Heaven later. but also took them to Heaven later. Even the animals there knew that Master’s disciples had returned bringing Master’s Love. Many animal spirits gathered together, and team after team they sang songs of praise for King Gesar, which they had composed themselves, to the transcendental form of Master. Master’s transcendental form was there and was much amused by the lovely singing of the little animals. She laughed and lovingly praised the animals: “Extremely lovely!” After that, Master elevated their souls.

While visiting the King Gesar Cultural Expo Park in Maduo I suddenly saw in my inner vision that I and a brother traveling with me had served as generals under King Gesar in ancient times, and we both held a white bow in our hands. So, we had followed Master in the old times, and in this lifetime, we even have the great honor to be initiated by Master and to serve as Her tools! The highest and most glorious Master has worked hard life after life, saving sentient beings. Prostrating in gratitude, may our most beloved Master enjoy eternal good health, peace, and glory!”

“I live for that only. For the world’s wellness, for the animals’ suffering to lessen. I don’t live for anything else. Truly like that. And the Godses know I spoke the Truth.” “I don’t really need anything. I just need to be alive and strong. Just to work for the animals until I die. I live really just for them now, I know that. I really am determined and my heart just wants to do that. Truly. Definitely, strongly and intensely, for the animals I shall live. I would treasure my life, whatever leftover of my life, just for them.”

Every day and every moment, even as we speak, Master is wholly devoted to bringing justice to the innocents. Thus, She is continuing King Gesar’s noble efforts to completion, along with Her “army” of helpers.

Speaking of Master’s helpers, we recently had a rare chance to communicate with some of King Gesar’s 12 powerful animal guards – famously known as the Werma – through the inner contact sister Ling Chen kindly made on our behalf. In the previous episode, we saw illustrations of five of the Werma guards as sister Ling Chen described their special powers. When these drawings were being made for this program, the Werma gods graciously guided our illustrator on how to draw their individual portraits, saying, “How can we take GOD’s SHOW lightly”?

For example, the Bear told us, “If the portrait does not look fierce, how will the bad guys and the demons be afraid? Draw my teeth! … And draw the moment that I slapped the demon with my bear palm. Hehe!” The White Tiger god was satisfied with his picture, while the Rabbit goddess asked to look a little slimmer! The very polite Divine Horse thanked our illustrator very much, advising that his mane be shortened to not block King Gesar’s view. And the Falcon god requested that his eyes be made sharper, “because whoever is called a protector must look powerful.” Etc… We also asked the five Werma gods if they would like to send greetings to their beloved King.

“No sooner had I been requested by the AP (Ancient Predictions) team to ask those animal guards whether they had any well wishes for Master, I immediately received their collective love, which made me unable to hold back my tears. They are gods and goddesses, They are gods and goddesses, with the gods very young and handsome and the goddesses also very young and beautiful. They didn’t appear to me in animal form, but in human form. Not all of those gods of King Gesar before appeared to me, but only a part of them. They said, ‘There are a total of 12 animal guards of King Gesar, and some of them have now descended to the Earth to help Master and therefore are not in Heaven.’ The five animals I’ve seen from my inner experiences – the White Tiger, the Bear, the Rabbit, the Divine Horse, and the Falcon are now in Heaven, and so I could ask for their opinions about their illustrations, while I can’t contact the others who have been incarnated as human beings. The animal guards of that time, mentioned above, got together to sprinkle flowers on Master to comfort Master’s current difficult and arduous situations on the Earth, and were all crying together for all the suffering She has to bear. They sincerely said, “Respected and beloved Master, our love for You has never changed since time immemorial. Since ancient times, we’ve often come to the Earth to help You, bearing the same joys, anger, sorrows, and bitterness with You. Now that the Earth is at an even more difficult and critical moment, we in Heaven will try our utmost to help You. May Master’s Divine body be healthy and strong!”

The noble Werma gods then lovingly shared some words for us humans, as well. “Their message for human beings is: ‘Please be sure to identify Supreme Master Ching Hai as King Gesar of before. The stories about King Gesar that you’ve been singing and passed on from person to person for more than one thousand years, are the accumulation of painstaking efforts of Supreme Master Ching Hai at that time. Rather than admire and praise the stories of us, the animal Werma who followed King Gesar to subdue monsters and evil spirits, please follow Her teachings of love and Her footsteps. She is the incarnation of ‘Love,’ and so please make sure to follow Her footsteps very closely, not making Her to have too much exhaustion and hardship. We sincerely present our best blessings, wishing that the Earth will be free from control and crisis, in order to enjoy peace and happiness. ‘Keep the world in peace and happiness’ has been the heartfelt wish of King Gesar, and life after life He has been endeavoring to bring about positive changes. PLEASE DO U-TURN AT ONCE AND BECOME VEGAN TO FREE THE WORLD FROM THE BAD CYCLE OF KILLING, AND ENTER INTO A NEW ERA!’”

We would like to thank the mighty celestial Werma guards for this vital message, and for so loyally assisting Master till today. Thank you, sister Ling Chen, for sharing all this marvelous information, thus allowing us to find out the real identity of the legendary Saint-King Gesar of Tibet. In the grace of the Buddhas, we pray that the King of Shambhala, Supreme Master Ching Hai, will always be protected, and that Her compassionate mission will succeed, for all beings to sing joyful songs of total Peace!

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