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Between Master and Disciples

The Almighty, Part 2 of 4, Oct. 1~2, 2006

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt)),Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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More meditation will slowly let you be liberated. When we practice meditation, burdens will slowly disappear, and then we’ll have everything. Just meditate, no need to pray for anything, naturally, you’ll have everything. Meditate a lot, you will be connected with the Master.

Anyone else? (Master, my husband and I have two children who have been initiated. I have one problem, and would like You to enlighten me. My seven-year-old daughter is half initiated. Since she was a baby until now, she hasn’t spoken to anyone.) Why? (I let her go to school, she’s in grade one. The school’s doctor checked her, and said she’s very normal and clever, but the thing is she doesn’t talk, so it’s not easy to teach her. She doesn’t answer anything, but does her schoolwork well.) Really? (She’s in grade two this year, but still doesn’t want to talk to anyone. She doesn’t play with any friend. She’s by herself. They took her to see a doctor in the Children’s University Hospital. They told me that she needs to take medicine, so she can gain more confidence. I don’t know... So I take this opportunity to ask You, Master, please enlighten me.) She doesn’t talk, but does she talk at home? (Yes, she talks at home, with just me and...) It’s OK if she doesn’t want to talk, why force her, she’s not mute. (No, she’s not mute, but the school doesn’t agree.) OK, educate her at home if they don’t agree. (Yes.) In every nation, you have the right to teach your kids at home. (I can’t teach.) There’s a computer, let her do a correspondence course, or invite someone home to teach her. (So, no need to give her medicine, right, Master?) What for? She’s not sick, why take medicine? (Yes, she’s a normal child.) Yes, taking medicine sometimes gives you side-effects. More to worry. (She just doesn’t talk to anyone.) She doesn’t like to talk. What is there to talk about? (She only greets You every morning before leaving for school. That’s it.) It’s fine if she doesn’t want to talk. Whenever she’s ready, she’ll talk. She doesn’t want to talk at this moment. There’s nothing to talk about. Kids don’t have anything to talk about. There’s no abnormality. (Yes.) Taking medicine for what? (The doctor says I have to give her medicine.) Do you want to give her medicine? (No.) Do you want her to talk a lot? What do you want? (No, because I see You now, so I ask You to clarify it for me.) It’s OK without talking. No need. More talking, more nonsense. If school says something, you say: “My child is like that, she talks at home, she just doesn’t want to talk here. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want her taking medicine.” (Yes.) We have the right to object, understand? (Yes.) Because you see that your daughter has no illness, the doctor also said she has no sickness, then of course, there’s no need for medication. “Taking medicine makes me worry that my child may be sensitive, allergic, sensitive.” Say like that. (Yes, I do think so.) Say, “If she falls ill, what can I do? My daughter’s been healthy, what happens if something goes wrong when taking medicine?” (Yes.) “Do you guarantee that my child will be normal?” For example like that. “If the school lets her keep going to school, and she does a good job, then it’s OK. If the school does not, then I’ll take her home and teach her myself.” Say that, OK? (Yes, thank You, Master.) If you want to give her medicine, it’s up to you, up to you, (No. Thank You, Master.) since you are her parent. That’s only my opinion. (Yes. Thank You Master.) If you want her to talk non-stop, then give her medicine. (Yes. Thank You Master.) Some people, they talk less. Understand? Talk less.

(For example, Master’s photos, over time, the color will fade, or they may wear out, or they may be damaged. What should we do about these photos?) Oh, photos! (After a long period of time...) Just burn it. (Oh?) Burn it! (Burn it?) Just burn it with fire.

(Another thing is... For example, someone in our family is selling lotto.) OK. Lotto. (Does this incur karma? What do You think?) Why are they selling that? Is it from the government? You got it from the stores, right? (Yes, we sell for the government.) That is OK! You can sell it if you want. Otherwise, you don’t have a job. If we refuse to do anything, then how to earn a living, all right? (All right.) It’s OK as long as not doing bad things. People are free to buy it or not. It’s also good if they win the lottery. (OK, thank You, Master!) You are welcome.

