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The Reunion of Souls, Part 5 of 11, April 27, 2000

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I am here today with the honor of God’s permission and endowment to remind us, our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, and little brothers and little sisters, that we should remember our whole being, and I’ll show you how. It is very simple to remember, more simple than breathing, more simple than eating.


Hallo. Thank you so much! God bless you! Thank you. I am very, very touched and honored. Thank God for giving me this chance to visit your beautiful land and getting to know your beautiful races of people, and thank you for coming. I guess everybody’s very touched, so I also thank the New Zealand brothers and sisters who have been working very hard to make this beautiful evening a special memory. Thank you, and God bless your land, your people, and bless all the wishes that you have in your dreams. If you already know what you want to ask, you can write it already, and hand it out so that we can answer right away later, yeah? You don’t have to wait until we finish. So somebody can walk up and down and collect the questions.

Alright! Because you know already before I begin. I think you know why you are here. Everyone wants to know what God is and everyone wants to know where we come from, and that’s the reason why we came here actually. That’s the reason why we came to this planet, the so-called planet, physical planet, even though at the same time, we are connected with Heaven, and spiritual planets, if we call that. But because we have forgotten the connection, so, many of us, or most of us, have just recognized this physical presence and this physical life we call human life.

In fact, we are not just human, we are also spiritual beings – we are highly developed beings. At the same time we are living here, we are also living in different levels of consciousness – we are also doing so many great things – but it is difficult for most of us to realize that. Our ancestors, for example, the ancestors of the Maori people that you have just seen, they have sung so beautiful songs so spiritually developed, so highly elevated, so ‘souly’ songs, because our ancestors have known a different level of spirituality than some of us do today. But we still can develop this quality again... Not really develop – we can still remember it again, because what we once had, we will not lose it; it’s just sometimes we forget. So, in order for us to remember, we should... I will give you some practical experience after I explain a little, if you would like to, because if we experience it ourselves, it’s better than thousands of theoretical words.

But I feel I should introduce it a little bit, even though God is not to be explained in language. But just like the Maori ancestors, they have known God, they have known spiritual levels that exceed our language, that go beyond our ordinary understanding, therefore, they could express themselves in poetry, in music, in songs, which are so beautiful, so out of the ordinary, and so touching to the soul when you hear it. It is because they expressed their own inner level of enlightenment. For lack of this inner enlightenment, or because of forgetting this inner enlightenment and our true Selves, we often cannot express ourselves in beautiful ways, in the way that we would like ourselves to express, and we sometimes could not behave or react in such a way that we would like ourselves to do. It is because we have forgotten the inner connection. We have forgotten that our lives, our so-called being, is greater, greater, longer and higher and more, more, more, more, more multiple facets, multiple qualities, multiple expressions than just this physical being that we know ourselves to be; we have forgotten that. For example, for example, the whole being here is me, from head to toe, yes, the whole being. I am not just the toe, I am not just the finger, I am not just the forehead – the whole being is me, but if I just remember my toes or my fingers, then I am not complete. Then it’s not me, it’s not complete. Similarly, if we just remember that we are a physical human being, then we are not complete.

I am here today with the honor of God’s permission and endowment to remind us, our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, and little brothers and little sisters, that we should remember our whole being, and I’ll show you how. It is very simple to remember, more simple than breathing, more simple than eating. Breathing, sometimes we have difficulty. If we have a blocked nose, we can’t breathe. Eating, if we have indigestion, we can’t eat, or if we don’t have enough money to buy food, we’re also in trouble. But spiritual wealth is always there. We always have it. It’s just we’re too busy looking at the outside, remembering our physical body, taking care of too many mundane duties. The world makes us very, very concentrated in the physical and material aspects, that we have hardly time to remember our 99% of our being, which is higher, greater, more powerful, more miraculous, more wondrous, more everything... more holy, more divine, more beautiful, more happy, more blessed, more blissful – everything that is Godly, that is us.

