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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 24 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 7, 2010

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“If you put a suntan lotion on your skin, where does it end (up)? In your bloodstream. Exactly. So, you put a suntan lotion in your bloodstream. You put the shampoo on your scalp; you use toothpaste, and it ends (up) in your bloodstream. What stops it from getting into the bloodstream? What decides between putting it on your skin to going into your bloodstream?”

“Sodium benzoate, by the way, is a preservative, a carcinogen, like potassium sorbate. It is legal though. It’s absolutely legal to put sunscreen as well on your skin with titanium dioxide and to get cancer from it. It’s legal to get that cancer.”

“Genetically Modified Organisms came on the world in a big way about 30 years ago. Before that, they were in the lab; they were in the infancy. The promises they gave us were to feed the world, to grow crops in marginal soils, and to increase yields. This is what was told to us, so that we would feel good about GMOs. Now we feel very good. We're going to feed all these starving people, we're going to grow this crop in sandy soils, which have no rain. We're going to have all this great yield of production. Thirty years on, I didn't notice less people starving; I still have yet to see a GMO crop being grown in a marginal soil. What I do see is GMO crops being grown in the best soil we have because the product that comes off the GMO crop can get sold at a premium when it comes to making PLA bags, which is a replacement for plastic.”

“Does it have any nutrient in it? Probably not. Does it have any allergens in it? It probably has a whole bunch of allergens because it’s got proteins that are not originally in the tomato. And us, as human beings, have evolved with the planet and with our food source, and by natural selection, all the human beings who could live with what we have around us and eat are still here. All the others, well, they’re not here anymore. Now suddenly, we're changing nature and putting a new environment for us human beings to live in. Suddenly we’ve got these other ‘out of this planet’ species that human beings have to live with. And we will go through a whole another range of natural selection of who will survive and who will not survive these new species. A similar test is under study on human beings, and so far, we lose 50% of our reproductive capability, but we haven't done three generations yet; we've done one. So, it seems to me that our food is naturally selecting us out.”
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