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Between Master and Disciples

Gatherings of Love, Part 4 of 5, Oct. 3, 2006

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So how wouldn’t I cast a protection around you? (Yes.) Recite the Five (Holy) Names and the Blessing I teach you all the time. Nobody can even touch you. (OK.) Nobody can even go near, that kind of people.

(Earlier, I was practicing another technique,) Ah-hah! (and I’m afraid of these people.) They’re a little bit dark and scary, but we’re stronger. Did you write a response letter to them, replying? (No, no, no, no. Nothing.) No. OK. (I don’t want to think about them.) I know, but what do they threaten? They say they want to come and beat you up, or kill you, or what? (They tried to scare me that I would go to hell.) (They were threatening that I will go to hell.) To her house and do something? Kill her or beat her, what? What did they say they wanted to do? Just tell it, so you feel better! What did they say they would do? (They were writing, I didn’t read it, because I didn’t want to know, what they wanted to do. But only…) (I didn’t read that because I didn’t want to know what they wanted to do.) (I felt something like their presence.) (But I was feeling their presence.) You mean inside? (In my head.) (In my head.) Just a psychological stress, that’s all. They are not there. You make them powerful because you’re afraid. (Yes.) If you believe me, you won’t be afraid. (Yes, Master.) You heard so many miracles happen to everybody. Don’t think of them; think of me. (Yes.) All right? (Yes, Master.) Every time you’re afraid, you just think of me, and then you’ll feel stronger. OK? (Yes.) All right. No problem. (Yes.) We are friends, promise. (Thank You, Master.)

Right. Any more questions? (No, Master.) No, no. (Oh, Master, thank You very much.) Don’t worry. (Thank You. Thank You. Thank You for everything. Thank You very much.) You’re welcome, baby. (I love You.) You’re welcome. I love you very much. Nothing will happen to you, ever. Never. You heard the sister say that she even feels the protection, in this meditation hall even. So how wouldn’t I cast a protection around you? (Yes.) Recite the Five (Holy) Names and the Blessing I teach you all the time. Nobody can even touch you. (OK.) Nobody can even go near, that kind of people.

You guys take care of her a little bit, OK? (OK.) Take her out, have fruit juice, vegan pizzas, vegan pasta. What’s your favorite food? (I don’t know.) What’s your favorite food? (My favorite? I don’t know. Pasta maybe. I don’t know, Master.) Don’t know. The food here good for you? (I just arrived.) You live somewhere near people? (No, no, I just arrived.) I know. Do you live near any of the initiates? (No, no. No.) No? (Very far from…) Very far. (Yeah.) Now and again make time, taking each other out. OK, guys? Take her out. Don’t let her feel alone. How many people are nearby? I mean, the nearest possible. How many people in the same country? Raise hands. You? (The same country, or?) Yes, same country at least. OK. Whoever’s near her, please visit. And you also visit them.

All right. Go back to where you sit. Or you want to come up here, sit? It’s fine. Come here. Come and sit near my chair. You meditate a little bit more and then you’ll be out of fear. You’re a little bit low, that’s why. Go sit next to the Chinese or the opposite side or next to here. I don’t care where you want to sit. Just sit down. Yeah, sure. Meditate. OK? Next one.

(Dear Master, I just came here 1 hour ago from Poland.) Welcome! (I am so touched seeing You, Master.) OK, you just came? (Yes.) How is life in Poland? Is it good? (Yes. Dear Master, everything was good and peaceful. But I pray to Master to bless me, because my [inner Heavenly] Sound is very good, but I have very little [inner Heavenly] Light. And please bless me to open my wisdom eye so that I can concentrate better in meditation. I’m very grateful to Master.) OK. Sit down and meditate.

You OK now? You feel better? Oh, I’m sorry, I wake you up. Are you all right? (Nice colors.) (I see nice colors.) Yeah? Nice colors! (Yes.) Congratulations. Continue, continue.

(Dear Master, I just came here from Poland.) Why do you come late? (Because my passport expired and I could not change in time. I got my passport renewed yesterday morning, and made the visa in time.) What did you change? (I changed my passport. My passport was near expiration, so I could not make a new one fast enough.) Passport, huh? (Yes.) Ah, OK. Both of you have the same problem? (Yes.) (I pray that Master bless me with Your power.) Again, again, again. Just sit down and meditate, you will have it later. (Thank You, Master.) Don’t just come here and demand. A lot of people who meditate with a lot of power. You just come here and demand all kind of external things. That is no good. Sit down and meditate. Next one. Nobody? Over there.

