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In the Hour of Heavens’ Judgment, Wake Up and Be Vegan Now, Part 7 of 8, June 21, 2022

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The Ukrainians were not a war-zone country. (That’s right.) They just wanted peace, and they are mostly farming, just to feed people. And that’s what God wanted humans to do anyway in the beginning. (Yes, Master.) When the ancestors, Adam and Eve, were driven out of Eden, God said you have to go and cultivate the earth. (Yes.) Plant fruits and vegetables with the sweat of your brow in order to live, to survive. (Yes, Master.) That’s what God ordered us to do.

But, you see, Ukraine is all alone. (That’s right.) A smaller country and all the so-called allies are just standing by. (Yes, Master.) And they promised this gun, that gun, but they have already run out of munitions, and the promised things are even delayed now.

I read it yesterday or the day before. (Oh, gosh.) I can’t remember anymore if it’s day or night, or yesterday or the day before. (Yes, Master.) I don’t even see anymore the difference. I hardly can see the sun. So, if I’m wrong about yesterday or today or the day before, it doesn’t matter. (Yes, Master.) You see that?

And they’ve been begging for more appropriate weapons, and begging for NATO to commit totally. Meaning, with manpower also, not just weapons. (Yes.) And Ukraine’s already outnumbered. Everyone knows that. And they’re dying every day. And Russia continues bombing every day, destroying all the cities they possibly can. (Yes.) And even bombing Kyiv when the United Nations chief was there. (That’s right, Master.) Just to humiliate him.

And some big guys even advised Ukraine not to humiliate Putin! Wow. But I have to say that they turned around, and that’s very good of them. (Yes, Master.) It’s very good of them. But they have to do something! Not just go to Kyiv to show their solidarity. (Yes.) They have to do more than that.

So in England, UK, recently the new army chief said that we have to “prepare to fight in Europe” again. At first, I thought he meant they are going to fight with Ukraine in Ukraine, because Ukraine is Europe. (Yes. Yes, it is.) So, I was thinking that’s what he said. And I was kind of feeling a little bit more hopeful. Because, if they prepare to fight in Europe, then why not now? (Yes. It will be too late already.) Why not in Ukraine? (Yes.) Why do they wait until Ukraine is gone, everything’s destroyed, and then the next step is other countries in Europe? One by one. (Yes, Master.)

Because Russia still has some money, even with all the sanctions, and all the cancelations of fuel imports from Russia, Russia still earns money elsewhere. (Yes.) But they have also spent a lot of money in Ukraine. Even though they don’t pay enough to the soldiers, that’s why they have to steal things from people, even underwear. (Yes.) You saw that on the internet, from reliable news channels. (Yes, Master.) It’s not just gossip on the boulevard. (Yes.)

So, they should hurry up, man. Because this force from the Kremlin doesn’t know any morals. Only when defeated, then they will give up. (Yes, Master. True.) They will only give up when they are defeated. And that’s what they need. And that’s the language that they will understand. (Right.)

The longer the war drags on, the more people die, and the more Ukraine might not have a chance to win. Even though they could win! (Yes, Master.) It’s very positive that they could win, it’s just that they need more appropriate weapons. (Yes.) They need to close the sky above them. A no-fly zone. And they need more manpower. (Right, Master.) Those expert soldiers.

Because the Ukrainians were not a war-zone country. (That’s right.) They just wanted peace, and they are mostly farming, just to feed people. And that’s what God wanted humans to do anyway in the beginning. (Yes, Master.) When the ancestors, Adam and Eve, were driven out of Eden, God said you have to go and cultivate the earth. (Yes.) Plant fruits and vegetables with the sweat of your brow in order to live, to survive. (Yes, Master.) That’s what God ordered us to do. And the Ukrainian people are doing that, have been doing that, despite all the brutal treatment from Russia before, even starving them to death, millions of them. (Yes.)

And the Ukrainian people are family-oriented. At that time, Stalin attacked that unit, which is like the core of Ukrainian principles. (Understand, Master.) It’s just like in Italy, family is very import to them. That’s how they’re happy and united, and became one of the top most economically sound countries in the world. (Yes.) They love family, they are family-oriented. (Yes, Master.)

I was in Italy one time, I was eating in a restaurant, and one of your sisters came to see me for some document stuff. She came in for something, so I invited her to go to the Italian restaurant on the beach side. And one of the waiters was talking. I don’t know how we came to that, but he said his girlfriend is pregnant. (Oh.) And he doesn’t know how to arrange things. (Yes.)

