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The Reunion of Souls: Gathering with Association Members after the Lecture, Part 11 of 11, April 27, 2000

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Once you’re beautiful inside, people see you beautiful outside – that is normally the case, yes!…But continue with your practice. Your life is better and better, I need not tell you. I’m just saying that in case somebody doesn’t know yet, they can verify with you. Your life is an example of love and of spiritual blessing; there’s no need to even preach to anybody.

I give all the time and I still have a lot; I mean, for me, it’s a lot. What do I need? When I come to see you, of course I wear this. It’s my own design, so it’s for fun. When I am not with you, I just throw this quickly because it’s heavy, I don’t really like it, and I eat maybe once or twice a day, whatever leftover or whatever new. If it’s new, I eat; if it’s leftover, I eat. What can I need? That’s why I still have a lot of money because I don’t spend much, not because I earn more. It’s just like you, you earn just like before, you might even have more kids now than before, but you still have more money, you still feel life is more rich for you than before, feel more satisfied, more than enough, right? Yes! That is the trick.

A lot of people who are millionaires, nobody knows, and everybody thinks to be a millionaire is difficult – it’s not! And especially, people who are already millionaires, they keep themselves that way because they are very natural. They are frugal; they don’t even drive expensive new cars. They just buy secondhand cars, so they don’t have to pay luxury tax, for example, and they just drive normal cars. Most millionaires, they don’t drive expensive cars. They drive reasonable, safe cars, cheap even, or anything that’s safer. They don’t really live the way we think millionaires should, because otherwise their money would go fast even if they’re millionaires. So they save a lot; they’re looking for ways to save, like, they go with what kind of car that uses less petrol, or they stay in some neighborhood or some house that they can afford, so that they don’t drain out their savings. A lot of ways, they just save here and there, and their money is always stable, yes. And some people who don’t earn a lot but spend a lot, go with fast cars and all that, they really have a lot, a lot - but a lot of credit, a lot of mortgage and debt!

And the millionaire people who drive normal cars, they know how to organize their lives so they won’t be in debt. A lot of millionaires live next door to you, you don’t know, because they don’t flash it around. Yes, they know what they’re doing.

They know the value of money and they don’t just over spend it It’s just, they’re naturally that way, and that’s why they become rich. They’re naturally rich, they naturally know how to handle money.

And sometimes they win lotto also, of course. But they invest money also. For example, if they earn like $40,000 per year, they put like 15 or 20% aside to invest in the bank. So like in 10 years’, 20 years’ time, they will have hundreds of thousands of dollars, out of just $5,000 or $10,000 they invested, every month they put in the bank.

They know how to organize their money – they don’t spend all their earnings, so they can leave some for investment, and then just in no time you become rich. For example, you put $10,000 today, 10 years later, it becomes $50,000 invested in some banks; that is slow, for example. But otherwise, they go and risk, and do their own business and that’s how they become rich faster, but it’s more risky. But that’s life, either you take risks or you just live an ordinary life, very slow, and day to day just earn that much money; but still, if you can manage well, you’re OK.

Life is more simple now. Yes, tofu is cheaper than beefsteak, no? Just a little bit different, it’s a piece of tofu instead of this piece of meat. We are healthy; you’re OK. Look at the lady, the MC, she’s so beautiful and she’s a vegetarian (vegan). I told her many times to stand by for photograph. But all of you look good, too, and I am proud of you.

You are proud of yourselves. Come out and say, “I am a vegetarian (vegan). Look at me! Right?” That’s good! You’re very beautiful. Just because you don’t put on makeup now so you look less beautiful, but already too beautiful. If you put makeup on, wow, everybody dies! Yeah? Yeah! All your husbands are dying already! You’re getting too beautiful and they don’t want to leave you. Yeah! I know. That’s why some of them are so afraid, uh? When you get initiation, they get so afraid that you might become nuns or something. They love you too much. You look so beautiful, more and more every day. Some husband already left his wife, and after she got initiation, he came back to her, “Wow! How come you’re so beautiful?” He moved back in! Yeah! Yeah! Same with some wife, you know, left already, didn’t want him, and after initiation, come back “Oh, my God! Changed, new man!” Move back again! No problem, yeah! Left the young boyfriend or new boyfriend, already left, and came back to her husband, because he’s more spiritually beautiful now.

