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Four Beings Who Take Care of the World, Part 5 of 5, Jan 2, 2021

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And it’s good for them to remember things, to remember to go inward, to remember why we have to have liberation. Because this world, sooner or later, it will be demolished, will disappear, disintegrated. Just like every element that makes up this world and makes up our body.

But after I read this story, I felt, “Oh, my God, so tiring.” (Yes, Master.) Even the Buddha reincarnated again and again as this and that animal, and then had to kill to eat and all that. And then came back again. Even if the Buddha wanted to come down and help beings, He had to swim in the river of life and death forever like that in different forms, in order to make affinity with as many beings as He could.

And thus, I feel, my God, what a tiring kind of life here. I don’t want us to ever come back and forth, and become this and that again. I want to finish with all this. That's why in India, mostly they revere the Guru very much, the Master who gives them initiation and frees their souls. They even sing songs like, “Only my Guru is for me. God has thrown me into this whirlwind existence and only my Master can pull me out of it.” Something like that. They even revere, almost hinting like the Guru is even better than god. That’s what it is. And now when I read this story, I understand why.

Even though they are not Jewish in India, Hindu or Muslim, but they understood this. What does god do? Throw us in here, and to fend with tigers and demons and whatnot? And fight for survival. What for? I did not ask to be born here. Did you? Any of you asked to be born here? Yes or no? (No, Master.) How come you guys are so quiet, I thought... Why were you so quiet? (We don’t remember. I don't remember.) Suppose you remember, would you have asked? (No.) Would you imagine you would have asked going to this world like this? (No, Master.) I’m telling you, it’s hell. When I see how they torture the animals and torture humans, oh, it’s terrible! And then they come back and kill each other again to revenge.

In Armenia, recently we have war there, right? Remember? (Yes, Master.) A small one, at the border, for a piece of land. And many moved out already, but maybe some are old, they cannot move. Or some didn’t have anywhere to go. Even soldiers, they don’t know where to go. Even if they’re soldiers, but they don’t have a home everywhere. The region that has been fought with Azerbaijan, that was their home. And so they linger around and then they just fought them again or captured them and imprisoned them, and some even cut their throats. An old man. It was on TV. It was on video. It was terrible. It’s similar to the way the butcher in the slaughterhouse would cut the throat of one of the animals inside. Oh, my God. He was calling God all this time until his throat was cut. He struggled, he kept calling, he called God, “Alláh-u-Akbar,” all this time until he could call no more. And they still cut his throat – an old man, old and weak man. The soldier did this. Maybe they wanted to frighten everyone else just to move out of there. Or they just ethnic cleanse. This is really hell. It’s truly hell.

In many places on our planet, it’s still hell, I’m telling you. How could a human do that to another human, alive-and-kicking human, an old man like that, defenseless in front of his house? He had nobody else, only him alone. I guess that’s why he didn’t know where to go. It’s not that easy to move. (Yes.) And after you’re old already and you live in one place all your life, where would you go? Go somewhere, become a beggar, or begging for some morsel of food and lower your dignity like that? The refugees, they don’t want to leave. No one … I mean, most people who are refugees, they did not want to leave their land. It’s just because of the war and some terrifying bombing or killing that they had to run.

They run with their bare hands. They had nothing and didn’t know where to go. You saw some some documentaries on TV, a few years ago, when many refugees ran to Europe. (Yes.) They really have no baggage, nothing even. They just walk because some countries didn’t want them to pass, didn’t let them go on train or buses. They just walked then. They walked to Germany. Remember last time? (Yes.) A few years ago. Because this world is truly hell. In many parts of the world, it’s still hell. Even if I’m working very hard, I always remember all this.

And I’m always very grateful for whatever I have, for what kind of life that I can maintain. I’m truly very lucky already, no matter how hard I work. Of course, it would be better if I didn’t have to work so hard, that I can contemplate more inside. It’s also better for the world, but I cannot, one body cannot do too many things. So, I just have to balance it out and do what I can. But I’m always grateful, every day, for every little thing. For clean water to drink, because I know millions don’t have clean water. They drink whatever, and then they get sick and they don’t even have medicine to take care of themselves. Don’t even have a doctor, don’t even have anything.

And children, in the refugee camp, when they first came, they walked bare feet on the snow. And they don’t even have a room like we have. They have just some plastic sheet on top. And just one or two walls, not completely closed. Just like your garage without the door, empty like that. And they stay in there. They walk bare feet on the snow like that. But in Germany before, also, some decades ago, when they had the war, many buildings were destroyed. Many people had nothing to eat and children went bare feet like that. Not just for one day, two days. They went to school like that or went to buy something, or get some wood, went bare feet like that. I saw some documentary film, long time ago. Even within their own race of beings, they kill each other and punish until that point, until such an extent that children, innocent children, had to suffer. No food, no drink, and then have to walk bare feet on the snow.

