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Between Master and Disciples

The Almighty, Part 4 of 4, Oct. 1~2, 2006

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt)),Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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So when you meditate well, deep, you fly away from the mind for that moment. That’s why you experience deep happiness, which you cannot describe, anyway. The moment that you suddenly lift up in samadhi, that is just something extraordinary. And if you do that anytime, any day, then the soul will be so used to the freedom again.

So, you guys pay attention to this. The body needs food. The soul, the spirit, needs meditation power to boost up, to go up! Really, please, even if you are in a mundane environment, you still can keep your mind focused. You still can! If that’s all you want, nothing can really distract you. Maybe a little bit, but not too long. You have to get to that level, so that nothing distracts you anymore, and even if it does, it’s just like dust from your clothes, you shake it, and it’s gone. And not like the mud that clings to your body and cakes on your skin. That’s a different thing. Not into the mud. You get onto the dry land, and I wash you, clean up from the mud. It doesn’t cling to your body, doesn’t cake your skin anymore. And after a while, even you walk on the road, it might be dusty, but not like the mud. So get out on the dry land first, and just walk on the dry land. And even though you’re a little dusty, very easy. Even five-minute meditation, it’s gone!

So please, if you have some very sharp kind of question, and this kind of argumentative or provoking or kind of challenging question, please ask yourself first: “This question, does it really serve me? Do I really ask the correct question? Or I’m just blah, blah, blah, to get attention, or just to vent my social behavior on somebody, or even on the Master?” Just because you live in such a social, dirty environment, and you came here, you didn’t clean yourself, you just throw dirt on people, or even on the Master. Just because you’re so used to it, or you’re angry inside at something, and then you just blurt it out. It’s useless for you even if I answer it, and even if you understand it. These are all still in intellectual level. It’s not the real thing. No matter how eloquent I am in describing an apple to you, you might see the vivid picture in your eyes, in your mental eyes, but you still don’t taste the apple. I might be very good at describing it, and you even feel mouth watering... “Wow! I wish I had an apple! And I understood what an apple looks like, and I understood what it tastes like, but I don’t have an apple.” Apple is what you need, not a glorious description of it, no matter how good the description.

So even here, I’m coming here not to talk to you, really, not to even answer your questions, and not to make you think that I’ve really understood everything from the universe, or I really have a great eloquence. It’s not that. It’s just my presence that is a gift to you. Anything I say is just to make you focus on me, or to make your mind a little relaxed. Just my presence, that’s the best lecture I could give to you. Of course I’m here, you like me to talk. That’s why I told you, “Nonsense, all nonsense.” Because according to me, they are also nonsense. Whatever I say is nonsense. It’s like entertainment for your mind. But for the soul, you have different entertainment. Deeper. Better! Truly awaken you, shake you up! Shakes the dirt out of your being. That is, if you have any being to shake it. What I mean is, the dirt from your mind, so that it can let your soul free. Because the mind... It’s the concept of the mind, it’s the trouble of the mind, that keeps the soul bound. Otherwise, nothing can bind the soul.

The soul wants to use the mind and the body to experiment whatever’s around here. But if the mind and the body are not in a very cooperative mood, or not on a very high level, then the soul just keeps relying on that information, and binding together. And that’s how you are not liberated. It’s just the mind that’s the problem. So when you meditate well, deep, you fly away from the mind for that moment. That’s why you experience deep happiness, which you cannot describe, anyway. The moment that you suddenly lift up in samadhi, that is just something extraordinary. And if you do that anytime, any day, then the soul will be so used to the freedom again. Like when he sleeps. When we sleep, because the soul is tired, he wants to get out. And at that time he’s free. But daytime, he has to follow the mind to see what’s going on, or to try to direct the mind. But the mind keeps feeding the wrong information. So if you meditate, you know how to get out of the mind, and you don’t need it. And the soul will look at it, the soul by himself or herself, then can direct the mind more correctly what to do, instead of relying on wrong information or even right information fed in by the mind. The soul is very gentle, very beautiful. The soul doesn’t understand the complication, the filthiness of the world. But that’s why the mind is good. The mind keeps feeding information, the soul believes it. So it’s better the soul gets out of the mind, and directs, instead of following the mind. Because if it follows the mind, it also cannot direct well. So the soul has to be out, like the Master. The driver cannot just follow the steering-wheel when the steering-wheel is wrong. If it steers by itself, then it’s bad. The driver has to steer the steering-wheel. This is all human language - I’m so frustrated.

I’m frustrated because I don’t know how to talk anymore. I used to be more eloquent, right? Let’s face it, really. No? Don’t you feel the difference? I do! I do! No. I remember when I was... when I first came out, I only used the Second Level talk, most of the time. And I was very eloquent. I remembered, whoever asked any question, nobody could argue with me! But right now, if you argue with me, maybe I’m stunned, I say, “Oh... what is that?” Yeah, really! I do know the difference. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you don’t. Maybe right now if you ask me many of those stupid questions, I don’t know how to answer anymore. Probably you will win. So try it, and to feel good. Just to feel good that you win. I really don’t have that eloquence that I used to have. But you don’t feel it? (No.) No? (It’s a different eloquence now.) Oh, I guess. Ah, OK, OK. That’s good. Good idea! It’s true, it’s true.

