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Between Master and Disciples

The Almighty, Part 3 of 4, Oct. 1~2, 2006

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt)),Mandarin Chinese(中文),Spanish(Español)
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The best thing is you, your own wisdom inside, when you are always in deep communion with Heaven, with the highest teaching of non-verbal education.

Sometimes you really want to meditate, but fall asleep right away when you sit, or you are already lying down before even sitting. This problem may happen. Or you can’t overcome your enemy - instead, the enemy overcomes you. It can happen! Or you see your enemy as your friend. It’s difficult to be detached from the world. Just meditate, and then everything will be OK. I have said this many times, but no one listens. How come you listen well to that? (I have the inner Master.) What about the other people, has their inner Master gone outside? I guess so. You leave Master outside your house? Don’t want to look at me. That’s right! You only like to look at this physical body. Don’t want to do what I told you. I told you to meditate, but you don’t. Right? I told you to do this, to do that, do charity work, but you didn’t listen: “I have a husband, I have a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend, I can’t go. I have a boyfriend, I can’t go, I have this and that... I can’t go.” Don’t want to meditate. Don’t do charity work. And you make me meditate for you, do charity work for you. I do everything for you, is that right? But I cannot take away your burden of husband. The woman in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) did it. Very Good. More meditation, then you will have everything. Meditate properly. Try. If you can’t meditate by yourself, then ask two initiates to come to your house and meditate together. “Today, I meditate in your house. Tomorrow at someone else’s house.” Support each other. Meditate together. She meditates by herself, tough girl! OK, congratulations.

(Master, the question is, after a few years of initiation, sometimes I miss You, then I will cry. And then people said, because we are already initiated with You and we have a connection with You, when we do that, it may disturb Your work.)

Oh, no, it’s all right. (OK.) No disturbing, keep crying. (OK. Thank You!) If you want to cry, it’s because you miss me! Who’s going to disturb you like that? It’s all right, let her cry. My God! You guys know too much nonsense. If you want to cry, you cry. Call me, so I can cry with you together.

(Hallo, Master. Can we do fundraising for doing Master’s work?) Fundraising? No! (OK.) No! (Thank You.) What for, you fundraise? Do what? (For example, I think about crossing all countries from south to north.) From south to north. To do fundraising? (Yes.) Outside, from outside people? (Yes.) Oh, no! Please, no! (OK. Thank You.) No! If your center’s disciples can manage to do anything you want, then it’s fine. If you want to do some work for the public, like you print some leaflets here and there, it’s OK. And if you don’t, sometimes even the headquarters will support you, support money. Don’t ever ask money from outside people. That’s the thing you should never do. We don’t even ask from disciples! Why you ask outside people? Why? We do what we have. We do what we can. We don’t ask the people from outside. Never, never! At the time of initiation, nobody told you that? That we do not collect money? We don’t collect money from you, even! Why you go collect money from outside? That’s not logical.

(Hallo, Master! I have a question. I feel that, sometimes, if I talk to my kids patiently, they just don’t listen. If I scold them, they will listen. But I don’t like to scold others.) I know. (Therefore, sometimes I feel very agonized. After scolding them, I also cry.) I know, I know. (Yes, I just feel very...) Your own lovely karma, you have to bear it. I know, good kids are rare. Then you can scold them a little bit, if they don’t listen to you. The main thing is you have no fierce feelings towards them. (Yes, sometimes...) Not really scolding, just raise your voice a little bit to let them know you are serious. No need to scold them, just use a stronger tone, understand? (Yes.) For example, you say, “Hey, kid, sweep the floor for me.” And then you keep repeating, but he does not listen. Then you say, “Kid, sweep the floor! OK? I want you to sweep the floor. Now!” Just like this, OK? No need to scold or anything. (OK.) Sometimes they don’t understand. They didn’t pay attention to what you are saying. Understand? (Yes.)