Once you’re beautiful inside, people see you beautiful outside – that is normally the case, yes! Okay! So try to fight off all these Romeos, yeah? But continue with your practice. Your life is better and better, I need not tell you. I’m just saying that in case somebody doesn’t know yet, they can verify with you. Your life is an example of love and of spiritual blessing; there’s no need to even preach to anybody. They just look at your life, the way you walk your life, the way you present yourself to the world – that is better than thousands of books talking about spiritual issues. You are the book, you are the best example, best doctrine, best religious theory ever presented to anybody.

There was a story: In Mexico, there was a Master, a long time ago… He’s very famous. (Topiltzin) Quetzalcoatl, right? He’s Mexican. He told a story to his disciples: there were two men in the same group and one was very, very diligent and looked very religious. He went to church every Sunday, and he was the first one in line in any holy activities and the last one to leave. He never missed any opportunity to go to the church, but he never did anything else.

And one guy, he never went to the church, but he went to work every day and he did whatever was his duty, and then whatever he earned, he took care of his family, also gave away to the poor people, and he even gave to the church too, to repair the church. So Quetzalcoatl said that the man who never went to church, that guy is holy, that guy is already a church himself, but the guy who went to church every day, he just went there. Because everybody respected the guy who went to church very much, thinking he was very holy, and spoke lowly of the guy who never went to church, but, actually, he was going out to take care of all of the churches in his area, whatever he could do, and he sometimes worked extra, so that he could earn a little extra money, so then he could give to whoever again. That was what he did every day. So the Master said, “The first one goes to church all right, but the second one, he is the church himself.” Yes!

So we can be churchgoers or a church ourselves, it’s up to us. I think all of you are churches, I don’t need to build any churches. People ask me, “Why don’t you have any churches or any temples?” I said, “I don’t need! I have millions of them running around!” I said, “Nowadays, it’s the modern times, fast technology, everything is mobile: mobile phone, mobile home, mobile car, mobile temple...”

You are my “mobile temples.” We can communicate any time, go anywhere – very flexible. Brick (buildings) are only fixed at one place; we run around. We are the run-around temples! That is very cool! I was thinking of something else... I forgot. Well, just the same, I guess. What I forgot, it’s gone. Sometimes it comes so fast... the inspiration from the Master, from God, comes so fast, my mouth, can’t talk quick enough. I already talk faster and faster every day already. (If) you’d met me 10 years or 15 years ago, I didn’t talk like this. I talked like you, like, “Hallo, Master! How are you? So nice to see you.” See? Now I talk like, “Hallo! How are you?” “OK? OK!” “Fine! Fine!” I talk quick; I don’t have time. I talk on the phone like that, too, because so many things to do And when I talk with you, sometimes I talk so fast; that’s why we need tapes, so that you can review it and listen, “What did She say before?”

Talking, everybody can, but living, living what you talk is harder, and you can do all that: you can talk as well and you can do as well, and that’s what’s great about you. I told you! I told you I came to make you great! Whether I am great or not is of no consequence, because I am only one! A great Master, a great teacher, is not the one who makes himself great but who makes everybody else great. Yes, right! If your students are good, that means you’re good; otherwise, it’s no good – no use! So, whether I am great or not doesn’t matter, as long as you’re great, that’s fine. And if by your grace, by your greatness, I become also great, then thank you very much!

I’d like that too, but to tell you honestly, if all the world was enlightened and nobody even ever wanted me, I would be happy just to be a private citizen. It’s cheaper! Less work, less trouble at the airport, just pass through, hmm? And even if the officers, you know, are not nice to you, you can talk back. When you are a Master, you can’t. You have to be gracious, always calm and cool, and be good. Yeah! Fine! Even if it’s not fine, for example, yeah? And you pass through with no problem. Before, I pass through any airport, no problem. Now every time I pass every airport... they check if I have a spare heart, carrying it my pocket, in case. Talking about speaking the truth, do I tell them, “Here, I am the Supreme Master!” “Let me pass quickly! Give me two visas instead of one!” See what I mean? You can say everything; I have to be careful what I say, because I need to come here to see you. Anything I say wrong can jeopardize our meeting. You see what I mean? Can stop me or return somewhere else, for example like that. It’s not very easy. So I would rather not be a Master, not because I don’t love this job, not because I don’t love to see you better. It’s just if I don’t have to be, it would be better even, yeah. If the world is already heaven, everyone is good, then it’s better even, better... Is that all right? (Yes.)