(I also don’t see the [inner Heavenly] Light.) You don’t see the (inner Heavenly) Light? (The [inner Heavenly] Light when I meditate.) Why not? There’s so much light here. (I was initiated three weeks ago.) Three weeks ago, only. During initiation did you see the (inner Heavenly) Light? (No.) Why didn’t you tell the Quan Yin messenger? (Well, he sort of asked for everybody’s experiences and he said you couldn’t possibly have seen nothing.) So how did you see it? Just like a white like daylight, or what is in the front? (Like when you have your eyes closed and you see the sunlight through your eyes,) Ah huh. (so I thought it’s just…) So that’s what you saw with your eyes closed? Wow, I’m sorry you didn’t see anything at all. (If I’m in a dark room, I don’t see any [inner Heavenly] Light.) What a pity. (Is it OK?) It’s OK. (OK. Thank You.) If you like to meditate more in the bright room, if it helps you in the beginning, then just sit in the bright room or with the light on. It might help you to concentrate more on the (inner Heavenly) Light. In the dark, maybe you are looking, “Where? Where is the (inner Heavenly) Light? I don’t see the (inner Heavenly) Light anywhere.” And then you are distracted. Or maybe you are a little bit afraid of darkness. Some people are like that so they can’t concentrate well. If in that case, you just leave a little light on. Or sit in a bright room. You can meditate now. See if you see anything. Yes.

(Hallo, Master. I want to ask something. A year ago when I was practicing the Convenient Method, one time, I …) I am listening. What about that time? (The (inner Heavenly) Light suddenly appeared. I was quite shocked, because I had never…) Was the (inner Heavenly) Light very bright? (It was bright all over. It appeared suddenly. I was shocked, and then it vanished. Even until now, it never reappears.) Why were you shocked when seeing the (inner Heavenly) Light? Didn’t someone tell you that you’d see the (inner Heavenly) Light in meditation? (I didn’t know why it appeared suddenly and all over the place. I thought…) That was a good phenomenon. (It never appears again, even at the initiation. I didn’t see the (inner Heavenly) Light even at the initiation. Thank You, Master.) Next one. Any more trouble causers?

  1. Go eat, guys? Eat. Food, ah? Food please. Miss, miss, madam. All. Let’s go have some lunch if you want. If you want to sit here, it’s fine. You’ll have more time to find it.

Afternoon, October 3, 2006

You don't meditate at all. You just sit here and look somewhere, "Master's coming!" What kind of people are you? Come here for retreat, don't meditate. Just sit there waiting for a bedtime story, (vegan) candies, (vegan) cookies. Like kids! That's why I don't let the kids come here. Because they will be confused: who are the kids? And you eat all the (vegan) candies and (vegan) cookies, and then the kids have nothing! And then when they come home, they say, "Mommy, you look just like me when you are in front of the Master." So, who is the mommy?

Are you guys all right? (Yes.) So hot, isn't it? (Yes.) Well, just today is the last day, and then we go home. Better go home. Next time.

Do you want to go Austria? Or not? It's difficult for you, huh? I have a place in Austria; if you want to go there, you continue. Just drive to Austria and stop there. (Oh yes.) Oh, yes? My God. Listen. But nobody there. Just one or two people and the worker repairing the roof and putting heater on or something like that, and put a new floor, new carpet. Well, I don’t know how to lead you there because I also don’t remember. I don’t have the address here myself. I just know it’s near Wörthersee. Wörthersee, you know? It’s famous. Wörthersee, it’s like a lake water. It’s famous, it’s been made into a film. But our place is not in Wörthersee. Because in Wörthersee there are not many places for sale. I just have a small hotel there. I don’t know if all of you can squeeze in. Be scary. There’s no organizing, nothing, nobody's there yet; we are repairing.

I said just until Tuesday, right? So I don’t owe you anything really. Do I? (No.) Then why do you want to stay until Sunday? So many flies, so hot, and you still love it. What’s wrong with you guys? Go to the beach or do something. (We hope You change Your mind.) You hope I change my mind. I would have liked to but… I really also, I don’t mind. It just I don’t know how to work here. We don’t have printers. You know I have a lot of work waiting at home. Of course, we can send it here but am I safe, are we safe here sitting so long? Because we said just a few days and we’d go, you know, we said to the police like that. Well, we didn’t say when, but a few days doesn’t mean next Saturday, or next Sunday, no?

What? Why do you want to stay here? You hope I'll change my mind. OK, OK. Thanks a lot for your love. But what is it if you stay a little longer? What can I do for you? (Staying with us.) I can't hear anything. What? (Just be with You.) (Just to see You.) Just to see me? (Yes.) Television! You can go home and watch Supreme Master Television, no?

Can you watch it in Croatia? (Yes.) Yes? (We translate it into our language.) But not in your language. (Yes, we translate it into our language.) Oh, you translate it! (We translate it into our language also.) How? (We collected…) Collect people together? (No, we collected the programs and made a DVD to produce to the people, for example, three or four days’ news. And also the VHS that have been, they have seen also.) Oh, wow. (These are the ’99 Europe tours.) Oh. (Yes.) OK. Good, wonderful.

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