(Can I ask Master [about my father]? He killed himself.) When? Before or after initiation? (Before initiation, a long time ago.) Why? Why did he do that? (Before, our lives, and his psychic life, it’s in my understanding, it’s very hard. I understand why my father did.) Yes. You understand why, right? (Yes, and I don’t condemn.) No, no, no. So, what is your question? (When a friend of an initiate...) Is he liberated, right? (Yes, yes.) I take care of him. (Thank You, Master!) You’re welcome. I promise. (Thank You! Thank You!) No problem, nothing will happen to him. Life is hard, huh? It’s just that normally, people who commit suicide cannot be liberated so quick. Translate to him. Because this body is God-given and according to the karma, and if we want to run away from it suddenly like that, we can’t get away with it. But because he is initiated and he practices, so that helps me to have a chance to help him. It’s usually the initiates have the privilege of Master’s attention and grace. So you worry about him? If you’re initiated and you practice, you have nothing to worry about your ancestors or your next generation.

All right. From the biggest to the smallest! Maltese is the smallest, and the other guy is like a German Shepherd mixed with a Mastiff or a Great Dane. He looks like a Great Dane. Oh, so big! About, oh... He eats direct from the table, just standing there, and gets table food, human table food. He just stands there, puts his chin on it, and, “Can I eat it?” But, he’s very good. If I say no, he doesn’t do it. He can, but he doesn’t. But if I put the food there, he can eat it just like that. The other, the Rottweiler, I have to sit him on the sofa and then tell him to eat on the table. Then he can do it. But the last one, he doesn’t need any seat. He doesn’t need any chair, he just stands there and eats direct from the table. So tall, he’s so tall! He’s about this tall. So, when I want to pet him, he doesn’t need to jump to kiss me or anything. He just stands there and kisses, a convenient kiss. So, sometimes I tell him to sit, he understands English. My God, he’s not an English dog. He has not been raised in English language, but he understands everything.

OK, now guys, before you eat... Are you hungry? (No!) You want to go to bathroom? (No!) No! I try to accommodate you with your time, but your schedule is just a little bit too strict for me. I’m not only a spiritual teacher, I’m also an artist. At night, I’m more inspired. In the morning, it’s just like worker’s time. Everybody rushes to the highway, and rushes to the office. It just kills me right there. In the morning, I’m like dead. I have no idea how to live in the morning. I either meditate or sleep. So, forgive me. If you want to go eat, go now; if you don’t, we just talk nonsense for a while. Is that OK? (Yes!) Nonsense or eat? (Nonsense!) Nonsense, OK! Wow! I like that. Food, we can always have. Nonsense, not... Not necessary. It depends on who talks nonsense, right? (Yes, Master.)

Now, I just want to tell you something that is non-nonsense. Like, for example, I just give you initiation, that is never enough. It’s not enough. You have to really assimilate the power that has been awakened within you, (Yes.) or transmitted or awakened, whatever. The human language is very complicated. It’s never really good enough for metaphysical things, especially the teachings of Heaven. So, if you think you can just get initiated and it’s all right, it’s not. Of course, you’ll be liberated. If you don’t commit any grave sin, then you’ll be liberated, and you’ll never see hell. If you keep to the precepts, and meditate off and on, or even not, I’ll still help you. But, you will not understand much of the other more meaningful teachings to yourself. Then, you come here, or anywhere, you will ask a lot of nonsense, and I will have to talk nonsense. And this nonsense, you don’t even understand. Even if I answer you, you don’t understand.

For example, in Hungary, I taught you some very deep, deep stuff, and some of you were there, you understood it all. Even though just mentally, you did understand. But the one who has not been there, and the one who has not really been into the meditation stuff - maybe you go to group meditation, but you just sit there daydreaming, or to go there just to get a guy or the girl or the one that you like, or you talk, talk, talk, you like to gossip, then, you will not understand what I am saying. And then you just keep quizzing, quizzing about things that you don’t even know what it is. And you just catch one or two sentences and you dwell on that, because you don’t understand, or you understand the wrong way. This is very tiring for me.

So, if you don’t understand anything about the thing that I have taught just for disciples, then just be quiet, go home, meditate more. Meditate more, one, two more years, really deep, and if you still don’t understand it, then please just go out, sell ice cream. Yes, because it will be useless for you if such... just some mental wrestling, gymnastics. Even if you understood all of what I had told you in the Hungary retreat or in London, it’s still not the best thing for you yet. The best thing is you, your own wisdom inside, when you are always in deep communion with Heaven, with the highest teaching of non-verbal education. Otherwise, if you understood me, it’s also good for you. At least you don’t struggle: “Who is the Master? How is Her level?” You always worry about my level.

