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Buddhist Stories: The Past Lives of the First Five Disciples (Part 3 of 4) August 14, 2015

Lecture Language:English,French(Français)
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"‘Oh, sorry, yesterday my father went out for alms and then in the evening, it was so dark in the night coming back home, I worried about the tiger and the wolf, so I pushed him to go faster. Unfortunately, my father tripped and died. I was so scared, I ran home alone.’ So the Buddha said, ‘OK, OK, I know you don't have this wicked heart. In the former life, it was the same because in the former life, your father also killed you. But he also did not mean to kill you. It's just karma, retribution.’ From then on, the Śrāmaṇera, the son, was very diligent, studied Buddhist sutras and meditated. And not long after, he attained some high level, lower than Arahat. Everyone who heard the Buddha talk about the retribution, thus had faith in him, (and) believed the story. And they knew that karma and retribution can never be erased. Whatever you do, however long, long time passed, you still have to pay for it if it's bad, even though you didn't intend to.” Came in my vision daily, countless, I cannot count. All came to say thank you, to thank me. I'm very happy also because of that. They're not initiated, no, no, no. Maybe some of your relatives passed away already, and some people outside who saw my photo and believed, prayed or remembered me when they died and they've gone, all gone to Heaven. In the forest, I'm happy because I'm also free to meditate and gain a lot of knowledge and spiritual. But here I'm happy because you're happy. My happiness multiplies. And also I saw many people came and (said) "Thank you". Even through this retreat, many heavenly beings (are) also elevated. So they also came to thank me, not just the Earth people. Not just your relatives and friends, or the Earth people, but heavenly beings also came to thank me. I'm happy too.
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