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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 140 - The Return of the King

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“Rejoice! A new day is coming, the magnificent day, of radiant beauty, when I will have to return to my face (myself). Then you will see me! On that day you will understand the Divine reasons, I will raise my harvest and reap what I have sown. THEN THE EVIL BEAST WILL DISAPPEAR FOREVER AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WALK IN PEACE.”

He was known as Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl to the Toltecs in present-day Mexico and Kukulcan to the Maya people. Some believe He is also the same as Viracocha of the Incas in present-day Peru, and Pahana of the Hopi people living in the United States. As a physical manifestation of the highest God, Lord Quetzalcoatl was both a just King and a venerated enlightened Master who lived around the 9th or 10th centuries AD. Described as being light-skinned and blond, Lord Quetzalcoatl taught His people agriculture, astronomy, the arts and trade, etc. He emphasized peace, compassion for all beings, and the worship of God. It is no surprise that Tula, the center of His kingdom, flourished under the leadership of their founding hero and civilizer. But as it is often the case that enlightened Masters face obstacles in this dark world, Lord Quetzalcoatl, who Himself had never done any wrong, was unjustly exiled from Tula. The Priest-King traveled to many other places, touching countless lives with His Divine wisdom and benevolence. Numerous legends throughout the Mesoamerican region hold traces of His precious teachings, some of which were recorded in texts known as “Huehuetlahtolli,” meaning “ancient words.”

During a visit to Mexico, where the great Quetzalcoatl once taught and lived, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared the following: “The Mexican people have a very high, spiritual property, maybe because the ancient ancestors of this country had been a race of spiritual beings. We all descended from the spiritual realm, that’s no doubt. But in some races, they are more reminded, more practicing. Maybe your country has the fortune, the privilege to be immerged in more spiritual inheritance than some other countries. Maybe that’s why some of your spiritual remnants are still left over today, like the pyramids or the teaching of the great Master Quetzalcoatl. That was a long time ago. But even then, the atmosphere of spirituality was never lost. It always rests in the air. So it blesses the country and the people who live in it.”

“I just read some of the Master’s teaching today, just a little bit, but it’s so beautiful, so beautiful. Speaks the language of love, of poetry, of Heaven. The language of the Masters. I have found that many great Masters, they speak almost a similar language.”

“Ce Akatl (Quetzalcoatl) once sang: ‘Where the snails make ETERNAL MUSIC, where the horns resound and the atabal (drum) vibrates, where the MUSICIANS OF THE SUN dance in their joy, there I want to go, with you, mother and father of mine!’” From His eloquent words, we can tell that Quetzalcoatl also taught the Quan Yin Method of contemplating on the inner Heavenly Light and Sound, the same Method of enlightenment imparted today by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

“[A Master] OPENS OUR EARS, He enlightens us. He is a guide of guides and offers a path. One depends on Him.”

“The Word or the Sound of God is always omnipresent. But if our HEAVENLY EAR, our inner man are not awakened, we cannot HEAR. So at the time of initiation, the Master will help you to awaken this inner man or the INNER EAR, and repair the communication system. So the inner man can contact with God again, and receive instruction and grace.”

Following are a few of the many other resemblances we found between the teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai and Quetzalcoatl.

“During the day, study Divine books, CONVERSE WITH YOUR HEART and practice the arts and crafts. At night STAY AWAKE, sing praises until dawn and never miss the NIGHT BATH.”

“Converse with your heart” is the way the Quan Yin initiates do: Reciting silently in the heart the names of the Lord, even while practicing their mundane occupation (arts and crafts). And during the night they meditate, praising the Lord and BATHING in Hiers Blessing.

“Just BE AWAKE at night. That’s the time when the most blessing is coming. And if you are more awake, that means your soul is still here. Not gone away. It receives blessing into the soul. If the soul is elsewhere, maybe in another world, or just not aware, then the blessing is less. Because when you sleep, the soul’s gone out.” “During the initiation, perhaps you were told that you should meditate in the morning, or bed time before you go to bed. Because most people work in the day time, so the best time [to meditate], before you face the world is in the morning. And the best time to CLEANSE is in the EVENING. Cleanse the whole day’s kind of influence before you go to bed.”

“Concentrate solely on Ometeotl (God). The NAME and glory of the One who can do everything is the only thing that produces joy.”

“Concentrate only on God, enlightenment, deeper level of consciousness and happiness. Because the deeper you go, the more you’re happy, the more enlightened, and the more intelligent, the more blissful. And then you can deal with all kinds of problems - if any problem.” “Do not accept what you do not deserve, or claim what is not yours, or abuse what you have not created.”

The five precepts required for the disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai: 1. Refrain from harming or taking the life of sentient beings. 2. Refrain from speaking what is not true. 3. Refrain from taking what is not yours. 4. Refrain from sexual misconduct. 5. Refrain from using intoxicants.