All the teachers have come here, They told us like that: that we are the temple of God and God lives here, God lives there. So all we see here is God, or at least God’s manifestation, individually, differently. But we have forgotten that God quality, that God Nature of ourselves. We just remember this small part of our being which is the human side of ourselves, just like because I like this ring so much, I keep looking at the ring and I just remember this finger all the time and I forget everything else about myself. And this is not how we should do it. So that is why we don’t know God, because we have forgotten to look where we should look. That is all. That is why we often tell people “enlightenment is immediate” because you are already there. Suppose I am sitting here and I’m looking at the finger now. How long does it take me to know myself, if I don’t look here? How long does it take me? One second, right? Not even. As long as I don’t look here, I remember again, “Ah! Here I am! All of this is me!” Yes! It’s very simple; therefore, no one is your teacher.

I’m not coming here to be your teacher, because you are already divine. I had also forgotten. At the age of three or four, we begin to forget. Sorry! My English is getting rotten! You see? Even English I’ve forgotten, because I speak so many languages everyday, Chinese, Vietnamese, sometimes German, sometimes French, you know, everything, and I forgot English also. Similarly, I even forgot Vietnamese! Yeah! I don’t speak as fluently as when I was in Vietnam, and I don’t speak Chinese as fluently as when I was still in Taiwan. Because we’re out of practice. Similarly, if we do not try to remember the great being that we truly are, then we will forget, and that’s why it is very easy to forget; and also, it is easy to remember. I am coming here to remind you of the good news that I have remembered, that I have remembered myself. So we can all remember anytime we want, and should we choose to stay in forgetfulness, this is also fine. It is also fine because you are divine, you are God. I’m sorry if I might shock you in any way, but that’s what you are.

If you don’t believe me, look back in the Bible. And the Buddhist scriptures say “you are the Buddha,” “Buddha Nature is inside you.” The Bible says God lives within this temple, so who is in there? Who else, except God? If we are only the temple and God is the only one who lives in there, who are we then, except we are God? OK, we don’t remember, fine, but we still are God. So, whatever we choose to do, the God of all Gods that we are, respects that. The Father of all of these beings, which we are, respects our wish and our choice to live, to express our divine Selves in whichever way we want. That is why Jesus told us we do not judge people, because we do not know what is the path that being has chosen to walk. He does his things so that he may come to know God in a different way: he might choose to be a seemingly bad person; he might choose to be a seemingly very lowly person; he might choose to be, seemingly, a very so-called immoral person, but that is his way of knowing the divine. By choosing to be ungodly, he will one day know that this is not him; he has to go back and learn the whole being again.

Because if we always stay in Heaven and we are God all the time, we will not recognize ourselves as God. So, we need to lower ourselves, for example, come down to this physical level, so that we can once again recognize the greatness of ourselves. That is our choice, and that’s why we came here. So the answer to our question, “why are we here?” is because we want to know God. So, when we feel that the time is up, it’s the time that we choose to remember ourselves again, that is the time when we come to seek out spiritual friends, spiritual groups or maybe spiritual teachers, as we call them, so that we can remember quickly. Because we have forgotten how to remember and where to look for, so some friends who had already remembered himself or herself may be able to help us, and then we recognize that we are nothing else but the Supreme Being, but God. We recognize the Supreme Being that lives, that is housed within this body. But actually, Hes is not housed within the body; Hes houses our body.

But then again, because spiritual terminology is never a very exact science, so no matter how much a teacher tells us about God, how eloquently a spiritual friend might express about the Divine being within ourselves, we cannot just understand by listening. So, the spiritual friend or teacher or the guide or a friend has to show us practically, not just theoretically. For example, when Jesus came to our planet, He taught His disciples both ways – theoretical way and practical way – and that’s why later His immediate disciples could also do wonders, could also see Heaven, could also hear the voice of God – the Word of the Creator – could also see the Light of Heaven, could ascend to Heaven and even see the angels or see the Father. The Father spoke to them like the Father spoke to Moses; and the angels also spoke to them. Likewise, we could do that, because as great as Jesus’ disciples, we are also great. We and Jesus’ disciples are the same, equally, because Jesus said to us that we are all children of God. But because we have forgotten, so, sometimes one friend, two friends have to come to remind us; but only when we are ready, because if we are not ready, no one can do much for us.

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