Because I don’t talk about those argumentative, Second-Level talk anymore. So if you ask me those questions, I probably... I notice it myself only. Maybe you don’t know it, because you don’t ask such questions much anymore, except a couple yesterday. And you can see I don’t really answer well. I notice it myself. Because most of the time now, you don’t ask these questions anymore, so you don’t notice it. But when I go outside, the outside people, they ask the kind of question that you used to ask before or other people used to ask before, and I don’t know how to answer. I don’t think anymore in that direction. (It’s tiring.) What? (It’s tiring.) I don’t even feel tired. I don’t know why I can’t answer it! I just shrug my shoulders, and answer the way outside people just say anything, just to get away with it, that’s it. It’s not the way I fiercely and enthusiastically try to convince the people by my power of talk. I wasn’t even enthusiastic anymore. Even if I want to, I just stand there. I’m just kind of stunned: “Why does he ask this question?” Most of the time, I ask like that. And I really don’t know. Most of the time, I couldn’t answer anymore the way I answered before. I guess it’s not necessary anymore. And I have to tell you also that when I was enlightened, it was just 100%. It’s like the Master level. And I have to confess with you, I only knew the Fifth Level then. And later I meditated more on the retreat and all that, myself, and then I go higher very fast... boop! And then I realized, “Ah, that’s not it!” It wasn’t it. It was not that!

I’ll tell you a joke. There’s a young soldier who goes into the army for fighting. And every day, the commander-in-chief, the commander, the colonel, notices that this guy keeps going around everywhere, picking up any piece of paper on the ground, and looks at it and throws it away, and says, “It’s not it.” So he keeps going day in, day out, day and night. If he sees any piece of paper, he picks it up and reads it, and throws it away, “That’s not it.” Keeps doing that all the time: Picking paper, reads it and throws it away, saying, “That’s not it.” So the commander-in-chief, the colonel or general, thinks that he has something wrong. He sends him to a psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist also thinks that something’s wrong with him, so writes a discharge paper for him to go home. No more soldier duty! And he picks that up and he reads it, and says, “This is it!”

I was so happy when I discovered during my retreat what it is all about “me.” I was so happy, but I had nobody to talk to. But I was also angry. I said, “Why? Why? Why now? Why not before? It made me suffer all this time!” All this illusion and all this nonsense! And then of course, then I know. If I realized what I did, I probably wouldn’t go out and talk. I couldn’t even talk! I couldn’t be eloquent the way it was. I couldn’t have that “low-level” eloquence to deal with the “low-level” at that time. Then it’s OK, too. But it was a little bit happy and frustrated at the same time. Nevertheless, I forgot it already. I forgot what it was. So, I’m still your Master. It’s the same. Same like before. But not the same. The same, but not the same. For example, even on the Fifth Level, you sometimes still wonder, “Am I?” Even you guys, even if sometimes you get to the Fifth Level, or if I say you are on the Fifth Level, you still have a little wondering. After that, no more.

That’s why the Master, yesterday, I told you, no, the day before, everybody told Him He’d die horribly if He kept telling them, He still said it, because there was no other thing He could say. He told the Truth, because He had realized it, there’s nothing can shake it. No doubt, no question, no, nothing. Nothing anymore. So He just had to proclaim what He was. And moreover, He knew that He had to die for the people. That was the only way He could teach them, He could cleanse them. That was what He thought at that time. Well, if a society can kill somebody who is so innocent, who does nothing wrong, in such a horrible way, then can you imagine how else a Master can teach them? Like the time of Jesus, how else could He teach and cleanse them? They were not civilized enough even, to listen to anything! Even if that Master, the one who was vivisected to die, even if He said, “I am the Truth,” even if He told a lie, you just don’t listen to Him, and just think He’s a crazy man. That’s enough. Why you had to kill Him like that? Now you understand what kind of society that He lived in. And that was the only way He could liberate some of the people, His disciples and outside, alike.

The story ended like this... Remember the story? It’s so horrible that after I read it, I threw the book away. I don’t even want to know about it. But then, I don’t know, I picked it back up. I thought maybe you could learn something from it, even though it’s so horrific. I did not even want to let you know, but I thought maybe I could teach you something out of this. We should gain a little bit of diamond out of the whole big dirty filth.

