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Between Master and Disciples

Gatherings of Love, Part 5 of 5, Oct. 3, 2006

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I'm glad you work together. Now a lot of people work together because of the Supreme Master TV program. Some people dropped out and now also came back because of the Supreme Master TV program. Everybody gets so excited about it. It's a real TV! When I first opened it, I said, "Ha! It's real!"

I do hope that really, in the future, every country will have their own Supreme Master Television in their own language. Or else, we could try to program into the machine, so that at your home you can select the language of your country. But for that, you have to first translate it into that language and program it into the machine in the headquarters, or the television quarters. And then at home, you could select. If we have, for example, Polish programmed into that machine. At home if you have that machine, you can push “Polish,” and everything will be subtitled in Polish. Right now, we have sometimes off and on Russian, Italian... we don't have enough good translators. So, if you have any talent, you can contribute to that, and translate quickly, and then we program into it, and then in the future we'll have more and more languages, a lot of languages, any language you want. But we have to first translate it and then program it. And then at home you could just select what you want.

Oh, why I have a stomach problem? Anybody have a stomachache? (No.) No? Why? The stress, I guess. Painful. Any more questions? And then we meditate.

Yes, sir! Croatian colonel! (Just for the information, there exists a program "DVD Subtitles," in which you can put your language and collect on the news. It is possible now.) Yeah? (Yes! Our contact person does this.) Oh. (Yes.) How do we do that? You mean… (We translate in the computer…) Yeah, and then you send it over there to them? (Yes, we send together the TV program with our subtitles. Now it is…) Yeah, that’s what you do with different countries. But not like we program it in the whole thing. Whatever you can do, can you explain it to them? (Yes, yes.) Can you explain? (Yes.) If you can help with it, tell them what to do, OK? (OK, OK.) And then they will also report to me later.

(For example, the news is delayed two or three days, it’s not today. But it is possible.) Oh, I have no idea. Can you put it all in writing for me? (OK.) Today, and now here. Can you explain it more clear? (OK.) And detail. OK? (OK.) How you did it and how they can do it over there. OK? (OK.) Thank you very much.

Anybody else, good ideas? I'm glad you work together. Now a lot of people work together because of the Supreme Master TV program. Some people dropped out and now also came back because of the Supreme Master TV program. Everybody gets so excited about it. It's a real TV! When I first opened it, I said, "Ha! It's real!"

(Master.) Huh? (Should You take a rest?) I take a...? Ah, never mind. It comes alone, it goes alone, who cares? (Or take something for the solar plexus.) Oh, maybe it's just stress, honey. Maybe. Because I didn't eat anything wrong. I just ate what you ate, and they wrapped it all very hygienically, and I don't see what's wrong. It’s just stress. I just met some new people, and then immediately had pain. Some people do have some energy. Even in my house, sometimes my assistants, they've lived around me for quite some time already, but even then, if they have some bad ideas in their head or some negative feeling or some agitation, if they pass, just pass by me, or just come, when I am sitting there, they just pass by the door, and immediately, I feel, "Ah!" like a burn, some burning torches put into your skin.

I'm supersensitive. It's getting worse, more sensitive all the time. But these things just come and go, because... I know it already. Even if I take medicine, it will also go away, or maybe not go away. If I let it, it just comes, and then it just goes. If it's very terrible, unbearable, then I go take medicine. But if it's supportable, I just let it be. Medicine's also not too good for your body if you take too much. So if it comes, it goes, then no need to talk about it. Just sometimes it bugs me. Any more ideas or questions? Yes, ma'am?

(Master, I just want to report to You that we know a whole family in Morocco who are watching Supreme Master TV, and they love it, they like it very much.) Oh, they do? (Yes!) Wonderful! There will be more people watching it. Yes! But do they understand? Oh, they understand French, of course, of course. Right now, we don't have enough good translators, so sometimes we have Russian, sometimes have Italian, sometimes Spanish. You know. Never mind. We'll get better.

English, a lot of people understand. Even Croatian people understand it, so it's already a very good help. And many people speak German, and a lot of people speak Italian and Spanish all over Europe. So we catch these “fish” first. French, German, Italian, Spanish, are very popular. All right, then?

Can you meditate in this weather by the way? Can you? Yes or no? (Yes.) Yes? Wow! I'm so touched. And all night you sit here, or you go sleep in the tent? (Sit here.) Then what's the use of bringing so many tents? (For the luggage.) For the luggage? (Yes.) Your luggage needs such a big tent? Oh, look at that tent. It's like a mansion! Golden Age - a golden mansion over there! Okay, as long as you're happy, I don't care what you do. But it's so hot to meditate, so hot. (Yes.)

Do you need some ice? Yes? (No.) (Yes.) We don't have! Need some ice cream or something? We don't have! Let's try to do some meditation. Oh, God! Wouldn't it be nice if we lived next to the sea? (Yes.) Or a river? (Yes.) And then in such weather, we don't meditate. We'd just go dip in the water. (Yes.) And even if we dip in the water, then we can come back and meditate, also cool. Would you like to go take a cold shower? We don't have shower rooms. So many things we could have! I'm telling you. All right, who knows? Maybe in the future we will have. Takes time.

And now our TV program's already very good. (Yes.) Yes, very good. And later, maybe we'll expand more, for different channels, different satellites. Right now, we also want that, but they say, "You do ‘doucement.’" It means do it slowly at first. One perfect, and then later can branch out. It's already a lot. Hundreds, thousands of people watch it at least, every day. And then it breeds more people, more viewers: "Look, look! You know? This is a very good one! You go home, watch it, or come here watch with me." They do that. And then one more family, and another family, and then... Always the same! One person watches, that means another ten in the future. They spread the news.

