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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 30 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 7, 2010

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“Amongst a lot of veg people also, I see very unhealthy habits. I mean, just having chips, fried chips or things with a lot of oil or overcompensating the meat, especially who are converts from non-veg to veg, they overcompensate by having a lot of bread by the way. Because as far as I know, a vegan or a vegetarian can never be fat. Where does that fat come from? Why are people overweight? So then it’s not just going veg or vegan. It’s the lifestyle. You have to change your lifestyle, your habits, start thinking about it and that actually has an impact.”

So I think it’s about lunch time. The lunch is going to be by Loving Hut and they have come up with very, very interesting dishes. “I have been working with them (Loving Hut), this team, and I’m giving support to them. I have tasted the food – it’s excellent food, excellent. I’m not hundred percent vegetarian but I will become after this.” “I will eat vegetarian only. I will stop eating meat. This was a very attractive food, very tasty food.”

Our next speaker is going to be Cyntha. So Cyntha Gonzalez has been a vegetarian for 30 years and a raw foodist for seven years. “Thank you for inviting me to be part of this. So, my talk is called ‘Food, Emotion and Life Force.’

Now, the slogan that helped me a lot, and it still is my motto today and something that I work with all the time, ‘Put down the food, feel the feelings.’ And that’s going to be something that’s going to be an important part of this talk, which I’ll get to in a minute.”
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