So, the story ended like this: one of His non-disciple, but like maybe acquaintance or associate, wanted so much to know what happened. He knows that the Master says that, of course, that the one who follows Him will be liberated and blessed. So, he wanted to know so much about the people who persecuted Him, what happened to them. So the Master appeared in a dream or in a vision, and told him. I think he wasn’t an initiated person, but kind of contacted inside, or admired Him. I wasn’t sure if that Master ever initiated anybody. Maybe some people followed Him only. Because at that time, there were many other masters who were more openly teaching, because they taught according to the government line and didn’t proclaim anything. Maybe they were not, even - they did not reach the level, that level, so they could not even proclaim! Never mind, let’s finish the story first.

So, he wanted... that acquaintance of the deceased Master, the persecuted Master, wanted to know what happened to the people who persecuted Him. So, He appeared to him and said that both were blessed by God. The ones who supported Him and wanted to rescue Him or follow Him, they did it because of God, they believed in God. For God’s sake. And the ones who persecuted Him, also for God’s sake, because they thought He did against God. So, both did it for God’s sake, so God blessed them both. Perhaps the Master knew already the outcome, so He blessed them already beforehand, anyway.

So, at that time, many masters were teaching the same thing as Him, of course, but they warned Him not to say that He’s the Truth, that means, “I am God.” Warned Him not to say that, because He would get killed. Nevertheless, He said that all the time. If anybody asked Him who He was, He said, “I am the Truth.” If He proclaimed it in the marketplace, then He knew He had to die. And even at the time of death, He proclaimed the same. At that time, many masters taught the same method as He did, so a lot of people already followed Him. And this Master had also been studying before, when He was younger. Of course, He had been studying with these masters, but He separated Himself out of all. Not because He said the other masters were no good, not that, but He became different, not the way other masters did.

Like, most of the masters, for example in India, nowadays even, if the master comes out, like a successor of some great, already famous master, so the tradition is this: you come out, you preach the teaching, and you always praise the master. “My master was this, my master will do this for you, my master will do that for you, do this for you, my master, the great.” Never proclaim himself. That, they call humility, and this is rightly so. And the master of this type should have humility, should always praise God, praise the master before him, and accredit all the blessing and power to his master. That is correct.

But this man, He doesn’t. The one who had been persecuted so gruesomely like that, He did not. He proclaimed, “I am the Truth.” And He taught many crazy things according to the book, it said, “He taught crazy. He became crazy.” He didn’t do it the way any other master, other contemporary master did. So they predicted that He would die on the gallows. Normally, they’d just chop His head, but in this case, they made it so horrible. Because He was the Truth, He is the Truth, He cannot say anything else! And the more they forced Him to say otherwise, the more He proclaimed that, “I am the Truth.”

What would you say if you know who you are? If you know you’re a doctor, you’re graduated, wouldn’t you say, “Yes, I am a doctor! I am a surgeon, certified surgeon. I’m graduated. I am a doctor surgeon.” No? Wouldn’t you say that? Or, “I am a dentist.” Or, “I am a professor.” Or, “I am a PhD.” Whatever you are, you say it. No matter how many people say you are not, can you be convinced that you are not? You know it yourself: “My God, I am a doctor!” So, other people who don’t know you, don’t even see the certificate, even if you cannot prove it because you left your certificate at home in the safe box, but you say, “I am a doctor.” And they say, “No, you are not! You’re just lying!” “No! I am! I’m not lying! I’m a doctor. I am a doctor!” The more they say you are lying, the more you say, “No, no! I am not lying! It’s true I’m a doctor. For God’s sake, I am a doctor!” Even, you cannot prove it, because you might be traveling far, and you don’t just take your doctor’s certificate everywhere with you, do you? No.

Some of you here are doctors, but you don’t carry it in your pocket all the time. So, the people, who know her here or him here, know, of course if he says he’s a doctor, he’s a doctor. And then let him treat us, then we know more and more, the way he treats us, we know that, “OK, he’s...” Nobody even doubts him, because we all know and trust him. But the people outside, suppose he goes on the street and says he’s a doctor, the people might believe, maybe not, until he’s in action, or maybe they don’t even let him treat, if, even, the language is not the same language.

For example, an English doctor here comes out and talks to some Spanish peasant outside, and says he’s a doctor, maybe difficult to convince. He can’t explain it, so he won’t let you treat him. “Don’t touch me! I don’t know who you are.” For example like that. And maybe even says that he tells lie or whatever, because maybe he doesn’t look like a doctor. Maybe he’s on holiday, now he grows a big beard like this, and his hair grows long because he’s so fed up with shaving every day. So on holidays, he just lets loose. And by the way, he sees some people sick or in emergency need, he wants to treat them, wants to help them. But maybe they don’t believe him, because he doesn’t look like a doctor: “The doctors I see in the hospital are well-shaven and with a white coat. You don’t have even a white coat, and your beard looks so long, and your hair looks so matted. You don’t look like a doctor.” Something like that. But nevertheless, he is, and he cannot proclaim otherwise, no matter how people tell him to. Now you understand? (Yes.) Maybe! OK, let you go eat! I love you, anyway. (Love You!)

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