(Master, I have three children, they are all initiated. But since they’ve grown up, they are too lazy in practicing.) How old? How old? (The oldest is 20 years old, then 17, 18 years old. If no one scolds them, they won’t meditate.) Then scold them. (Is it dangerous at this age, Master?) Dangerous what? (Because they go out often these days.) How old? (Seventeen, eighteen.) These ages are a little dangerous. (I fear that too, Master.) Must be close to them. Be close and friendly much more. Sometimes go shopping together, so when they feel bored, they won’t go out with friends much. Be stricter a little bit at home; take good notice about whom they go with, what they do, for example. But be friendly, understand? So the children will trust us, and they’ll express their feelings. Otherwise, they won’t let us know what they do, being secretive, not to say a word, because they’re afraid of us - and that is dangerous. If they have trust in us, when we’re more friendly, then they’ll tell us, then we’ll know what to teach them. (They often talk to their mothers, then it’s very good.) Tell mom to teach, then mom will tell dad. (I’m more strict, when I say something, they just look at me, then sneak away.) But you must be friendly, teach them slowly. Telling mom is already good, mom then lets dad know secretly, Dad will let mom know secretly what to tell them. (Yes. Thank You, Master!) You’re welcome. Are they here? Did the children come? No? (They didn’t want to come.) Didn’t want to come? Never mind. A bit difficult at this age, a bit difficult to teach. Be flexible. You wanted children, now you have to bear it. (They were very well-behaved before.) It’s a little difficult at this age.

Whoa! What a problem! If you don’t have children, people say you’re not blessed. When you have children... too tiring. The more they grow up, the more you’re worried. They grow up, and become different each year. It’s harder to teach. If you don’t let them go to school, people would criticize you. The government would punish you. You let them go to school, then all kinds of influence out there, it’s hard to check on them. You must be very firm, and be friendly with them, advise them, say, “I can understand. I used to be like you. I was also young and did this and that. Do you do that now? If you do, let me know. Nothing to worry.” If we see them do things wrongly, then we tell them: “It’s fun to do this, but the consequence may be like this and this. I’m not forbidding you, but choosing a better way is better. I had gone through this before, and I know it is a very thorny road... etc.” Talk like you’re their friends. Go out for coffee or something, sit down and talk like friends. When they have trust in you, they’ll tell you anything, and ask for your opinion. For example, you believe in me, you ask me for any opinion. Because we trust each other. Sometimes, it’s not good to be so strict either. And it’s also not good to be too easy. Observe each child’s different character. One likes it a little bit easy, another likes it a bit more strict. Be flexible to teach them, but you must be friendly. Take them out to movies often, the whole family or one by one, face to face. One to one talk. Talk happily and be friendly. Just go and do things together, teach them little by little. They like that. They’ll feel you’re friends, then will talk to you. After the talk we will know what is good or bad, and how to guide them. Otherwise, if they don’t talk to us, we don’t know what they are doing, and how to teach them.

