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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

The Reunion of Souls, Part 4 of 11, April 27, 2000

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Ladies and gentlemen, we now have for you a performance in honor of the Supreme Master Ching Hai, which is presented to you by the Hato Petera College Culture Group. Following this, there will be a fruit and flower offering ceremony. “Hato Petera is a co-ed (co-educational) Catholic school on the North Shore and we are proud and honored to represent Maoridom tonight for You, in front of You, the Master, and distinguished guests. Our first item is a Koaea called E te Atua which asks of our Lord, and we thank Hirm for the gifts Hes has given us. Kia ora.” “By God, look after Us, bless Us right now, right now. Give to Us color and life. In understanding of the coming of Jesus Christ. By God, look after Us, bless Us right now, right now. Give to Us the shining light. To above, to above, to above, Amen.” “As we stand and give you our performance tonight, as you saw in the foyer, it was the haka that was done for you, as in tune with the protocol of our ancestors that we welcome our distinguished guests in that manner. So, what we’ve given you tonight is just a taste of what Maoridom has to offer. Our next item, we’re going to give you a ‘poi,’ and then squeeze in one more item. Kia Ora. A poi is called Ka tika aue and it talks about a pod of young people growing up in this world and likening them to the dolphin and the white heron, the kōtuku. So, next dance which is the poi, Ka tika aue.” “Wow! Our next item is an action song called ‘Te Reo’ and it celebrates the Maori language as you’ve heard tonight. It was written for a specific purpose, the ASB Polynesian festival which was held at the beginning of this year in March, where we participated. So here comes the song, ‘Te Reo.’” “This is a call to the people who will listen to me…listen to me…The chiefly Maori language is native from the islands of Hawaiki-nui, Hawaiki-roa. From the highest heavens our ancestral treasures have been shaken. Let the people be silent and let them hear and let them stand up for what is right. Greetings to you. Welcome back now. Maori the chiefly language is the natural call, which is to come, my authority to establish independence.” “That is our repertoire for tonight to again to ‘I want to Kiss the Master.’” Thank you very much to the Hato Petera College Cultural Group. I’m sure that’s been an experience for most of you. Very polished performance.
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