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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

The Reunion of Souls, Part 2 of 11, April 27, 2000

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“I have started the Quan Yin Method almost a year ago, that is after I’ve been practicing other types of meditation for over 25 years. Having had a chance to practice other meditations, the Quan Yin Method brought for me a level of enlightenment which I have never had before. It has fulfilled my heart so deeply that I’m very, very grateful to Master for Her step She took in the Himalayas which was not easy, and each one of us most probably will make steps which are not easy.” “My life, my family life, has changed dramatically through the Quan Yin Method. I became a much more easy-going father, as my children say, having been before quite strict. And I can say that my relationship with my wife has improved very deeply.”03:23)“When you become a full initiate, you realize that Master has taken a lot of what we call karmic lifetimes away from you. I’m not going to explain it because I am still new, I’m only a baby.” “There’s so much beauty in your eyes, I see them welling up with tears, I see you lift up your gaze to the sky, With joy, with joy, pure joy. I feel the angels calling me, Ah... Winging out from your eyes, With the rising sun. There’s so much beauty in your smile, I feel you warm upon my cheek, I feel you bringing down your shields, With trust, with trust, pure trust.” “Is it really you? Is it dé jà vue? I know I’ve known you before the dawn of time, You embody love. In its truest form, You’re beaming with a light that shines the way. We are angels in expression, In the total universal connection, Through one another’s eyes, We can recognize the truth. Remember me, Come close and see, We are one together, we are free, Let me feel your pain, We will heal again, Where there is a will there is a way.” “I’m going to leap for joy, I’m going to open my heart, I’m going to twirl and whirl and spin in a spirit dance. I’m going to lend a hand, I’m going to cherish the land, I’m going to give and give and give, All I can provide.” “We’re going to save the trees, We’re going to honor the seas, We’re going to cry, dive and fly on the wings of love. We’re going to heal the world, We’re going to walk in peace, We’re going to share and share and share and bring release, For we are angels in expression.”
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