If you see me around, don’t run to me and say, “Master this and Master that.” OK? I’m travelling incognito. I forgot what I wanted to say. I guess I’m sleepy. I’ve got to go. OK, guys. Not because sleepy only, but it’s time. I’ve got to do things. What time is it? Three, four? (Twelve.) Twelve only? Really? (It’s still early.) (Too early, Master.) Yes, OK.

In the daytime, I don’t sleep that good. But in the daytime, I can’t work very well. I work better at night; it’s so calm. Especially paperwork, all that stuff, it needs... I work better at night; in daytime it’s so difficult. I could, but then it feels different thing. Feels different. Nighttime is more concentration, for me. Some people are “nightier.” We have the tigers who work at night.

Hey, Brother Ruan, long time no see. How are you? (Good.) See the way I talk? Talk so fast. I talk faster and faster and still not fast enough. That’s why I forget sometimes what I receive. But it’s OK. You know everything already. There’s nothing that you don’t know. You just want me to talk. You love to hear and see me, that’s all. No matter what I say.

Uhm, okay? Babies... I’ll see you around, okay? I get well, and rest a little, I work a little for the next... Okay, you guys? But we’ll see each other. Every time, it’s very difficult to leave you. I want you to know that. I want you to know. Because you think only you… stay with you forever. Believe me, because you’re the best people. Where else should I go? You like to stay with good friends. Everybody does. Me too. But it’s fine, fine. We stay in here, together in here. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Love you. (Love You too.) And the flowers, the (vegan) cakes you share. Each one, one. (Yes.) Tong, let’s go.

Love you guys. (Thank You, Master. We love You, Master.) Don’t push. Don’t push. Thank you, guys, for working these days. Thank you so much. Yeah. We’ll see each other anytime. Any time you’re ready. See you! Ça va. Yes. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you. (Hi, Master.) Hi. How are you? See you. (See You later, Master.) Thank you for lending me your kids. All right, which way? Hey guys, ciao. See you. Anybody who has not been touched? Come here. Anybody who has not (been) touched? Come quick, quick. Don’t hold too long. (Thank You, Master.) Anyone has not (been) touched? Come here. You are like kids. (Thank You.) You don’t care if it’s like that. Shame on you. OK. Kids. Kids. Big kids. All right, who hasn’t… Anybody else who’s not…? (My husband, he hasn’t. He worried about the work.) Where is he? (He is behind, Master.) Where is he? (He is over there. He is sitting at the back, Master. Brother Sơn! He has been standing there waiting. Come here, Master is here.) Where is he? Where? Where is Sơn? Come here. (Come here, Master is here. He loves You so much.) OK! (It’s been 10 years and I can see You now. Thank you. I was in the refugee camp, Master.) Oh really? Better now? Do you live abroad now? Everybody happy now? (Yes. Thank You.) Anybody I have not touched, come around in the front, so that your heart is happy. Not that you’re not happy. (Thank You, Master.) You are very illogical people. Touch my hand and my heart feels good. Can you believe that? Thank You. All right. (Thank You, Master.) OK, guys. Happy, happy people. Again? (Thank You, Master.) Yes? (We love You.) You touched my hand and my heart’s happy. I remember this all the time. (Master, I’ve got to go.) OK. See you. Thank you. You’re lovely, you’re lovely. Thank you very much. Thank You. Everybody got it, right? (Yes.) OK. (Goodbye, Master. Good night, Master.) I’ll hug you all in my dreams. You are in my heart. (Thank You, Master. Master, see You in Taiwan (Formosa).) See You in Taiwan (Formosa). (See you in Taiwan (Formosa). Have a nice trip. Thank You, Master. Thank You, Master. Bye-bye. Take care. Master, please take care. Bye.)

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