Oh, it's so hot. Even if I talk, it won't make you any cooler, right? I do feel so sorry for you. Don't think I don't. I feel really sorry for you, on one side, and another side, I feel really proud of you, because in such a condition, you still want to come here and sit, and eat!

By the way, is the food good? (Yes! Very!) I'm very happy. The food is not bad. (Very good.) Very good? (Yes!) Is there any... For the chef. Is the chef here? Is the kitchen team here, by the way? (Yes.) Ah! You hear that. (Is there any kitchen staff here?) There is one person. Where are they? They sit outside? (No, they are cooking.) Oh, cooking now? (Preparing.) So, they never have a chance to come here? (Sometimes.) Oh, my God! Poor kitchen (team)! All right. Every day, the same people cook? (No, we take turns.) Take turns, then it's fine. Take turns, but which team is good, we'll just keep that team, maybe it’s better.

(How about the food today, Master?) For me? Yeah, I ate, but I was thinking too much of other things. I don't know what it was anymore. I forgot. I forgot. Sometimes the telephone rang and all that, I forgot what it tasted like. I guess it cannot be that bad. (It's good, so we keep this team.) This one's good? I don't know. I can't guarantee. I told you, I don't remember what it tasted like. Anyway, if they think good, then it's good. Is it good today? (Yes!) Which team is better? The day before, the day after? (Today!) Today is good? Wow! OK! Poor team! Your talent is your trouble. We can keep them, but we have to ask them whether they're willing to. And then today's the last time anyway, last day for most people. And whoever can go home, just go home, and save it for the next time. But you can't... You asked for a long holiday, right? Any of you asked for a long holiday? I said until Tuesday.

But I appreciate your love and you want me to keep staying here. I also don't mind. I also don't mind. It's just I don't know what is for the best, really. If I stay here, you'll continue to stay, and then what about your boss, your job, your husband, your wife, your lovers, your children, your dogs, your cats? What to do? Bring them all here? (Yes!) My dogs, also, what to do? You always, sometimes, make me also hesitate. It's not like I want to go. You're also pulling me here. I feel it in my heart, too. Nothing is really good. I go, also no good; I stay, also not too good.

OK, we’ll meditate for a while and see what answer comes. See what the inner Master says. And you tell me. OK? You have your inner Master. I’m not sure I have any because you take them all.

(Master?) Yes. What is it? (He’s from Madrid and he wants to ask Master one question.) Yeah. Please. (He’s been practicing with Master three years and a half.) Yeah? (And he cannot see the [inner Heavenly] Light.) Cannot? (Neither the [inner Heavenly] Sound.) Not possible. Are you doing it correctly? (He meditates with us.) What did you see when you close your eyes? What’s the color? What is the situation in front of you? (Nada.) (Nothing, he said.) Is it black, is it clear like the daylight? Or it’s with the sun? Or it’s just black and moving, or it’s white and moving? What is it in the front? (When I get relax, I don't see anything.) I’m sure he has. ( Cannot see. Nothing.) I think he doesn’t understand. Never mind. You close your eyes now and meditate. (Meditate now.) And do the Quan Yin (Inner Heavenly Sound) for me, to see if you do it correctly. Tell him to do the Quan Yin. See if he does it correctly. It’s OK. Do it. Close your eyes.

(Master, during the group meditation, I wonder if I was meditating or dreaming. Because when I meditated…) It felt like a dream? (I heard people talking, and there were also things happening. So, I felt like I was dreaming.) Some people were talking? (Things were happening.) You already knew it? (No.) It’s all right. If there is no harm, just continue to sit. Recite the Five Holy Names. OK? If it’s something bad, the Five Holy Names would make them leave. If it’s something good, they would stay. (I meant I felt like I was dreaming.) More or less. (Is it OK?) Life is a dream, after all. (It’s often like that during my meditation. Is it OK?) Huh? (I often felt like that during meditation.) It’s all right. Some people are like that. (OK.) Maybe you couldn’t recognize whether it’s real or not. It’s OK. Just continue to meditate.

(Master, when we meditate and can’t close our eyes, is it because our souls have left our body at that moment?) Yes. (OK. Thank You.) You can’t close your eyes even if you want to.

The hufa (guards), please stay inside the shade. It's hot! Because there's a wind, so you don't know how hot the sun is. You stay inside the cool area, all right? All of you. And looking outside or looking inside, it depends on your duty, but stay in the shade, as (much in the) shade as possible.

You're going now? (Yes.) OK, bye, love! Take (vegan) candies? Anybody who leaves, go behind and take (vegan) candies. I blessed it already, all for you. Yeah, turn, turn.

When you go outside, do not stay too long in the sun, because the wind makes you feel like it's not too hot. But the Spanish sun is very, very wicked. I already have some line around here. Around the neck is a line.

Bye-bye, whoever goes. Have a good trip. Love you. (We love You.) Love you too. Take as much as you need. Share with people at home. Ciao.

You OK there? Share at home. What? (There's more for the centers outside, the big box.) OK. (You’ve blessed it. At the reception room.) I did bless already? (Yes. We brought it over there.) Good, good. Hey! Bye-bye. I thought you'd stay and make my hair, the Hungarian.

How many more will leave today? This afternoon? Evening? And still a lot behind. Wow. Still a lot of people? Tomorrow, right? OK. No more? Meditate, OK, guys?

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