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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 34 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 7, 2010

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“If you find one reference, fair enough, that’s good. But if you find another reference that confirms the first reference, that’s even better. Based on that, if you find a lot of information out there, it can get confusing. But if it gets confusing, this is why you have to think. You have to analyze the information and you have to think, make a decision based on what’s right for you. Because your doctor, to be honest, does your doctor really care about your health? Once he gives you a prescription, that’s it, you’re out of there. He’s got a hundred, if not more, other patients, other than you. So, the burden is on the individual to make sure that whatever is entering his or her body is good for his or her body. It goes for everything – creams, vitamins, tablets, whatever.

I’m not saying don’t trust experts, don’t trust nutritionists. But an opinion of somebody who has gone through it, through the experience is no less valuable than an opinion of somebody who’s been taught by a textbook.”

“And some useful links here, every diet – this is where I got the list of over 400 diets. But it lists the pros, the cons, the side effects, etc.” “(Food) Additives 2 is an iPhone app. You go out, you shop, you have your phone with you. This is an app that has all the E numbers (food additives codes), the ingredients, and everything built-in within the app. So, whenever you are looking on the shelf for a product, you can just go, ‘Let’s see, yes, that’s safe for vegetarians.’”

“Why are you guys here? Especially the non-vegetarians, have you got any non-vegetarians here? Hands up. (I’m here predominantly because for the extended periods of time that I have gone vegetarian, I’m seen very clear, tangible effect on my digestion, on my sleep, on just the way I relate to the external environment and also how I feel about myself. So, I don’t need convincing. It’s just a journey I’m on.)”
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