I said, “Well, we are in Europe, if you love her then you know what to do. And if you don’t, then you still should pay child support. Nowadays it’s different than the old times, you shouldn’t worry.” So, he looked me in the face and he said, “No, I love my girlfriend.” (Oh, good.) I said, “Then, go marry her. And congratulations for being a father and a husband.”

And then I gave him a big hug, and then I went out with my driver and bought a lot of things for his child, because I was so happy that a man is so faithful, not running away from a pregnant girl, like many men do. (Yes, Master. Understand.) They’re just afraid to be trapped. They were just having fun only. They didn’t think seriously about the long-term relationship. (That’s right.) So, many first-time fathers run away, but this guy didn’t. He told me, “No, I love my girlfriend.” And I love that. I said, “I love you.”

And then I gave him a hug, hug, hug. And then I went out the next day and bought him a lot of things. I asked if it’s a girl or a boy. “Do you know already?” And then I bought accordingly.

And the whole restaurant was so surprised and happy. (Wow, wonderful.) I said, “I’m so happy that somebody really will have a child and is going to take responsibility to bring that child up to be one of the good citizens of Italy. And that’s good for Italy and good for our world. So, these are some little presents.” Not little. “It’s for congratulations and to thank you for being such a good boy.”

One of your sisters was there. She knows that. She was there with me. (Yes.) I bought a pram, the best one. A pram, to put a baby in to stroll around. (Yes, Master.) And I bought clothes, shoes, socks, and all kinds of things. Complete. (Yes, Master.) So, the kid, when born, will have everything already. (Yes.) I can’t remember if it was a boy or a girl now. Sorry, truly. It’s a long time, many years already. (Yes, Master.)

For them, divorce is normally not in question. (Yes.) Normally not. Maybe, influenced nowadays by some other countries nearby or something – they marry today, divorce tomorrow. But the family foundation in Italy is very, very strong. (Yes, Master. Understand.) And so, Ukraine is also like that. (Yes, Master.) And they’re doing God’s will. They’re farming, they’re feeding people. This is a noble job. (Yes, Master.) And they believe in God.

And here Russia comes and stole many things from them. Bombed the churches. (Yes.) Bombed the children’s kindergarten and the children’s school and then the elderly homes. All that. This has nothing to do with war. They don’t even know how to spell war even. (Yes, Master.) They’re just little angels, just born and just begin to walk and try to talk. We should give them all the protection and all the love necessary to nourish them to grow up, to become one of the good citizens.

And there you go, bombing them like that. Shatter their bodies, shatter their arms, their legs, their souls, their hearts, shatter their hope for life. (Yes, Master.) I wonder if they’ll ever forget. If they survive with their arms no longer there or their legs gone, or with all the running on the streets with papa, mama dying in front of them on the street like that. And they had to go alone, all by themselves. (Yes, Master.) I wonder if they’ll ever forget. What kind of world are we? Oh dear…

So, I say, if UK is ready to fight in Europe, then they should do it now! Ukraine is Europe. (Yes, for sure. That’s right.) And they don’t deserve all this suffering. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t care what anybody says. And the West should help them, wholeheartedly. Not like Macron says that they have to make a special unique council, not European Union, but like something below it, so that Ukraine can join in. My God, if you help a friend who is already in big danger, trouble like that, and you have to humiliate him? (Unconscionable.) Yeah.

And yet, even advise him not to humiliate his enemy. The enemy asked for it. Came into his house, robbed everything, destroyed his house, raped his wife and children, and then you should not humiliate that enemy. Tell me, what kind of language is that? And what kind of world do we want to uphold. Tell me? (Yes, Master, understand.) Right.

I’m sorry. I’m always angry when something is so unjustified like that. The same, I’m angry and anguished about the animal-people when I see them on TV suffering every day. (Yes, Master.) So barbarous from our world, so-called civilized world. (Yes, Master.) And the Western world even, they’re supposed to be more civilized than other countries, other developing countries. And so brutal to fellow humans, as well as brutal to fellow animal-people. (Yes.)

We are all Earthlings, that’s what they say. I agree with that. Animal-people or humans. And we treat each other brutally, like hell beings. (Yes, Master.) Fighting with whoever fights, or not fights even. Just oppress, abuse anyone we can. My God! That’s why I can’t even argue with Heavens anymore. I’m trying so hard every day. I try to find all kinds of excuses for humans. But most of the Heavens are adamant to destroy the whole human world. (Oh, my gosh.) And They told me, “Only You and Your disciples will be spared.” They told me in my face like that.

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