You stay in the warm weather, you still need to wear pullover and hat and jacket. Right? Whatnot. Imagine in Germany, it’s very cold in winter. It’s warm a little bit for two, three months in summer, of course. It’s similar to England or somewhere, like in Washington, D.C. or something. But Germany is more to the north pole. It’s colder than America. (Yes.) Always cold in winter. I remember, when I was in Germany, we were driving on the road, highway or national road, there was snow everywhere. Because they have big fields or big land left empty in winter. So, we can see up to the horizon only white, only white, and nothing else. And then the cloud was very low, also. So, you feel… Sometimes, I tried to forget it; otherwise, I felt like trapped. I felt very suffocating, like claustrophobic. All is white, white, white. And on top, the cloud is also white. I mean, not white-white but like grey-white. And it is like pressuring down on you and the snow it’s just like so very cold and unfriendly. And you can go hundreds of miles like that, seeing nothing except snow everywhere. And it can be very depressing, feel very pressurized. I did.

What story? New Year, I tell you about ghosts and cold climate and the god who creates such and such. Yeah, nothing good. Sorry. But most of these stories, even then, it’s good for us to reflect, (Yes.) to contemplate that truly, there’s nothing here for us. Even god has thrown us down here to the wolves. That’s what they say, no? (Yes.) Throw you to the wolves. (Yes, Master.) Like helpless here. We are really like that, almost.

The moment you are born, you already are attacked by all kinds of… free radicals. And the baby is just helpless. It’s like thousands of needles pinching on his skin, tender skin. Because he was protected inside with the lubricating fluid and all that, and warm. Suddenly he came out, it’s a different world and his skin was still tender. All the organs, every part of him or her is still very tender, tender. Super tender, and he has to bear this world with all kinds of pollution.

All right, my love. If you have any questions, be quick. No, nothing? (No, Master.) Asking about this, about the god? This is not a higher god. (Yes, Master.) You can tell very well. (Yes, Master.) What kind of god throws his own creations against each other like that? And even with the lubricant in the form of these four guardians of the world, they still kill each other. It’s just minimized the damage, or the killing, the murdering only, but not completely. You see that? (Yes.) So, god’s really thrown us down here to the wolves. And woe too if you don't worship or praise him. Now you have a Master, you don’t have to. But don’t offend him. He will give strength to these four guardians and then they might blow you to somewhere worse. OK, my love.

I guess I am not very lively today. The story didn’t help either. I also don’t want to disturb or offend the god. Otherwise, I would give him some piece of my mind. Maybe next time when I am very angry, then I will not mince my words. I am not very angry today. Otherwise, I could have done that. But many times, when I am alone even, I am very angry with god for creating so much suffering. And we even have to thank him. For what? Understand? (Yes, Master.) I hope you sleep well and don’t feel too tired. (Thank You, Master.)

It’s good that you’re listening because it’s easier for me this way. And I do want to work. It’s just how do I work with the disciples outside? They only gather like weekends, or some holidays and I don't remember what day is a holiday, even. And if arranging like this, it’s also very good. I don’t have to go out and nobody has to come to my area. (Yes, Master.) And very little work because normally sometimes if I want to lecture or something, I have to ask this and that and, that takes many hours to arrange. And for this even, I’ve been asking since at least one, two years. I keep telling one person to another, and whoever, saying, “Please arrange one room so that whenever I want to talk to you guys, it doesn’t take too long.” But nothing done. Asking again and again and again. And then I work, and I forgot also. And they work and they forgot also. At least two years I’m thinking of this. See whatever I can do.

It’s not only for you, but we will air it, and then people will listen. (Yes, Master.) And it’s good for them to remember things, to remember to go inward, to remember why we have to have liberation. Because this world, sooner or later, it will be demolished, will disappear, disintegrated. Just like every element that makes up this world and makes up our body. Or like a car, or even a big tree, one day it will also be disintegrated. Because that’s the nature of this world. The god who created it, created it that way. As if this world is not frightening and suffering enough, he had to create all kinds of things like that, to frighten children, children and women, like me. OK. All right? (Thank You, Master.) Bless you. (Thank You, Master.) (Bless You.) Love you. (Love You too.) (Love You, Master.)

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