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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 21 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 7, 2010

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“As long as you’re fit, (have) enthusiasm to work, and enthusiasm to (be) compassionate, don’t go to the doctor. Go to the doctor even if you have a headache, don’t take your medicines. But when you don’t have nothing, don’t you see the doctor. I always tell my students 3 things: don’t go to the hospital for health, preserving your health. Don’t go to the court for justice, and don’t go to the police for honor. But if somebody dishonors you, go and complain to the police. If somebody does injustice, you can go to the court. And if you are ill, go to the hospital. But never go to the hospital when you are well, because you’ll become ill.” “Brain cell looks different from the heart cell, but they all function alike - the brain cell, the heart cell, the lung cell, hand cell, leg cell, bone cell – all function alike. And how do they do that? They have a normal pattern, and then work on energy. Where does their energy come from? A very little part of that energy comes from what you eat. But the larger part of it comes from the Sun. That is why in those countries where the Sun is very less, and if you don’t expose yourself to Sun, you get all kinds of diseases. The Sun keeps you alive and healthy, so expose yourself to the Sun.

Most of my elderly patients who have heart disease, I tell them the first treatment is, morning, one hour in the Sun, evening, one hour in the Sun. You need not sit in the afternoon, because the Sun in India is very hot. One hour, one hour, they all walk about, very nicely. So this Sun energy is the thing that keeps you going.”

“Now, a very interesting thing is, in yoga you do breathing exercise. I’ll give you a scientific idea. When you breathe in, in yoga breathing, you breathe for a short way, say four counts, and you breathe out, you breathe out as much as you can. Did you understand that? The idea is that you give your body a period of no oxygen, hypoxia, anoxia. You see, those people living in the Himalayas, they live for 140 years, because they don’t get as much oxygen that you and I get. Did you get that? So, too much of oxygen is not good for the system. So must do periodic intermittent hypoxemia.”
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