One of the disciples... Before, we were still talking about 100%, 80%, how many people are enlightened how many percent, like in Florida. And the guy still asked me, like, “If a person like that...” I don’t know if I should tell you. Did you hear the tape in Florida about how enlightened Jesus was? (Yes!) OK, then I can tell you. I thought it was just between the group. And they opened it up? OK, fine. So, I said Jesus at that time was 80% enlightened - they killed Him before He got up, but nevertheless, He’s still the Son of God. And His mission was only up to there. But He did not die on the cross, of course; I talked - only up to there, and I haven’t got a chance to talk later on. And he kept quizzing me, a resident even, “If You’re only 80%, how can You teach people?”

But you have to understand how much percent are the people at that time. A kindergarten teacher is good enough for some four-year old kid. There’s no need to bring a professor from university into a kindergarten, to tell the kids what it’s all about: about Einstein, and Archimedes, Newton, all kinds of stuff. They don’t understand! They don’t need to know yet. They just want to play. To know simple things like ABC, one-two-three-four, two and two make four, something like that. It’s good enough for the kids.

So, anyway, even if Jesus wasn’t 100% enlightened, it’s good enough for that time, for them. How barbarous, at that time, even! They killed an innocent man who didn’t do anything wrong, who didn’t even kill anybody, who didn’t steal, who did not revolt against the government, who didn’t say anything against the government, even. They had no reason, absolutely! Lawfully, physically, law speaking, He had committed no citizen crime, and they just killed Him! And a barbarous way of killing. At that time, He was too much already for them. He was too high already for them. It’s a waste of His spiritual ability, spiritual power. But nevertheless, God is always merciful. Hes sends always the best, all right, or Hes sends Hirmself. Mostly at the time of deep trouble, Hes sends Hirmself. No one else can take care. So, many of the Masters, when you heard that They tragically died, like the one that I told you the other day, they chopped all His limbs and cut His tongue and chopped His head, that was the greatest one of all the Muslim Masters in that lifetime. For example, only. And Jesus was the greatest one, for example.

Buddha was very great, the greatest of that time. Buddha, from the Fifth Level. The Buddha was 100% enlightened, and lived until 80-something years. Buddha is good to teach anybody! Buddha is great already. He was from the Fifth Level, and that’s the highest you can go, for the human who has already been here. Or Astral Level or Second intellectual Level, or Third Level, Fourth Level beings, He’s great already. But there are different levels between Masters, that, you know already. So, can you understand?

If you do not meditate the way I taught you, and do not invest your time and sincerity in this pursuit of your higher Self, no matter how long I tell you, no matter how long you sit in the group meditation, you gain not much. You might gain liberation for yourself and five generations, but your level will not be high. Now, there’s another way to gain enlightenment, also quick, by serving other people. Therefore, some of the people, during the retreat... of course, during the retreat, then you have more concentration or blessing power, that’s for sure. And some people who serve very well on the retreat, really selflessly because maybe at that time he’s so happy that somebody comes to his place, or he has a chance to meet many people, he’s so happy, happy, and he is really unconditionally and lovingly serving as much as he can, then his level goes zip, from the Second to the Fifth. I’m telling you, three levels! Oh, that’s fast! It’s not like just one-two-three. We count the Fifth Level, but we don’t know how much lifetime if somebody has to achieve that. So anyway, in that case, he went up very fast.

But after that, if he began to waste his attention on a smaller scale of this spiritual domain, then he lost it so quick. So quick, so quick. That’s why I don’t have any more new Quan Yin Messengers. Their level went down so quick after I left, for example, or after the retreat was over - the human side of that person came back again, and he swam back into the karma of his karmic sea, and then he got all wet, soaked again in this kind of thinking, this kind of doing, and then his level went down very fast.

I have to say that I’m a little bit sad, many times. So, you guys pay attention to this. The body needs food. The soul, the spirit, needs meditation power to boost up, to go up! Really, please, even if you are in a mundane environment, you still can keep your mind focused. You still can! If that’s all you want, nothing can really distract you. Maybe a little bit, but not too long. You have to get to that level, so that nothing distracts you anymore, and even if it does, it’s just like dust from your clothes, you shake it, and it’s gone.

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