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Between Master and Disciples

Gatherings of Love, Part 3 of 5, Oct. 3, 2006

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You guys have the problem, too much wanting physical contact, too much clinging to the outer side of the Master. That's why you have problem. I am everywhere. I am not this body. When you come here, try to look into my eyes whenever you can. That's where the blessing comes out.

Anyone else? But not about sickness or anything. Was somebody giving me a magnetism or something here?

(Hallo, Master. It’s the first time I attend a retreat.) You what, love? (It’s the first time I attend a retreat.) Yes? (And I felt the shield of protection right away. And nothing could follow, nothing could penetrate here. And I was amazed from the beginning how easy it was to meditate. Last night I was even more relaxed, and I couldn’t sleep at all, so I meditated. And today the third eye opened, and it hadn’t done so for some time. And I enjoyed again fields of flowers and I also saw something, a script that I read. And I read it and tried to memorize, and I memorized it. But again, when I came up, I remember nothing. It has happened many times.) When you wake up, you don’t remember. You just know. (Everything is vivid, but nothing in memory.) Yeah. I understand. (Am I doing anything in progress, spiritual progress. Is it something?) What do you think? (I think, yes, but I expect more.) Thank you very much. You haven’t been initiated that long and you expect a lot! Can’t even memorize a sentence. Should I memorize it for you then? It’s OK, you are doing great already. OK? (OK.) You’re doing good. (Thank You for Your Gift.) You are welcome. (And thank You for everything.) You are welcome.

(Dear Master, if I saw the [inner Heavenly] Light similar to a flash lamp, then which level it belongs to?) Which lamp? (Flashlight from a camera.) Ah, what level? So during initiation, they didn’t tell you? (No, Master. I didn’t hear about the flash lamp, but they said…) So now, what for do you ask? (Thank You, Master.) You ask so that people know your level, right? It was not that high a level. OK. So don’t ask. Next one.

(Hallo, Master.) Hallo! (I want to thank You for when You told the story about the Master being killed the other day.) You like it? (No, I was moved very much. And I thank You for being moved that much because I think that helped me to realize how I’ve blocked off my sensitivity) Ah! (to the suffering in the world and in other people. So is it possible that You remember the name of that Master?) Why? (Because then maybe I could read more about Him.) I don’t have it here. (No?) But maybe next time. (Thank You.)

I don’t have the book here. Originally, I didn’t intend to tell the story. It’s so horrible. I threw the book immediately out. But later I thought maybe it could help some of you, and it did, then it is good. The name is not important. Oh, something like “Story from the Land of the Sufis.” I guess in any Muslim community they have it. (OK.) It’s in English. Or you can go to any bookstore and look in the spiritual section, anything about Sufism. “The Story from the Land of the Sufis,” something like that. All right? (Yes. Thank You.) It’s a book title. I have a question, also. I think it’s published by Shambhala. (OK.) I’m not sure anymore. OK, tell me. (I have a question about the Gift. I don't know if I can ask it.) Yeah, sure. (Can You say that the Gift is the description of a Buddha?) No! (OK.) It's a description about you. (Yeah, but that's what I mean, the Buddha Nature.) Yeah. (OK. Thank You.) You're welcome. In that case, you are the Buddha. All of you. That’s the greatest protection you can have.

Next. Over here. (Dear Master, when I meditated on the [inner Heavenly] Light, I looked at the wisdom eye, but there was something in front of the wisdom eye, and I could not tell what it was.) Then just continue, OK? (Yes.)

(Master, one sister asked something about children. I want to ask if it’s OK. Sometimes the children in my house, they want to watch Master’s videos. They want to watch Master’s videos, and sometimes the very small (one), he wants to sit on my lap when I meditate. I don’t do the [inner Heavenly] Sound (meditation) near him because he is two-and-a-half, he is not initiated. But is it OK?) Sit on your lap and watch TV? (No.) The child sits on your lap, it’s OK. (To sit on my lap when I’m doing meditating?) It’s OK. (OK.) But like this you cannot concentrate very well, so better not. Not often. Sometimes OK, but not often. Otherwise, you lose your time.