Who’s next? (Master, this is my first time seeing You.) How are you? (Thank You, Master, I sincerely wish You always be healthy to guide us on the spiritual path. I have a question. About two years ago, I asked the Quan Yin Messenger about my meditation. When I did (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation till... I don’t know if I went into samadhi, but I felt like a heavy hammer, or something hit upon my head, “Bang.” And many times like that, I kept praying to You, “Master, please help me. I don’t know what was happening and if I could overcome it.” But it’s been a while now I haven’t experienced it.) All gone? (Yes.) Then that’s all right. Do you want it back? Sometimes it’s like that. It says that in meditation... In Zen, it describes like thunder, earthquake, many people experience the same, and some experience it differently. (It gives you like a big shock.) A big shock. (It startles you, and you want to run away.) So, what now? Your practice has improved now? Your life is happier? (I thank You Master for giving me family happiness.) Very good, I’m glad. If your family is happy, then practicing spiritually is easier too. (But sometimes it has a little problem.) Of course, my God, what do you want? This is maya’s place. (I sincerely thank You, Master.) It’s very good that the whole family practice spiritually, so it’s easy to understand each other, and helping each other on the spiritual path, it’s good. I’m very happy. Not many families are like that. The wife practices, the husband doesn’t like. The husband practices, the wife doesn’t like. For example like that. We just heard so many already. Your family is already very good. Congratulations! About the hammer, I took it away, dumped it into the eight- trigrams stove and melted it already. No more hammer. It’s like that sometimes. Sometimes it’s very strong like that, but your head is not fractured, right? Not at all? You just felt it. You felt it. In Zen, in meditation, they described similar cases like that. Now you know, but not many people experience it. Some people also have a strong experience like that, and some people feel less, normally it’s very gentle. But your meditation progresses, and your life is happy, then that’s very good. Sometimes we don’t have experience in meditation. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have it. But we just forgot after getting out of samadhi. The higher realms are not for our mind to know. How can the mind reach up there? Only our mind is like a camera, so it may know. Once in a while, our mind knows when it gets affected a little bit. Normally, it’s hard for the mind to know. But you do see every now and then. During the initiation, when the power is very strong, the mind also knows, because it breaks through, understand? A very strong hit, the power. Like breaking your prejudices, dispersing, flashing, so your mind can also get it. But later on, when you’re in samadhi, and come out of it, you forget; but sometimes you wake up, you still see a little leftover of (inner Heavenly) Light, flashing, before we’re fully awake, is it right? Sometimes we have experiences in our sleep. You meditate, then slowly dozing off. That sleep is a full meditation. But after waking up, you don’t see anything or know anything. Don’t worry, continue practicing. I guarantee that no one can’t elevate.

Anything else? (I want to ask You one more question. My husband is very much against my practice. In recent years, he’s suddenly interested in doing non-vegan food. I still do my job. I wonder if what my husband does would affect me much?) Never mind. He spends his money, and you spend yours. (I can still go to group meditation as usual, no problem, right?) He lets you go to group meditation? (Yes,) Wow. (he drives me there and takes me home.) Oh, really? He’s so generous, so good. (Generous?) “Thank you!” (Yes.) “Thank you for allowing me to practice spiritually. I’m your slave, darling, please allow me to practice spiritually. If I have merit, you’ll benefit too. I beg you not to scold me.” Oh dear, having a husband is like living in jail? Why living with your husbands and children is like living in jail? I know, I know. Men sometimes are difficult. (Yes, thank You Master.) What a pity. Try to bear, but it’s already very good that he drives you back and forth. That’s good enough. You must thank him, praise him. Say, “You are even kinder than some spiritual practitioners, even though you are not practicing.” Say that. It’s true. Many spiritual practitioners are jealous even. They don’t let their wives practice spiritually, but are also lousy. So, that is very good. You have to know his good point, his goodness. Don’t just keep saying he’s always against your practice, and just thinking about it without looking at his good deeds. Who would forbid his wife, oppose her spiritual practice, but still drive her like that, right? It’s very good already. He’s just resisting outside. We have to commend him, praise him and say: “Thank you very much! Even though you are not a spiritual practitioner, you are as generous as a spiritual practitioner. You drive me to group meditation and then take me back home, that makes me feel touched.” Say like that. You should do that. You have to thank him. What husband is free to drive you there? For what reason? Just to sit? And then he drives you home, you go home and sit again! (Thank You, Master. Whatever I do in my life, You are always there by my side taking care of everything.) That’s good!