“So, God created all beings and lets them die naturally. So should we. IF WE COULDN’T CREATE, AT LEAST WE DO NOT DESTROY. The commandment in the Bible is: ‘Thou shall not kill.’ It didn't say: ‘You shall not kill humans only.’ It says, ‘Thou shall not kill.’ Anything killed is killed.”

“Love one another, help each other when in need with the blanket and the roof, the jewel, a salary and food.”

“That’s what brotherly love is for. It may be your turn next. You got to help each other.” “It boils down only to that: inside, get to know ourselves; outside, help others. Very simple. Because you want to know yourself more, so you came here. Because you want to help others, so you help the homeless, the disaster victims, and Supreme Master TV. So, very simple life. Inside, know yourself; outside, help others. Help other beings. Other beings, not just humans, but animals, insects.”

One day, Master Quetzalcoatl gathered His followers on the sandy seashore, climbed on top of a stone, and announced a prophecy that began like this. “I just came to prepare a way for myself; now I must go. But do not fear, I am not leaving forever: you will hear my voice eternally. Do not cry for the gone prince, because I have left you my words and my jewels.”

Lord Quetzalcoatl tells His followers that His time has come to ascend to Heaven. But He comforts them with the assurance of His return, while reminding them that His “words and jewels” – the inner and outer teachings – will be with them forever. Today, while millions still wait for Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl, our Association members are joyful knowing that He has already reappeared! For the beloved King of the Toltecs was one of the past incarnations of Supreme Master Ching Hai.

“(A year ago, I was watching a documentary about Quetzalcoatl. Before that, I didn’t know much about that ancient civilization. When they explained that Quetzalcóatl was a loving and compassionate God with superhuman abilities, who traveled to many places to teach farming techniques, and shared everything with everyone; I thought He was like my Master. Then at the end, they mentioned that Quetzalcoatl promised to come back and save everyone, taking them with Him. In that moment I knew it for sure: Supreme Master Ching Hai was Quetzalcoatl in one of Her previous lives. Because I was feeling a lot of happiness, gratitude, and a kind of confirmation of the liberation, confirmation that She will always be [there]; and I felt the assurance that She would keep Her promises. When I was watching the TV show, I had a vision or revelation. I could see our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai traveling around Latin America. I could see Her accompanied by one person and with many followers, who looked at Her with admiration. It was a confirmation that Supreme Master Ching Hai was in Mexico in that lifetime, specifically in Yucatán; and some of the questions about why there are several [Spiritual] Blessing Lines over there, were clarified for me. Supreme Master Ching Hai has also expressed that She feels very good when She visits Cancun, Mexico. Knowing that Supreme Master Ching Hai has a special connection with Mexico and that She promised our ancestors to return and take us with Her, fills my heart with love and happiness. In another occasion, while I was meditating, Master explained to me that the contract I signed before coming to Earth spans several lifetimes like a plan or strategy. And it adheres to Supreme Master Ching Hai’s biggest plan of saving souls by spreading Master´s affinity with the souls through the disciples in order to help the souls who hadn’t had any chance to meet Her in previous lives.)”

As His speech to His followers continued, Master Quetzalcoatl revealed the wonders He would do in His future coming: “Rejoice! A new day is coming, the magnificent day, of radiant beauty, when I will have to return to my face (myself). Then you will see me! On that day you will understand the Divine reasons, I will raise my harvest and reap what I have sown. THEN THE EVIL BEAST WILL DISAPPEAR FOREVER AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WALK IN PEACE.”

Through Her continuous reincarnations on Earth, Supreme Master Ching Hai has sown the seeds of affinity, as well as the seeds of Her teachings, to help countless beings. Now, the special time has come for the final “harvest,” as She takes up all souls to an unprecedented level of consciousness.


“(In the joint prayer and meditation for World Vegan, I saw from inside the enormous and Divine power of Master and Supreme Master TV. Because of Supreme Master TV’s operation, humankind is gradually awakening. Leaders have awakened from their original state of confrontation and immediately turned to work on peace projects with cooperation and love. The evil and powerful giant, dark serpent has turned into a mini snake which is as skinny as the little finger, and is struggling to sustain temporarily before being imprisoned in a container. All beings are living in a very important moment that will witness miracles never seen. My gratitude to Master’s Grace, and my deep love and respect for You, the Great and Divine Master. Tzu-Hsuan from Taiwan [Formosa])”

“By the way, you know what? Maya is gone! Forgot to tell you. I like that very much. Wow, a lot of work, but I really cannot bear that guy anymore. I know everything is illusion, for me; but for all the other beings, they are not illusion. They are in true suffering, pain, sorrow, anguish, untold misery. And he always interfered with my job, also. But still not like completely clean. It’s the beginning of a Heaven kind of energy.”

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