(Dear Master, in the spiritual and invisible world, I saw that You and I are one. However, in the visible world, I still see that You and I are two. I was ignorant before and went astray. Now Master is leading me Home. For a very long time, I have been wishing that I may be for once in the loving embrace of the Mother God.) Oh my God! (Gentle Mother of all.) Come here, come here. I’ll pay the debt once and for all. Come, come, come. (Master, I love You.) I love you too. (Don’t forget me, Master. I love You very much.) I don’t forget you. There you are. (Thank You, Master.) You are a very good young boy. Good boy. (I am like a baby.) You are my big baby.

(Dear Master, I just finished my meditation, and I had a wonderful inner experience. I would like to tell You that vision, may I?) OK. (Thank You, Master. Probably I was struggling during the beginning of my spiritual practice. So I think Master has always loved and protected me. I was often blessed by Master when I was struggling with my meditation, and I had to meditate in the toilet or in the kitchen. My husband was stalking me so that he could come in to kick me or obstruct me. So I had to lock the toilet to meditate. So I meditated at night. In the daytime, I didn’t have time for meditation, because I had to work. One night, I was so tired, I locked the toilet and slept inside. And I heard Master’s powerful voice calling me: “O Hạnh, wake up to meditate.” Since then, I didn’t sleep at night anymore and I meditated all night long. For ten years now, I meditated mostly during the night. This morning, I was meditating and felt intoxicated, and I saw the whole house was so bright. At that time, Master appeared and came… I am sorry that I disclosed the vision. Master came and gave me a meal and also a telephone, which You said it was Your telephone. I was so happy and took down my Quan Yin cloth and told my neighbor: “Master is coming! Master is coming!” But when I looked around, I didn’t see You at all. I thank You, Master.) OK. (I am very happy because I am always protected by Master. I thank You.) It’s all right. No problem. You are welcome. That is my job. But the telephone was symbolic, don’t ask for my [real] telephone. It was a symbol of our connection, understand? (Yes.) It symbolized the contact, the inner connection, understand? (I would like to thank You.)

  1. Anyone else? Who else? Hey brother, you OK now? You feel better? Do you see something? You OK? You feel better? (I’m not sure, Master.) You’re not sure? (I can see clear) Clear? (at times.) Yes. (But I don’t know if it’s the sun.) Before, you told me you saw only darkness and now you see clear. It’s already an improvement. Don’t complain too much like the monk yesterday after 36 years. OK. Continue. All right.

That girl, do you see anything yet? Seeing nothing. So what is in front? Black? (There was something flying back and forth, but I could not see them, that’s why…) Then it is OK. Just let it fly. That was OK already, why did you say you saw nothing. Everyone is different, understand? Everyone’s karma is different. (I was concentrating a lot, but…) OK, continue to concentrate there. Don’t think, don’t expect to see this and see that, understand? (Yes.) The more you are expecting, the more your mind has to work, so it is difficult for your soul to escape, understand? (Thank You, Master.) Just sit naturally. Think about Buddha, about God, about Master. Love all beings, OK? (Thank You, Master.) It will come naturally. Whatever you have, you have. OK? (Yes.) All right. Anyone else? Question. (OK.) Yes?

(Hallo Master, A bit misunderstanding, but also a question. I am initiated for a few years, and this is the first time that I have the possibility to see You. So, I'm very happy.) I'm happy, too. (And sometimes I also have some difficulties to concentrate. Come over. I know what you need. To concentrate, everybody has this problem, not only you. Just remember: from here, that. From here, inside, and then look through here, and forget everything else. You guys have the problem, too much wanting physical contact, too much clinging to the outer side of the Master. That's why you have problem. I am everywhere. I am not this body. When you come here, try to look into my eyes whenever you can. That's where the blessing comes out. So, if you cannot concentrate well, you just put your finger here, with the fingernail. Make it a little sharp, so you remember. If it hurts a little bit, it's even better. So you remember that area. Just do that. Anyone else have problem?