(But I still have a question, when I meditated, maybe I didn’t concentrate enough, thus when I asked You questions, I hardly got a reply.) Just ask what you want to ask now. (Sometimes I got answers, sometimes not. I mean I asked You in meditation.) Understand. (Because sometimes I don’t get a chance to see You.) Sometimes no answer, sometimes you can’t hear the answer, but the result is good. (Yes.) Because you can’t hear it. You’re deaf. However, Master still helps you. You’re deaf but Master is not. (It means that my level is too low to get the answer.) Huh? (It means that my level is too low.) The inner Master guides you, steers you to do things right. (Then we always have to be satisfied with all the results we get, right? Because Master arranges everything.) That’s right. Whatever our karma is, we have to take it. What question did you ask that “She” did not answer? (Sometimes I needed to make decisions, like how to have my children educated. I have two children. How I want them to be educated. Deciding where they should be studying, or other things. Or family problems like husband, children, house. I asked, sometimes...) Understand. (It was difficult.) The Chinese people have a small book printed whatever I say, Aphorisms... Sometimes they opened and read it, and see which answers are right to them, for example. Then look for the words that matches, look for those words. If the answer is “yes” or “no”. You can do that. If not, many people write “yes” or “no” on two pieces of paper and throw it up, and pick one to see what Master says, “yes” or “no”. There are so many ways to do. Many people just ask all kinds of things. Sometimes you open a book and turn to the right page that gives you the right answer, for example, if you’re deaf... You’re deaf but not blind, so just open the book. Some people, if they pray, they just turn the page, point to the right spot, and read, for example. You have to use your... How to say “intuition”? Your intuition, you feel it. And you have to do research on which school is good. What’s good about it and why. Are there any bad friends around, for example. You also have to take care of it yourself. Which is a good school, why? Which is a bad school, and why? Research like that. Then we meditate and find out which school is good. The answer will come up automatically. You always have to check in advance, get all information. This school has this, that school has that. After that, you meditate, you ask, “Which is the one, Master?” Suddenly, you’ll think of which one. Your intuition will lead you to whichever school, and that would be it. That is the answer. I don’t sit there and keep talking to you all the time. (Thank You, Master.)

(Master, I sincerely thank You for clearing my karma. I am the one who had to learn the lesson of love over the last 30 years. Master has just cleared it, and taken away the burden of karma from me. I’ve learned the lessons of patience, and of utmost endurance, and now I am free.) Liberated. (Yes, I am free and liberated. I can work and practice spiritually as much as I want. It’s not like going forward, then backward as before.) Don’t have to ask for permission anymore? (No, Master.) You have quit your slavery, haven’t you? (Yes.) You got rid of your slavery, huh? (No.) So what did you do? (Because I am a spiritual practitioner, I don’t dare to break the precepts.) But how did you free yourself? (I didn’t dare to leave my husband.) Then how? Your husband left you? (After attending the Hungary retreat last year, I understood very well that I married my enemy in order to learn my lesson. And then I prayed to the inner Master.) You really hit him or just in your mind? (Not that. I meditated and prayed to the inner Master to help resolve...) Let Master do the hitting, huh? (Yes. Master told me to meditate much more, and diligently. After that, at every week’s five-hour group meditation, I did three hours (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation continuously. On these Sundays, I was only concentrating on meditation. After about seven, eight months, my karma probably couldn’t hold on any longer, it ran away. Previously, both of us were initiates, but he was very lazy. We were always arguing every time for going to group meditation. Then I prayed to Master a lot, and meditated five, six hours every day. Gradually, he couldn’t stand sitting next to me anymore, so he went to the other room. We then meditated in separate rooms. Then, in December, maybe it was the time for me to be freed of this burden. In January, he went back to Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and someone took him away for me.) Took the burden away! (Yes, when I was told, I thanked that lady a lot for taking the burden for me. When I phoned wishing them luck, and thanked her for helping me be free and liberated, and everyone felt funny. However, I really thanked them. Firstly, I thank Master very much. After that, I became a completely free person. Now, I meditate five, seven hours, or sit overnight without feeling tired at all. And no one disturbs me.) Sit by yourself? (Yes! Secondly...) Very good! See? (I work from 4:00 am to 7:00 pm, but I don’t feel tired at all. I come home at night and meditate all night, and Master is taking care of everything for me. For example, I was told about this retreat, and obviously I didn’t have money. However, within two, three days, Master helped me to sell goods. Then I had the money to come right away.) I even had to sell goods for you? Wow! I got a job! So do you pay me the salary? (Thank You very much for taking away my burden. From now on,) OK, good! (I’ll be wholehearted praticing spiritually.) Good, but don’t forget to pay Her! (Thank You very much, Master!) OK! I am very happy for you! See that? More meditation will slowly let you be liberated. When we practice meditation, burdens will slowly disappear, and then we’ll have everything. Just meditate, no need to pray for anything, naturally, you’ll have everything. Meditate a lot, you will be connected with the Master. I am telling you so, but still know that your situations are very difficult. It’s not that anyone wants to meditate, then they can do it.

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