(Master. I feel pain on my head.) Pain! (Pain, yes.) Why? (I don’t know why.) Since when? (I think…) Since when? How long ago? (Could you help me, please?) (Speak Polish, I will translate.) (From the beginning, since I was initiated.) (From the time she was initiated.) From then? (Yes, Master.) And you don’t go to the doctor? (No.) How do you bear the pain up to now? You’re a tough girl. Is it really the pain, or just a little pressure? (I think it’s a pain.) Pain, then go to doctor, for God’s sake. If I have a headache, I go to doctor. What kind of pain? (Say, that pain reminds me of fear.) (It’s a pain that she feels it’s connected with fear.) With what? (With fear.) Fear. (Fear. Like pain that’s, like…) Fear? (Fear, fear.) Like afraid? (Yes, yes.) Why? Why are you afraid? Tell me.

(I don’t know why. I think I feel, all (my) life…) Afraid. (Yes.) Afraid of what? Ghosts? Human? Some men? Somebody harassed you when you were a kid? (Yes.) Yes? (I think…) Your parents? (Yes.) And where are your parents now? You live alone? (No, I live with my parents.) You still live with your parents? (Yes.) If you’re afraid of them, get out, baby. Can you? (I think I’m not afraid of them, but) Tell me. (I don’t know.) You can speak in your language, so he translates better, OK? (I don’t know what I’m afraid of. I’m afraid of everything around me.) Yeah, but did somebody beat her up when she was a kid? Or abuse her in any way? (Sometimes.) (Say, that…) Very harsh? Very hard (No.) or just like that? (Only a little.) (A little.) (Tell Master, that I used to be in contact with people that practiced a different technique.) Is it very hard or just a little bit like, sometimes say, “Oh, you’re a bad girl,” something like that? (Only a little.) (Very little. Just little.) Huh? (Little, a little.) A little. Then that’s not beating. That is like, “Eh, bad girl!” That’s a loving pat. That’s not a beating, is it? So, what is wrong? Why are you afraid? Your parents love you? (Yes, I think.) Yes, so why? What are you talking about?

(Say, that I used to practice a different method and I am afraid of those people.) (Earlier, I was practicing another technique,) Ah-hah! (and I’m afraid of these people.) You’re afraid of these people. (Yes, Master.) They still come? They come to your house? (No, no.) Inside? (Yes.) What are they doing now, recently? (I don’t know.) (Say, that I broke off contact with them.) (She broke contact with them.) Yes, and are they threatening her? (They were writing to me and were causing problems for me.) (Yes, sometimes they wrote to her and make trouble for her.) Wrote the letter or email? (Wrote the letter.) (Yes, letter, Master.) Letter. (Yes.) Put in your box or sent by mail? (No, no, my box.) (Yes, yes.) They know where you live? (Yes.) What did they say they would do to you? (Say, that I didn’t read those letters, my parents read them.) (She didn’t open these letter…) (And, they are afraid, that I belonged to a sect.) (She didn’t open these letters. Her parents did, and they are afraid that she was in a kind of sect.) The other group? (The other group, yes.) But are the parents afraid of us? (Excuse me?) How about this, how about us? Are they afraid? Your parents forbid you to practice? (I didn’t tell them about Master, about the fact that I practice this method.) (I didn’t tell about Master. I didn’t tell that I’m practicing this method.) Oh, God. (But I see that they have changed a lot.) (I see that they changed much.) Changed for the better? (Yes, they have changed a lot, for the better.) (Yes, they changed much for the better.) (And they want the best for me. They wish I was happy. Because, they say I am sad.) (They want the best for me, and they want me to be happy. And) Yes. (they said I’m always sad.) They? (And they worry about me, that I don’t smile.) (And they are worrying about me that I’m not smiling.)

Yeah, of course, of course. So if you continue being afraid like this, they might be worried. You be brave. Be brave. Be brave. Be courageous. There’s nothing to fear. You have Master power to protect you. OK? (Yes.) All right? (Yes, Master.) I always protect you, even with my life. It’s a promise. Nothing happens to you. Nothing will happen. (Thank You, Master. I love You very much.) You’re welcome. Don’t worry. We’re stronger than them. (Thank You for everything.)

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